How The Left Is Destroying Our Freedoms – IT’S ENOUGH


The LEFT has been responsible for more pain and suffering in the world, especially in Europe and now in Canada and the USA, than any other human force I can imagine.

Every relatively modern major world-human-caused disaster . . . from the Nazis to the Communists, have LEFTIST fingerprints all over them.

At Rosh Hashanah supper last night (September 13, 2015), I was sitting with a younger American woman whom I have known her entire life, who was raised by hardworking and successful parents, who earned every penny they have.

They paid for her PRIVATE education, her PRIVATE University, and helped her purchase her otherwise unaffordable New York City, Manhattan Apartment.

AND SHE KNOWS HOW HARD HER PARENTS WORKED for what they have, and for what she has too, including being a serious catalyst through her education and financial security for the high profile job she currently holds.


How did a person who was raised in a traditional Conservative home, where personal VALUES, honor, responsibility, hard work and sacrifice were ALWAYS predominant, become such a LEFTIST?


Before sitting down for supper, we were watching FOX News, when an image of Dr Ben Carson came on-screen, to which she said: “What an idiot.” . . . to which I asked: “Why is he an idiot”? And that’s when silence fell upon the room.

But her NOT responding to my question was not an option. SO I PRESSED THE QUESTION, to which she finally said: “I don’t know, he just is”.

So I asked her . . . “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM”? Which led to her admission that she didn’t even know his name, let alone his incredible genius and exceptional personal life story.


And the fact that he was Black meant nothing to her, since she takes great pride in having extreme Liberal views, and is a passionate supporter of Barack Obama, who came into the White House with ZERO accomplishments and even LESS qualifications.


Years ago (1970), when I was a much younger man, I saw a movie called JOE, which was about a HARD-HAT wearing, beer drinking, hard talking, White Conservative Construction Worker, who had a visceral hatred for the HIPPY GENERATION.

BY THE END OF THE MOVIE . . . JOE convinced a very Liberal man over a period of episodes, who was his absolute cultural alter ego, who was also the father of a beautiful LEFTIST, Free Love, marijuana smoking, anti-war (Vietnam), university student, for the two of them to open fire at her FRAT HOUSE, where she and a host of her friends were murdered.

BEING A YOUNG MAN . . . and still believing I was a Liberal, I found this movie to be very disturbing from a host of perspectives, none of which I could fully comprehend then, but which weren’t how my friends saw and interpreted JOE.


TO MY FRIENDS . . . JOE was the face of evil, while the LOVE CHILDREN were the victims of a White, Rigid and Heartless Conservative World.


Archie was the face of a gentler JOE, who was made to be a caricature of an ignorant and poorly spoken Conservative BIGOT, who always ended-up at the conclusion of every episode as an idiot who was smartly put in his place.

ARCHIE BUNKER WAS A BRILLIANT SHOW . . . absolutely one of the very best, which was magnificently acted, incredibly well written, and very funny.

BUT IT WAS ALSO AN INCREDIBLE LIE, created to make the LEFT look educated, open, and surrounded by LOVE and understanding, while simultaneously portraying the RIGHT as being stupid, racist, and in a perverted way loveable BUFFOONS through the depiction of ARCHIE, as the affable BIGOT.

ARCHIE BUNKER WAS THE PRECURSOR . . . for an avalanche of similar shows that used great humor to make the LEFT look wonderful, while making the RIGHT look like genial Neanderthals.

And since those brilliant groundbreaking Television Shows, the Television and Hollywood LEFT never looked back . . . AND NEVER SHOWED THE OTHER SIDE.


No matter how hard a family works to raise their children in the best and most responsible manner possible, all of that is SUBJUGATED by our EDUCATORS, who teach LEFTIST anti-Freedom policies, because their teachers have been taught anti-Freedom policies, and their teachers too.

And if you don’t buy into that sick philosophy . . . you don’t get ahead in Academia.

I asked this young woman if she would ever vote for someone whose platform was; give me your vote so I can tell you how to live?

HER ANSWER WAS NO. My response . . . “Then how could you support the LEFT”?

HER RESPONSE . . . “Then I guess we will agree to disagree”. At that moment, I thought back to JOE, and how the Media and Academia created the mindset to destroy our VALUES, long before this young woman was born.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “From time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants…”
    The time is near and trust me, the patriots are very well-prepared.

  2. I have had similar conversations with my young college educated nieces. Those conversations ended much like yours which led me to understand that not only did they not know about what they spoke they did not care to find out why. The greatest motivator in my life was having to face adversity. Perhaps adversity, true adversity, is exactly what your young lady and my nieces need to “grow up.” Not to want to know what I believe or not believe in would be frightening for me.

  3. Excellent post Howard, beyond Excellent, truthful every word. As a blogger I get lefties squeezing through the cracks. I find they are mostly uninformative, uneducated, talk in curse words, that is their expression. Hundred’s of deletes and blocks. Peop[e are uneducated, they don’t read watch news, true we cannot all afford the WSJ for straight up reporting. Bottom line, I find Lefties are inclined to be ignorant, not willing to learn or even look at both sides of the picture!

