It Might Seem CALLOUS . . . But It Is What It Is



MILLIONS OF MOSLEM ARAB REFUGEES . . . are on the run in search of greener and safer pastures, wherever they can find these sanctuaries in Europe and North America.

The MEDIA photos of children on the run, looking on with hungry scared eyes are heartbreaking. The photo of the lifeless body of the child pulled from the ocean, who drowned with his sibling and mother, while trying to make it to Europe, was tearful to see. AND WHOSE FAULT IS THAT?


Before crying a river for these people who are fleeing . . . remember this simple fact: MOST OF THEM EITHER HATE US – OR WILL JUST USE US.

Watch the media coverage of the refugees pushing their way into European cities. It seems that most of them are men. Where are the women? It also seems that of the few women we see, they’re wearing the HIJAB, which says to me that they are Moslem FIRST, and refugees SECOND.


To the best of my knowledge, there is no war on Moslems in the Moslem world, other than Moslems who kill at random, because of their INTERNECINE insanity. BUT THERE REALLY IS A WAR ON MIDDLE EAST CHRISTIANS. So why is there no global initiative to save the Christians who are in real peril?

THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MINUTE . . . there is no shortage of Moslem countries in the Middle East and Asia, where the refugee Moslems could flee, where they would be amongst their own . . . SO WHY EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA?


Another question that demands an answer is . . . ARE THEY REALLY REFUGEES, or are they simply trying to escape bad economics and even worse governments?


The whole world is so upside-down, that Secular LEFTISTS everywhere are clamoring to settle Moslem refugees into their societies, so they could feel better about themselves. BUT AT WHAT COST?

DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT . . . just look at how abysmal all the Western Countries, States and Cities around the world have become, who’ve welcomed Moslems into their midst. Just look at Paris, London and other major European Cities. AND LOOK AT DETROIT in the USA, where the American DREAM bows to Mohammed several times every day.

AND DON’T TAKE WHAT I WRITE AS THE GOSPEL, I’m just a messenger . . . read what they write, and listen to what they say to understand the REAL TRUTH.

Look how the culture of our Western Societies is changing before our eyes. And look at what we have to do in our own NATIONAL HOMES, to accommodate visitors who believe in Islam, opposed to Democracy, who don’t come to add to what we have, but to change what we have to benefit themselves.

Not more than just a few years ago, a large number of LEFTIST Israelis would have joined the CHORUS to welcome Syrian Refugees into Israel, so the world would see how generous were Israeli Jews, and how the LEFTIST Israelis could somehow feel better about themselves because they would be the GOOD GUYS.

BUT THAT WAS YESTERDAY . . . AND THIS IS TODAY – and the world better change the way Israel has, and face REALITY, that Islam is not a religion, as much as it is an irrefutable form of uncompromising GOVERNANCE, to which all observant Moslems must PLEDGE THEIR EXCLUSIVE ALLEGIANCE.

The majority of Israelis have finally figured it out . . . AND WE BETTER TOO.







Yet . . . our LEFT is so full of itself, and is so STUPID, that they cannot see Islam for what it really is, and just like these same POLITICALLY STUPID ACTORS some 80 years ago who didn’t believe what Hitler said . . . these FOOLS don’t believe what Islam says and does today.

THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND . . . we need immigrants, but not immigrants who we have to fear, or who want to change the country where we live to look more like them than it does like us.


As much as I support Freedom of Religion, I would support a law that would FORCE ALL WANNABE immigrants to sign a no-nonsense PLEDGE, accepting that our countries are based upon Judeo/Christian principles, governed by our SECULAR RULE OF LAW, and any infringement on this PLEDGE would constitute a breach of promise and instant deportation.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Here is what I just sent to my Rep McCaul.Message Subject: Presidential nomination.
    Message Text:
    If you and the big wigs of the republican party nominate Christy, Romney, or Jeb Bush to run for president on our ticket, I will sure as Heaven and Hell vote Damocrate. I am fed up with you people not doing what we, the voters who put you in office NOT doing what we ask of you. Instead, you do just the opposite of what we asked you to do. If the only way we can make you understand and do what is

  2. Dar al-Islam vs. Dar al-Harb is the foundational concept in the unholy Koran. It translates to: the Islamic world vs. the world of WAR. In other words, the unholy Koran COMMANDS Muslims to be at war against – and conquer – non-Muslims. The fundamental principle of Islam is Jihad. Muslims “holy” mission on earth is to convert you, or enslave you, or kill you in order to conquer your land.
    Make all further judgments regarding whether you want Muslims as your neighbors from that fact.

