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Over the next short while, you might find some delays when posting your COMMENTS, because of precautions to keep the JERKS out. In the long run, I guess I have to accept this attack on this BLOG as something to be proud of, since our messages (yours and mine) are obviously getting through.

In my last editorial, Jon Walker of Huron Ohio, warned me not to become another BILL O’REILLY of FOX News in his COMMENT. I have to assume he was referring to the section at the end of the editorial, where I listed personal attributes, skills and accomplishments.

MR WALKERThe day I start to behave like Bill O’Reilly . . . is the day that I know that I’ve crossed the line, and will be of no use to the people who read and support Galganov.com.

I INCLUDED MY RESUME . . . because it is imperative that people know something about the writer (me), WITHOUT THE FILTERS AND HYPE, before accepting what he or she has to say – JUST BECAUSE.

I am constantly reading emails sent to me by men and women of good intent, which make outlandish claims, because the writer READ “IT” ON THE INTERNET.

I have recently read that Ted Cruz supports the Iran Deal. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have also read how Carly Fiorina is a big supporter of Islam . . . that too is a ridiculous and untrue claim.


There are far too many PHONIES in the media, who depend on winning your TRUST, whether on Radio, Television, Print or the Internet – a perfect example being “LYING” BRIAN WILLIAMS of NBC News.

AND BECAUSE OF THE LARGE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE who visit Galganov.com, who read this BLOG, and spread the word, it is important to me and to you, that I can establish why you should TRUST my words and intentions.

I HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS WHATSOEVER . . . that you should agree with what I write. AND TO THAT POINT – as long as people are not promoting LEFTIST BS, or are insulting, vulgar or confrontational, I welcome everyone’s COMMENTS.

BUT – As I’ve just written . . . IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME, that people believe in my trustworthiness and integrity.

IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT . . . that people should understand that I write from what I know.


The people are rallying to Trump because he is saying what people are thinking, and the other politicians won’t say.

BUT TALK IS CHEAP . . . and saying that you will build a giant wall as if that could be done in a weekend, deport some 11-MILLION people just like that, and then bring them back almost right away, and REVOKE the citizenship of people born in the USA, because their parents aren’t in America legally, as if their citizenship is irrelevant, and threaten to somehow walk away from contracts with other nations – IS CHEAP TALK.

WHEN TRUMP TALKS ABOUT RAISING TAXES . . . on a sliding scale to hit the rich, how’s that going to work? And how much should the sliding scale be? And how does that ROLLBACK the IRS, or rein-in the runaway bureaucracy?

WHY DOESN’T TRUMP SPEAK ABOUT A FLAT TAX . . . that guts the IRS, wipes out a huge portion of the bureaucracy, levels the playing field, and forces every American to have skin in the game?

TRUMP SAYS HE WILL SEIZE THE ARAB OIL FIELDS . . . to pay for American troops to take down ISISI’M ALL FOR THAT. But who’s going to take the oilfields? Who’s going to protect them? Who’s going to work them? And who’s going to process and ship the oil belonging to a region that is home to A HALF BILLION ANGRY MOSLEMS, all of whom, will be jockeying for control of these energy resources? And what will TRUMP do when the Arabs decide to SET FIRE to their own oil fields, just like Saddam Hussein did in the first Gulf War?


Trump is all about Trump. He always was, and will always be. TRUMP IS HIS OWN BRAND. And don’t take my word for it . . . JUST LISTEN TO HIM SPEAK. It’s always about what he can do.

AND JUST LIKE OBAMA . . . Trump speaks with PLATITUDES, saying things that sound GREAT, but have very little substance.

INSTEAD OF SAYING YES WE CAN . . . Trump is saying MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. And who can argue with that, since everyone with a Conservative brain wants to see America become great again? . . . BUT THAT WON’T HAPPEN WITH WORDS ALONE.


World history is replete with leaders who were put in place by people who were DESPERATE FOR CHANGE, who reached out to leaders who say the things everyone wants to hear. In some respects, it becomes akin to a MOB MENTALITY, just as we saw with the METEORIC RISE OF OBAMA . . . and how is that working out for America and the world?


NARCISSISTS use their own name a great deal. It’s always about ME, MYSELF, and I . . . as in the things that rattle off Obama’s tongue every time he opens his mouth.

And after due consideration, I think Trump would win in a competition between himself and Obama, for who’s the biggest NARCISSIST, since every time he speaks, he says things like – no one can create JOBS like Trump. No one can build a WALL like Trump. No one knows how to NEGOTIATE like Trump, the Mexicans LOVE Trump – etc . . . etc . . . etc.


