Here I am with Anne and Stryker, standing between our two flags, that fly in the breeze . . . 24/7, no matter where we are, whether here in Canada or in the USA.

AS YOU CAN IMAGINE . . . today is a solemn day for us, as it is for the MANY MILLIONS of Americans who haven’t yet forgotten the pain of 9/11/01.

For us . . . who watched the two Moslem Flown Planes hit the Twin Towers live on television, and then the smoldering debris at the Pentagon, finally listening to the heart wrenching tape of the DOWNED Plane in Shanksville Pennsylvania – THESE ARE MEMORIES THAT ARE FOREVER SEARED INTO OUR VERY BEING.


NEVER to be forgotten – NEVER to be forgiven.

Unfortunately though, this seems not to be the case with our current governments. And not to be case with too many Americans, Canadians and others who have already moved-on, and don’t care to really remember this outrage in a significant way.

BECAUSE IF THIS WAS THE CASE . . . the USA and all of Europe would have never entered into the DEAL they have with Iran, the world’s leading, unconditional, and bloodthirsty supporter, financier, and provider to Islamic Shiite Fundamentalist TERROR.

IF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE USA REMEMBERED 9/11 AS I DO . . . it would have begun the process of becoming absolutely and totally energy self-sufficient on 9/12 2001.

It would have begun doing whatever America needed to do to shut off the Middle Eastern ENERGY SPICKET, by mining all the coal it needed to burn in the cleanest way it could, to produce a huge abundance of electricity and heat.

America would have converted fossil-fuel heating (oil and gas) into electric heating. And would have mandated public transport, trains (Amtrak), city busses and subways to run on electricity.

America would have started DRILLING with real purpose wherever there was energy in the ground, even in Alaska, and safely from the ocean floor, INCLUDING doing all it could to promote and fund energy from Canada, where oil and gas are both plentiful and easy to get at.

America would have armed Israel to the teeth, even more so than it normally does, and it would have moved it’s Embassy to where it really belongs . . . IN JERUSALEM.

And would have told the so-called Palestinians to get with the program or get lost.


Instead . . . the USA invaded Arab Lands to become a NATION BUILDER, and a purveyor of Democracy, in a part of the world that has phony national boundaries, and a VIOLENT NEGATIVE Islamic concept of Democracy.

AND WHAT DID THAT DO FOR THE WORLD . . . other than to be responsible for the death and mutilation of THOUSANDS of brave young men and women, including Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Ausies, amongst a spattering of other courageous soldiers?

AND WHO FINANCED . . . this travesty – and still does?


To me . . . the correct answer is – WHY SHOULD WE CARE, since they’ve been murdering each other from the very beginning of their contrived religion, some 1400 years ago?

Why should we care about people who are savaging each other over their multiple interpretations of a despicable religion, which promotes everything from Hatred of all other religions, to Misogyny, to Murder . . . as long as they keep that savagery from our shores and away from us?

SO . . . INSTEAD OF DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN to keep this sickness and threat from our shores and our lives, our governments are working overtime to make Islam welcome and relevant in our countries, as if that will make them like us and embrace the North American Experience.


Obama and his cadre of LEFTISTS and USEFUL JEWISH IDIOTS, are working overtime to punish and screw-over the UPPITY ISRAELIS, because Netanyahu will not surrender Israeli SOVEREIGNTY and SECURITY on the altar of appeasing people who hate Israel, Jews, DEMOCRACY and Modernity.


Anne and I lit a candle, and placed it at the base of our FLAGS, that will burn for the entire day in memory and sadness for the day that America BLED.

AND PERHAPS MOST OF ALL . . . 14-YEARS LATER – Anne and I stand in silence, saddened at how much America, American Values, and the American DREAM has fallen since 9/11/01.

And if I do nothing else with my life, I will continue to write and shout-out as much as I can to stand for FREEDOM, and the RIGHTS we used to have, and should have again.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The original version of The Manchurian Candidate was a film about a brainwashed POW who became president as a sleeper agent.

  2. May the blessings of a benevolent God always be with us…we are going to NEED them!

  3. How quickly we forget. Imagine this was WWll and the enemy did what these bastards did! Never would a muslim be able to exist in the US.
    On the contrary, we have one “running” the cty!!!!
    “sad” doesn’t come close to expressing the distain.

  4. Right on Howard, you are exactly right and what we see now is the systematic takeover of Europe by the migrant hoards. We are now seeing the end of western civilization as we have always known it. What a shame that we leave this mess to our grandkids to clean up (if they possibly can). If we are forced to take these people into our country it is only a matter of time till the end. We have missed so many opportunities to make it right but………

  5. Amen, Howard. I see no reason to add to anything you just stated so well.

    Bill Larson

  6. We now have the most corrupt and lawless leadership in our history, curiously they depend on the good auspices of the citizenry to abide by the color of law for their continued success. “The law is but the will of the tyrant”. Thomas Jefferson

  7. I wonder how many of those CELEBRANT BASTARDS of 9/11 are now standing in line to emigrate here…NEVER EVER!
    Bud Farrell

  8. all I can say is AHMEN!!!Howard Galganov for president!!!!John Hosemann Rising Sun Wisconsin

  9. These days, many people don’t, or don’t want to, believe in the possibility of another similar attack, especially those who didn’t experience the 911 timeframe. They also don’t truly feel nor understand its effects. Also, since we live in a very SELFISH society, most people just DON’T CARE. More importantly, however, with BHO “in charge”, we are even more vulnerable than ever before–and most people can guess why! Our ENEMY is CLOSER than we could ever imagine. Pray and prepare yourselves! AMEN!

