I hope many of you appreciate from reading the COMMENTS, and looking at how far and wide they reach geographically – and how diverse they are.

What this means, is that the message . . . MINE AND YOURS is getting out there, above and beyond the filter of the Mainstream Media and Talking Heads.

You might not agree with all I that I have to say in my editorials . . . just like some of your comments, to which I simply shake my head in wonderment, at how some people think, but that’s part of what this BLOG is all about.

And as long as everyone who comments does the following . . . IT WILL CONTINUE:

1 – INCLUDE your full name, city, and state/province where you live (country is optional).

2 – Do not defame anyone. And restrict your language to good taste.

3 – Do not include any links to other Web Sites for various reasons . . . one of which is to prevent the spread of malicious codes (viruses, worms etc), the other is to protect against BS information promoted as being true and accurate.

4 – NEVER use this BLOG to promote the LEFT or denigrate honest Conservatism.


YOU ALSO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN KNOWING . . . that we lose several visitors to every week, through people who remove themselves for whatever reason, and people who change email addresses, or simply cease to exist for the purposes of

BUT THE GOOD NEWS . . . is that for every person who leaves the DIRECTORY, more than 1.5 people SIGN-ON.


Because of the Internet . . . solid and reliable information gets to see the LIGHT OF DAY, and has a REAL resonance, making it possible to change opinions and policies.


IRAN DEBACLE . . . It is indeed possible that the Obama/Kerry IRAN-SELLOUT might very well be blocked from becoming an American national policy, through a VETO-PROOF Congressional rejection, because the Democrat Members of Congress in the Senate and the House have no choice, other than to do the RIGHT THING and vote NO, if they want to save their political lives, which would otherwise be on the political Guillotine, courtesy of exposure on the Internet.

THE DECLINE OF THE RINOS . . . No matter what any of us think about TRUMP and other NON-POLITICAL Candidates like Fiorina, Carson and Cruz, who is in my opinion a NON-POLITICAL Politician, the Internet is opening a serious debate.

Because of the Internet and exchange of valuable information, the Party INSIDERS and biased media find themselves swimming against a very hard current of reality and unfiltered PUBLIC OPINION, which has become what seems to be an insurmountable mountain for the INSIDERS to climb.

THE OBAMA WAR AGAINST ISRAEL . . . In the past – PRE-INTERNET, a dishonest leader like Obama would turn the power of his State Department, Military PR and all the other tools at his disposal to destroy the leader of a country he objects too.

BUT . . . as we see in Obama’s ALL-OUT campaign against Netanyahu and Israel’s Conservatives, because of the Internet, the TRUTH overpowers the DEMAGOGUERY and Israel with Netanyahu at the helm can defend itself.

ALSO . . . Because of the Internet, when it comes to Ultra Liberal Jewish Opinion, the LEFTIST Jewish SELL-OUTS, can NEVER do to us (Jews), what the same LEFTIST Jewish mindset did to Europe’s Jews before the Holocaust.

AND NOW . . . we Conservative Jews, through the FREEDOM of the Internet, have a real VOICE, which we can use, AND ARE USING . . . to force LEFTIST JEWISH SELL-OUTS to slither under their dank rocks where they belong.


A great many people are supporting a LAWSUIT against the EPA, which is like taking money out of your own right pocket, to move it into your own left pocket, while dropping a good portion of it on the ground between the transition, which would be akin to paying the lawyers. AND THAT WOULD BE A REAL WASTE.


Instead . . . figure out how much their INCOMPETENCE has cost the American people at all levels that were touched by the spill – AND DEDUCT THAT ENTIRE AMOUNT FROM THEIR ANNUAL BUDGET.

By doing this, the American taxpayer doesn’t have to suffer financially. AND . . .

1 – This would rein-in the cockiness of the EPA Zealots.

2 – It would FORCE the EPA to focus on serious problems, rather than the superfluous CRAP the EPA promotes, which has become a misery for the people.

3 – It would also send a clear message to all DEPARTMENTS, that they will not be immune to penalties through incompetence.

4 – And it would force the EPA to substantially reduce the size and scope of their staff if a big part of their budget has to be spent cleaning up their own mess.

