Speaking OUT Makes A Difference – SO SPEAK-OUT

We MUST NEVER Be Silent Again.

If there ever was a time to STAND-UP AND BE COUNTED in the 3-countries I adore most, Canada, the USA and Israel, and not necessarily in that order . . . THE TIME IS NOW.

TED CRUZ . . . has spoken-out in the Senate, AGAINST his own Republican Party’s Leadership, and has made the Republican Party somewhat BETTER for it. Or at least, he’s taken a principled position in favor of the people opposed to being biased in favor of the government and bureaucrats.

CARLY FIORINA . . . has said the UNSPEAKABLE by calling Hillary Clinton, the Democrat’s “revered” politician, what she really is – A LIAR, who is untrustworthy, incompetent and a failure. Good for Carly Fiorina.

BEN CARSON . . . in his very quiet, thoughtful and direct manner, has simplified the problems plaguing America, focused on simple solutions, and stayed away from political hyperbole that is far more a distraction than it is a solution, simply by saying it like it is.

DONALD TRUMP . . . has stripped-away POLITICS AS USUAL from the way we’ve been conned to understand, rendering the politicians bare – who would have us believe they would be different, as they LITERALLY BEG wealthy men and women for campaign money, knowing full well that at the end if the day, whether they like it or not, they will have to pay all the PIPERS.

THAT SAID – Trump is now saying he will, or might accept huge donations as long as they have no strings attached . . . which literally SHREDS any reason to believe his supposed SELFLESS love for America.

Trump knows better than anyone . . . that there is no such thing as SOMETHING FOR NOTHING – including and especially large political donations. And if any proof of that is needed, just ask Trump himself, who has bragged how in the past he owned politicians, because he gave money to them for their campaigns.

So – if Trump the BILLIONAIRE, who has captured the imagination of the American people, because he has convinced the world that he will finance his entire campaign out of his own pocket, AND OWE NO FAVORS TO ANYONE, save smaller donations from average Americans TAKES LARGE CAMPAIGN DONATIONS, as far as I’m concerned, he will be as done to me as burnt toast.

AS I’VE WRITTEN MANY TIMES . . . Trump has energized not just the Republican Party, especially the Conservative Base, but also a host of independent voters, who are thrilled to hear the truth shouted above the political din from a non-politician.

He has also destroyed the dreams of RINOS who figured they had it in the bag, because of their marketing gurus, insider media PR people, rich donors and spin-doctors. And in the case of Jeb Bush . . . the presumptive Republican nominee, he can all but kiss that dream of the continuity of the BUSH DYNASTY goodbye.


During the 1930’s, right through to the height of the Holocaust, there was a significant number of ELITIST European Jews, many of whom were respected and trusted within their Jewish Communities . . . who the Nazis turned to, to convince their Jewish compatriots to cooperate with the Nazis.


I CANNOT think of a more deplorable way to describe a Jewish person, than to call him or her a JUDENRAT . . . other than being a KAPO.


It might not be a big deal if a Canadian Political Leader doesn’t like Israel. But it is a big deal when the Leader represents a significant National Party, which has a good chance to form the next government.

TRUDEAU’S FATHER . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister back in the 1970’s through the mid 1980’s, LOVED the Arabs, LOVED the South and Central American Radicals, vacationed with Castro, where his children would sit on Castro’s knee, referring to him as UNCLE FIDEL.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau disliked Israel so much, that he ordered his Cabinet Ministers not to fly over Israel on their way to the Middle East, so as not to offend the Arabs.

In addition to that . . . Trudeau HATED THE USA, and had very little regard if any for Britain; and in TRUE form, while brave young Canadians, MORE THAN 50% of all Canadians who were of the age to serve were fighting the Nazis, who like my dad, who were the same age as Trudeau at the time . . . not only did Trudeau NOT serve, instead, he rode his motorcycle through the Quebec countryside wearing Nazi paraphernalia, while Jews were being slaughtered by the millions, and his countrymen, like my dad and my uncles spent 5-years of their lives, serving in the trenches for Canada, fighting their way across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, in the name of FREEDOM against tyranny.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau never really had a job. He went from the Elitist Montreal Jesuit School (Le Collège JeandeBrébeuf), right into French University (Université de Montréal de Montreal), where he became a lawyer and Law Professor, then went directly into Parliament, where he was Justice Minister before becoming Prime Minister.

