The DEBATE Comments Are GREAT . . . And All Over The Board



IT’S ABOUT HONESTY AND COMMON SENSE . . . I’ve read ALL the comments on the COMMENT Page, and in private emails too, and as you probably read as well, there are plenty of PRO-DEBATE comments, along with quite a few CRITICS.


Far too many people are really upset, because they believe the panel of FOX Hosts had it in for Trump, and specifically set him up to fail. NOT TRUE.

Each one of the Candidates was singled-out for things they said, and or did in the past. AS AN EXAMPLE – Scott Walker was asked if he would let a woman DIE before allowing her to have an abortion, since he has said no to abortions under any circumstance.


BUT EVERYONE HAD A GOTCHA MOMENT . . . it just seems that TRUMP had the Lion’s Share, which might be true, but then again, no other candidate has said so many hard things in their personal or political lives as had Trump. AND TRUMP IS THE LEADER IN THE POLLS by a substantial margin, and the leader is always hit the hardest.

And whether you agree or not with the many things Trump has said in the past, of which there are many, they invited hard questions that DESERVED real answers. The problem with Trump is that he didn’t answer the questions . . . AND THAT WON’T WORK AGAINST A DEMOCRAT.

Besides . . . while both Parties are fighting tooth and nail for the massive FEMALE vote, how well will Trump do in a debate against a Democrat, perhaps even Clinton, who will ask what he meant by calling women PIGS, DOGS and WORSE?

I’m married to a wonderful woman. I have two great sisters. And I have many friends of substance who are women . . . And I, as a proud CONSERVATIVE, will NEVER vote for someone who calls women PIGS AND WORSE.


It wasn’t lost on me, that this was the DEBATE FOR THE LEADER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY – this wasn’t all about Trump, so what does it say when Trump wouldn’t commit to the Party if he doesn’t win the nomination?


If Trump can’t support the choice of the PEOPLE of the Republican Party, who are inevitably the ones who will vote for the Leader . . . then why’s he there?

If that was his attitude going-in, he should not have wasted anyone’s time, and he should have formed his own Party or launched as an INDEPENDENT from the GET-GO. That would have been the honest thing to do.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . I do not support any RINOS, and have little regard for FENCE SITTERS and candidates who lie, and/or/are politically correct.

But I also can’t support a BULLY who uses threats to get his own way.         


No one would have been nearly as excited to watch this first debate, had it not been for Trump being there. There’s no question whatsoever, that a good part of the 24-MILLION PEOPLE who tuned-in . . . tuned-in mostly because of TRUMP. And that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

But also remember . . . they tuned in mostly to see Trump tell someone that they were FIRED. They came looking for ROAD KILL, and a show that didn’t necessarily have anything to do with real politics and the future of America and the FREE WORLD.

They came to see TRUMP at his best . . . or as it turned out – AT HIS WORST.


Every time Trump was asked a question, he didn’t answer. At one point, Wallace, who I am not fond of, asked Trump to show the proof, which Trump said he had about a Mexican government conspiracy at the US Mexican Border.

Trump’s response was – I have proof . . . and never produced it.

The only other Candidate who refused to really answer a question that he should have answered, which was about abortion, was Walker, which bothered me more than just somewhat, because I like Walker . . . and for me that’s a problem, because NOT answering the question was worse than answering it one-way or the other.

INCLUDING FIORINA . . . there were several great campaign debaters who did really well, and proved their Conservative Credentials, AND THEIR ABILITY TO WIN IN 2016, who will support the Candidate who will win the Primary.

They didn’t demean women. They didn’t make claims they couldn’t substantiate. They didn’t call each other losers and/or whatever other insulting invectives they could think of. And they more or less answered every question with clarity and no BRAGGADOCIO.


In my opinion, they were fabulous, and were a credit to FOX News . . . And because of the 24-MILLION Viewers, FOX News SCORED BIG . . . I MEAN REALLY BIG!

And for all the people smacking down Megyn Kelly . . . would you have preferred that she handed-out marshmallow questions to candidates headed into a STREET FIGHT, where there is no quarter asked and NONE given?

There are plenty more debates to come on all networks, with various formats and hosts, and more hard questions . . . so, before we all pick up the hammers and pickaxes to go to battle because Trump was offended – let’s see who will maintain the momentum and carry the message.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS . . . This isn’t Trump’s Primary. And it’s NOT all about Trump. AND in spite of what Trump thinks . . . HE IS NOT BIGGER THAN THE USA.


IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . It doesn’t matter what I say, since I’m just one voice, which is a voice without a vote. But I assure you . . . that many more speeches, hard debates, and holding candidates feet to the fire will weed out the weak, eliminate the easily offended, and establish the strong. And hopefully then, the right leader will emerge to save America and the world as we know it.

