If the headline shocks you . . . DON’T BE SHOCKED, because as far as the Black LEFTIST INSIDER community is obviously concerned . . . it’s a factBLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER.

AND IF THAT’S THE WAY BLACK AMERICANS REALLY FEEL . . . why should White Folk like me feel otherwise?

PERSONALLY – I think all lives matter, regardless of skin-deep differences. And that’s why I’ve spent a great deal of my time, effort and considerable money . . . considerable for me that is, contributing to people with no regard whatsoever for their race, gender, religious beliefs, infirmities, age, financial position . . . etc.


If Black lives really mattered – what about the MILLIONS of Black Babies born into fatherless families, to be raised by young girls, who themselves are not much more than children, to be nurtured in poverty, in mostly ugly neighborhoods, where the opportunity for the mothers and their children to be beaten, raped, robbed and worse, exist every minute of everyday? Do their lives matter?


What about the massive rate of Black High School Dropouts . . . or Blacks who are pushed through the system, and graduate, who can barely read and write? Or leave school without a marketable skill? How about them – Do their lives matter?

Or how about Black Music (RAP) . . . where Black kids at all ages Shuck and Jive to music that insults women, promotes violence against women, demeans White people, and encourages violence against the police? What about their lives?

What about the HUGE number of Blacks in prisons throughout the USA?

Are these Black-Americans behind BARS because of a vast White Conservative Conspiracy to imprison them? Or is it because so many Black Americans are TRULY responsible for the incredibly disproportionate amount of crime and violence, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Gulf to the Great Lakes?


And what about the fact that so many Blacks are beyond being employable, not just because they have limited to no skills, or because so many have a very poor work ethic . . . but rather, because of how utterly poor their communicative skills are, since speaking understandable English is a 100% requirement to work. Or at least to get a decent job.

And in this era of limited jobs . . . and extreme competition from groups like ILLEGAL Immigrants, how is a Black Man or Black Woman supposed to compete, especially when so many employers already have a negative opinion of members of the Black Community, after watching so many RIOTS and destroyed property by Black Americans throughout the country?


If Black lives really mattered, as much to the LEFTIST Race Baiter PROVOCATEURS (Black and White alike) say they do, how come none of them are putting even an infinitesimal FRACTION of their seemingly unlimited energy and passionate effort in marching, debating, and slamming the BLACK ON BLACK GENOCIDE, happening within Black Communities throughout the USA?

Where are the massive demonstrations throughout cities like Chicago, Detroit, and every other ghetto cesspool where Black people are left to rot in the despair of their own making?

I DON’T KNOW THE NUMBERS . . . but I am quite certain, that Blacks murder MORE Blacks in one day throughout the USA, than there are Blacks who are killed unjustifiably by White Police Officers throughout America in a decade.


And then there’s the ridiculous politically correct designation of Black Americans . . . I will be willing to bet anything that showing Black Americans (99.9%), chosen at random, a map of Africa with no written nations upon it, to name and point to just THREE African countries, and then ask which African country they were born in, or came from . . . the blank expression on their faces would only be equaled by their silence.

My four Grandparents were born in Eastern Europe . . . Russia, Ukraine and Romania. Does that make me a EURO-CANADIAN? Or am I simply a Canadian?


IN SUMMATION . . . As far as I’m concerned, because of the attitudes of LEFTIST mostly Black Race-Baiters, and whom they target . . . BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER, because if Black Lives really did matter, they would STOP their phony WAR on Whites and the Police, and turn their energy where it might really make a difference.

HOWEVER . . . As I see it – we’ve already crossed the Rubicon, and for the Black Community, without some DRASTIC CHANGES, it will continue to get worse, rather than better. AND I DO MEAN MUCH WORSE.


As I’ve written more times than I can count . . . of the THOUSANDS of people who are in the DIRECTORY – and the THOUSANDS more who read this BLOG who simply visit, and the other THOUSANDS who read the editorials forwarded to them on the lists of this BLOG’S readers, and the other THOUSANDS who see it on the FACEBOOK accounts of “friends” . . .


SO . . . I will make this short and sweet – if you think that what I write, and the things that I do to promote our CONSERVATIVE VALUES are worth your time and support, and you can afford to help me maintain this BLOG, and for me to continue to do the BEST that I can . . .


Just to remind you . . . This BLOG, the DIRECTORY, the COMMENT section and my return of most emails are all FREE to you. BUT THEY ARE NOT FREE TO ME.

I am exceptionally appreciative for every penny that comes into, whether by Check or PayPal; so much so, that I take the time and make the pleasant effort to thank each person . . . personally via email.

