It’s Happening Again . . . And Again, The World Will Pay The Price


JUST 25% of the American population, which includes LEFTIST politicians, and USEFUL American Jewish IDIOTS, support the DEAL – while the VAST majority of the American people and Congress hate the Obama/Kerry Iran DEAL.

And as far as the few Jewish Members of Congress, who said they would vote against the DEALDON’T BELIEVE THEM!

You can believe they will all vote against the deal, but you would be smarter if you would believe they decided to vote against the DEAL, only after it was determined that Obama would get his votes to VETO whatever the Republicans could present, to stop the Democrats from signing-on to a WAR DOCUMENT against Israel.

So, I say to all Members of Congress . . . House and Senate, and Jewish MEMBERS – Senators in particular, who are going along with this DEAL, perhaps with the only exception being Democrat Bob Menendez who campaigned hard against it from the very beginning, amongst a few other Democrats, they should ROT-In-Hell, for RESTARTING the process 70-years later, that the Nazis couldn’t finish by 1945.  


Not since the days of the Nuremburg Laws (1935), has Europe punished and disenfranchised people for being Jewish. And here we are in the year 2015, where the EU is literally a month away from voting to PLACE THE MARK OF THE STAR on Jews, once again, for SPECIAL TREATMENT . . . AND THE WORLD IS ALL RIGHT WITH IT.

IN SPITE OF THE LIES AND DISTORTIONS . . . Israel exists from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. And from the Syrian/Lebanese Border to the Egyptian Sinai and the Red Sea. And everything in between, since Palestine is nothing more than an Anti-Semitic creation.

Israel has the TRUTH, HISTORY, ARCHEOLOGY, BIBLE and the recognized SPOILS OF WAR on her side, so why are EUROPE, and now the President of the United States of America (Obama), playing for the destruction of the ONLY Jewish State on the Planet?

For the Europeans . . . IT COMES DOWN TO HATRED OF JEWS – plain and simple. For the President of the United States of America, it comes down to his passion for Socialism, which is certainly in his case; the softer side of Communism, where Anti-Semitism walks hand in hand against INDEPENDENCE of thought and Individual FREEDOMS.

And then there is the real chance that Obama identifies far more with Islam, than he does with Christianity and Judeo/Christian VALUES, which would go a long way to explain his disdain for American EXCEPTIONALISM.


Taking all of the preceding into consideration, including the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanction) movement, which is a fancy and politically correct way of saying BOYCOTT THE JEWS . . . ISRAEL IS IN TROUBLE, which to me, means that Jews worldwide are also in trouble . . . AND LIKE IT OR NOT – people who cherish FREEDOM all over the world are in trouble too.

This coming week, (Wednesday – September 9, 2015) . . . Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, who is an invited guest of Ted Cruz amongst other notable Conservatives and some Democrats, will co-host what I hope will be a massive DEMONSTRATION at the Capital Building, to RALLY the people, and encourage Israel not to lose hope AGAINST STOPPING THIS EVIL OBAMA/KERRY/IRAN ABOMINATION.

In 1935, Hitler STRIPPED all Jews and anyone with Jewish BLOOD, from their rights of Citizenship, yet the world still attended the Nazi Olympic Games in 1936. No one stood up and SHOUTED-OUT when Chamberlain sold-out Czechoslovakia in September of 1938. And no nations RUSHED to save the Jews, even after Kristallnacht. And we all know how that ended.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Evolutions and revolutions are a constant part of the human condition.

  2. Those who keep up with politics know darn well that Obama doesn’t only “identify” with Moslems, but thoroughly supports them. His obvious DISLIKE for Netanyahu also reinforces his preference. The Cruz/Trump demonstration on Wednesday should be VERY INTERESTING and MAY awaken SOME people regarding some of the tactics used in the Obama-Kerry-Iran deal. Have the Democrats REVIEWED this deal the same way they did for the OBAMACARE DEAL? If so, the PEOPLE will be in great DOO-DOO in the future! AMEN

  3. Back the there was was Nuremberg and no Jewish is state. Now that Israel has again became a nation, of which no other nation has in all of history. But, this time she will-not, yes, will-not be defated, Israel will go through all of this and stand firm as a nation.

  4. Way back in the time of King David, Israel was just about 16 million square miles.That the size of the United States, approx.
    This King in all that occurred during his reign was a man after God’s own heart!God Blessed Him because of that. Who’s hearts today beat like that?The world has shown it’s disdain towards God, He may be honored with their mouths,but the hearts do not line up with their mouths.Not All but enough.Israel is the “Apple”of God’s eye, He’s made a covenant with Israel (Jacob).

  5. We need a 3rd Awakening because too many are too clueless about either what is actually happening now in the world, and /or many are too clueless about why we went to war to begin with. History is definitely repeating itself, from the attack on those of Jewish faith to the War being waged against the weak.

  6. I am curious. Given the history of the treatment by most of the world’s societies over the years of the Jews why do Jews continue to keep making the same mistakes? Look only as far as the American Jewish community as an example. Why? Is there something inherent in the Jewish psyche that forces them, as a people, to do what they are doing, again?

