There’s A Lot MORE To It Than Bluster


Canada and the USA have to get back to REAL Conservative VALUES, and we must not be frightened by the empty and vitriolic words of the LEFT. Or buy into an empty suit. AND WE HAVE TO ELECT GOOD LEADERS.

JUST BECAUSE THE LEFT . . . says that we Conservatives are at war with Women, the Elderly, Gays and Lesbians, the Infirmed, the Poor, and every one else they can squeeze into their narrative . . . doesn’t make it so.

IN FACT . . . let it be known, that there is indeed a REAL WAR on all of us, declared ignominiously by the LEFT upon all of our FREEDOMS. And as in every war, we cannot win if we don’t fight back . . . SO LET’S START.


THEY NEED US . . . the LEFT needs our energy, entrepreneurship, hard work and willingness to take personal risks, so they could benefit from all of that we, the MAKERS provide for them, which they are incapable of providing for themselves.

But now . . . the RIDE is coming to an end for the LEFT, and perhaps for all of us.

I imagine, that everyone reading this BLOG knows the parable: DON’T KILL THE GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGG, because the GOOSE in this story is us, the MAKERS, who are now living on LIFE SUPPORT.

In AYN RAND’S classic and iconic book – Atlas Shrugged . . . she wrote about total DYSTOPIA (collapse of society) after the MAKERS decided to call it quits, and left the development of society to the politicians, bureaucrats, unions and REGULATORS.

In effect, Ayn Rand’s book, which was written in the 1950’s was a warning, which has become prophetic, much like George Orwell’s CLASSICS . . . 1984 and ANIMAL FARM, which too were prescient.


We’re at the RUBICON, the point of no return, where there is very little money LEFT to squeeze from the MAKERS, especially since the people who survive and thrive on the efforts and risks of those who are willing to roll the dice, are being smothered by the suffocating RULES AND REGULATIONS from the LEFT.


The KUMBAYA world of the LEFT is unsustainable, and is becoming even more so every day, until sooner rather than later, the wheel will stop turning, because there will be less money available to grease the wheel, and fewer people to create the money . . . than there will be people with their hands out.


If the MAKERS stopped paying taxes tomorrow . . . for things we decided we didn’t need or want from government, very little would change in our lives, other than having MORE of OUR disposable money in our OWN pockets.


AND THAT’S THE RUB . . . we don’t need people who take our wealth for very little purpose, other than to feed off the success, risk and hard work of the MAKERS.

And for the Public Sector we would need, we would pay them just like any other employee in a competitive environment, based on need and competence. And if they didn’t like it, they could start their own business or work somewhere else.

IN ESSENCE . . . with the exception of specific Public Sector Workers, THEY NEED US . . . WE DO NOT NEED THEM. So in my world, they can take their bloated salaries, ridiculously LEFTIST working conditions, unfair and stupid guarantees for employment no matter how incompetent they are, and their OBSCENE PUBLIC PENSIONS and SHOVE IT.

And anyone on the LEFT . . . or a RINO, who will argue that our relationship between MAKERS and TAKERS is SYMBIOTIC, and that we need each other, is full of CRAP.

Our culture has created a society of HANGERS-ON, men and women who have lost the ability to compete and stand on their own feet.

Give a man a fish and he will eat today. Give him a fishing rod and he will eat everyday.

Our LEFTIST governments and BUREAUCRATS have taken away the fishing rods. And now, most people have to depend on the government to eat. And when the LEFT runs out of fish . . . you can figure out the rest.


IN MY LIFE . . . I have physically built my own home. I can build almost anything. I have farmed my own fields and tended to my own tractors and assorted equipment.

I have lived in the Northern Canadian Bush under the stars. I have fought in karate tournaments. I’m a decent shooter with handguns, carbines and rifles. I was a Life Guard and First Aid Instructor. I can ride, raise and train horses. And I feel FREE on my Motorcycle.

I’ve saved several individual lives at different venues, while others just stood by and watched. As it is written in the TALMUD: “whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world”.

I have fought for the RIGHTS of the truly disenfranchised, and started a program that led to feeding hot meals once daily everyday, to THOUSANDS of hungry school children regardless of their ethnicity. And I’ve used my Radio Show to feed and shelter hundreds of the hungry and homeless.

I have raised millions of dollars championing the RIGHTS of women not to be abused by their husbands or boyfriends, and provided 1,000 Hotel Room-Nights with meals and security for women and their children, who needed shelter and had nowhere to turn.

I have always been an advocate of Animal RIGHTS, and risked my life on the ice flows of the Atlantic Ocean 30-miles from Prince Edward Island, to stop the Barbaric Seal Hunt. And have gone to the mat MORE times than I can count for our FREEDOMS. And no matter how many times I’ve been knocked down and beaten-up in business, and in my personal life . . . I NEVER GIVE UP – and I always come back.

