Who pays the piper?

Trump did very well for himself yesterday (September 3, 2015) . . .

1 – By taking the PLEDGE to support whichever Candidate would win the Republican Nomination, Trump has removed a HUGE bone of contention that should never have even existed.

I’m a horseman, and perhaps I know as well as any, that you do not change horses in the middle of a race, which Trump threatened to do . . . AND THAT WAS JUST NOT RIGHT.

2 – By finally laying to rest . . . that he will NOT take any serious financial support from wealthy individuals and LOBBYISTS, in spite of his multiple flip-flops; a) to take some, b) maybe take some, and c) to take some without strings attached, Trump has finally set his campaign far out of reach on this aspect from all the other mainstream politicians, who sell their soul and the well-being of the USA to BIG MONEY by declaring yesterday . . . THAT HE WILL TAKE NONE.

If Trump stays TRUE to his promise to self-finance, and will owe NOTHING to Lobbyists and Wealthy individuals if he should win the Presidency . . . it could become a future political game-changer.

IN CANADA – as of this Canadian election, no political donation can be more than $1200 by one individual to a single candidate, and an additional $1200 by the same individual to just one Party, reserved exclusively for voters, making it ILLEGAL for LOBBYISTS, UNIONS, and BIG BUSINESS to donate to any part of the political process – making them irrelevant to the financing of Candidates and Parties, leaving NO SPECIAL INTERESTS to buy FAVORS from winning politicians.

Think about this for a second . . . generally, every Canadian who is legally allowed to vote is relegated to donate no more than $2400 on this 2015 election. But, as of 2016, that amount will rise to $3000 per elector. AND THAT’S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

3 – By criticizing Bush for campaigning in Spanish, Trump shone a VERY BRIGHT LIGHT on a real issue threatening the culture of Untied States of America.

We’ve all heard the mountains of BS coming from all the politicians, from the TOP/DOWN, saying how it’s NECESSARY for all immigrants, if they wish to become citizens of the USA, that they must learn how to communicate in the English language.

BUT THAT’S JUST NOT TRUE . . . because, if it was true, NONE of the candidates would campaign in any language other than English.

AND BY USING THE LOGIC OF THE POLITICIANS . . . if the PEOPLE cannot communicate properly in the English language, they should not be entitled to become citizens, let alone have the right to vote.


1 – Even though the English language is not the OFFICIAL language of the USA, every President and Politician I am aware of, says that all immigrants MUST be able to communicate in the English language to become citizens . . . SO MAKE IT SO.

2 – Because English is critical to the culture of the United States of America, no other language should be used at any OFFICIAL events across the country. ESPECIALLY DURING ELECTIONS.

3 – Because, according to the VAST MAJORITY of politicians who all agree that proficiency in English is necessary to become an American citizen, and that English is the LINGUA FRANCA of the USA, even if it is not the OFFICIAL language, second languages should NOT be taught until high school . . . and then, only as an elective course . . . offering multiple choices as per language . . . and not just Spanish.


AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE . . . The most important point, amongst many important points brought up by Trump yesterday, is the question of: WHO BUSH and others like him will OWE at the end of the day, if Bush or another politician like Bush, takes BIG money from Big Businesses and Lobbyists?

EVEN THOUGH I WILL SUPPORT TRUMP IF HE WINS THE NOMINATION . . . there are at least THREE other Candidates, amongst several more, who would be far better for America and the Presidency than Trump . . . in no particular order.

1 – Carson

2 – Fiorina

3 – Cruz

But at Trump’s WORST, if he were to win the Presidency, he would be better for the USA and the world than the BEST Democrat . . . and that is a fact that cannot be ignored.

And then there is also the chance that because of Trump’s OVERSIZED EGO, he might move heaven and earth just to prove to the whole wide world, that he will be America’s BEST PRESIDENT EVER. And given Trumps EGO, that too is a real possibility.

PS – A SPECIAL NOTE: This BLOG does not raise a fortune in financial support, and everyone who sends anything, receives a personal thank you from me.

