As the sun sets this Sunday, September 13, 2015 . . . Jews from every corner of the world, including Anne and myself will celebrate . . .


Think about it for a second . . . whether you really know the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah or not. The sheer truth, that we Jews as a people managed to survive intact with our history, traditions and beliefs, when all other great societies are nothing more than historical memories – BEGS BELIEF.

Wherever we’ve settled . . . wherever we went, and however we prospered and spread our wealth and benefits in the sciences, medicine, business, financing, entertainment, Democracy – etc . . . we always had to be better than everyone else, just to be accepted.

AND WHEREVER HISTORY TOOK US, eventually . . . we arrived unwelcomed, and left battered and bruised.

We’ve seen it throughout history from the Middle East, through Asia and Europe, where we survived all manner of persecution, most famously during the Middle Eastern CRUSADES, in France and Spain through the INQUISITIONS, in Russia and Eastern Europe through the POGROMS . . . TO THE HOLOCAUST.


Obama and his LEFTISTS have pushed for an agreement to give as much as $150-BILLION, with a blueprint to get the BOMB . . . all for Iran, which has consistently PLEDGED TO WIPE ISRAEL FROM THE MAP . . . and that’s just part of it.

EUROPE HAS CHOSEN MURDEROUS PALESTINIANS . . . over Democratic Israeli Jews, who have a 5,776-year claim to Israel and inevitably to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital for more than 3000-Years, while today, Jews throughout Europe, in the year 2015, 70-years after the liberation of the last of the European Death Camps, are terrified to be identified as being Jewish . . .

SO MUCH SO . . . that European Synagogues are estimating that as many as EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of Europe’s Jews will not attend services for Rosh Hashanah Prayers . . . and probably the same for YOM KIPPUR.


The most galling expression of Anti-Semitism in Europe today . . . HERE AND NOW, is the EU’s decision to BRAND Jewish Made Products for “special attention”, which are made in areas of Israel the Europeans have unilaterally decided don’t belong to Jews.

My Grandparents and Anne’s Grandparents, moved to Canada at the turn of the 20th century, about 100 years ago, where they had their children in a FREE society, where Jews were not necessarily welcomed with open arms, but were also not in fear of government inspired Anti-Semitism.

IN CANADA . . . Before the WAR, During the WAR and After the WAR, Canada’s Liberal government’s OFFICIAL policy to Jewish immigration was – “NONE IS TOO MANY”.

IN THE USA . . . when Jewish Immigration was flooding into America, Anti-Semitism was everywhere, INCLUDING at the DEMOCRAT State Department, which tried to move Heaven & Earth to force President Harry Truman NOT to vote for the establishment of the State of Israel.

AND EVEN AS A YOUNG MAN . . . I clearly remember quotas on Jewish Students at McGill University in Montreal Quebec, and at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts.

It wasn’t until after the 1950’s that Jews were NOT denied Memberships in Social Clubs, Tennis Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Golf Clubs . . . ETC.

I remember seeing with my own eyes, a sign on the beach in the mostly English speaking vacation town of Rawdon Quebec, just North of Montreal in the foothills of the Laurentian Mountains, that said – “No Jews or dogs on the beach”.

And on a personal note throughout Canada and the USA . . . Jews were denied rooms at Hotels, apartment rentals. And in WEALTHY communities like Westmount and Cote St Luc in Montreal, PLEDGES not to sell properties to Jews were written into the conditions and terms of each sale.

Even GIANT corporations had written in their policies, NOT to hire Jews. And as a matter of fact with great PRIDE, my beautiful wife Anne was amongst the first Jews who were actually hired to work at a Canadian Bank.


Perhaps Canada and the United States of America . . . ARE AS MUCH THE PROMISED LAND FOR JEWS AS IS ISRAEL.

Jews in North America have NEVER taken the route of American Blacks.

For example:

We didn’t put our heads between our hands and moan WOE-BE-US because times were really rough. We didn’t yell Anti-Semitism with every slight. We didn’t ask for subsidized housing. We didn’t ask for food stamps. We never asked for any type of Affirmative Action. And when Anti-Semites didn’t want us to join their clubs, we built our own.

When Jews needed higher marks than Christians, to get into the Best Colleges, that’s exactly what we did. And when Anti-Semites wouldn’t give Jews jobs, we always hired our own.

And when Anti-Semites wouldn’t lend us money, we became our own lenders . . . AND ON AND ON AND ON IT WENT.

TODAY . . . There is no nation on earth, that has ever been better for Jews to live and prosper, than has been the USA. But, for us, the Jewish People in America – the restrictions we survived, only made us stronger, EARNING us our place in the USA (and Canada).

Unlike Europe . . . and the rest of the World, where Jews worked hard to do well and prosper, we NEVER had a chance to become one of them, because no matter how well we did, how much we contributed, and how hard we tried, they NEVER wanted us, and still don’t. And nothing has changed or will change.


