A University friend of mine, whom I met as my photographer for the Georgian Newspaper a lifetime ago, where I was one of the editors, sent me an interesting letter a few days ago with a serious question.


Basically, what he asked was . . . As a Jew, who is very much touched and cognizant of the Holocaust, consider turning away Syrian Refugees running for their lives?


My response was simple and to the point . . .


1 – Jews throughout Europe were targeted for EXTERMINATION by all of Europe’s WILLING EXECUTIONERS.

2 – Jews weren’t fleeing, or trying to flee for better financial considerations elsewhere.

3 – All of Europe’s borders were closed to Jewish EMIGRATION . . . meaning that whether Jews wanted to leave or not, THEY COULDN’T, because Jews throughout Europe were denied the right to run for their lives.

4 – Jews who did make it out of Europe, before and after the Holocaust, didn’t run to countries barging through boundaries and borders where they were not welcomed.

5 – Surviving and emigrating Jews, who headed LEGALLY to other countries like Canada and the USA, depended almost exclusively on Fellow Jews, to where they were IMMIGRATING for every form of assistance imaginable; from housing, jobs, language and culture training, healthcare, education . . . etc.

6 – AND PERHAPS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TRUTHS . . . rests with the fact that Jews who made it to new lands, were eager to become culturally ASSIMILATED.








*Had my friend asked about Arab Christians, and whether or not we should accommodate them into our societies as real refugees . . . ABSOLUTELY!

CANADA’S CONSERVATIVE PRIME MINISTER (STEPHEN HARPER) . . . is coming under serious and relentless attack by the LEFT, and the LEFTIST Media during our election campaign to be decided on October 19, 2015, because he does not want to throw the immigration doors of Canada wide-open to people who effectively want to INVADE our country.

GOOD FOR HIM . . . because, if this becomes a serious Canadian campaign issue, the LEFTIST opposition will lose big time for it, since the people of Canada, who are genuinely generous and caring individuals are not crazy or culturally suicidal.

As heartbreaking as the images are . . . of MOSTLY Moslem men with some women, and plenty of children storming the borders of European countries . . . one has to ask how bad the images already are in Europe, where Moslems have already immersed themselves, religion and culture throughout Europe, in communities that have no semblance whatsoever to the culture of the countries where they’ve settled.

Just walk through parts of London or Marseille, and see how British or French these two cites – NO LONGER ARE.


Whether in Canada or the USA, our LEFTISTS want MORE immigration and open borders for people from disadvantaged countries, because it makes them feel so good to be so noble, without thinking anything through.


1 – How many immigrants should our countries let in? And if there is a limit, who’s going to decide?

2 – Should there be some form of criteria for admission? And if the LEFT think so, isn’t that how it already works?

3 – If we let in whomever, without investigating who they are. How do we keep out REALLY BAD ACTORS?

4 – Who’s going to feed, clothe, educate, shelter and provide healthcare to the unlimited number of immigrants? And perhaps most importantly – WHO’S GOING TO PAY?

Where Anne and I live . . . Cornwall Ontario is the closest big city from us, which is about 40-minutes by car. And in Cornwall, which is just across the St Lawrence River from the USA, easily crossed by any boat, where American Natives and Canadian Natives live in between, there is a HUGE ISLAMIC CENTER on the Canadian side, right on the St Lawrence River.

HERE’S A FACT . . . One of the most important industries of the two Native Reserves, besides gambling (Canadians/American side by side), has always been smuggling, whether illegal cigarettes, liquor, guns and ammunition. And maybe even people.

HERE’S ANOTHER FACT . . . Cornwall is an insignificant and much impoverished blue-collar town with a total population of about 50,000 people, which for SOME REASON is home to one of the BIGGEST RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) detachments in Canada. WHY?

Even though the Moslem Population is very LARGE in Cornwall, and from time to time, but VERY RARELY, we see some of the men around town wearing Arab Garb; otherwise, for the most part, they are INVISIBLE.

We might see some of the women in their Hijabs, with their children at an occasional event like a day in the park, or at a camping ground . . . but that’s it. So, how are they assimilating if they don’t participate in our CANADIAN CULTURE?

And if they don’t assimilate, why would I want them here?

