What makes Obama, the LEFT, and 21st century JUDENRAT think they know what’s better for Israel than does Israel?


Most people never knew, don’t remember, or don’t want to admit that Israel played an incredible part in DEFEATING the Soviet Union. Next to the USA, no country on earth has had as much a part in winning the COLD WAR as had Israel; except perhaps Afghanistan, which was for an entirely different reason.

The Cold War, between the West and Russia, led almost exclusively by the USA at a great financial cost and otherwise, was waged non-stop, even before the Nazis fell. And all of us of a specific age, who grew up with the spy-thrillers in books, television, and the movies, most of which featured American Heroes amongst a few famous movie Brits like James Bond, never really appreciated how dire were the REAL circumstances threatening our FREEDOMS.


After Communism’s great INTERNATIONAL successes in the ‘60’s, it was touch and go for a while, until Russia decided to overextend their already long reach into the Middle East, where they befriended all the Arab countries, heaping their latest armed technologies on a vast Arab Military, including their best Battle Tanks, Fighter Jets and Radar Installations.


Where the Russians seemed to rule supreme in the Middle East, except for Israel, Iran (Shah) and Turkey, in 1967 – Israel, with limited resources from France and the USA, and a very small population went to war against a much larger number of enemies, armed with State of the Art Russian Equipment . . . and in spite of everything that should have worked against Israel, in the space of just 6-DAYS, Israel left Russia’s very best equipment in absolute ruins.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . the Israelis used French Mirage War Planes, which were great planes to fight high altitude Fighter Bombers, but lousy DOG-FIGHTERS. Yet, the Israeli Pilots proved these planes to be magnificent DOG-FIGHTERS in the right hands, as Israeli Pilots with their own unique GINNED-UP technological battle upgrades, wiped out Russian Warplanes in virtually no time at all.

And then there was the issue of BATTLE-TANKS, especially on the Golan Heights in the Yom Kippur War:

Israel was caught fast asleep in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, because Kissinger ordered the LEFTIST Golda Meir to stand down Israel’s military, as a show of good faith to the Arabs. AND THAT’S WHEN THE SYRIANS AND EGYPTIANS HIT Israel without warning in a massive sneak attack.


The Syrians launched more than TWELVE HUNDRED of Russia’s state-of-the-art Battle Tanks, against Israel’s Centurion Tanks, which NUMBERED FEWER THAN ONE HUNDRED & EIGHTY.

The Syrians had 1000-pieces of artillery, Israel had 70 . . . but nonetheless – Israel – outnumbered 17-ONE in equipment and troops on the Golan Heights, eventually laid the Syrian (Russian) Tanks, Artillery and Troops to waste.

IN WHAT WAS CONSIDERED THE GREATEST TANK BATTLE IN HISTORY . . . there was no contest between the Arab Armies, Israel and Israel’s SUPREMACY over Russian made equipment.


I’m not going to go into the fascinating details of the Yom Kippur War, other than to say that the unprecedented turn-around of the Israeli Military, while all seemed to be lost, rattled the Russians so badly, that Moscow threatened to go to war against Israel in 1973, unless Israel stopped fighting IMMEDIATELY after a CEASEFIRE resolution was ordered at the UN.

The Russian THREAT so disturbed the USA, because of its intensity, especially after seeing how the Israelis rallied when all seemed to be lost, that Nixon, who allowed his Jewish-Anti Semitic Secretary of State to teach (in Kissinger’s mind) the uppity-Israelis a lesson, ordered the American Military to DEFCON THREE, the highest level of alert, placing America’s Air-Force ready to go to WAR in just FIFTEEN MINUTES, which forced the Russians to almost immediately stand down.


Israeli Intelligence (Mossad), and Israeli made Military Equipment and technology made a mockery of Russian Technology. It also literally WIPED-OUT Russia’s military equipment on the battlefield, that made all of Russia’s Military Clients start thinking about whose equipment they would prefer to take into battle.

And during an era, while the Russians were still feeling pretty good about themselves, along comes an insignificant little country, that pounds the crap of the Russian Bear’s SURROGATES, even after a sneak attack that should by all standards have been TOO GOOD TO FAIL against the Israelis.

Israel proved that Western Technologies . . . coupled with Israeli enhancements, were so far above and beyond what the Russians had, that Russia was not only embarrassed, but lost no shortage of military clients, and any hopes of penetrating the Gulf States and Egypt.

IN FACT . . . The Yom Kippur War, and Israel’s incredible resolve and military talent led to the Egyptian/Israeli Peace Treaty, followed by a Peace Treaty between Jordan and Israel.

So, not only did the Russians lose face and equipment, they also lost their largest and most important Middle Eastern (African) PROXY in Egypt.

After getting the CRAP beaten out of their best equipment by Israel in 1967, and then again in 1973, it was downhill for Russia, culminating in a massive drubbing at the hands of Afghanistan Islamist Jihadists.

AND IT’S ONLY NOW . . . since the Obama/Clinton/Kerry TROIKA, and Clinton’s ridiculous RESET BUTTON, which she screwed up, even in the presentation, that the Russians are once again on the rise.