FROM THERE . . . just like Obama ran on empty slogans – Trudeau ran on a BS FEEL-GOOD platform of a JUST SOCIETY, whatever that meant.


In the final analysis, Trudeau was poison for Canada, much like Obama is and has been for the USA. Trudeau took a ZERO Debt and a virtually no DEFICIT country, which he buried into long-term and short-term DEBT AND DEFICITS, from which Canada will never really recover.

And like Obama, Trudeau gutted Canada’s incredible military. AND ALSO LIKE OBAMA, Trudeau pitted people against people.

In Obama’s case, it is Black people against White people – In Trudeau’s case, it is French people against English people, through FORCED LINGUISTIC favoritism towards the French Language . . . something else that is a serious Canadian problem that will not get better soon, but will sooner rather than later cause serious social issues and a day of reckoning.

KNOWING ALL OF THIS . . . Trudeau still managed to surround himself with enthusiastic willing Jewish LEFTIST Idiots, who chose to ignore his PRO-Nazi and Pro-Communist past, including his disdain for Israel, and his support for Jew Hating Arabs.


So . . . how is this Trudeau (Justin), who refers to Fidel Castro as Uncle Fidel, any different than his disastrous father?

1 – Justin Trudeau has never held a real job. He was a drama teacher, camp counselor, and ski instructor before becoming a Liberal politician and Leader of the Canadian Liberal party. I don’t know if that’s a step up or a step down from being a Community Organizer.

2 – He is all about taxing the RICH to spread the wealth in support of the undefined Middle Class, which the LEFT loves to flout.

3 – Trudeau’s main platform is legalizing Marijuana.

4 – Trudeau has no idea of economics . . . national or global, has no concept whatsoever about world politics, has OPENLY AND REPEATEDLY PRAISED ISLAM, and is not shy to DUMP ON ISRAEL.

5 – Trudeau has surrounded himself with Canadian Arabs who are openly hostile to Israel as part of his campaign team, many of whom were members and leaders of BANNED Canadian Moslem TERRORIST organizations.

6 – Justin Trudeau’s brother, Alexandre, is Trudeau’s SENIOR POLITICAL ADVISOR, who, when not leading his brother’s political ambitions, is a documentary producer, who has already produced and has aired on Canada’s exceptionally LEFTIST National Television Network (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), his three part documentary on why IRAN NEEDS A NUCLEAR BOMB TO PROTECT ITSELF FROM ISRAEL.


THIS ISN’T THE 1930’S/1940’s . . . nor is it the 1970’s, which saw Jews rallying towards Trudeau Mania, in spite of his despicable past and horrible policies, while he was in office.

THIS TIME AROUND . . . Someone who is Jewish, no matter how wealthy and ELITIST he or she is, will not be given a FREE RIDE by fellow Jews to become a 21st Century Canadian JUDENRAT.

On Wednesday, a fabulously wealthy Canadian JEWISH Liberal and his wife, Barry and Honey Sherman, who live in a very exclusive part of Toronto, are hosting a $1,500 per person fundraiser for Justin Trudeau . . . BUT NOT WITHOUT SERIOUS REPERCUSSIONS.


The JDL will not be silent, they will not be compliant, and they will not allow this outrage to pass without notice . . . AND IT IS INDEED BEING NOTICED, all over the web throughout Canada and beyond.


THE BEST NEWS . . . is that for the past few Canadian elections, MORE Jews voted Conservative than voted Liberal. And I assume, that even MORE of my co-religionists will do the same this October . . .

If you live in Toronto, or close to Toronto, whether you are Jewish or not, you might very well want to join with the JDL and make your presence felt this Wednesday.

We must NEVER be silent . . . AGAIN.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My God. I hope you are right but I guess I am a pessimist, I pray not but am afraid only a revolution will ave this country.

  2. Howard, Although I am usually on the same page with you,.. I can find nowhere Donald Trump agrees to take “huge donations”. If that IS the case I am no longer a supporter. Small donations, $10, $20 from “THE PEOPLE” who believe and support him YES!! Anything other than that ABSOLUTELY NOT,…that destroys his entire philosophical argument and his own personal committment to “WE THE PEOPLE”.

  3. To “perhaps coin a phrase or flag, “DON’T TRUD EUN ME”!

  4. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, through his bilingual policies, still causes millions of Canadian dollars lost to Canada each year as bilingualism causes loss of productivity, sign duplication, testing in the government when everyone communicates in English, etc. I absolutely hate to drive over to Hull.