IF I WANTED TO BECOME A PART OF THE MOSLEM WORLD . . . I would move to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Middle East – ETCETERA. But until that event ever happens, they can stay where they are. And I will stay here.

As I wrote in a preceding editorial . . . There is a big difference between doing good, and being a sucker.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Carson, Walker, and Cruz are my favorites. These guys are our second string waiting to be played when the national level RINO leadership gets benched. Speaking of Walker the man not only has conservative convictions he stands by he’s an amazing person with much depth. I read his book Uninitiated and leaned how great of a man he is. It made me want to be better. http://www.amazon.com/Unintimidated-Governors-Story-Nations-Challenge/dp/1595231072

  2. The problem with Muslims is less their tendency against assimilation, and more their true intention to invade and conquer, as per the unholy Qu’ran. Look at the images on TV of the wave of “refugees” leaving Syria. You will see almost exclusively young men in their 20s and their wives/kids. These are ALL men of fighting age and that’s their purpose – to fight – not for their home countries but to take over other countries. It’s known in Islam as a HIRAJ and it’s coming to a country near YOU.

  3. Well said and I quite agree with all points you have made. Muslim Christians – Yes, but how do you determine who is Christian? I don’t want one Muslim in the USA unless they are Christian and are willing to assimilate. It is beyond ridiculous. The pendulum has swung full circle from Japanese detention camps to welcoming our enemy and completely caring for him and the entire family, while the conspire against us and change our way of life. No thank you! Not for Canada or the USA!!

  4. I agree 100% with Mr Harper, and I hope he doesn’t change his mind, because of all the pressure, from the left….We had enough Muslems in the country already, and we sure don’t need anymore.
    I enjoy your editorials Howard….thank you

  5. why aren’t the Muslim countries in the area taking in fellow Muslims? Surely there are Sunni and Shia tribes or communities that could take them in. I know the price of oil is down, but that shouldn’t stop them from taking in their own kind. Have the Muslims no compassion for their fellow kind? It is a peaceful and benevolent religion is it not? Obama assures us so at nearly every opportunity.

  6. During the WW2 the Jewish people living in Denmark and coming from south, were smuggled to Sweden and from there to England. They were good people and well liked. Today the influx from the Arab nations, mainly Syria and Africa, are young men not fleeing from war, but wanting to infiltrate the local citizens. We see it in Denmark today. Whole areas are off limit to local Danes and police. This has been going on for some years now. Close the door for these immigrants. They come to destroy us.

  7. If America knew the ACTUAL number of Muslims in the USA they would not believe it. And I might add, illegally. They are terrorists posing as a Religion. Send money over, we do anyway, and let them stay away. This is just another scheme to get more of Obama’s people into this Country. They bring death and destruction wherever they go.

  8. In a modern society, there’s no room for hate groups. It’s common knowledge; Muslims are indoctrinated from a very young age to hate Jews. Due to my lifelong respect for Christians in general I was sympathetic to the oppressed Coptic Christians by Muslims, until a friend told me the Coptics are indoctrinated to hold all Jews responsible for the death of Christ and must be annihilated. I subsequently Googled: coptic christians hate Jews, and regrettably, my friend was correct!

  9. My eyes have seen the areas in France and England which have been transformed into another country, Arabic on rows of shop fronts, no white faces anywhere, and I was warned not to visit the area where I grew up. A few Muslims like Christians but not enough to convince me that we should invite any more into Canada. There are more than a hundred ethnics across Canada and none, with the exception of Islamists, have tried to change our traditions, or invoke Sharia Law. Don’t open the gate anymore

  10. Bring them ALL in! What the hell, “AT THIS POINT, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” What does a few more TRILLION DOLLARS mean to Obama? He wants all his friends to join him. Besides, it means MORE VOTES for the LIBERALS who love to spread the FREEBIES! Yes, Moslems have already IMMERSED themselves and their religion in Europe and they are slowly doing the same thing here! Our City and State are SANCTUARY DOMAINS, so WE easily recognize the FREEBIES! They are also BOTH in a deficit situation. AMEN!

  11. Guess they have a hard time forgiving the Crusaders!! All I have to do is look at Detroit, Michigan to see that all this muslim “immagration”, and “American assimilation” is not going to end well in the long term.
    I regret that at 70+ and having tried to be a Patriot to my country all of those years, my fellow Patriots, Veterans, and Americans who have read and cherish the Constitution are being worn down to less than the “stub” of a pencil.
    “God Bless America,…..”