If you think Trump is so RIGHT for America, you should take his advice and measure who you want to be President of the USA and leader of the FREE World the same way Trump chooses his Apprentice.

Trump didn’t hire the man or woman whose best attribute was PIZZAZZ – he or she was FIRED.

Trump never hired the man or woman who talked the BEST TALK without substance – he or she was FIRED.

Trump never hired the man or woman who had the BIG DREAM WITHOUT A PLAN – he or she was FIRED.

Trump never hired the man or woman who INSULTED the other “candidates” as a way of getting ahead – he or she was FIRED.

INEVITABLY . . . Trump hired the person who could get the job done, and proved himself or herself as being competent BEFORE THAT PERSON WON THE JOB.

In ADDITION to Trump’s NARCISSISM . . . here are three other reasons why I would not support him in his bid to win the Republican Nomination.

1 – Trump keeps on saying how much he LOVES women, yet he treated and insulted Megyn Kelly of FOX News as if she were garbage. I would worry that he might be a misogynist, since I’ve known far too many men who claimed their love for women, who were in essence closet abusers.

I am not suggesting that Trump is either a misogynist or an abuser. But what I am saying, is that the way he treated Kelly and other women during interviews, were dismissive, rude and uncalled for. And begs more than a few questions.

2 – Trump said that he doesn’t need anyone’s money to run, because he’s RICH, and does not want to owe anything to anyone. He added to that . . . that anyone who accepts money from BIG donors owes the LOBBYISTS.

Then he said that he would accept HUGE donations as long as there were no strings attached. What kind of nonsense is that?

Then after being criticized for reversing himself, in his Iowa August 25, 2015 Town Hall Meeting, he said that he won’t accept BIG donations, and turned down a friend who wanted to give him $5-Million.

If this isn’t all over the board . . . what is? And don’t write to me saying this wasn’t true, because I heard it directly out of Trump’s mouth. This man is all over the board.

3 – AND HERE’S THE BIG ONE . . . at this point, whether Trump agrees to PLEDGE to the Republican Party that he won’t run as an INDEPENDENT if he doesn’t get the nomination MAKES NO DIFFERENCE, because to me, the damage is already done.

This election isn’t all about Trump. But to him, the way he is speaking, and what he is saying, and how he is saying it . . . IT IS ALL ABOUT TRUMP.

Trump’s book – THE ART OF THE DEAL, which Trump says; that to him, it is the most important book since the Bible (Is that in itself narcissistic enough?), is supposedly all about winning at business. But, in Trump’s world, it seems to me, and the things he is saying, is that it is ONLY ABOUT WINNING.

I contend, that WINNING FOR TRUMP . . . far exceeds WINNING FOR AMERICA.


1 – Trump has made campaigning a real contest; opposed to the CRAP we’ve been fed for generations.

2 – He has exposed how INCOMPETENT and INCAPABLE most of the candidates are, who have no idea how to relate to the people without their ARMY of PR People, Spin Doctors, Pollsters, Speech Writers and Teleprompters.

3 – He has also inspired the people to want a CANDIDATE who really wants to FIGHT, as if the future of the United States and the Free World depend upon it, which it does.


We are more than a year away from the next Presidential election. And we are 11-MONTHS (Mid July-2016) before the National Republican Convention in Cleveland Ohio. So there’s a great deal of time for everyone to make a decision based on fact, rather than on unfounded passion that could either MAKE OR BREAK AMERICA.

America has never been this blessed to have so many HIGH QUALITY men and one woman running for the LEADERSHIP of the Republican Party. People like Ted Cruz, the UN-POLITICIAN, Carly Fiorina, who speaks with incredible clarity, Ben Carson, who under the skin is made of steel and determination, Scott Walker who has already stood up to America’s ENEMIES FROM WITHIN and won, plus a host of others.


The history books are replete with men and some women who seized POWER because of an angry MOB. And I don’t have to tell you who they are.

Last night, during his latest TOWN HALL SPEECH, Trump turned to Ann Coulter and said, and I paraphrase, since he has said the same thing several times in different ways: WHY DO WE NEED TO WAIT FOR AN ELECTION. THE PEOPLE LOVE ME. LET’S VOTE NOW.

Enjoy the show . . . but understand this – THIS IS NOT REALITY TV!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Since it was proven that the Benghazi ‘event’ was NOT due to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s video, why isn’t he out of jail? Yes, the beginning of the end of liberals is soon upon us! The news of Louie Gohmert’s run against Boehner for the Speaker’s Post is also “another beginning”. Last night, Gov. Mike Huckabee announced it was his last show on FOX, due to a possible run for President. He would be MY CHOICE, along with Allen West as Vice-President to “RESTRUCTURE” a stronger military.

