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BEFORE I GET INTO THIS EDITORIAL . . . I want everyone to know that I am extremely grateful to all the people who have contributed support as a result of my last editorial, and for previous editorials.

YOU SHOULD KNOW . . . that in addition to the value of the money you donated, your support is an incredible approbation, encouragement, and moral support for what I write and what I do, which is all the inspiration I need.

And if you’ve contributed, you should have received a personal THANK YOU from me, but just in the unlikely case you didn’t . . . PLEASE KNOW THAT I AM VERY APPRECIATIVE.


The debate amongst all candidates in Canada and the USA for all forms of government positions are meaningless . . . THE ONLY IMPORTANT DEBATE IS AMONGST CONSERVATIVES.

THE LEFT ISN’T GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING . . . at least not for the good. LEFTISTS are such FANATICS, that there is nothing you or I will do, or can do to set them straight. They are simply sick people with a demented belief that they know better than everyone else – no matter what it is.

THE LEFT . . . are fixated on telling everyone how they should live their lives, as if they’ve cornered the market on being smart, right and moral.


I grew up in a household that supported Liberals, but the more I think of it, I was probably always a Conservative. And to think of it even more . . . so probably were my parents, who were always struggling to make a living, BUT NEVER WANTED TO TAKE A HANDOUT FROM ANYONE – including the government.

ANNE – MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE . . . was not politically motivated when we first met more than 42 years ago. And it wasn’t more than 12-Years ago, that she realized the book that did more to focus her life than any other, was ATLAS SHRUGGED, by Ayn Rand, which she read as a teenager and read again in 2006.

THE GREAT DEBATE . . . beginning over the past dozen years, which has become incredibly FOCUSED within the last 12-months, isn’t about LEFT versus RIGHT, which is a debate that needs no explanation . . . IT IS ALL ABOUT the RIGHT versus the RIGHT . . . or better stated – CONSERVATIVES versus RINOS.


America cannot survive MORE POLITICAL SISSIES IN GOVERNMENT, whether in Congress or the White House . . . AND THAT’S A FACT.

IN MY OPINION . . . Trump is not the best choice for the Presidency – BUT – if the election was to be held today, and nothing really changes, he would be amongst the top of my list, NOT BECAUSE I think he would do a great job, which he might, but because he’s willing to FIGHT, which is far more than I can say for just about any politician save a few in the Republican Party.


Trump wants to revoke the American citizenship of people born in the USA to ILLEGAL parents. The LEFT and RINOS say no. THEY’RE WRONG.

If I were to UNKNOWINGLY buy a stolen car, which was discovered by the police AFTER-THE-FACT, I would nonetheless have to return that car and take the 100% loss, even if I bought it entirely in good faith . . . because that’s the law.

Now just apply that same LOGIC & JURISPRUDENCE, which is set in LAW, to ILLEGAL Immigrants and their children, who are born in the USA as part of the commission of a WILLING CRIME.

I’ve heard all the excuses from the LEFT and RINOS . . . who argue about ILLEGAL Immigrants’ RIGHTS. WHAT RIGHTS do they have to stay in the country ILLEGALLY?

Bedsides, from what I’ve recently been following, there seems to be NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER FOR ANCHOR BABIES in the US Constitution, when you read the 14th Amendment the way it was intended.


Anne and I will be heading to Texas on November 1, 2015. We will stay for approximately 5.5-Months, since it is illegal for Canadians to stay longer than 6-Months less a day for the entire running year for Homeland Security, and 6-Months less a day during the Calendar Year for the IRS.


1 – We make 100% certain that our Passports and Nexus Cards (Most Trusted Travellers) are up-to-date, and all other information (driver’s licenses, home address, etc) are in sync with the Nexus Cards for the purpose of honoring the conditions of our Most Trusted Traveller Status.

2 – We are in the process of filing all papers with the ATF to transport our Firearms into the USA, INCLUDING the entire quantity, make, caliber and origin of all of our ammunition, broken down per bullet.

Not only that . . . we have written permission from the New York State Police to transport our firearms across their territory, under the strict rules and regulations of this very gun-unfriendly State.

3 – We are in the process of purchasing comprehensive Travel Insurance, because, if something unexpected should happen to Anne and/or myself . . . be it sickness or accident, we would not want be a burden to American Health Care.

4 – We are also fully insured for accidents and liability, for all of our vehicles, which we use for travel and housing . . . JUST IN CASE.

5 – We have also gone to the extent of purchasing a SIDE-POLICY, that would fly us home and pay for the transport of our F-150, RV’s, and animals . . . Stryker the Shepherd, and April the Cat, just in case of a serious problem for either of us.

6 – We have reserved our destination and paid a deposit to be there for the entire length of our stay . . . WE ARE NEITHER FREELOADERS NOR SQUATTERS.

7 – And we will not work under the table.


So . . . how much sympathy should I have for people who start off in the USA by BREAKING THE LAW? And how utterly stupid are the American people who CAN’T understand the premise . . . that ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL.

I’VE RECENTLY HEARD THE LEFTIST ARGUMENT . . . that “undocumented” Immigrants deserve the protection of the US Constitution and should have their DAY IN COURT.

OK . . . I Agree – THEY ALL DESERVE THEIR DAY-IN-COURT, so let them wait for their DAY-IN-COURT from the country of their origin, as Canada now does with ILLEGAL Immigrants after YEARS of the same stupidity, until our Conservative government finally got it right.