  12. The same Arab Muslim countries that created a stateless people of. “displaceed Palestinian Arabs” are essentially repeating the sin. But this time the “escapees” realize they have to turn toward the west where civilized countries are likely to submit to their demands It makes me sick to see how the world was so quick to turn their backs on the Jews them but
    are willing fools now.

  13. I hope ya’ll can stand strong against the influx. Those “refugees” are only looking for rich countries to support them. When Denmark said yesterday “no more benefits for refugees” they turned to go to Switzerland. Have you seen the trash they leave behind? They don’t even respect the countries enough to put it in a pile. They don’t accept any boxes of food & water from the Red Cross because of the cross decal. The Whitehouse idiot is bringing in at least 10,000 of them, probably no Christians.

  14. Has anyone approached the subject of what do we do with all the babies they have? Are they “anchor babies”. Are their parents allowed to stay with their “american child”? These people are reproducing like cockroaches and covering the world.
    Because of hundres of years of inbreeding, they are mentally inferior to any other race. Is this what we want in our country? Only because of the oil money – billions – have they surfaced and shown any power. They still have the same low morals, Sharia

  15. The “Immigrants” or “Refugees” are not attempting to get in to Moslem Countries. They are heading for Western countries
    where they Know Governments are changed by democratic votes. Not force. This lot of invadiing Moslems will form
    the Government as soon as they have 51% of the popular vote and turn the Country or State into an Islamic Quagmire like we see now in the Middle East. Donald Trump is right! We are a very compassionate Society but at the same time very, very stupid.

  16. Maybe we should do the humanitarian thing and give them temporary shelter, food, medicine and cable tv in one of our unused military bases. Surrounded, of course by a big fence or 2. Then, when we ask Mr Putin if things are stable in Syria, place them on a big ship and send them back. If we wave bye bye and they give us that middle digit, then we will know we did right in the eyes of God and man.

  17. You are correct. This problem is a problem made by the muslims. They refuse to fight for their country even after receiving superior weapons and training. isis shows up and they run. cowards. They are macho when they are raping and beating women, especially infidel women. But let one isis show up and they turn and show that yellow stripe that goes all the way up their back. There should not be one mosque in all of North America.

  18. I gagged when I read that some are comparing the Muslim invaders to Holocaust survivors. The only similarity between Muslims and the Holocaust is that Muslims hate Jews and resemble the Nazis.

  19. If there was a ‘like’ button available for the posts, I could ‘like’ pretty well all of them! The so-called ‘refugees’ are but an excuse to invade other countries and spread their VILE ‘love’ around the world! I hope PM Harper sticks to his guns and says ‘No more!’ I wish he hadn’t accepted ANY …. they are INFILTRATORS, not refugees.

  20. Right on the money!
    It’s a joke here in the EU. The “queen”, (merkel), breaks the EU rules and lets thousands into germany. Then TELLS the rest of the EU ctys how many they HAVE to take. My answer? ZERO!
    Note in the many pics and vids of these “illegals” how many are men of fighting age!!!!! Fix your own bloody cty instead of ruining mine!!!! Number isis members? Your guess is a good as mine!!!!!!

  21. We have thousands and thousands of homeless in this country, including thousands of veterans. We feel for these refugees, especially the children, but enough is enough. We DO NOT need more Muslim free loaders that don’t like us anyway. We have to draw the line somewhere, and this is the time. Build the wall and stop all of the lunacy!!!

  22. Right on, Mr. G! When a woman demands to be able to keep her face covered BEFORE she is even a Canadian citizen, and the Supreme Court has stated that she has that right, then we’ve almost lost the battle. Thank God, the Conservative government will change the law if re-elected (hopefully). I can’t believe the arrogance of some of the Muslims (who mostly hate us) can order us around like that. I don’t want any more immigrants from the middle east unless we can prove they are persecuted.

  23. The big issue is when Jews and many others came over time, there were no welfare handouts, no free or easy rides, no sitting on their ass while being looked after by the gov’t and no excuses made by media for any ‘shortcomings.’ There was only work or starve, paying taxes, being useful and contributing. And there was adopting one’s new country and values as their own and being damn proud of it.

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