  2. I do hope many read this and think about and accept the truth. God help America. Thank you Mr. Galanov.

  3. Trump’s mother was born in Scotland therefore he is not a natural born citizen. Neither is Rubio Santorum or Cruz who was born in Canada. Of course Trump, Rubio and Santorum will claim the Obama exception because his father was born in Kenya, so he too is not a natural born citizen. Cruz has no case to make so for me, if a person is not constitutionally qualified there is no point is considering anything more about them

  4. I also believe Trump will fade out and yes, he has shaped the debate. Especially on illegal immigrants and on their anchor babies in an important way. But what is Trump’s appeal? America wants a man for president, someone tough and Trump is tough. Hillary’s campaign is pointless as she won’t be the 1st woman president. She’s a washed up phony. Obama was the 1st woman president and Donald Trump is an Alpha male barnyard dog and the american on the street wants to make his country grea

  5. Well, I’m glad you are one man and not many are of your opinion.

  6. The title “Why not Trump” quickly drew me to this editorial with even-more-information you’ve made my case stronger for not having the presidency again. Will Trump end-up being another perot who has much wealth and enough americans would go for it? But back in Clinton’s perot’s day there were no town-hall meetings. All of the media was left no grassroots operations and no internet.

  7. I agree. Perhaps it is that we are excited about Trump because he is a proponent in the reversal of the direction of our country. iI there is truth in which he says a strong statement by Trump is so much better that the direction to which our current leaders take us. I would rather go straight to hell than through the long excruciating path through which our leaders are taking us. Like we are too dumb to know. My retired Canadian Government friends think Bernie Sanders is wonderful shee

  8. Keep up the good work Howard! You have always done a fine job, don’t ever let the detractors get to you. Carol Heimbach, Blountville, TN.

  9. I don’t want to be registered and now that I am required the urge to be published is almost silent. However, I just wanted to send you a pat on the back. I look forward to your editorials each day. They are among the most intelligent ones that I read. Thank you for all your hard work. Sincerely S.N.G., King City, Ontario.

  10. Howard why not put a link on your editorial page to a standing page which has you bio on it? Those of us that have been with you a while know your background and anyone interested can click on it and you can produce a long and complete history of you and Anne. It will save space on editorial going out and your time rewriting it.

  11. I am new to your editorials. I love the one on Trump. Right on target!

  12. yes he can make mexico pay for it i had several friends in high places in mexico when i asked one why mexico always took advantage of the us he said because we like a strong sword and you are wimps at that time he was one of the top men in the pan party that will be the end of us being the victim of mexico or any other bully nation if we can a man like trump elected stop playing politics with these bullies

  13. I’m back & forth on Trump yes a narcissist not uncommon is he full of bs that remains to be seen to early carson is swell he s non demonstrative non aggresive speaks above a whisper not experienced in anything but a stellar surgeon can he create jobs jump start the economy can his leadership qualities top trumps never i love carson for an adm position even vp trump has till sept 31 to declare no 3rd party run

  14. As I have stated before, Donald Trump may not be the man for the job of president of this United States, however he is a great catalist to bring out the subjects that need to be confronted. His vocabulary does contain alot of himself he is full of it whether he can produce remains to be seen the election is yet in the future etc

  15. Amazing! I think I wrote your editorial for you!

    Mike McDermott, Medford, Oregon

  16. You say Fiorina does not support the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam. I have seen NOTHING in the blogs, news, or debate that says otherwise. Once again I call your attention to her HP speech. Until I see or hear her unequivocally denounce the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam, she is off my list.

  17. You hit the nail exactly on the head, Mr. Galganov. Trump is all about himself, and it’s getting to where I can’t stand listening to him because he is constantly telling everyone how truly great he is. In the past he has been way too flip-floppy, and there’s something about him that’s just not right. He’s saying what everyone wants to hear and that has been his success so far. Making it all happen is a totally different thing. In my personal opinion, he’s nothing but a loud mouth BULLY.

  18. If you would do the vetting of Carly, I love some Muslim history Carly. The fact that she ran to the left of babs boxer for her run for the repub senate seat I think her name would disappear from your page. Or maybe conservative Canadians have a different idea of who is qualified and who isn’t

  19. Whether some people think that Trump is “full of himself” or not, they must agree that he has AWAKENED the SILENT MAJORITY (as he calls it) and the SLEEPING GIANT, the Republican Party! The best part of it all is that he DOESN’T OWE anything to anyone, and does not have to succumb to the RINOS, etc…! His CHOICE of “supporters” will determine if he will be successful at becoming the Nominee or not! We’ll soon see if he’ll be able to “WALK THE TALK”??? He DOES sound very good, however! AMEN!