This is the type of information that can only be disseminated on the Internet.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with everything in this edition of your conservative chronicles. Most importantly, your candidate list for 2016. But, I too fear that the Republican majorities will knuckle under to too many of the opposite party. I was a coach for 37 years, and during that time I told my teams that when you get the tip of the knife in your opponent, stick it all the way in and turn it. There are times to be nice guys, and times to be practical. Oh, and there are times for payback. Now is that time

  2. Howard, re people leaving the site, if they are like me, they might have become so inundated with emails that they just don’t have time to read them all, and are therefore forced to cull their emails. Yours is one that I have kept and that I enjoy, but not everyone has the same interests nor time to keep up will all the political stuff. Keep doing the great job you are doing.

  3. Regarding the EPA: the first thing that needs to be done is for the EPA to stop using terms such as “unfortunate”, “accident”, “unintentional”, and state “It was our fault. We did it. We take full responsibility.” This is what the EPA and the news sources are always demanding of everyone else, but are strangely silent on this matter. As for the Iran deal, no one knows what the “side deals” say, but are expected to approve them. If you don’t, Obama implies you are “un American.”

  4. Indeed, Howard, cutting their budget by the amount of damages this spill is/will cost is the right & ethical thing to do. Their getting away with it is no different than the incompetent Big Bankers during the bail-out who got huge ‘bonuses’ afterward. Too big to fail & bail-out would not have passed if it had gone on ballot. It is this international intermingling that is bad making all nations vulnerable if one fails. Never good idea – in that Ron Paul’s isolation idea is right on.

  5. Here is my approach to suing the EPA. Whatever monies are allocated for damages it should reduce the EPA’s budget by like amount. Hopefully, that will lead to a reduction of the bureaucracy and the destruction it causes. Apparently, there are individuals, property owners and businesses that will not only suffer damages in the short run, but, the long run as well. Make the EPA suffer from this loss, it is due to their stupidity and arrogance.

  6. Just love your suggestion re: the EPA! It’s very wise for your bloggers to NOT always agree with you because it shows that BOTH sides are THINKING and are ready for mature and TRUTHFUL discussions! The Liberals are hoping that TRUMP will disappear soon, but that’s not about to happen too soon! Ms. Fiorino is also a breath of fresh air. Can you imagine that ‘pair’ running our Government? WOW! Talk about a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE! Can you also picture a DEBATE between those two and the Liberals? AMEN!

  7. Thank you for carrying the communication ball.

    I concur with your comments regarding the leading non-politicians of Trump, Florina, Carson and Cruz. We need to support their message as much as we can. Hopefully the four of them will remain standing as the dialogue continues.

  8. I like the idea of cutting the EPA’s budget, it is about time they be held accountable for their actions. It is my “opinion” that they did this on purpose and not an accident. That the EPA set out to “teach” someone or some state a lesson. Just my opinion.

  9. One drops off, you gain 1.5, that means your audience in growing; culling the herd, so to speak.

    I was wondering which of the candidates, hopefully Trump will say: When elected, “my first Executive Order will be to get Ethanol removed from the gasoline supplies, nationwide!” My second executive order will be to follow Howard’s advice on the EPA sanctions! Frankly, I think we could close down EPA and no one would miss them for years!

    Dick Bouchard CEM
    WNRI, Woonsocket, RI

  10. Mr. Galganov!! Keep the blog going! I agree with you 99% of the time and love that you are getting this message out to so many voters in America. A Canadian who is a Conservative! Wow! That’s unusual right there and gets peoples attention right off the bat. I would hate not to hear your voice. I’ve never understood why so many Jewish people are liberals when the majority of the Jews are entrepreneurs and capitalists! It’s an oxymoron to me. Keep on truckin’ for all of us! Ft Lauderdale

  11. If the EPA were to be treated as they treat citizens & businesses, specific individuals should be held accountable personally, fined personally, decision-makers fined exorbitantly, then sent to prison like they do citizens to bankrupt them! Plus, their budgets should be reduced to zero, agency eliminated, and the majority sent back to California and Mexico. Food stamps are too good for EPA bullies who can’t comply with their own rules & laws! Invent another agency when the budget is balanced.

  12. I Agree, get Ethanol removed from the gasoline supplies, nationwide. North American Wide! Ethanol is a rip off. Results in more fuel consumption and fuel system troubles …. all paid for by you the consumer. Canada is no exception. Thank God we have Prime Minister harper Running things here instead of the tax greedy socialists like Mulcaire or Justin “kid” Trudeau!