AND I’VE PAID MILLIONS IN SALARIES . . . to the hundreds of people I’ve employed over my lifetime, in businesses I started, owned and managed. AND I NEVER ASKED ANY GOVERNMENT FOR ANYTHING, other than to stay out of my life and leave me alone.

If Anne and I had to survive with only the basics of life (food, shelter and protection), we could survive well without turning to anyone. And that is something the vast majority of the LEFT could never do . . . AND NEVER UNDERSTAND.


AND THIS IS WHY SOME OF YOU WILL BE UPSET . . . when I write in my next editorial, why TRUMP is not the guy. And why Cruz, Carson, Fiorina and possibly Scott Walker amongst a few others can all measure-up.

So, before you start dumping on me . . . wait for the next editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Can’t happen soon enough as far as I am concerned. Like the song says may my every dream come true.

  2. Howard, I would not dump on you as I know you have what it takes and are more aware and astute about what is going on in our political arenas, both Canada and the U.S. Than most people, never mind the average person. I enjoy your blogs and your insight. Keep up the good fight. Ozzie Ziesmann, Westbank, BC

  3. Well said Mr. G. The gap between the makers and the takers is widening. The takers are out numbering the makers and it’s scary to listen to the utter nonsense coming out of the mouth of people I once considered sensible. The takers and social engineers have screwed up a couple of generations and the ignorance is growing exponentially. Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. You are so right about Trump….the more I watch the more I realize…he just hasn’t got it! Most fortunately however, Cruz, Carson and Carly Fiorina are excellent contenders, and if elected, will bring decency and pride of ownership back to America.

  5. Yes Howard, you are a survivor no doubt. This country was blessed of the Eternal God. Everything you look at our government buildings our schools etc. We have to look to Him for our blessings and here lately we as a nation, because of our influx of foreign people, have become very lackidasical in our worship. This nation and I dare say Canada as well has been prosperous because of Elohim. He doesn’t want our burnt offerings, He wants our worship. Then and only then will we prosper.

  6. Howard. Pleeeze don’t quit with Trump. We need a man of his courage, intelligence confidence and vision to get America going again. He is beholden to no one. Forget his rough edges. Scott Walker would be my second choice. The others you mentioned can not get elected. Either would make a very good Veep. Reminder. No presidential candidate with a female VEEP has won the election.

  7. Howard, while I may not always agree with you, I do love to read your editorials! You always get me to thinking! I’ll look forward to your Trump editorial even though I’m sure you’ll shake people up with it. You are so right, there are many strong candidates out there. The best thing about Trump is he’s waking up the “sleeping giant” and is getting the silent majority to start to think and speak up. You are doing the same, Howard, so thank you!

  8. Howard, I respectfully disagree with your evaluation of Trump. Is he the best option? No. Is he the only option? No. Can he be elected and bring some degree (note the word “some”) to our situation? Me thinks so. My reason is simple. He is a very good salesman. He has researched his potential client and knows what it will take to first get elected and then second accomplish something with the client. The question is, will he be given the chance? I support his effort, sorry to disagree

  9. I see that child is back with his childish talk. I pray you can locate him and have him arrested. If he was my child, I would wash his mouth out with a bar of soap like my mother would have done to me for using such words. I learned how to shoot in the army many years ago but still can take down a running wild hog at more then 500 yards as well as shoot the head off a snake at 50 ft. Been a few years since I did the snake but I think I can still do that if needed. God bless.

  10. Hi Mr. G. I’m with you. When Trump said he’d take donations but with no strings attached, I lost respect for him and am not so sure he’s our guy anymore. I will say this–if nothing else, he’s waken up the silent majority and has the liberal’s heads exploding–which is a good thing! I keep finding out different things about each candidate that turn me off. Carly this, Cruz that, Carson blah, blah, blah……it’s early though. I want to know why Cruz approved the Iran treaty????

  11. I still like Trump, but he owes McCain and Megyn Kelly apologies. I also like Carson and Walker. I liked Fiorina until I learned of her questionable employment escapades prior to HP (Lucent, etc.)

  12. SPOT ON Howard!!!!!!!! It’s going to take a lot more than TRUMP has to offer, to bring us out of this mess Obama is leaving us with!

  13. Your CV for ‘Expert’, is reminiscent of the values my parents who grew up in the Depression passed on. Those values and skills seem lost on many members of my generation, the next, even less…and that will be the epitaph of those who can’t or won’t survive the coming…whatever it is that’s barreling down the pike at us all…”The horror, the horror.”