  5. Over the years on yours comments, about Trudeau’s ideology and actions along with the “political” parties have been and exact representation of our two-party, acting like ONE corrupt party system. As you mentioned in, THE BEST NEWS, I hope that there is such a turnout, would blow-away the, WEALTHY CANADIAN JEW, AND-OTHERS, ( LIBERALS, FRENCH, ETC.), WHO IS ALL-IN FOR TRUDEAU. And knock him out once and for all! And like-wise down here in the states removes the liberal, RINO’S, elite’s power.

  6. Yes, Trudeau and dope : We will need one to tolerate the other . Unfortunately I see more Red Lawn signs than any other color in Ontario . Kiss you firearms goodbye in short order following the next election whether Liberal big or minority .

  7. TRUE Howard doesn’t make things up but one thing was left out. Trump said people want to donate to his campaign and the ‘ONLY WAY HE WILL TAKE ANYTHING FROM THEM IS IF THERE ARE NO STRINGS ATTACHED”. I HEARD THAT LOUD & CLEAR. Trump kept his word pd. his own way, flying all over the country picking up the tab. Also pd. for the Stadium rental and shuttle service for 30+ people. “Come on give the guy a break no one will turn down a helping hand if there’s no strings attached, he’d have to be Nuts!

  8. Howard, you are in the bulls eye as usual However, you need to reassess your position on Fiorina. Find out what her stand is on the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam. Shortly after 9/11 she gave a speech glorifying the cult of islam to HP personnel. This alone has taken her off my short list. Cruz/Carson!

  9. So far Trump makes the most sense. Ted Cruz sounds good but can’t past the Rinos. If’f Trump goes third party I’ll vote for him and say good buy Republicans. Good Ridence. I believe many other’s will do the same. Hope the Lord comes and removes the believers. I;m sure Trump belives that Isrial is being treated bad like I believe most Americans. do. Hang in there and if I get to Texas I hope I can meet you and buy you and your wife a beer. Curt Los Banos Calif.

  10. Carly is a huge Muslim lover, do some checking of the woman who ran as a republican for babs boxer senate seat. She ran left of uber liberal boxer. And of course the reason for axing thousands of jobs while she lined her CEO pockets with self bonusing herself. And of course the end result bankruptcy. So put a line thru Carly’s name

  11. The U.S.A. has the Tea Party to wake some people up.
    Maybe Canada requires a “Plains of Abraham Party” to shake things up politically?

  12. We have 17 mo’s before newly elected US folks take their oaths of office. Much can happen in 17 mo’s. An economic-collapse-threat is looming, possibly before Nov 2016 elections. Whether it’s econ collapse or other, we can count on some grandiose scheme to upset everyone’s apple carts. $18+ trillion debt, combined with four days of stock market “corrections,” combined with economic-cyber war with China & Russia, Iran nukes, NWO elitists have lit the fuse. NWO elitists control US/CAN/Israel.

  13. Howard, It seems to me that you are trying hard to discredit Donald Trump. And if you say you have heard Donald trump voice that he would accept large donations. Then how can you claim that he has said he wouldn’t. And what is wrong with accepting our support in large quantity. We are desperate for a leader of his abilities and reasoning of the real establishment Problems. What has turned you from the common sense solutions you have always spoke with.

  14. There are Kapos among us. In our Shuls, in the Churches, they are everywhere. I have said this for years. I am glad you are making it public

  15. Just like his father, a Quebec first, French first hypocrite, liar, thief, scum bag… The country is in deep, deep trouble. The NDP and Lieberals both have leaders from the racist, bigoted (bills 22, 178, 101…) province of Quebec. What a mess we are in. They run Quebec, Ottawa, NB…spreading this French only disease all over the country…HELP!!!

  16. To Kenneth Lee. Few know that Mohammed’s “Allah” is Babylonian “Alla”. M. added “h” to make it Arabic. Pagan moon god–yes. To Howard. Obvious that Trump + his advisors realize that without outside big $ support they can’t fight establishment. IF he accepts $, can he maintain his moral stance? Who then will he be beholden to? Sad but true, “Money talks, promises walk”. Trump has said a lot about who owes him and who he owes for favors. The almighty dollar changes people.


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