1 – By 1976, Pakistan started working on the BOMB, and from that time on, everyone fretted over Pakistan becoming a nuclear power, especially India and the USA.

So, what happened? . . . Fast-Forward – and Pakistan is a nuclear power exporting nuclear technologies and fissionable material to bad Actors.

2 – In 1993, North Korea started serious work on their BOMB, under a combination of bribes and threats from the USA to stop or else. SO WHAT WAS THE OR ELSE?

Under President Bill Clinton . . . walking hand-in-hand with Jimmy Carter to negotiate the end of North Korea’s nuclear program . . . Carter was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his success . . . but just weeks before accepting his Prize, North Korea exploded the LIE, and declared their possession of the BOMB.


ON JUNE 7, 1981 . . . Iraq was teetering on getting the BOMB at its Nuclear Facility at Osirak, when 16 Israeli Jets put a permanent end to Iraq’s ambitions.

How did the USA thank Israel?

Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, and a few other anti-Israelis in Reagan’s Cabinet, wanted to punish Israel, to teach them a lesson for launching such an attack without American CLEARANCE.

But, according to President Reagan’s National Security Advisor, Brant Beach . . . when Reagan was given the news over the phone, while getting on his Helicopter from camp David, while the Israelis were still in the air coming back from their mission, Reagan’s response was . . . “BOYS WILL BE BOYS”.

CAN YOU IMAGINE . . . what the world would look like today if Israel didn’t take out the Iraqi BOMB?

FAST FORWARD TO SEPTEMBER 6, 2007 . . . And once again a Middle Eastern Country (Syria) was on a Nuclear Threshold, which Israel ended same as it did in Iraq.

And knowing what we know today about ISIS, Bashar al-Assad, and all the other REALLY BAD ISLAMIC ACTORS . . . how much gratitude should the world have for Israel’s determination to keep NUKES out of the Middle East.


IN RETROSPECT . . . Israel wiped out the surge of Russia in the Middle East, destroyed Russia’s international military image, and moved Egypt and Jordan to make peace.

Israel wiped out Iraq’s BOMB and Syria’s BOMB, while the IAEA, the USA, and the rest of the World did squat while Pakistan and North Korea BOMBED-UP.

SO . . . Given history and track records – whose voice should be heard first, foremost, and loudest when it comes to STOPPING THE IRANIAN BOMB?


1 – George W Bush promised to take out the Iranian Program if it came down to it, and never had the courage to follow-through.

2 – Obama LIED about leaving all options on the table, and ORDERED Israel not to attack the Iranian program. He never intended to stop Iran.

SO YOU BE THE JUDGE . . . Because – for the USA and the rest of the world, the deal is already done, and Israel is on its own.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I too, hope you are correct in your analysis. Everything you say about the hypocrisy that goes on in the US, is spot on. Isn’t Nakouls still in prison? What a farce that was!

    You said: “we should keep our eyes on Ben Carson, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz. They’ll be the ones to watch.” Maybe you might add Trey Gowdy to that list of yours, he’s THE best!!

    Pauline FitzPatrick, Fort Lauderdale, FL

  2. Enter the THREE STOOGES…


    Bud Farrell, Georgetown, Texas

  3. No entity on earth will ever destroy Israel. Ever. Today’s votes in congress make Obama-Kerry “deal” a done deal. If I had authority, I’d give Israel B2 bombers & C5A refueling tankers to make round-trip flights to/from Iran, along with a couple of shiploads of 500# bunker-busting bombs, then announce to the world the capability. Then an ultimatum: If Iran didn’t immediately open up all nuke facilities to 24/7 immediate inspections, they would suffer grave consequences. This act would avoid war.

  4. Those people who realize that God is on Israel’s side know they are not alone..

  5. Once again, We Jews are on our own.

    I’m thinking of Entenbe, where, once all hostages, with the exception of guess who, were released, the word no longer cared about who was left, i.e. us Jews. and in the end we showed the world how to deal with the animals.

  6. You are absolutely right. But what bothers me is that we in the West fought and died for Stalin and helped him establish brutal dictatorships in a dozen countries in central Europe. After Stalingrad Germany’s fate was indicated and after mid 1944 it was sealed beyond any doubt. We didn’t have to give Stalin everything including North Korea in 1945, which led directly to the Korean war in the early 50s and then the utterly useless Vietnam war and Israels 67 and 73 wars.
    How stupid can we get?

  7. Excellent history lesson Howard I learn more in one of your articles than reading entire history books. Just call this article a short concise history of the 20th century middle east

  8. You got me hooked, “… into the fascinating details of the Yom Kippur War…”, any recommendations on literature? I was in Key West that summer – completely oblivious. It’s frightening to consider Canada’s plight as well as Israel’s likely loss of a good ally, if one of the socialist parties gets power on October 19th. The world knows where we stand under Prime Minister Harper.

