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Now that the great DEBATES are over . . . everyone is aggressively picking winners and losers, who fired the best shots, and who’s angriest most at FOX News and Megyn Kelly – SO ENOUGH ALREADY!

Let’s get over it and let the process play-out, listening to everything that is said, while spending plenty of time focusing on each candidate’s moral character, what he or she has said and done, and where he or she has stood in the past. And where we can trust them to stand in the future.

A great many things happened over the past few days that will impact upon whomever will win the White House in 2016, which should influence who we should all support, since that person, whether it be he or she, will hold our future in his or her hands.


I’VE WRITTEN ABOUT THIS FOR THE LONGEST TIME . . . The LEFT (Democrats) are crowing about how divided the RIGHT (Republicans) are in their bid to choose a Leader, hoping their own base can’t see for themselves, how utterly disheveled their own Party is.

IN ALL REALITY . . . The RIGHT are having a robust debate amongst “TRIPLE A” Republican Candidates, of which, with the exception of only a few, any of them would make an extremely good President.

AS FOR THE LEFT . . . What do they have besides Hilary Clinton, who has proven to a LIAR, CHEAT, and POLITICAL GANGSTER in a woman’s clothing, pretending to be everything she really isn’t?

The fact that so many people on the LEFT are talking about who else they can put forward to run against Clinton, and that JOE BIDEN will most probably throw his hat into the ring . . . SHOUTS VOLUMES.

HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE . . . Clinton won’t make it through to the end, and whomever the LEFT nominates in her place, will be set-up to take the loss. But that’s only if the RIGHT nominates someone who can really do the job, and live up to real CONSERVATIVE values and credentials.


The BIG news was that Schumer has decided to vote AGAINST the Iran Deal, which is no big deal, since I’m not convinced, that before making this public display, Schumer and the Democrat Brass counted the votes, and spoke to their rank and file to make certain Obama had it in the bag before making this announcement late into the night.

IF SCHUMER WAS REALLY SERIOUS . . . he would have called a NEWS CONFERENCE at PRIME TIME on the day before or after the Republican debate, surrounded by Fellow Democrats to make the announcement that he would NOT support Obama/Kerry’s Iran deal, instead of when the nation was focused on the Republican Debate.

AND IF SCHUMER WAS REALLY-REALLY SERIOUS . . . and thinks this is such a bad DEAL for America, Israel and the FREE World, why isn’t Schumer in full campaign mode to convince his fellow Democrats to vote AGAINST this Obama MONSTROSITY?


I heard and saw Carly Fiorina on the Chis Wallace Sunday show today (August 9, 2015), and if I thought she was an exceptionally focused and gifted speaker before, which I did, SHE PROVED TO BE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN.

If she makes it all the way . . . America and the world will be BLESSED.


RAND PAUL . . . was asked several pertinent questions by Wallace, which he answered incredibly well, especially when it came to his support for the FOURTH AMENDMENT, and disdain for government search through the NSA and the Patriot Act.

Paul was also asked to explain how his FLAT TAX would benefit the USA, while allowing rich people to keep more of their money, while poor people would have to pay taxes under his plan that they don’t have to pay now.

In essence . . . what he said was that everyone who works hard or smart for what they get, should be able to keep a good part of what they’ve earned.


Not only will this generate far more opportunities, but also proportionately, it will give people earning less, the same skin in the game as BILLIONAIRES. And will take away all the unfair benefits the rich enjoy through their LOBBIED, GARGANTUAN and patently UNFAIR Tax Code.


Rand Paul also made it clear, and alluded to the truth, that Government is too LARGE, too INTRUSIVE, too EXPENSIVE and too INCOMPETENT.

It’s just too bad that Rand Paul is far off base as an ISOLATIONIST.

IN ESSENCE . . . THIS WAS A GREAT WEEK FOR CONSERVATIVES, and in spite of the BS delivered by the likes of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democrat National Committee, who proves without effort how much of an embarrassment she is to the concept of honor and honesty – AS GOOD as this was for the Reublicans, is AS BAD as it was for the Democrats.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A git yur. I hope I spelt it right. Lots of prosperity, good health & a happy 2015. Ray

  2. With the exception of Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer who were excellent, it was a bad night for Fox & Co. The prime treo were terrible and unprofessional. The shinning moment was Carly Fiorino, she surprised everyone. She will be a force at the next one. I thought Kasich did an excellent job.

  3. Great analysis as always, Howard. Trump is bad news for the GOP, he has put them in a hostage situation where they either nominate him as the candidate, or he will run as an independent and practically hand the Democrats the White House. He made this transparently clear during the debate. He is like Ross Perot in this regard. Hopefully an actual conservative like Cruz rises to the top, who is smart, humble, and above all a fighter for conservative values. All the best to yourself and Anne.

  4. I thought I saw polls showing Cruz rising to the top after the debate. I think if Trump loses the primary, he might actually put everything behind Cruz rather than running as an independent. If the GOP nominates a RINO, though, then he’ll run as an independent. But, who knows with a narcissist.

  5. Carly Fiorini
    Has been my choice since May. She exudes confidence and her speech is a welcome breath of fresh air. Ben Carson also
    deserves an opportunity to change the face of Washington…I love underdogs!

  6. Carly is a socialist whether you believe it or not… Only Ted Cruz is better than Donald Trump… from those that has a chance. I used to think highly of you Howard and some of your thoughts, but not any more.. I hope you don’t mislead any more.