And I doubt very much if that will be Donald Trump. An adage of an old salesman like me has always been . . . SELL THE SIZZLE NOT THE STEAK. That’s good for buying and selling real-estate, hotels and casinos, but not when it comes to the future of our existence.

And Trump is all about the sizzle.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I wish you a very Happy New Year. Actually, I wish everyone a good 2015. Hopefully, change is in the air.

    I never get a flu shot anymore. They have made me sick in the past. So sorry you are feeling poorly. Take it easy and get well soon!

  2. Fox has lowered itself to CNN standards. Starting with O’Reilly down. Ever notice how O’Reilly looks and acts like a Don Martin character…. THEY are all media showmen.

    I used to be a rewl a Fox fan…no more.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. I missed the first debate and wish I could have seen Fiorina, since everyone is raving about her performance. I feel like Trump is just a bunch of hot air, but agree that trying to be politically correct has gone way to far.

  4. Whether intended or by accident, Megyn Kelly gave Trump a chance to shine when she asked when he changed to the Republican Party. Assuming that he did so, that is. From his shrug and smirk, it seems he has overlooked that. He could have knocked her out of the water had he done so. He’s a blowhard and all he see,s to be is ego. He donated to the Clinton Fund and to Nancy Pelosi. He’s a dyed in the wool Democrat. Remember Ross Perot? Trump’s entry into this race is highly suspect to me.

  5. I agree with your assessments, and your comments, BUT you are too kind! I believe, and being from a business owner in a sales environment, B/S is B/S, you can’t spin it differently! However that being said,… The AMERICAN PEOPLE want answers, to how we good here, how do we get out of here, and most importantly to Johnnie Jones, and Mike Smith, and their prespective spouses,…can we make it??

  6. You’ve got my vote, Howard. Good assessment of the facts, not the fiction.

  7. Trump is off, and for that reason cannot be our President. He’s killing his chances as his temper, arrogance, conceit and downright outrageous comments he is a danger to Americans and the Party. He is showing a side of him never seen before. I am closing the door on Trump my list of favorites is RUBIO, CRUZ, FIORINA IN ANY ORDER, HUCKABEE AND CARSON POSSIBLE V/P’S THEY ARE OUTSTANDING, CANDIDATES, PROFESSIONAL AND ALL HAVE THE CLASS AND PERSONALITY THAT TRUMP COULD NEVER HAVE!

  8. From: Vickie McCoy

    I agree with Jon Walker..It was O’Reilly who first attracted William and I to Fox News, but now we really try to avoid his arrogance and conceit! I do like Megan Kelly! She has spunk, personality, and she is so smart..

  9. Thank you, Howard! You wrote exactly what I was thinking. Keep writing your editorials.

  10. Personally I like Donald Trump I don’t care who he insults. I actually thought what he said to Meghan Kelly was rather humorous. Americans need someone with his credentials I hope he becomes the next leader of the Republican party and goes on to be the next president of the United States that’s my $0.02 I’m also a big Fox News fans

  11. If nothing else, Trump will be a good barometer for other candidates to see how far they can go and not lose ground in the polls. I don’t see him winning the primary, but stranger things have happened! Who would have thought some totally unqualified, incompetent nobody like Obama could pull it off!

  12. To me, Trump is a roller coaster ride of hot and cold showers. One day I like him, the next day I don’t. What he lacks is, “Finesse”…and because these are the very early days of the race, unfortunately, Trump’s reckless rhetoric only promises to get worse. BTW, I love FNC. Actually, you, Howard, are as bombastic as Trump, however, you get your hard hitting points across with finesse, for which I will be eternally grateful!

  13. I could care less if Donald insulted any woman, I like his views and his vision for the country, I believe every politician out there are frauds and are only going to work for their lobbyist. That’s the only way it’s always been, I’d rather role the dice and give this dude a shot at the office. He couldn’t do worse than that sob in office now, could he?

  14. most dodged questions. The start was a hit on Trump by fox & the of crap at the rnc. Kelly needs to clean out her own closet. IE Stern interview. ALL of her personal life was on display. Trump is right. rosie odonnell is a pig. A treasonous pig. The 1st debate was the best. More professional moderation. The 2nd was a circus. A – Cruz, Carson, Fiorina . B – Huck, Rubio, Walker C -Christie, Santorum, Jindal, perry, beir. F bush, trump, Kasich,Pataki, graham, Kelly, Wallace, matthews

  15. To suggest that we should vote for Trump “because he can’t be any worse than the sob in office now” is to suggest that mediocrity should be measured in stages and the slightly less mediocre candidate is good enough to lead the USA. Well, in a word, NO. Trump has awakened the other candidates to the growing problem of illegal immigration, which they otherwise have ignored and would have continued to ignore.

    Brains and class draw me to Cruz and Fiorina, with Carson next in line.

