HERE’S AN UNDERSTANDING . . . I’m not a BANDWAGON kind of person, and I prefer to look at the weaknesses of a person rather than the strengths, then measure one against the other.

And I tend to listen to what and how a person says in casual conversation, opposed to aftermath explanations.

With all of that said . . . I’ve made it clear that Donald Trump is not nearly amongst my first choices for the RNC nomination, but, if he happens to win the Republican Nomination, he will receive my full endorsement, and I will hope that I am wrong about how he will govern.


It is indeed a tragedy that this beautiful young television woman, and her talented young cameraman were murdered while doing a live news interview. But, what’s the difference between them getting killed for no significant reason to us, and anyone else who dies under the same or similar circumstance?

The difference . . . is that these two were part of the media, where I assume MEDIA LIVES MATTER MORE.

Since the shooting of these two, it has been wall-to-wall . . . 24/7 coverage and analysis on all of the networks, as if this was the first time that anything like this had ever happened.


So what can we learn from this?

How about nothing other than there is no explanation or protection from someone who is mentally sick? That’s one thing.

UNLIKE HOW THE LEFT WANT TO PLAY THIS . . . there is no correlation between this murder and Gun Control; especially since another totally separate murder was carried out almost at the same time in a different part of the USA, which involved a knife. SHOULD THERE NOW BE A MOVE FOR KNIFE CONTROL?


How about the fact that the MURDERER was a BLACK man, who felt that he had to KILL WHITE PEOPLE, because he perceived all White People to be racist and against him.

And this isn’t speculation . . . since he said it. He wrote it. And he recorded his hatred and disdain for White people as he murdered the two in his GUN SIGHTS.


Where are the street demonstrations, the White Community Activists, the White Equivalence to the NAACP, which doesn’t exist, and the Politicians? Where are the voices of Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, Obama and all the other LEFTIST RACE-BAITERS?


We don’t have to be patsies and apologize for every LEFTIST contrived outrage. And we don’t ever have to feel guilty and apologize for being attacked by the LEFTIST MORALITY POLICE.

I’m certain you can imagine what the OUTRAGE would have been amongst the RACE BAITERS, if it were a White man who MURDERED two young Black up-and-comers in their field, who had left a RACIST ANTI-BLACK manifesto in his wake.


Until the LEFT accepts that ALL LIVES MATTER . . . why should we care about Black Lives?

SO . . . TO ME – the only lesson to be learned by the murder of these two young and talented WHITE media people, with a brilliant future ahead of both of them, was that no one seems to give a damn that – they were murdered in COLD BLOOD by a BLACK RACIST.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I hope you are right. If, and that’s a Big if, the new Senators don’t capitulate and stand strongly Against the leftists. If, and that’s a Big if, the grass roots make our voices heard and insist that our demands are acted on. We can no longer be ignored. Actions talk. Promises walk.

  2. The math is very simple. When a black thug gets shot by another black thug (ninety-something percent of incidents and 50% of America’s murders), neither of their lives matter. When a black thug or non-thug gets shot by a white person, black lives matter. When a white person gets shot by a black person, we have to take away everyone’s guns.

    Welcome all to Obamerica!!!

  3. Not the only story, in the sick minds of those with grievances, mostly imagined but prodded by the usual race baiters, you listed some of them, this could be trend setting, there are people out there that may emulate this coward’s actions. A consideration with them is that it’s less chancy than shooting a cop, no need to get the drop on unarmed people doing their job. Convenience stores are easy for them, almost habitual, but the publicity is greater with news people, they should be on guard.

  4. This latest murder of the two in Virginia is just another case of a demented individual who gave every indication that is what he was. Case after case it is always the same. It has not a thing to do with the weapon, it is the sicko holding it. They must stop featuring these killings on the news, it only gives support to others who want to be famous.

  5. I am sick of this “white supremecy” garbage. I am white. I never got a job because I was a “quota”. I never got preferential entrance to college because of my skin. i never got welfare when I was a single mom. I never got food stamps when I did two jobs to support me and my kids. This has gone far enough. The blacks are spoiled (THANKS TO AL SHARPSTON RACE BAITING)and think they are entitled to all benefits, whether they deserve them or not. GO TO WORK FOR THEM!!