  4. Dear Howard,
    I too, remember seeing the film “Joe.” I was a young woman barely out of high school and also very involved in the politics of the day. As I sat in the theater and watched this movie along with like minded friends, an unease came over me. I knew, even THEN, that the premise for this film was predicated on a LIE. In spite of this, I lived under the liberal/leftist mind set for many more years until well into my thirties. I am now a proud conservative. Thanks for what you do!
    M. Eva

  5. I think any “conservative”, a/k/a “concerned” person should be VERY concerned, and we NEED and should demand a conservative college grouping. Since we are the “Money Makers”, and those who “EARN, not Learn” we should be able to band together and DISCRIMINATE, (as a private educational facility) and teach and train college age students that money is not “evil”, but used properly will benefit everyone in the world in JOBS, CHARITY, and What the world REALLY needs!!
    America IS YOU, do it!!

  6. Excellent Editorial! Again, we can thank the MESSIAH-IN-CHIEF for FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING our Country, WITH the assistance of the LIBERAL MEDIA. He has also successfully BRAINWASHED many people with his RHETORIC SPEECHES, LIES and FREEBIES! He continues to decrease our military strength, while wanting to give IRAN BILLIONS of dollars. Sadly, CONGRESS has been WHIMPY in CONFRONTING Obama! CANDIDATE TRUMP sounds better and better every day! His MESSAGE seems to be RESONATING everywhere. AMEN!

  7. Your always “Dead On”! I have had many situations as you have had with your American friend, but I now refuse to discuss politics with leftists. It’s too frustrating because there is no way you can change their mindset!

  8. Unfortunately, it probably will take an all-out world war like WWII to make the ignorant Left think logically.

  9. Yes, similar conversations with age groups 30 to 60. Even my own children did not escape the brainwashing. Education
    has won at this point in time, teachers, cops, and tv is like gravity…….unsleeping. I have a retired radio show friend who
    constantly critiques my missives with an ending statement, “you have described the problem, where is the solution ?”
    To which I usually respond “revolution”.

  10. “If you’re not a liberal by the time you’re 20, you have no heart … and if you’re not a Conservative by the time you’re 40, you have no brain”.
    I don’t know for sure if this was Churchill or not, but it just rings so true …

  11. I have long contended that our Colleges and Universities are the root of all leftest/socialist thinking in this country. Even the “Christian Church” supported Universities are full of Liberal/Socialist professors which spew their poison to young impressionable students who are just at the age of beginning to think about the responsibilities of adult life. High School level students are taught very little about history and patriotism and are very vulnerable to what is taught at college level.

  12. Just wanted to say, dear Howard, I wish for you and your family a blessed and happy Rosh Hashanah! May this new year be filled with more wonderful and insightful editorials! The pen is mightier than the sword! God speed…..

  13. Howard, I had a wonderful dream last night: You were a candidate at the Republican debate and you upstaged Trump with your typical substance over form. Sorry I awakened.

  14. I can make a suggestion for an educational institution that does NOT teach the leftist philosophy. Anyone that is interested should become familiar with Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan.

    Ken Adams, Dewey, Arizona

  15. Actually, we always saw Archie as spot on right. He was crude, but his values were good for the most part. Our children have been brain-washed in our government-run schools by teachers who buy the lies of the mainstream media, which pushes the government, liberal lies. The answer is homeschooling, where true values can be taught so the colleges won’t replacing common sense with the liberal lies; where children can be educated as to values as well as facts. It’s necessary now as never before.

  16. Hollywood has a lot to answer for – if we want to blame the demise of the West to any single entity – it is Hollywood for its deliberate & calculated success in changing the culture of America from one of hard work and success to one of dependency & loss of moral character. If WW3 were to be forced upon the world, N. America & Europe will disappear because we no longer have the fortitude to fight to retain a culture that has NO meaning.

  17. Look who was behind All on The Family, he promoted every leftist idea to make White’s look like Neanderthals if they didn’t support the left. Meathead was portrayed as a the voice of reason and Lionel as the magical Black man to show how we’re all bad (wasps). Norman Lear must’ve gotten his ass beaten by or blackballed by a country club for being Jewish, where do think all his hatred (he is racist) comes from? Resentment, envy what is it?

  18. This educated fool reminds me of a joke. Republican sends daughter to college. Daughter comes home complaining about partying friends while she is studying and also announces she is a demorat. Dad asks daughter about grades. All A’s she proudly asserts. THen you won’t mind giving one letter grade to help your partying friends (D’s)?, he asks. Yes I do. I earned my grades they did not. Welcome to the republican party he says.

  19. The young woman you spoke of had everything handed to her on the proverbial silver platter. She has to think that’s the way life works. Her educational experience was a liberal indoctrination as she was exposed to their propaganda. She is intellectually weak because she could defend her position to you. Pitiful.

    My father used to say, “Nothing comes from a life of ease. The good sailor hails from the stormy seas.”

  20. There is nothing in our Constitution that requires that we commit societal suicide to accomadate the lefts ideology. They will never give up or give in, the only solution is separation of societies. When the revolution ended the Tories who could not accept the out come left. Does this seem extreme well think about it, we as a society can never advance due to the constant societal froth created by the left, no compromise is possible, no peace will insue until we are separate, equal but separate.

  21. The real milestone of Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ was the first portrayal of a homosexual on TV that wasn’t a negative stereotype. Billy Crystal played the homosexual. This set a huge precedent in TVland/Hollywood Babylon. I haven’t watched TV now for nearly two decades but if you want to immerse yourself in a filthy cess-pool and revel in amoral delusion, then hook-up to TVland…and you too can ‘think’ like a liberal!

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