  16. Thursday night debates. Success Happy hour, Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum. Excellent in all areas. Failures the Fox 9:00 trio. Dreadful were the worse I have seen. Brett is a lap dog. Kelly is there because of Rodger, Wallace is there because of his father. They were a disaster did not control the debate, very poor questions and many were out of order.
    While Fox is patting its back, thank Trump for being there or they would have 1/2 the audience.

  17. I suppose we will have to disagree on the “Main Event” moderators. As I watched the coverage prior to the beginning of the debate, I thought they (especially Kelly) were not taking it very seriously. They were flippant! As for the questions, I don’t think any subject was out-of-bounds, but the way the questions were posed was more of an attack or inquisition rather than opening a discussion. And while you cannot get answers from everyone on every question, I didn’t feel I learned much.

  18. There are no good guys among the 17 Republicans, and no good Democrats. What a sorry state of affairs that this great country can only be ruled by a bad guys because that is all that is in the race.

  19. Comments over all about Fox news seemed to have with drawled all because of a few “entertainers”. Just because of those who demean, don’t just the entire news company. There are plenty other good reporting shows that I bet some you don’t even see, just because you are working. Be thankful that there is a news company which doesn’t report news TOTALLY from a liberal-point-of-view. Keep on going Megyn.

  20. “For there must be ‘heresis’ among you, (the people) that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.”
    Donald Trump is that catalist “heretic” that separates the cream from the crop. You may not like the way he comes across but his performance like it or not gets the things out befor the candidates that need to be discussed. No, most likely he will not win and he knows that but he has a purpose. . .from on High.

  21. While I was enjoying breakfast with a good friend this morning, Donald Trump’s most trusted campaign adviser quit the campaign because Donald Trump is off the rails. Neither America nor the world can afford – I mean risk – having Donald Trump as President of the United States. I will be writing my first campaign donation to Carly Fiorina. Keep your eyes on Kasich too. Rubio VEEP.

  22. An attack on one or more women is not an attack on ALL women anymore than an attack on one man is an attack on all men. A question about abortion to Walker was legitimate since his beliefs about abortion can effect policy should he win the Presidency, but a statement masked as a question about a personal exchange betweenRosie O’Donnel and Trump has no relevance to future policy. The intent was meant to ridicule and humiliate Trump. It spoke volumes about Megyn Kelly.

  23. I would love to see a Carly, Ben ticket more than anything!
    And not necessarily in that order.
    They both rock!

  24. Maybe, just maybe, the “Donald” is just a plant by the Democrap side. Installed there to disrupt/divide the REAL candidates… Ever think of that?

  25. Trump, unfortunately is his own worst enemy. He needs a “handler” to steer him. He could take the WH but not, I fear, with the bombastic, crude, rude attitude he has displayed so far. Given that he is an intelligent person I am quite amazed how he is behaving. And quite correct Howard, he never answers a question.

  26. what ever happened to Fox’s “fair and balanced?” I am so disappointed in Megyn. Doesn’t she know that many of Fox News listeners like Donald. Reporters should not be political advocates like George Stepanpolous (sp?). Trump would be 10 times better than Obama. The Congress would rein him in when ever he would over steps his legal bounds as president. At least he loves America. That is better than you know who.

  27. The questions from Fox News were NOT professional. They were bullying. They were set up to purposely make the Candidates look bad. Our County is in a mess, and the debate was an example of that with the bullying of Fox News. Under the circumstances, Trump was very composed. It’s probably very difficult for him, because he’s a very opinionated man. If we put ourselves in HIS shoes, maybe the criticism wouldn’t be so bad.

  28. This is all part of the act. Trump believes, he IS bigger than the USA.(part of the act). I would love to see him yell at Congress, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  29. I agree with Shari, as Mark Levin said “What a waste”. Faux News obviously was trying to ingratiate themselves into the mainstream media. We didn’t learn a thing about the candidates policys or their thoughts on anything else. It was just a one big reality show with the contestants like trained seals. They had them all line up on stage early and just stand there looking like contestants on the latest game show. Again the question from Megyn was personal, silly and I have lost all respect.

  30. Howard, will you ever post something that I don’t agree with? Because you are right on the money again! In fact, I would have voted for Trump prior to the debate, but after watching this great field of fine candidates all, I decided otherwise. Trump is much ado about nothing, but to his credit, he’s ratcheted up the vitriol, thankfully, because we don’t need milquetoast candidates this time around – we need candidates who bite!

  31. Trump got everyone’s attention by choosing issues that the average American wants fixed–the economy and tossing out the illegals. He now needs to lay our his plan for America and start acting Presidential. If his aides and advisors don’t start enforcing this, then his candidacy is over. I’ve never really thought he would be the nominee, much as we need him, Carly’s a better choice if we want a Non-Politician. Trump has a chance IF he gets his act together and lays out his plan for the future.

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