I understand that times are tough for many people who read, who would like to contribute but for financial reasons cannot . . . AND I DON’T WANT YOU TO, if it means sacrificing beyond reason. So, please contribute by spreading the word about this BLOG, because that too is a real big help.

Thank You!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard is WHO I would SUPPORT GOING INTO 2016. He is a combination of his own three top choices. Unfortunately for America he is Canadian, on loan until he returns here for the summer. I hope you are feeling better Howard and Best Wishes to you and Anne for 2015.

  2. Of course black on black crime is the real issue.
    The “escape valve” is the “blame white”. Even if it’s a criminal bum who gets wasted.
    It’s time these people woke up and took a long hard look at themselves. Given history, I sadly doubt that will ever happen. 13% of the pop causing 95% of the problems.
    Just what do they want?????

  3. Howard, your comments are SO true but unfortunately they will be left “blackened” out by the very vast majority of blacks everywhere! Respectfully Bud Farrell

  4. How dare you state the obvious when it comes the the Great Black Lie? Liberals, even some conservatives, need a straw man to point to in order to have real problems fade into the background. What better group to use than the blacks in the US? They do little to better themselves (for the most part) looking to government for their future. Why change as long as the government continues to pick up the tab. Bigotry/Racism? No, in the real world it is called reality.

  5. Black Lives Matter is a oxymoron at best. If black lives really matter, nothing is being said about the millions of fetuses from Black mothers that are murdered in abortion clinics and who body parts may or may not be sold by PP. Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood believed in eugenics and was a racist. Hitler would have been proud of her. So when Black Lives Matter protests at political events, Ferguson, etc., I shrug them off as complete morons-their protests are empty at best.

  6. Your blog has always been right on the money. My admiration for Ben Carson is over the top. He speaks for grass root folks as do you and tells it like it is. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income, but I include a donation to them both as part of my budget. I think I get the most bang for my buck. My prayer is for Patriots to come forth and take the courageous stand to once again make us “One Nation under God”.
    Rita Chiavacci
    Jacksonville, NC

  7. As is so often the case, your comments here hit the nail squarely on the head.

    I sure wish that more folks would do as I do from time to time and that is to make a small contribution to help support all the good material you regularly post.

    If everyone who reads this would make a small contribution every few months just think of all the additional good you could espouse.

  8. You didn’t mention by far the greatist killer of Black babies and that is “Planed Parenthood” that is set up specifically in black neighbourhoods and started by the noted eugenicist Margaret Sanger (who taught Hitler everything he knew). I saw a picture yesterday of one of the “Black lives matter” demonstrations and it showed a black man with a “support Planed Parenthood” T shirt on….funny and ironic.

  9. There is a hidden problem among the blacks, that until corrected, nothing will change. There is tremendous peer pressure among blacks to be unsuccessful. Any young black who studies and is successful in school is called an “oreo”. My friend Bob, who was head of the high school language dept. was openly called an oreo and an Uncle Tom by the young blacks. Name a language, give Bob 6 weeks, and he could teach it. It takes tremendous courage for the smart ones face such peer pressure.

  10. There are good black people, but they are never going to be as successful as whites because they are on the average far less intelligent. Couple that with their propensity for violence, and you have a recipe for failure. All these slogans are just ways for race hustlers and their white supporters to reek their damage for whatever reason. Remember it is the white controlled media that spreads nonsense like “black lives matter,” and “hands up, don’t shoot.”

  11. Hyphernated Canadian/American based on generations of long ago is an opportunity to plead oppression and injustice. Same goes in Canada, by those who refer to themselves as French Canadian, or Franco-Ontarian, refusing to be simply Canadian. Here, inordinate sums of taxpayer money is promoting Bilingualism, which really means French, reducing opportunities for English speakers. It’s all a means to an end by the hyphernated. Thanks Howard for this opportunity to speak for the non-hyphernated

  12. We are thinking the same about almost every thing and you know how to write down in clear english the reality like this
    story about the black people in the USA.Here in Canada more and more we have to take the blame for every thing in the
    present and the past of the bad situation or conditions of the natives but how much they can only thank to them self but
    many Canadians dont look at the reality anymore.
    Howard I wish you would write a bit more about Canada certainly now in the election

  13. I’ve been saying these exact things using the same examples for years. Amazing how white people cringe and debate me on these issues. The black community has no role models other than rappers (who unilaterally are responsible for bringing the n-word back into vogue), basketball players, and neighbourhood criminals. Bling is seemingly better than in their eyes than self-respect for themselves and their community. Historical self-pity=low esteem=free $$$ from governments to make it all better.

