Three Jewish Democrat House Members From New York . . . Eliot Engel, Steve Israel and Nita Lowey, who say they are against the Iran Deal have asked all sides to DIAL BACK THE RHETORIC.

SCREW THEM . . . because if anything, the OPPOSITION to this Iran Deal should be heard as loud and as strong as is imaginable. Dial it back . . . BULL! They should be screaming at the top of their lungs.

You see . . . I don’t trust them just because they’re Jewish Lawmakers, who are saying NO TO A BAD DEAL, any more than I trust New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who also said he will vote against this DEAL.

AND I DON’T TRUST THEM . . . because if they really opposed this HIDEOUS Obama/Kerry DEAL that puts more than 6-MILLION Israeli Jews in the CROSS-HAIRS of Iran’s SWORN PLEDGE TO WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP, they wouldn’t be suggesting that all sides should DIAL DOWN THE RHETORIC.


70-YEARS have passed since the end of World War Two and the Holocaust, so what has the North American and European Jewish Communities learned from it? HOW ABOUT NOTHING!

BECAUSE . . . If we learned anything at all, we would have learned that when a MADMAN and his FOLLOWERS single out Jews for SPECIAL TREATMENT, we should take him and them at their word.

And had it not been for Hitler’s willing Jewish Elitists (Judenrat), who all thought they were so much smarter than all their FELLOW Jews, by “negotiating” with the Nazis, which made them feel important, as if the Nazis really cared for what any of them thought or had to say . . . THE HOLOCAUST WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

Instead of encouraging Jewish COMPLIANCE, these elitists should have been preaching ARMED RESISTANCE at the most, and FLIGHT at the least.


THE INCREDIBLE ARROGANCE of America’s Jewish Leadership is staggering, in as much as American LEFTIST Jews, separated almost half a world away from Israel, seem to know far better than Israel does, about what is BEST FOR ISRAEL.


AND THE FACT that so many American LEFTIST Jews are going along with Obama, America’s WORST President Ever, who is comparing Americans who are opposed to his HORRENDOUS DEAL . . . to Islamic TERRORISTS, simply staggers the mind.

So . . . if you aren’t prepared to accept a horrific deal, just because Obama says so, you are somehow a TERRORIST, or no better than being a TERRORIST, or how about being UN-AMERICAN?

AND THE FACT . . . that so many Prominent Jewish Americans are saying that everyone should DIAL-BACK the rhetoric, says all that needs to be said about LEFTIST Jewish Americans . . . even the few who are supposedly opposed to the DEAL.


Here in Canada, where Anne and I will continue to live until the 1st of November, before we head to Texas for the winter, we too are surrounded by LEFTIST willing-idiots, who have embraced this repeat of the MUNICH CONFERENCE (September 30, 1938) between a cowardly world, HORRIFIC leaders, and an EVIL Nation that ultimately led to the Holocaust and World War Two.

Canada also has no shortage of JEWISH sell-outs, including wealthy Jewish Elitists who are doing all they can to defeat a Conservative Israel Supportive Government, by also doing all they can to support Liberal Leftists, who’ve made it abundantly clear that they support Islam, the Palestinians, and have no love for Israel.

THE GOOD NEWS IN CANADA . . . is that the MAJORITY of Canadian Jews vote Conservative. But, as good as this is, I doubt that a majority of Canadian Jewish support for Conservative values will be enough.

My next editorial will have some extremely interesting facts, history, and statistics why the WEST, especially the USA and most of Europe should be supporting Israel.

Some of the information I will publish in the forthcoming editorial might just blow your mind. Because, after all the things I thought I already knew, it turns out that my knowledge was just the tip of the iceberg . . . and what I learned in addition blew my mind.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good analysis. In 2013, thousands of leftish students in Quebec manifested with much violence wanting free university, breaking everything on their way, confronting police in aggressive ways with molotov cocktails and bricks, had blocked entrance to all universities, against students who didn’t want to manifest and wanted to follow their courses. Young students stood up against the massive following and took the matter to court.http://www.studentunion.ca/category/laurent-proulx/

  2. Thank you so much Howard. We have so much to thank the Jewish people for. It seems much of history has been forgotten (or deleted like Hillary’s email server) of the contributions that have been made

  3. It was God Almighty who created His people, then sent His Son Jesus Christ to redeem each person who is willing to accept him. He will continue to let unfold His Biblical plan.