AND THINK ABOUT THIS . . . If Obama has a PEN and a CELL-PHONE, with which he can issue as many Presidential Decrees as he wants, as all the Democrats approve – WHY CAN’T TRUMP, or whomever should win the Republican nomination? And why not on Immigration?

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . that to the LEFT, Anne and I are simply CHUMPS, for bending-over backwards to enter the USA the right way . . . if borders really aren’t all that important to them?

PS . . . If Anne and I were to violate any part of the aforementioned, to enter and stay in the USA for 6-Months PLUS a day, illegally import our firearms, work under the table – etc, the penalty would include the loss of our Nexus Cards (Most Trusted Traveler Status) FOREVER, and a BAN from reentering America for at least 5-Years depending on the severity of the abuse.

And here you have the LEFT and RINOS worrying about hurting the feelings and inconveniencing the lives of people who broke the law by being in the USA ILLEGALLY, while Anne and I are focused on doing it right.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes, Scott Walker should be top choice and Ben Carson as a running mate. Carson is not ready for the top spot.
    I doubt if Walker will do it, he is comfortable where he is. It then falls to Romney, again, doubtful if he will take
    another shot at it. Depends if he could be “sold” to do it. Being a long time resident of Florida it would be hard
    for me not to include Jeb. If he could get Condi Rice as a mate, they would go all the way. As I have said, I
    don’t think Hillary will run.

  2. Hooray for Howard! I always look forward to your column and very rarely disagree with anything you discuss. Wish I was in a position to be of financial help. Have a safe trip to Texas. Keep up the great work.

  3. The 14th Amendment made citizens of the recently freed negro slaves. It did not make citizens of the American Indians. That did not happen until 1924. So how can it make a citizen of a child born to non-citizen parents, most of whom are here illegally, just because that child came into this world on US soil? The correct answer is that it does not.

  4. For those of you who haven’t noticed the left media no longer calls illegals illegal. In true Orwellian newspeak they are now “undocumented” workers,

  5. Howard;
    Your analogy of the “stolen car” is very apropos! I also have a couple myself! If you commit the illegal act of robbing a bank and manage to escape with a bag of cash, but later you are caught, the bag of cash does not suddenly legally become yours!!
    TheUS Constitution and it’s ratified Amendments, constitutes a “contract” between the people (legal residents/ citizens and the government. Entering the the U.S. Illegally, READ:FRAUDULENTLY nullifies the ” contract”(K); no K, no citiz

  6. a) Let’s use your model and let every immigrant know that’s what we do here, for starters. Just as you have come to love our Country’s beauty, hospitality, etc. so should they!!!
    I believe there are always some “compassionate” grounds and “political grounds” that are morally required, BUT if you come to my house and complain because I don’t happen to have your “favorite” schotch,NOT MY PROBLEM,.and don’t come back!
    b) “anchor”, – a heavy metal object that holds something from moving.” DUH

  7. Howard I want to thank you and May God Bless You and Anne for all you do for others. You are always “Right On” with your editorials.

    Have a safe trip back to Texas in November & thank you for honoring our American Laws. You are such an asset to the world.

  8. Howard, great article and welcome back soon to the USA. Safe travels! If you’re staying in the same area, the lake will be nearly full this time so the views will be much better.

  9. Again.. Your expression of your thoughts and actions have my head nodding up and down in agreement. I find that the examination through which I am put at Ogdensburg is thorough and yet the US government does little on the southern border. Conversely, there have been times at Prescott when I have been tempted to ask how I could quickly get back across the bridge to the US. I have been issued some sort of document on Canadian Bank Note paper. None of my Canadian friends have ever seen such.

  10. Let me quote the first line of the fourteenth amendment:

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside”

    The second part is the key “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. Illegal immigrants are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States because they are here without the permission of the United States government.

  11. Your juxtaposition of those two realities sure sends home the message of what the core problem really is…just like who the gun grabbers and fellow travelers really target.
    I’m curious, my take on bringing guns back into Canada from the States is: NIGHTMARE!
    Care to share your experiences and any words of wisdom from an experienced gun-traveler about the process?
    The acquisition of the ‘permission from the NY State Police…’ must have been arduous, I bet there’s a whole column in that stor

  12. Some countries have set certain standards for a person to become a citizen, one of which is to absolutely LEARN THEIR LANGUAGE. Why can’t we do the same thing? America has become like the “Tower of Babel”. Some kids are registered in our school system who can’t even speak English. How can these kids gain a proper education? We are a “sanctuary city”, so we have had to absorb the cost of special & separate programs to TRY to educate them. It’s sad for those who have followed the LEGAL route! AMEN

  13. Modern interpretation of the 14th Amdnt is reason so many expecting sneak across border. If child is citizen the softies will let parents stay; they know that. IF that loosening of laws are tightened to where they were intended, & ILLEGALS were sent back, a lot of that border crossing illegally would stop. Only reason Dems want it is like welfare recipients, they all vote for Dems to keep the benefits coming. I am appalled at GOP backing of anti-labeling of GMO & pre-empting states’ rights.

  14. Badghis, come out of the dark, you are one sick S.O.B. and deserve where you claim to be!! Bud Farrell Austin Texas

  15. Howard, I’ll take care of Stryker and April if something happened (Lord Forbid!). No charge, Buddy.
    As always, you’re “right on target” with this one! Liked the “stolen vehicle/illegal migrant” analogy! Have a very safe trip down to Texas, ya hear?

  16. Hey! What are the first two comments all about? I don’t get what’s up?

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