  6. Whatever happened to the LEFT’s belief that the COLOR of one’s skin should have NO bearing on HOW a person should be treated? If they truly believe this, then they should STOP PLAYING the RACE GAME. They need DRAMA in order to survive. This is exactly why they are so afraid of TRUMP! He’s taken the “PIZZAZ” out of THEIR game! We do need some BRASH leadership at this time because being “nicey-nicey” like BHO has been has only weakened our Country! It’s time to “take the bull by the horns!” AMEN!

  7. Howard.I was very gratified to read your comments that you would support Mr.Trump if he were to become the nominee. You know Ann Coulter.She is a take no prisoner conservative.SHE IS A STRONG SUPPORTER Of MR. TRUMP who sat front row center at his CNN speech two nights ago…clapping. He is a spokesman for the majority of Americans, the middle class, who have gotten screwed by the current administration. He is a mavarik to be sure. But this may be what the people want and need now.

  8. We need change in u.s. desperately. If Donald can do that 1/2 of what he proposes we are ahead. No one can tell the future and I’m willing to give him that chance. if he’s legit and I believe he is as he needs this job “like a hole in the head”. Here’s what he says today, he will “implement a simplefied tax rate, which will put BLOCK out of business. He wants to increase taxes on the rich “THEY HAVE A TREMENDOUS ADVANTAGE AS HE DOES AND WANTS THEM TO PAY MORE. HE’S HONEST YES HE IS!

  9. I think a whole lot could be done if we were to switch the focus from ”race” and ”gun control”… to the social problems leading to these tragedies! Whether it be dealing with substance abuse, lack of parenting/role model to lifestyle choice… anything would be more useful than playing the race/gun cards.

  10. It would seem black lives are to matter to white people only. Black surely don’t care about the lives of other blacks they kill – those don’t seem to be in their equation. This whole race situation has been resurrected, fanned & gas added to since Obama became president & Al Sharpton’s love of being in front of the camera stirring the pot. The blatant double standard is disgusting. They don’t care because they get away with it & are applauded by press. V. Clayson may be right, media. Listen up.

  11. I wonder if the two white news people would have been shot if Obama was not in office. I do believe Obama empowers the black thugs. For example, police officers stop black citizens and they just take off because they don’t take the officers seriously. After all they have Obama to protect them. I am afraid for what is happening in this great country of ours. God help us.

  12. It’s been disgusting to watch the litany amount of demonstrations by black and white activists pushing black lives matter. Pres candidate O’Malley recently said “All lives matter” This liberal gun hater had his head handed to him by the activists and had to apologize. I have a forum for the black lives matter groupies. The black activists need to picket at every Planned Parenthood location. Let the activists berate PPH over the millions of black babies that have been murdered.

  13. As usual, you have expressed what is on the minds of many of us and as another commenter expressed, this has got to end. Sharpton getting kicked off his daily pulpit on CNN to Sunday mornings is a good start.

  14. The elitist, auto phobic left will not defend themselves because some minority might take offense to the double standard. White Christians in particular are the root cause of all evils including racism.

  15. There has always been a double standard in this country for blacks and whities. I recall many years ago, I was told by an SBA loan officer that I was not eligible for this particular loan because I was white, not black. However for years, we whities have had to see the results of reverse discrimination, and yet no riots???

  16. There has already been a race hating murderer, murdering more than just two blacks up-and-comers in their field. I sure wish that there would be an anti-Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, and the likes, to speak out load and without violence.

  17. The left has taken over the educational system and the media, as part of the long term plan. Only occurrences, which fit and promote the agenda, are of importance.

  18. Howard, If you would tell us who the more appropriate candidate would be for the job and a real why. I personally would be greatly relieved of your statements against Donald Trump. Because I feel you are displaying very weak reasons to make Donald Trump appear less in our eyes. All the other Candidates have Attacked Trump For all the reasons we want him for. Which only GUARANTEES they are not the Answer we are looking for. You look for political resolve. We need explicable Experience for resolve

  19. We are still waiting for a comment from the Whitehouse condemning the shooting of a uniformed Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Darren H. Goforth Friday night. Yet again, black on white crime doesn’t fit into this administration’s game plan so Texas will wait in vain for the condemnation.

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