  4. 3 FACTS, VALIDATED, DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ VOTED AGAINST supporting the iran deal, Obama is embarrassed. Trump is showing interest in two candidates for VP, hard time for him to decide, Carson & Cruz. Trump is making a major announcement very soon. I say he’s announcing will sign off on a NO 3rd. party run. I feel change, good change, very good change we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

  5. Can’t wait until your next editorial. God Bless your efforts to confront evil.

  6. The only TRUTH which OBAMA and his LIBERAL COHORTS have expressed is regarding the FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE of our Country! Everything else consisted of multiple LIES! Can anyone imagine TRUMP’s reaction if he were told to “DIAL BACK” HIS statements, etc…? WOW…his reaction would be similar to yours, Howard, and maybe a lot more shocking! The suggestion of a “pull-back” effort by the LEFT is only to assure SUPPORT for the Iran deal. The Jewish Elitists are only interested in greed and power. AMEN!

  7. Howard. I have flaws in that I am too trusting. It is one thing for be a Jew to be ultra liberal and another thing to not have the best interest for Israel at heart and are supported by their constituents.. I believe that there are a few Jewish politicians who are both. Assemblyman, District 48 NY comes to mind.

  8. I would bet that the Democrat House and Senate members of congress know how many votes are necessary for a veto and are making sure and checking with Obama to get his approval for the fact that they are just voting nay to the “deal” so they can be reelected next year.

  9. Very well stated. Very coureageously stated. In Canada, Toronto in particular, I think I know that you have a large Orthodox Jewish community. Therefore, a large Conservative community who knows facts from politically inspired nonsensical fiction.

  10. What happened to the phrase touted by the Jewish eliteists? Never Again! How sad that the younger generation isn’t taught world history. I had world history classes in high school and college…..they were required for graduation. It’s shameful that history has been so distorted (rewritten) for the generations after the early sixties. Thank you for trying so hard to educate people about the past. I hope it will energize those of us who remember these things to help educate others.

  11. I have never been able to understand the minds of very wealthy Jewish people who strongly support the democratic party.Look at New York City.Twenty-five percent are Jewish in this liberal cesspool.Many are multi-millionaires from wall street and television channels.Do they believe that their great wealth make them immune to a nuclear attack on New York City? I love the Jewish people.American gave them a refuge from Nazism in the 30s and 40s and even as far back as the 1. Don’t blow it Jews!

  12. As I have written before, Obama’s goal is to destroy America and to spread chaos. Our friends are now our enemies and our enemies are our new allies. Inside America his goal is division and chaos – supporting “black lives matter” and other radical agendas. This was the legacy passed on by his Father and stated in his communist mother and grandparents. So, what do you expect.

  13. Howard, I think the reason the leftist Jews don’t support Israel is the perverse hope that, by going against Israel people will somehow think of them as non-Jewish. They don’t understand that their time will come, just like the others when it suits the Iranian, Muslim, ISIS or whatever they want to be called that they are no longer of any use to them. I taught a series of classes on the Holocaust as a military instructor. The material I had to work with made me sick to my stomach.

  14. You have once again hit the nail on the head! We all need to be screaming “NO DEAL!” If this goes through, It will open a Pandora’s Box of consequences!

  15. Any deal should have been negotiated by the US military. Not a bunch of inept politicos. It’s not a “deal” at all. It’s an iranian accommodation. Not much else to be expected from barry and his cronies.

  16. If they already have “the bomb”, we are wasting the 1.5 billion dollars to be released! If they DON’T already have the bomb, the 1.5 billion can be used to BUY a bomb from Russia, Pakistan, India, North Korea, and theoretically, perhaps even Israel. Are we CRAZY or what!!!!!! What am I missing?
    B-29 Gunner Korea

  17. Any “deal” should have been made by Trump, who wrote “The Art of the Deal.” A fascinating read that illustrates a no-nonsense guy who should have been sent to Iran instead of the Wimp-in-Charge.

  18. Howard, i don’t always agree with everything you say but probably 90%. On the issues of Leftist jews and their ignorance of the world, i am 100% with you. These donkeys who have supported muslim Obama and continue to create their own holocaust by supporting Hillary should be ‘outed’ as hard as you can. Please keep up the outrage at the ‘smarter than other jews’ campaign.

  19. God bless you, Howard- and continue to give you the strength you need to keep fighting for us!!!! You are in my prayers every day!
    Just like the Jews who thought they were invulnerable then ; the elitist Jews here in his side of the world 70 years later will learn that if they don’t fight for us and themselves; they will be included again in the same kind of holocaust as happened years ago. They either haven’t learned or don’t think it will happen to them……..
    Sharon Knopping,Lewes, Delawar

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