This past week, when I visited the PO Box, I opened a letter with no return address, and in it was a FIVE US DOLLAR BILL, with no note . . . NOTHING.

So, to this SUPPORTER, please understand that you have my heartfelt gratitude for helping out with no expectation of my appreciation. So, I’m taking this opportunity to say thank you. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Boy oh boy, am I hoping and praying that the “new” Republican party will listen. I honestly, do NOT hold a lot of hope, with both House Speaker Rep. John Boehner and Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell. Both of these men are very wishy-washy and honestly, do NOT stand their ground, especially against the President. Neither of them are conservative, either … They are Moderates and Centralists. I know that, there must be some compromise … But why, all the time with the GOP losing???

  2. Amen! Any republican candidate (currently running) would be better than any democrat (currently running)! Hint; the shear number of republican candidates vs democrat candidates is a very good indication! We have more voters than people in some counties during the last election. I wonder what party they affiliate with??

  3. So happy you are on board with Trump — he may be loud and brash but he’s also telling the truth on so much that others are afraid to even whisper about. He is exactly what is needed at this time, and I still believe that Trump is the only real hope that America has … period.

  4. Keep it coming……….You are 99% right on your articles and I agree with you 99% of the time. We must defeat The Democratic Party. They are in lock-step with this president and would follow him over the cliff. Just watch how they vote on this Iran deal and I am afraid they will take us all over the cliff on this vote.

  5. SPOT on as usual, but (and I’ll check it and let you know) I was under the impression that ENGLISH was the official language of this country. I know about four years ago they tried to make Spanish the official lanuage of Florida, and it was soundly trounced!!! YEA America!!
    This wwekend in th eUS is ” Labor Day Weekend” it has been hi-jacked by the Unions and LIBTARDS, as opposed to being a recognition of the work ethic and productiviy of this great nation for 240 years. Celebrate WORK!

  6. Cruz was born in Canada. His father was a Cuban. He is not a “natural born citizen.” But of course neither is Obama, his father was a Kenyan. Since most Americans are ignorant of what the Constitution says, and what it means, the eivl rulers are able to play us. “Natural born citizen” and “citizen” are not equivalent. One term does not equal the other. All “natural born citizens” are citizens, but not all citizens are “natural born citizens.”

  7. For the most part I agree with you on most of your editorials. I respectfully submit that if America is going to
    get back on her feet it will take a Trump or benevolent dictator of sorts. At 75 I have listened to enough B.S. from
    the 2 parties to float a carrier from the politicians presently running. It will not be easy on many people (me included) but in the end I would endure some pain in the bloody fight that will surely occur.
    Ed Lown American vet
    Lexington SC

  8. Coming out of the last horrific years under Obama, I can’t help but think that Trump might be just what the US needs. Yes, he’s a loudmouth and a blowhard, but he tells it like he sees it, no holds barred. But Trump, being a businessman rather than a politician, might be perfect for the job of getting America back on a even keel.

    Maureen Moss, Lethbridge, Alberta

  9. Definitely agree with your 4 points and your 3-candidate selection, but I would add one more candidate, HUCKABEE, who has GREAT COMMON SENSE! Re: Trump’s OVERSIZED EGO–what a ‘match’ he is for Obama! Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a debate between those two? Also totally agree with your points re: the usage of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE—that it should be declared as America’s ONLY OFFICIAL LANGUAGE, and that it should only be taught as an ELECTIVE in High School. Great Editorial, Howard! AMEN!

  10. Cruz is ineligible to run for the Office of President due to a slight Constitutional problem. I hope one of your other picks win the nomination though, so the People will be able to see what the formerly great GOP has fallen an become. A Party for cranks, bigots and wealthy folk who believe that any tax at all is too much. Have a good day.

  11. Howard, you are on target. Keep on keeping on! Mr. Trump may be “out-spoken” for most people but win or lose, he keeps things to the front that need to be considered in this life or death situation.