  20. I would fall over if I heard anyone running for President say “WE” instead of “I”.I’ve said it before we the people don’t need another narcissist!We already got Obama It was “WE THE PEOPLE” that formed this country, there were NO I’s!In the 40’s & 50’s we had Ellis Island, there were other ports too.What happened to that process?It worked, but those Immigrants came to work & were willing to pledge to our Flag, and assimilate into our culture not conform it to what they left! I don’t trust Trump!

  21. We need a calm, thoughtful, deliberate, willing to fix what is wrong, common sense, take us back to democracy president. I think Ben Carson can do all that is necessary to bring us back from the edge of the final pit we are going to fall into if we get the vote wrong. The know it all, blow hard whale as spouted long enough, it is time for him to go back down into the dark depths of his sea. Love your take on things Mr. Galganov.

  22. Trump is a somewhat self-effacing windbag BUT he is saying what people like us who want change from political BS want. Whether in Can or the US.
    I doubt he will get in but there is a corner of my mind that hopes so!
    One thing for sure though, he has changed the face of electioneering for ever.
    My ticket? Carly as Pres, Trump as VP. (caged until needed)!

  23. Howard,
    I liked you all the back to your protesting days above my restaurant, Al Dente on Monkland Ave. and generally speaking you’re a good egg. Now more than at any time I will be thrilled when your proven wrong about Trump. Frankly speaking, I can’t stand any of the other people running for President save Ted Cruz. I want Trump the windbag and insulting version because I think he’ll come closer to repairing that broken down country than anyone else will ever dream of accomplishing.
    God Ble

  24. I agree with Glinda Stephens, Mineola, TX. Trump’s popularity will not last. Perhaps that’s why he’s suggesting ‘we vote now’. Or it’s costing more $$ than he wants to blow on this effort. To be honest I can’t see Trump staying in the White House for 4 yrs & dealing with career politicians in Congress. It would cramp his style. I like Cruz w/Carson as VP & Fiorina as Sec of State. Flat tax too!

  25. Your followers must appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to the peanut gallery. I do. As a rule your commentary is straight forward and well documented. It seems to me that you are reactionary and shooting from the hip at Mr. Trump. Your Canadian upbringing and British reserve are showing. Regardless of Trump’s presidential aspirations he is doing what needs to be done and he is doing it well. Trump is the best thing happening in American politics… this isn’t Canada.

  26. Trump is the face of a desperate America. Whether any of the remaining candidates can turn that desperation into Hope, Respect, Fiscal Accountability, I have yet to see. Certainly almost any one of them is a giant leap above what they have now. Trump’s success to date is in large part due to the people he surrounds himself with. As a very large course correction lies ahead for America, Trump’s spine is worth more and will be more effective than any “policy” on offer from any of them.

  27. A prominent person who knows “both sides of Trump” said, “Behind the scenes he is quite a different person and respects all his employees. Out front he is a brash, bold, insulting, NARCISSIST, we can agree, it gets attention. However this is the Trump I think will make a good President, quoting from above: INEVITABLY . . . Trump hired the person who could get the job done, and proved himself or herself as being competent BEFORE THAT PERSON WON THE JOB. He has proven to be capable and competent

  28. I would rather see Ryan Paul get it but he will be treated like his father. But i sure would vote for Trump over Bush or Hillary. These are the two worst crooks in the nation.

  29. By labeling Trump a “narcissist” you have labeled and assessed his motivation. Since it is impossible to measure what motivates man, your label of him is groundless. We can only assess the rhetoric and his record. It is noteworthy that the thousands of his employees past and present have not criticized him and instead have praised him. It is unjust to dismiss a candidate because he has not laid out the specifics when you don’t require the specifics from all the other candidates.

  30. I don’t think Trump will be the nominee although I will absolutely support him if he should pull that off. However, I would also like to point out that Ted Cruz is positioning himself beautifully to take up where Trump leaves off and if Trump should be forced from the race (or possibly assassinated as I would put NOTHING past Obama/Jarrett) then Cruz will be the eventual nominee. Jeb is losing donors and the confidence of the Party elite (love it) and lastly can we have 750 characters? Please?

  31. Let’s get the birthing issues out of the way first…..who is REALLY qualified based on birth issues and all other rules? Then, we can start narrowing the list of characters in this presidential race.

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