  14. “IN ESSENCE . . . with the exception of specific Public Sector Workers, THEY NEED US . . . WE DO NOT NEED THEM. So in my world, they can take their bloated salaries, ridiculously LEFTIST working conditions, unfair and stupid guarantees for employment no matter how incompetent they are, and their OBSCENE PUBLIC PENSIONS and SHOVE IT.”

    I trust your “exceptions” include policemen, firemen, armed forces ambulance and other emergency workers since their pensions are certainly not obscene.

  15. I dumped Trump on FB, dumped him on my fb pg. along with most of my fb friends. from disgust. His comments on Megyn got to me. then found out that Megyn was on Howard Stern’s and was talking weird Sex talk, nasty stuff verified. So this is a 2 way street. TRUMP i think will win, his #’s are on the way to Mars. I don’t look at likeable, I look at the most competent in leadership qualities. May the best man win!

  16. Howard…I have a Carson 16 sticker on the back of my car and worship his words, presentation and story…this country is desperate for a man like him…But watching Trump take on everybody and hearing all kinds of people appreciating him, maybe he’s the man for this season…with a Carson or Cruz by his side…Thanks for all you do and say.
    Greg Marsh, Saratoga Springs, NY (for now!), Clayton, NC after American Pharoah!

  17. Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago, I had decided on the 3 pc’s: Cruz, Carson, and Carly. Two great minds I guess.

  18. I just finished watching Trump’s press conference and speech in Iowa. He was fantastic. Especially when he referred to the Iran “deal” and the $150 billion that the Iranians will get to keep even if they renege on their obligations. In Trump’s own words, he said only a schmuck like John Kerry could have accepted such a condition. Those are Trumps words. Not afraid to say what needs to be said. Is he perfect? No. But he got guts and brains.

  19. You write what I feel is truth. Thank you for that. Trump merely says what needs to be said and addressed by those who are running. I do not feel he is the man to run our country, but I wait to see who might have the guts to be.

  20. I don’t know if Trump is the one or not but I do know he is saying what every conservative American and Canadian is saying. We are tired of being lied to and screwed by both parties. I do like Cruz and Carson. I think they would be a winning ticket. I agree with everything else in your post. We makers are close to saying enough is enough and physically revolt against the treasonous.

  21. Yes mostly words….. there is only one way to save America, God said to his people humble yourselves and get back to me.. I’m afraid without God and his Son Jesus Christ America is lost.

  22. I truly believe Trump it there to wake our politicians up. He is successful in business, and certainly a great many of us agree with him. When a person can carry the polls as he has been doing, it would benefit our good old guys to step up and listen. What if???? Cruz or Carson would select him as vice president? What are your thoughts on that?

  23. You are starting to sound like O’reilly… be careful you don’t become your own best friend. Bloggers and ‘journalists ‘ along with experts are a dime a dozen, snd worth every cent.

  24. Maybe some have forgotten about the large audiences which Barack Hussein had in 2008, etc… Let’s hope that we never see “Roman Columns” on Trump’s stage…ha…ha…ha! Trump is a breath of fresh air. Regardless of some character flaws, he is exactly what our Country needs to counteract our present “political climate”, which has had its own GLOBAL WARMING! It’s time for a DRASTIC change and TRUMP is IT! Yes, either Carson or Cruz would probably make a good VP. Also, I still like Huckabee!

  25. Howard I think we all still respect your opinion. And I personally appreciate you allowing each of us to express ours. Donald Trump may seem a little Brash to you. But I think you should recognize, Yourself as well as I and Donald Trump are very Brash, Outspoken and Instant in season, to speak up against the politically correct insanities. That are twisting and thwarting the very fiber of Conservatism. And again I am only Trying to prevent a grave mistake from happening. “We Need Donald Trump”

  26. I read Atlas Shrugged when I was a teenager and loved it but did not at that time have the insight to know I would be living it and the same is true of 1984. I am looking forward to your next,editorial.

  27. the next u s president needs more than a brash loud mouth what about love of country wisdom common sense integrity honesty patience courage diplomacy compassion tact finesse decisiveness good morals intelligence loyalty and some humility ability to get along with others and seek advice when needed is this donald trump hardly
    look at ben carson and ted cruz and see true leadership
    let s vote with our intellect and mind not our emotions
    eugenia obrecht u s a

  28. Howard: Glad to hear you mention Ann Rand; My wife Vi was raised in a CCF home and I in a Liberal, so we spent our first thirty or so years in total confusion. In our mid thirties we both read Atlas Shrugged, and it permanently changed our lives “took the blinders off”, many times over the years we would; when confronted with the things that were going on, look at each other and say “Ann Rand !”. About ten years ago we reread it; no mistake she surly did see our day. We are both 80 now.

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