  3. 100% right on. Where is the ME here? Where is Port? Where is Spain? Where is Japan? Where is Russia?
    It’s a giant joke. Why are they all wanting to go to Germany? Because they get the best “deal” there!
    Merkel on a WWll guilt trip. Nothing else.
    These illegals, because thats’ what they are, will come back to haunt the EU. Bet on it.
    Bleeding hearts: wake up to reality!

  4. What callous? If they like our life style so much; if they like our way of life; let them bring it to their country, not them to ours where they can sit on the dole and leech off of us.

  5. It’s madness! The world largely ignores the thousands brutally murdered (because they’re only Christians and Jews) by these crazy bastards, but one dead m***im boy washes up on a beach in Turkey and the world’s media goes into overdrive about the poor dears and Europe finds itself forced to take tens of thousands of refugees, most of whom want us all dead. 50,00 in England in 50 years time will be another million – all part of the thousand year plan to make the world all m***im.

  6. 100% HOWARD AND LISTEN TO PERRY IN BOCA RATON as well ,he has it dead on . Germany will rue the day , as do Britain and France . The town I live in is full of these people . They a unfriendly and dis-interested in all aspects of their new home other than how they can change it to meet their traditional lifestyle. As you NOTICED these refugees on CNN et al are mostly young males , few older people , women , children ,do they not exist in Syria ? or is this an unarmed invasion ?

  7. Doing the math: The Syrian civil war has been on for over 4 years. Yet, we see so many refugee children under age 4. That means; in spite of being bombed daily, the adults still continue to have unprotected sex. Stupid priorities!

  8. Good article, Howard. I heard that the people on the ground who are “vetting” the refugees are Muslim, so are only letting Muslims through the borders, whereas Christians and Yazidis are denied? Do we let enemies into our homes? We have lost our foundation, and in our despair seem to have a death wish. I hear from several different conservative groups. We need to STAND together by repenting together, praying together, trusting in God, and educating others if we want to overturn the enemy.

  9. Very enlightening Howard. I can’t see mainstream editorials touching the subject matter….sad, very sad. The Canadian left now wants to up the immigration numbers as if to be in competition with Mr. Harper.
    It’s getting insane.

  10. Excellent & true commentary Howard. But 80 or so years ago another notable high profile person (not an actor) that embraced Hitler was none other than Charles Lindberg and he was very vocal about how great & wonderful Hitler’s 3d. Rich was. But lets also remember – he was also a Minnesota liberal, albeit a good & famous pilot.

  11. The left makes me so sick. And, the people here are so susceptible to propaganda. I listened to a coworker who, despite her usual conservative beliefs, had watched some crap on TV about the Syrian refugees and was saying how she wished she could take some of them in to help out. I reminded her that their Islamic beliefs would still prioritize death to her and her family over any feeling of thankfulness for her charity. She still said, “But, it’s just not their fault.” There’s no hope for the US!

  12. “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress & the courts, not to over throw the Constitution BUT to overthrow the men who PERVERT the Constitution”. Who said that? Glad you asked, Abraham Lincoln. Well, we once were the masters! Howard, you’ll see no such pledge here in the USA. As much as I would like to see it. The Pledge to our Flag is under attack! The Judeo/Christian principles that once were have be rejected! They have become Un-Constitutional & “Politically Incorrect”

  13. We are seeing the beginning of the end of Western culture. What better way to destroy the West but by infiltrating the Western lands with waves of people who will destroy it from within? Muslims know they can’t beat us militarily. They decided on the Manchurian Candidate. Also, remember these are people who will not stay and fight to defend their country. If we get invaded by ISIS or whatever they will not fight to defend us either.

    Loni Simone, Republic, WA

  14. You are absolutely 100% correct. No, to the Muslim refugees, No!! Christians, yes. Muslims, no.
    Where are the women? Right again.
    Thank you! Pauline

  15. You are right on my friend. My heart is saddened for these people, but you are correct, their part of the world needs to take them in. The muslin population already in this country is not hear to become Americans, they are here to replace us. The sooner we realize and accept that, the less painful the outcome.

  16. Why are all these men leaving their country instead of fighting for what they want. They want the rest of the world to fight their battles while they run away and try to turn our countries into what they just left. And after we give them everything they want they still hate us. Send them back home to take care of their own problems.

  17. Howard
    I think the Canadian Government should pass a law that says anyone entering Canada with a Muslim faith, must denounce their religion. Anyone who refuses will not be allowed to enter and all Muslims that are here should be sent home to their homeland. Like it or leave it.

  18. Nothing is ruled out of course it’s a possibility, but more unlikely in my mind. Could I be wrong sure I can. The thing that makes me cast doubts somewhat is the fact these people risk their lives and the lives of their children by trying to escape in flimsy boats, and risk perishing in the ocean. ‘WHY WOULD THEY TAKE THAT RISK” IF THIS IS NOT LEGIT”!