  10. Great article. Never EVER again – until Iran gets a nuke thanks to Barry the Muslim. The irony is that we and Europe are now about t otake tens of thousands of refugees (mainly young men) who want to better their lives and assimilate into the cultures and customs of the countries that are welcoming them with open arms – NOT!!!

  11. As an elderly woman, 70, I well remember the USA of years gone by – and now the decline of this used-to-be wonderful country of ours ….. it is extremely sad to see and watch. And, I am thoroughly convinced that Obama is out to ruin this country …. he can’t be that stupid to do the things he is doing … can he?

  12. I do not believe the official 9/11 story. The buildings did not fall from being hit by airplanes and the fires they caused. Building 7 was never struck by a plane, yet it collapsed at nearly free fall speed. A plane did not hit the pentagon. There is so much that does not add up. I agree we should never forget and never forgive, but there may be some folks who enter into that equation who should never be forgiven who some do not have in that category now. Some may be our own people.

  13. We should not have a catastrophe like 9/11 to do all that you suggest. I wish you would/could check into this more. The architects and demolition experts are saying scientifically that the steel building could not have come down with the airplanes damage alone. Any steel building that has ever been built and burned still has the frame standing with all else completely destroyed. 9/11 is the ONLY exception & impossible for it to happen. There must have been a lot of coordination. How?

  14. Great commentary!!! It is a true sin what our idiots in Washington have let go our country slip into the abyss as they have. I may be an eternal optimist, but next fall we have to start the process of taking back our country, or we are truly in deep trouble. As you are probably aware, there is a very strong movement for Texas to secede, but I hope that won’t be necessary. May GOD help us…..

  15. On today’s Rush Limbaugh radio show, students at George Mason College in Virginia were asked why the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred. About half said they did not know. The other half expressed that “The US must have done something wrong to provoke the attack”.

    If this sample is evidence of the mindset of most college students today, they don’t even know what it is they should “never forgive, never forget”. Heads in the sand. Probably Hillary supporters. Disgusting.

  16. When these attacks came over the radio, I was driving 6 miles into town. Stunned, I had to pull off the road. I prayed for those victims of misguided fanatics who we allowed to enter our dear land. My family & I will NEVER FORGET the atrocities of that terrible day and the sneering exultation of other Moslems. If there were rats, rattlesnakes, other vermin on our property they would be exterminated. We stand with you and many others for our God given freedoms. Thanks for what you are doing

  17. Thank you Howard — that was a significant turning point in the life of the United States as well as our neighbor Canada. It is an extreme awakening experience to see what has happened to our way of life since this happened. I think war was declared on our countries that day and our government since has allowed the Muslim popluace to be a thorn in our sides ever since and has even joined in their cause by putting people intent on death and destruction to our countries since then.

  18. I was in the Pentagon discussing with my boss the implications of what had just occurred in New York. At 9:37 am the building shook as American 77 hit the newly renovated “wedge” 3/4. I will never forget – “protect and defend against all enemies”.

  19. Today in Mecca, on the anniversary of 9/11, a crane toppled over and killed about 65 Muslims on the Hajj, their obligatory pilgrimage. Somebody up there is speaking… and may that somebody bless the souls of those we lost 14 years ago today. The Florida license plate on my car comemmorates 9/11, and thoughts of that “modern day of infamy” come to me still at some point every day. May God Bless America with the strength and the spirit to win the inevitable war.

  20. Why are we allowing so many Moslem immigrants into our countries when there are so many Christians ignored and left behind???

  21. Good article, Howard – as always! How the American’s don’t stop what they are doing, and pay homage to those lost on 9/11, I’ll never understand.

    Shana Tova to you and Anne! Keep up the good work in 5776!

  22. So 14 years ago, they attacked us and caused a massive retaliation. With the 10,000 new muslim “refugees” coming to our country, I expect nothing less than attacks on individuals in jihad. Those “refugee” certainly appeared to be well fed and lacking in families – over 75% were men alone with no children nor wives. Is that what Obama is planning for us?

  23. Caught an interesting show on TV the other night on the American Heroes Channel (AHC) about a terrible character by the name of Otto Skorzeny. I suggest that everyone learn about him. It will explain a lot about the Arabs and their antisemitism. There is no new antisemitism, Mein Kampf is the next best seller to the Koran in Arab lands – all because of Skorzeny.

  24. I too am surprised at the number of people who accept the gov’t version of 9-11. About 90% of the people i know all think the “arabs” had help– somebody planted explosives. Who planted the explosives in tower 6 and 7? Most people agree that towers 1 and 2 “might” have come down from gasoline. But tower 7 and the explosions in tower 6 are totally outside the realm of normal possibility. Tower 7 is the “smoking gun”. It is also amazing how many people have never investigated tower 7 or 6.

  25. My husband worked at the Pentagon and I can guarantee a plane hit. The other buildings that fell did so because the impact forces of the WTC towers falling compromised their structural integrity and people who claim otherwise obviously have no understanding of science, inertia, velocity and impact absorption. The towers falling was the equivalent of an 8.4 or greater magnitude earthquake to the neighboring buildings–that they were never designed or built to withstand. Ignorance is bliss.

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