  9. Batten down the hatches. The last time the world had a “peace in out time” agreement, we ended up in WW2

  10. In 1967 I was 16 years old & not interested in anything more than my own world. So I don’t remember ever hearing anything about Israel at this time. But I am also surprised that I have never heard of this until now. That just shows how quiet the media is about most things Israel related. This is a shameful situation. Us baby boomers should remember with horror those images of the holocaust & do what we can to see that something like that can never happen again. We should be cheering for Israel.

  11. It is going to be in Israel’s hands. The McDonald’s Poster person, the Democratic Senator from Maryland just agreed to hop on the Bama Blow up the World Express. Don’t expect any help from the two Rino leaders in Congress. White House Willie is living up to what he promised. I wonder if we can make to January 2017?

  12. I remember the history lesson quite clearly . What is important here is Legacy for America’s First Black President , nothing beyond this . His real Legacy is civil strife , civil disobedience , race riots ,a failed economy and a loss of Face on the world stage . The Left and the Politically Correct are ruining the world they had little input into constructing . There seems to be little understanding or will , to deal with savages in the proper fashion . History is not important to the New Left.

  13. I remember the ’67 War, because it began the same wweek I got married,, AND I was home on leave from the US Navy for that event. There was never a question of recalll to immediate duty and leave cancellation as it was over so decisively and quickly. (For that both my wife and I were very glad!)
    I totally support Israel and have been waiting for Bebe to tell Obumma to shove it, and take care of business for the “free world”!!
    Without Israel this will not end well, methinks!

  14. Israel’s time on earth to win and succeed is here….NOW. They will continue to succeed. It appears that every nation that deals with her is usually a half hearted attempt at placation. Bad mistake on their part…..Israel WILL BE HEARD from now until the end of time….so it would behoove the rest of us to wake up and smell the coffee which has perked too long and is now ready to sip. Go Israel! Take care of your country with all your might so the rest of us can sit back and learn.

  15. I watched an excellent documentary on the Yom Kippur War last night on Amazon Prime. I was astounded how the Israeli’s defeated Syria and Egypt’s top of the line planes, tanks, missiles with inferior equipment taking Israel by surprise and greatly outnumbered. The defeat of Syria and Egypt was miraculous! The Jewish people are God’s chosen people and any country, including the U.S. who takes on or turns their backs on Israel will do so at their peril!

  16. WONDERFUL AND TIMELY!!! I would like your permission to send this to the WSJ and also my newspaper San Antonio Express as a quote from you. Please!!

  17. Howard,
    For all due respect, of which is have very much for you, if you only read the Torah,the Law written by Moses. Then what happened when Israel went into the ‘promise-land’ led by Joshua, and the ongoing history up to the present. Christians not only look at the Law in the Old Testament, but we also read about Israel’s history and prophecy laid down for it’s future. Prophesied 2 to 3 millenniums ago, Israel would again become a nation and will never cease to exist, NO-MATTER-WHAT-HAPPENS!

  18. The slide started in the 67 war. The US had the USS Liberty, a spy ship, setting off the shores of Israel and Egypt. It was sending realtime intel to pentagon, to UNSC. Israel asked for it to stop. IT didn’t. Israel once again took the matter in its’ hands. It has been down hill ever since. America is doomed. We deserve the wrath of God and it is coming. We murder millions of babies, we have deserted Israel, and it has given carte blanche to the queers. Pls God forgive America!

  19. Tom Kopper & Ron White nailed it. (See above). Howard, please do not worry. The bible is full of promises we can depend on. When Russia tries to attack Israel some day, its troops are supernaturally defeated. God loves Israel. They are His people. There is even a rapture of the Jewish people in addition to the Christians. PEACE.

  20. “Israel is our friend” (Obama, Kerry) and then they stab her in the back. The U.S. should have four carriers, ten guided missile frigates & destroyers + two nuclear subs on the beach in Israel & Lebanon + same in Persian Gulf. Our Muslim Pres. & Swift Boat Coward need to go. NOW. Inspect, enforce or die, not negotiable. If Israel has to go it alone, it won’t be pretty. God bless Israel.

  21. As time slips by I had forgotten about what Israel has done. It’s almost like they have done our dirty work and the these politicians we have then stab them in the back and it goes for both sides there all alike.
    I think I would like to see another Harry Truman in office. Maybe Trump will be it. I’m still thinking about the Don, but he is sure stirring the pot and these life timer’s are worried as he is telling them just exactly what kind of men they really are….

  22. Great history lesson on Israel. I lived through all of it and kept scrapbooks on the Six Day War. I lived in Israel during the Yom Kippur War and was glad I was there knowing that history was being made. I had no doubts that I would be OK even though I had never been in a country at war before. My family was worried crazy, but I felt safe and secure as I knew that God was ultimately in control. I would like to see that video on the Yom Kippur War and find out where I can get it.

  23. You outdid yourself again, dear Howard, with this timely and accurate recap of Israel’s history since the sixties.
    Thank you and Shanah Tova again

  24. Given all this (and more), I am always amazed by the world’s continuous, unapologetic badmouthing, backstabbing and front-stabbing of Israel in order to appease the bad players of the planet.

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