  19. I do not know what the Torah teaches about the end of the world but, I christian bible tells us that there will be a time when Evil will rule over the earth for a set period of time. I guess to teach us a lesson. Then, at a time set by God, His son shall return to earth and abolish evil for good. His son, Jesus, will rule over earth for eternity there after. God bless all who believe in Jesus Christ The Lord.

  20. How about enforcing the laws we have had for immigrants coming to U.S. When did we start letting anyone live in our country who was here illegally? We have a process that worked for us, why are we so stupid as to let the minority leftists in our country control us? Insanity or the path to one world government? Or both!

  21. Well said, Howard! Happy to see that you use the word MOSLEM vs. MUSLIM! For those who don’t know the difference, please research its definitions. As usual, the Liberals and its media are using SYMPATHY as a ploy to gain people’s approval to invite the refugees in. Bring them all in! What’s another couple of TRILLION DOLLARS added to our Federal budget? WHY don’t MANY people want to believe that most of the MOSLEMS hate us and want to kill us? WHAT will it take to MAKE them BELIEVE??? AMEN!

  22. Anyone who has visited France Europe and/or U.K. will know how Muslims manipulate the law to their advantage, as they have in Canada. I have been to and, experienced overwhelming fear in some of those areas. it’s fact not fiction or heresay. The leftists who want to feel good, thinking they are being holier than thou humanitarians will get the biggest surprise when their deeds come back to bite them. People who haven’t read the Quran do not know what they are dealing with; playing with fire

  23. I agree with you 99%.
    But the big problem is we have invaded their countries and destroyed their societies and created the civil wars that now devastate their countries.
    As long as Saddam and Khadafi were in power there were few if any refugees. As one refugee from Kirkuk recently told me. ” Yes Saddam killed a lot of people. But life under Saddam was 10 times, no a 100 times, better than life under the American occupation.” What if Saddam invaded Canada?
    And now in Syria…much the same

  24. Quick reply. You ask why Europe and America, and the reason is really simple. Mohamed’s final ‘hadith’ or ‘saying’ was to conquer the world for Islam. The weakness Islamists see in the West now has them thinking this is the time to do so. Like Christian fundamentalists, Muslim fundamentalists also see this as the time for the end of the world. They are looking for their Mahdi, or Messiah, even as many Christians are looking for Jesus. They are trying to fulfill that hadith.

  25. You are always superb and as such, you raise the vital question, “From whom are these “refugees” fleeing? No one has come forward with a reasonable explanation. In my opinion, they are not “refugees” and they are not fleeing. They are an “invasion force” seeking to build up Moslem “troops” within the borders of European and North American countries to staggering numbers. The natural reproduction process takes too long. These “refugees” are the Trojan Horse of 2015.

  26. You are correct!! The pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam is responsible for this. It is an invasion and not refugees fleeing. I too have no tears. Cry me a river and watch me play the world’s smallest violin. Send their moon god worshiping butts back. Germany is toast. So are the other countries taking in these people who will refuse to assimilate into their culture.

  27. Yes, and the Australian Government is discussing this today apparently in a Cabinet Meeting. I have no idea why when a poll yesterday had in excess of 70% of the respondents said ‘NO’. It was the ‘candlelit vigils’ of the bleeding hearts and the image of the poor young bloke who drowned and the world believing the crap story how it happened by the media.
    Let those bleeding hearts who want them be totally responsible and support them 100% financially…WON’T HAPPEN!

  28. I completely agree with you , Howard. From their own mouths they want to go to the “wealthy” countries like Germany. I have yet to hear one of them say they want to go to a Muslim country. I cannot imagine running away from my home, everyone around here would have been dug in and fighting since day one to save our families, country, homes & our way of life.

  29. Those who complain about our invasion of the middle east being the reason for the current issues are the same people who close their eyes to the throat cutting pagans who are “simply obeying Muhammad.” How foolish some of these children are. Yet they vote and procreate. They are a humorous diversion from those needing to be sent to their just ends. Give me a break.

  30. These “poor refugees” are ISIS shock troops. Sent ahead to to occupy our lands and bankrupt our economies. The four fabulously wealthy Islamic gulf countries won’t allow any of these “refugees” to enter there lands, nor do they offer any financial assistance to these people. That proves to me that the whole scenario is a setup to bankrupt and invade our democratic countries. They plan to soften us up for the takeover by the ISIS secondary invasion. All the confusion covers arms import.

  31. Notice in most of the photos online of the ‘refugees’ ….. it is mostly young men. Where are the women and children ‘refugees’?? NO, the majority are NOT refugees …. the young men are infiltrating western countries …. to OVERTAKE them! The bleeding hearts like the leaders of the Liberals and the NDP need to wake up! Canada needs to strengthen our immigration policies and put a STOP to Islamic INFILTRATION – for that is what it is!

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