BUT NORTH AMERICA IS MY HOME . . . It is my Land of Milk and Honey, where in North America, but most especially amongst my Christian FRIENDS like Pastor Gary Burd and a host of others, I am accepted as their Brother, not as a Jewish American or Canadian, but just as one of them . . . and what more than that can anyone ever ask?

TO THE VAST MAJORITY of the readers of Galganov.com . . . from whom I never try to hide or diminish my commitment to my Jewish Roots, Heritage and History – in this Five Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Sixth Jewish New Year, I wish you nothing but SWEETNESS and JOY.


SHANAH TOVAH . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ted Cruz and Allen West POTUS and VPOTUS 2016. Trey Gowdy Attorney General. Rand Paul Senate Majority Leader. Louie Gohmert, Speaker of the House. Jason Chaffetz House Majority Leader. Mike Lee, Secretary of State.
    I could go on. We need to support Gohmert in his bid for Speaker.

  2. There’s one word that might explain it … envy. People envy the Jewish people.
    I am not a Jew, but I’m educated enough to know their history, their accomplishments
    (e.g. the many Nobel Prizes), their peaceful intent, and, by the way, their sense of humour (a sign of maturity). They (including you and Anne) have my utmost respect.

  3. Well said, as my father would say actions speak louder than words.

  4. Happy 5,776th New Year, Howard. You are certainly 5-star in my books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marlene

  5. Shana tova u’metukah! Have a very good year and thank you again for all you do
    for all of us!!

  6. SHANAH TOVAH back to you and Anne, Howard. My heritage is Christian, but we all go back to Abraham. I learned many things spiritual from my dear departed grandfather, but his hatred of Jews was nothing I could never understand or agree with. He blamed them for the death of Jesus, but He died for the sins of my flesh, not because of the fear of the Israelites.
    I believe it was all part of God’s plan.
    Israel has been the victim, but continues in its strength because of God’s covenant therein.

  7. Well, I am Jewish, and I agree with every word you said! Moreover when I overhear someone being snarky about Jews, I ask him/her to repeat it aloud so we can all hear them. They don’t generally want to do that. I am not afraid to be known as Jewish. It wouldn’t matter anyway…people can tell from my nose….
    La Shona Tova all.

  8. Wishing you and Anne our best wishes for a healthy and peaceful new year. I agree with you about the blessing of being in Canada/USA but let’s not be complacent. The world we know is being invaded by the Muslims and they bring anti-Semitism where ever they go. Already the signs are in schools, colleges and universities where Jewish kids have to hide their religion, to be honest the same applies to conservatives. Our president has shown to be on the wrong side of Israel with a Jewish support???

  9. Howard, you say you are not Religious person, but your editorial accepts the fact that the Jews are the only people on earth to keep the traditions and the semblence of a people wherever these people found themselves after thousands of years. As well they are the only people to create their country again where it was originally. I would say that you make a very good case for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob having a hand in all that has brought us to this time.

  10. Shana tova to you and Anne. You have my utmost respect, admiration, support and love as a friend, would welcome you as a neighbor, co-worker, guest and friend any time, any where! Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur play huge roles in upcoming times, and we of a Christian heritage would do well to learn, know and apply Torah teachings to our own beliefs. We’re getting closer to the time when everyone will be equal brothers and sisters in every regard. Shabbat shalom and joy to you!

  11. As a young man, fresh out of high school and awaiting the draft I had the good fortune to work for a wonderful Jewish couple who treated this Gentile as one of their own. I will forever be grateful to the Lieberman’s for being a family to a young man without one. As a military instructor I taught a series of classes on the Holocaust which sickened and saddened me to see the official records of the Nazi’s and their treatment of the Jews. Happy 5776 New Year!

  12. Gus Levey was my FAVORITE Boss among many. A self-made Jewish inventor & entrepreneur who started a manufacturing firm, sold it & bought it back 3 times; taking it from red to black quickly. Never bragged, but someone found he was worth 1/2 billion at age 70. Honest, unbiased, kind, brilliant. I managed 3 departments as a registered professional Engineer. I’m American born; full blooded German origin. I was unaware of anti semitism in America, lived all over the US. Ed Yung PE, La Porte TX

  13. Dear Howard, I wish you, Anne and your entire extended family, a Ktiva v’Chatima Tova, May you be signed and sealed for good and sweet year. However, I must say that as good as Canada and the USA have been to you personally, the only place in the world where Jews have a real home and a future, is Israel. I pray that I and my fellow Israelis will be alive and well to witness the aliya of ALL Jews – Canadian, American, etc. – to the only country in the world where G-d wants us to live.

  14. I don’t know if you can but it would be great to get some addresses to purchase Jewish clothes, shoes, household items, anything. You are persecuted because you are God (Yahovah’s) chosen people and it is written in Scripture. What a shame we mortals have not realized this more and it is to the detriment of anyone going against the Jews. Uneducated, we re mostly not aware of this. Many of us love you are GRATEFUL for your culture and how blessed you are.