  14. Agree with David Gilbert. Quick research shows Planned Parenthood responsible for 850 black abortions per day. That’s over 300K humans per year. NYC reported in 2012 that more black babies were aborted in the city than were actually born. And we’re supposed to believe they actually think that black lives matter? Whatever.

  15. Does anyone else wonder why the Nobel Peace Prize winner, BARACK OBAMA, doesn’t call for peace among his major constituents, the something for nothing crowd. If rioting is the only thing that brings them together it will never end. When a riot starts the authorities should stop all traffic into the area and keep out the organized outsiders. How many locals will continue when the police know who the homies are and where they live?

  16. An annual registration fee is recommended as a REMINDER, especially to your bloggers. Agree with Mr. Morgan/GA that there IS a hidden problem of Black peer pressure re: their becoming successful and also being BRANDED when they do succeed. If more Blacks would follow in Martin Luther King’s footsteps, truly try to SUPPORT each other, and stop blaming the Whites for their issues, they COULD turn things around! Yes, there ARE, however, those Whites who also contribute to their misfortune, etc…

  17. “Each year, roughly 7,000 blacks are murdered. Ninety-four percent of the time, the murderer is another black person. Though blacks are 13 percent of the nation’s population, they account for more than 50 percent of homicide victims. … According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between 1976 and 2011, there were 279,384 black murder victims. … To put this violence in perspective, black fatalities during the Korean War (3,075), Vietnam War (7,243) and all wars since 1980 (about 8,200)

  18. I long have advocated reducing welfare merely for having a baby you cannot afford by 10% a year for 10 years into oblivion. This would go a long way toward solving the Black problem. The Great (sic) Society legislation of the 1960s largely has eradicated any chance for the average Black to achieve anything. Too easy to play the eternal victim and whine about racism. If there can be one Ben Carson, one Allen West, one Tim Scott and on and on, there is hope for Blacks who want to achieve.

  19. You left out one very important area where more blacks are killed in a day than any other race, the abomination of abortion. Two classes of -Americans, those are refuse to be Americans, are the mexican-Americans and muslims. The hispanics and muslims want to be classified as -Americans. They do not want to assimilate into the American fabric but remain separate, with their corruption, customs etc. To them, I say GO BACK TO YOUR NATIVE COUNTRY if you do not want to be an American.

  20. 40 years ago my mother worked for a state agency’s HR department. Often she wold be called upon to head up the many fund raising campaigns that swept through including Black charities. When it came down to giving to NAACP and UNCF the blacks did not give or in minor amounts for their salary range. We lived in a mixed community and our neighbors included a black Federal judge, a black bone surgeon and a black construction foreman. Good things can happen when people get out of their own way.

  21. Alas Wade Ward is 100% correct.
    I am former professional IQ tester.
    My specialty was the measurement and appraisal of human intelligence.
    Various races and ethnic groups differ enormously in height, weight, personality and most of all in intelligence.
    The idea that we are all the same under the skin is an idea coming from Marxism.
    Period…. Read Hans Eysencks INEQUALITY OF MAN.
    Eysenck is the most published psychologist and likely the most intelligent psychologist in history.

  22. The Blacks have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, etc. Do a check on these black gangs and you will find the mothers all received welfare when they were born, later turned them into the streets to kill each other, pollice and “whities”, steal and rape.

  23. “……..because of how utterly poor their communicative skills are, since speaking understandable English is a 100% requirement to work. Or at least to get a decent job.”

    I wish this were true. Go to any fast food joint or convenience store and you will find employed people there that barely grasp the English language. I wish it were required that “understandable English” was a requirement for citizenship in both of our countries.

  24. Blacks are just as intelligent, as any other race … It’s just that they have a lower high school graduation, than the other races do, meaning lack of education. However, the real truth is, just how many schools, in the black communities, strive to help their students or inspire them, to move forward. I am not talking about teachers, but, the schools! Education politics play a large part, of the black communities failure. Black Lives Don’t Matter, where Education is concerned, either!

  25. Booker T. Washington said, in 1911, he said this: “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not wa

  26. I give up!!! Otherwise would be wasting my breath.

  27. For many (not all) food stamps, welfare, easy-quick abortions, free handouts from Uncle Sam keeps minorities IN SLAVERY, because it is, in fact, a form of slavery — slavery to the government! Today’s government isn’t much different than slave-plantation owners, the primary difference is that slaves in the past had to work to eat. If Black lives really mattered to race hustlers, they’d do something about Black-on-Black murders across the nation, have means-tested, drug tests for every handout.

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