  7. You are SO Right with your statement, “Obama identifies far more with Islam, than he does with Christianity and Judeo/Christian VALUES”. He has said in one of his books and in person that if it came to a choice between Islam and Christianity, he would take the side of Islam every time. It may be time for another Boston Tea Party. Let’s get the Politicians out of Washington and elect some good and Honest people who will support our laws and Constitution.

  8. Again this “leader” has been trained as a Muslim from birth, by a Muslim father and an American protester, and obviously by grand parents with blinders. Why would we think we could believe American freedom would be foremost in his mind? Let’s keep in mind that a wolf in sheeps wool is still a wolf. Israel is the worlds hope. We need to protect their backs. I also we need to tell Ted Cruz and friends to stand tall and push hard. Keep up the good work Howard.

  9. Those who support the phoney deal with Iran are either closet jihadists, useful idiots, or both.

  10. The next president will “void” this Agreement. Either by direct action, indirect coercion or simply an application of what America is in a position to do best – blackmailing the each of these populated sand-dunes that rely on American military hardware and as a customer for their black gold (the XL pipeline would take care of that). I TRUMPet the success of any or all of these actions.

  11. Wondering, Chester Przygoda, what it is that the Jewish community is “doing” that would cause them to be set apart, and cause them to be marked.

    It would be no different than marking any group, race, creed, color … clearly prejudice at work.

    Mr. Galganov, I’ve recently discovered your blog, and I thank you for facts presented, and your courage in standing your ground. I pray we have more who stand with you. So many blinded eyes.

  12. When we came to America from Africa in 1997 and became citizens in 2006, we were very proud to be in a country so proud and patriotic. Things have changed so much since, it’s OK to burn the flag, ashamed and apologizing for being Americans, led by the new anti American president. Now patriotism is to the party, not the country and its people. What a disgrace!!!

  13. This ruined my weekend- Colin Powell supported the Iran deal, along with Wasserman Schultz, and Cory Booker who always says he’s a friend of Israel. Traitors to the country especially when 70% of the Country, “DO NOT WANT THE DEAL” THEY DON’T CARE”, ONE VOTE WILL AND CAN DESTROY US ALL. “THEY ARE PURE EVIL. JOHN MCCAIN SIGNED ON TRUMP WAS RIGHT “HE IS NO HERO A TRAITOR!

  14. Just check out the moslems in the Obama administration! It speaks for itself

  15. I thought I was the only one who recognized that those Jewish members of congress that said they would vote against the deal, did so only after they were sure the deal would go thru. These people are horrid self serving hypocrites and are so stupid that they do not know that they are signing their own death warrant along with that of Western civilization beginning with the Jewish people.

  16. Mr. Galganov, Thank you as always for putting forth the truth. Our Jewish Senators should be ashamed of themselves for throwing Jews under the bus, again. It is complete racism and prejudice. But all the Democrats / Liberals think nothing of it. So hypocritical and that’s ok with the Democrats – what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander as far as they are concerned. Just good for them! Obama is definitely a Muslim. Hates the Jews and his actions show it. It’s a catastrophic mess

  17. As always, a perceptive, articulate and to the point assessment. I do believe, though that you are being ‘kind’ to obama, stating that he is motivated by socialism. It is plain as the noses on our faces that this individual has been pro islam from before his first day in office. Also plain is that he is ant- American, anti-Israel, anti-democracy, and anti-free world. The world is plunging deeper into darkness by the second. Pray. Baruch HaShem.

  18. Right beside the Jewish people, who are being betrayed, stand Christians who are now being killed in the Middle East, also ignored and sidelined in Europe and blatantly disrespected and ridiculed here in the United States by progressive ideologues. It is time for all of us to stand together, profess our faith and take on the demagogues. As someone who lived under Nazi occupation in WWII, I say: “Be not afraid, and don’t let the bastards grind you down!”

  19. I have been shouting for years. A Toronto high school friend from the 70’s lives in Israel. As a Christian I pledged to him, this blog and all that read my writings that I would not stand behind or beside Israel but I would do my best to stand in front of Israel. As the inevitable war draws closer, I believe it is 1937 pre-war Nazis Germany. I hope I am wrong on everything. To repeat WWII would be insane, to repeat WWII with todays military would be, Matthew 24:22.

  20. The thing is that those whose faith is in the Living God, whether Jew or Christian, is now under an all-out attack by the forces of evil, and we know that god and his hatred for God. One name for him is Baal, and the ISIS monsters murdering children indicate his continued existence and influence. We are entered into a fierce spiritual warfare, and while we and our God will win in the long run, it will be increasingly fierce and ugly.

  21. Both Israel and America are being attacked, undermined, and neutered at every turn. Prophetic Scripture doesn’t bode well for America and many Israelis, and by the time all is said and done, few of us will survive another holocaust, BUT IT’S COMING! Denial of the obvious is not a valid option. We stand up, fight, be counted, and never assume the fetal position of giving up! As individuals, we stand with Israel, whatever the cost! (Stupid American voters!)

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