  7. It was a TREMENDOUSLY GREAT night and a ratings boon for FOX News. And likely a game changer for viewers seeking balanced election coverage going forward… leaving other cable and news networks behind in the politically correct dust. ALL FOX News debate anchors were professional journalists who asked excellent questions that needed to be asked.

  8. Of course Trump will run as an independent and scuttle the GOP and give the win to whatever left wing flunky they toss in the pot. It’s already planned out. Fiorina would be great for the country and Ben Carson, or several of the others as VP would get my vote. But as long as the puppetmasters pull the strings that ain’t gonna happen.

  9. Trump may speak the truth but he’s being surrounded by consultants who want his checkbook rather than him in the White House. He has a chance if he puts out a plan and a message and then STAYS on that message. Can you IMAGINE what his numbers would be if he’d said: America is 18 TRILLION in debt. We have criminal illegal aliens kept here by a LAWLESS POTUS, The disaster of Obamacare and half the country on food stamps and you ask me a FLUFF question like THIS??? REALLY Megyn? REALLY?? score!!!

  10. i am angry I touted Trump and am now looking at him with my eyes wide open. I love Howard’s analysis, he’s the MASTER NO ONE HAS HIS INSIGHT IT’S PERFECTION. I agree with every single word. Trump is yesterday either he’s trying to get out of the race by acting unstable as he may see he doesn’t measure up and wants his old life back or he’s a dangerous candidate. a businessman yes, President NO! NEVER!

  11. Bernie Sanders is an Independent and therefore may not qualify as a democrat nominee. It would make for an interesting situation if Bernie decided to run as a third party candidate much like goofball Ralph Nader. Go Bernie ago!

  12. I can see it now on prime time TV. A program showing The Donald as POTUS! :o)

  13. Trump has shaken up the party and shown one doesn’t have to be politically correct to garner support, however he will not last the tough 15 months to November. While he is reveling in the current attention I don’t think he will do the hard work it takes to go all the way. One can’t run a campaign by flying in, throwing out a few insults, wave to the crown, and then jet back to the high life.

  14. At the end of the day after all the media buzz and political rhetoric, I still believe Trump is the candidate that can “Make America Great Again”. Let us not forget his strong points: National and International “successful” buisness man, highly educated, knows politics and politicians probably better than they know themselves, trade negotiater and Loves America! Are we really so afraid of his arrogance and bombastic nature that we would settle for second, third or fourth best! Not me!

  15. I feel that Trump has too many irons in the fire with his businesses plus his attitude of self love is overbearing. He is certainly one to envy for his success in business, but his mannerism with Representatives of other Countries may be ok which we don’t know, but I personally don’t have confidence in it. My suggestion would be that if he stayed where he is at in the business world and America will continue benefiting as well. He excels in his profession above most Americans.

  16. Trump is going to run as an Independent. He will ruin it for the Republicans and insures a shoe-in for Hillary. Trump has said, “if the Republicans treat me FAIRLY and I am the Republican candidate,” I will not run as an Independent. Notice, his rant now is that the Republican’s are not treating him fairly and he is picking fights with Fox News which is beyond ridiculous! Trump is a PLANT. Watch out!! Pauline

  17. Trump is leading in every poll that I have seen by almost double digits or more. Carly Fiorino was an advisor to McCain in 2008. She left Hewlett-Packard in a very bad way and that will come out more as she rises. Freedom Outpost has a June 2015 article of Carly’s speech praising the Islam Ottomam Empire as the “greatest civilization”. She criticized Ted Cruz when he was trying to defund ObamaCare … Fiorino is a RINO … Keep doing your research on her … Trump – Cruz – Carson are rising …

  18. While I like Fiorina, I have seen a blog where she has touted the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam. If that is so, then strike three, she’s out!! She did great in the debate and I liked her performance but if she really is touting the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam, I cannot vote for her. American has enough traitors in both parties.

  19. I do not trust Fiorina. She has a record of praising Islam, and word has it that when head of HP, she circumvented the sanctions imposed on Iran by using a third party. She opposed Cruz in the past and anyone that opposed Cruz in the past, I will not stand with in the future. There are only two candidates who threaten the Establishment’s status quo….Trump and Cruz; thus, the attacks on Trump will continue.

  20. I can’t believe that people do not see that Trump and Cruz are best for this country…pres. and VP I say. And today there are so many ind. you don’t have to worry about an IND. throwing it to a leftie. Those are the old days .. Pauline and Raymond should grow up and see the forest not the trees where they are stuck in. And I can’t believe anyone stupid enough to want Carly as president with the mess she made for HP. I know only to trust Hannity…..who is for TRUMP and Cruz too.

  21. Anyone complaining about Fox News moderating the debates has a very, very short memory. The outstanding question is whether Fiorino can find a sugar daddy or two or three to provide the funding necessary to raise her profile to 1st tier inclusion. She’s got to be encouraged and invigorated by the acknowledgement of her debate performance. I’ve been trying to think of who Trump reminds of and figure it’s James Cameron in his “king of the world” speech at the Academy Awards. Ego vs. Accomplishm

  22. Howard I have followed your articles for several years. And for the most part I felt you were in tune to Americans desire. To leave the established political merry go round. But now it seems you bailed out on our best chance with Donald Trump. And jumped on board with Florina . Have you fell under the spell of articulate speech without substance. which is the tool of the Devil himself. Give me a man who stutters and proves himself mighty. Over the articulate Liar with alternative desires.Florina

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