  15. Shanah Tovah to you and Anne. Thank you for your expression of your observations and views. I can only hope that the coming year will be an outstandingly good one for you and Anne.

  16. Blessings to you, Howard, and Anne throughout 5776. I agree with everything you said about Canada (I’m a Canuk), and US…. but I pray the days comes my health will allow me to travel back to Am Yisrael! Shana Tov u’Metuka!

  17. Thank you for all you do and have done. The USA is lucky to have a friend like you, congratulations Howard and Anne.

  18. Howard, we wish you and Anne and your entire Family the very best for the New Year. Foremost may you both enjoy GOOD HEALTH and Peace and the rest will follow.
    Your editorial was right on about everything and I was one of those people who were refused a job at the Royal Bank although I scored 100% on the math test just because I am Jewish.
    Shana Tova u’Metukah

    Judith Rosenthal, Montreal, Qc.

  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR- and thank you for the articles you write –

    Bess Lederer
    Jenkintown PA

  20. I am not Jewish but I will support any Jew who seeks my aid. As a young married father in Los Angeles, Calif I needed help and as a last resort, I walked into the Jewish Free Loan and walked out with the help I sought. They did not ask if I was jewish, they just wanted to know what I needed and why. If I have it, I will give it to any Jewish person who needs it.
    God bless you and all His people.

  21. Shana Tova to you and Ann! I have been receiving your editorials for some time, and have great respect for your stance on the issues. I had the opportunity to go to Israel once a number of years ago…. and how I would LOVE to be able to go again! Thank you for the work you do! It’s important! I am so grateful that our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a strong friend of Israel!

  22. Shana Tovah, Howard. Don’t know what it means, but I hope something good. Have a good, productive, blessed and sweet year. Jim Connell, Myrtle Creek, OR

  23. Wishing you and Anne a very Healthy, Happy & Wealthy New Year! Keep up the good work with your Editorials because they are very enlightning and encouraging. I always look forward to reading and commenting on them. It would be very interesting to know if any of your particular Editorials has ever convinced a person to change his/her political views from Liberal to Conservative. Many times, some people are just “sitting on the fence” and need very little prodding to change political parties!

  24. The world owes Jews a thunderous applause for all the advances Jews have made in every form of science, education and medicine.

  25. Howard the best to you and yours, thank you for the strength of your resolve. Some long time ago you asked in a blog “why do they hate us” or something of that nature. They hate you because you are God’s chosen people whether you read it in the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah, he is the “God of Israel”. You have suffered over the years because you fail to live his laws. But fear not you are still his chosen people and he has not forgotten you! I am not a Jew but I believe the Prophets words.

  26. Thank you Howard. Jesus-Immanuel-God with us, commanded us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and so I do daily. And when I see Israel’s and Jehovah’s blasphemers running their evil mouths, I claim God’s promises that say in ‘Proverbs 26:27..”Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him”. God Bless Israel, the Apple of God’ eye, a Royal priest-hood, a Holy Nation and into which all (true) Christians are in-grafted into.

  27. Hello dear friend, I am not Jewish but am thankful to have learned so much about Judaism from my Christian heritage and from YOU. I am a faithful reader of your writings and wonder at the knowledge you have about our country, the U.S. Thank
    you for being our friend and neighbor.

    Bob Walker, Sharpsburg, Georgia

  28. From my heart, Shana Tovah to you Howard & Anne.I growing up in the Bronx in the 50’s, antisemitism was everywhere.I could never understand the hatred toward the Jews.I always heard it said that the Jews were “God’s Chosen People”,There was an awe about that,that I couldn’t explain.So I figured it was just jealousy.So as a child I learned from them.I to, am now a believer of Jesus the Christ and fully recognize that I’m grafted in by the blood shed for us all by Jesus the Messiah. Shalom Shalom.

  29. Wishing all the best of the coming year. However, with due respect, prayer is doing nothing and still think you’re helping.

  30. Jubilee – Spring of 2019 – Spring 2020. We’re very close to the end. When you see Christ coming in his glory there will be a great harvest of souls.

    If you count back 3 1/2 (AC rules) years from the Fall of 2019 (Jubilee (Dan 9:24 “finish transgression, to put an end to sin……….”)), we come to the Spring of 2016 (Matt: 26:24-35)(the fig tree).

  31. Dear Howard, your editorials are welcome and greatly appreciated. It is my belief that for anyone to understand the Christian doctrine, he/she needs to know the Old Testament & history of the Jewish people. The N.T. is a record of how the O.T prophecies were fulfilled then, and will to be fulfilled til the Day of Judgment. This is the the most important story ever written. I’m Christian & love God and His story more than any thing else. Bless you & Anne. Praise God and His Work.

  32. May this coming year, be a joyful one, for both you and Anne. 5776, that is an awesome number. No other religion has had as many years, with rituals, belief and stability. Yes, the Jews are the Chosen People of G-d! Thank you, for caring about what goes on in the world and sharing your thoughts, with all of us. I am proud to say, I know Howard Galganov and love his blogs.

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