  13. Your BEST Yet on Stopping the EPA’s SERIOUS DESTRUCTION of the country & our economy, industry, & population.
    Another FANTASTIC proposal by “Galganov THE GREAT”. Love your criticism of RINOs who are very nearly as evil & destructive as the Marxist Dems; & of course the HAS-Been News media. Also the EVIL Obama who really does HATE America, Israel, Netanyahu, Jews, & whites.
    Ed Yung, La Porte TX (Houston Suburb)

  14. This election will be one put into place by the Electorate, they are so disgusted with the Establishment, no way can the Media interfere, as the Insiders now have the placement they so deserve. There are so many disappointments, and then it’s over. I love the candidates abt. 6 have to choose so hard today i don’t know abt. tomorrow it’s TRUMP AND FIORINA STEALING MY HEART. Leftist Jews make me sick, I have lost friends due to their outcry’s for the left. No problem good to be rid of them!

  15. I have a hard time figuring out how our forefathers survived without the EPA, ACLU, HUD, and all the other money hungry organizations. That was when we became the greatest nation on earth. Common sense prevailed. We weren’t sinking in a sea of entitlements, welfare moms who kids end up in gangs, and aliens. Policemen were respected, so was the law.
    I want to back up.

  16. I like your idea about the EPA, but I disagree with you regarding Israel and Iran.

  17. May the Conservative Jewish voices ring loud as the leftist Jews slither under the rocks. MOZEL-TOV “NEVER AGAIN”. Lets defund EPA too.Those that believe their lies let them support them,NOT US! Your suggestion re:EPA is an excellent solution!
    Let’s remember “It’s we the People” NOT me the President! Recently read a book “Faith of our Founding Fathers” Oh, how far we’ve fallen, how much we forgot, and how much is not taught any more! The price of Ignorance is deadly.

  18. Great article, Howard. Spot on. Your idea for the EPA is fantastic. I think if they were penalized like BP (or others from their enemies list) perhaps they’d be reduced to a level where they couldn’t do as much damage to the economy. Maybe a staff of 100 sounds about right. Then selling off all their office space, staffing, equipment, vehicles, etc. would have the added benefit of further reducing the Washington bloat.

  19. Howard, that’s actually a great idea/solution for any government agency to make them accountable or keep them honest. Take any wrongdoings of theirs out of their budget. That’s brilliant. Every other entity on the this planet has to suffer financial loss for screwing up, why shouldn’t they?

  20. I like the idea of shrinking the EPA budget. One cavete to add would be the dismissal of all top management and their replacement by the congress and senate a special committee designated to replace them. Would help insure that the EPA would not be used as a tool of the current administration to promote industry killing regulations, but environmentally sound decisions. We are going to need coal one of these days when other forms of energy are depleted. We cannot currently obtain that w/ wind

  21. I completely agree with D A Bethune, …get the Ethanol out of the gas because the so called sustainable energy explanation does not hold water, without going into all of the energy calculations. On a practical realistic level the dam ethanol in the gas ruined my TWO, nine hundred dollar fuel pumps on my Corvette. Now i only use SHELL gasoline in Canada because they are the only ethanol free gas supplier in Canada.

  22. I enjoy your commentary. I too feel we are on a precipice and if it will not be for the hand of the Lord God to pull us back, I do not know what will prevent us from going over. Even Lot, who in the presence of angels was warned to leave Sodom, had to be taken by the hand and forcibly removed from the evil city, and even after that he negotiated not to go as far as was directed. The sight and sound of the destruction was so horrific, Lot, AFTER the danger was past, hid in a cave.

  23. Unfortunately, this task that the EPA flubbed is one of the legitimate functions of it to clean up old pollution sources from mines and other locations where the former owners are not available. From what I understand is that the contractor hired breached a dike holding back the polluted water. We don’t need the EPA for a lot of things but this task is a good one for them and for all of us.

  24. Congress, being created should represent the people of this country. It’s duty is to control within it’s boundaries of the acts by the PotUSA to keep him from becoming a king, and like-wise control the actions of the SCotUSA, from becoming the supreme being. It also needs to clean up or remove department agencies, so that the people are not over burden stupid regulations add with the consent of congress. And WE the people, America, USA, needs to continue to put more and more pressure on them.

  25. To illustrate the absurdity of the EPA, did you know that it is illegal for a auto wrecking yard to sell you a used Catalytic converter? Yes, I tried to buy one off a van sent to the “boneyard”. It appeared the owner had recently replaced the CC which I know cost about $1000 or more. Could I saw it off and recycle it into my van? NO…against federal law thanks to the EPA. Then on the way home, I noticed the road department must have sprayed 20 miles of weed killer along Rt 80 !

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