  12. Funny, the three other R candidates you mentioned are the exact three I told my dad I thought would do better than Trump, while also stating I’d vote for Trump over any of the current Democrat candidates. I think we’ve had enough of any politician, unless, of course, you are a democrat, then any criminal seems to do just fine, or socialist. A conservative democrat can only be found in the history books these days, unless the history book is re-defining our history under common core.

  13. Howard,

    I especially like the Canadian finance laws, perhaps President Trump will lead a campaign finance revolution in the USA. There is a reason we now have Billion Dollar elections, so all the special interests can buy their influence.

  14. Will see Trump in Dallas 9/14/15. Bush is Rino, love the family values, not the politics. Jeb doesn’t know why he is trailing and he has no intention of closing the border. I am a business man and I employ Mexicans and none of them like Trump. I tell them, if you want welfare vote for a democrat, if you want a job vote for a republican. The best of business men hire the best talent they can find. I would like to think Trump could be that guy. Just think of the talent among the other candidates!

  15. Well, the fact of financing his campaign with his very own money, it’s not a guarantee of success. Remember R. Perot.

  16. Trump should be the one. America need’s his in your face, aggressive and brutal way of dealing. He is saying what needs to be said, without the filter of political correctness or the demands of a financial sponsor. If he is honest in word and intent he must become the next president for all our sake. I just pray he stays the course and takes the helm. I don’t believe any of the other candidates can strike fear into the hearts of those democ-RATS like Trump can.

  17. There are only three, Trump, Florina and Carson. Could three tun for President? Interesting. In the end, I think Trump would drop out he has done his job. He has a business to run he wants to energise everyone. The duo of Carson and Floria would win the Brass Ring. Ben knows his Country and Carley know the creeps overseas. What a great team.

  18. Regarding Mr Trump and his ego. His ego is a good assessment of reality. He is an achiever who has learned to play the system. He manages. He can hire a staff of the most intelligent, most informed people and does. He knows whom to buy and who to ignore He has been down, financially but roared back. He adopts a position, not based on what is politically correct, but his assessment. it is time for change from the mealy mouth politicians who draw the line but backs off, time after time.

  19. Howard, In the USA if your area has over a certain percentage of persons whose native language is other than English, the Supervisor of Elections there in shall print ballets with that language(s)

  20. I agree with what you said Howard. However, apparently you still have not investigated where Fiorina stands on the issue of the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam. She should sign a pledge, just like Trump did, to support the United States of America and condemn the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam.

  21. Our country is poisoned by the politicians and liberal progressives of the past 80+ years. In the words of my grandparents, we need a good dose of salts! And I have come to believe that Mr. Trump may be the only candidate capable of administering it. God Bless you and your work, Howard.

  22. I could be wrong and I reckon I am, but I thought George W. made English the official language of the USA?

  23. If you weigh up Trumps negatives, and he has some to overcome, and balance those against his positives, he is clearly the choice for Pres. He is a no BS, no nonsense, guy. Time for an “action man” in the US. NOT another quasi politician.
    BTW, love Fiorina as VP!

  24. Any Nation should have a common language.Our PC Politicians passed on voting English as that language as not to “offend”.
    How can a Nation be UNITED without one common language? That’s the way it was in the day’s when Ellis Island and other ports that were receiving immigrants to our country. Try it in any other country? Howard, your dead on balls accurate on your editorial. Trump is a in your face guy,the American people were that way at one time!Now they abdicated that position for PC!

  25. One election issue as evidenced by this little story, quoting: My uncle was a life long Republican, always voted that way, but since his passing, he has always voted democrat ! End of quote. Unfortunately the implication is so true in many areas of the U.S. I hope and pray that these phantom voters will not be a factor in 2016. Howard, please keep the good stuff coming!

  26. Mr. Trump is so accustomed to being the “Boss”, being in charge, and having his own way, would he be able to tone down his ego, seek advice, listen to other ideas, and admit that someone other than himself might know a better solution to a vitally important issue? Whomever he appoints to his cabinet (if he becomes the President), will be walking a thin line, expecting to hear that familiar phrase: YOU’RE FIRED!

  27. Howard…it sounds like you are starting to see the light . Keep it up ! A winter in the States will further open your eyes.

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