It Was A Great Night For Republicans & FOX News


For the most part, the Candidates performed just as expected, with the exception of one – AND HER NAME IS CARLY FIORINA.

Before I get to Fiorina, let me tell you who was the most important person in the debate . . . IT WAS DONALD TRUMP, who proved that he couldn’t measure-up with real responses to hard questions, but PROVED BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT, that he has changed the dynamics and TONE of the Republican Fight for the leadership of the Party.

Trump will increase his lead because people LOVE his BOMBASTIC attacks on the establishment, but sooner rather than later, other Candidates like Fiorina, will overshadow him with aggressive substance opposed to bombast.

BUT AS LONG AS TRUMP IS THERE . . . every candidate must be aware that it will not be BUSINESS AS USUAL, and politically tested responses will not work.

BUT BACK TO FIORINA . . . I am proud that I picked her out of the crowd right from the beginning, even though the vast majority of Americans didn’t. What I saw in her, was a real fighter who understood the “score”, and had the incredible talent and ability to state her case with ease, determination, and clarity.

She will also not be intimidated . . . or knocked off her game by anyone.

Watch Carly Fiorina Emasculate Chis Mathews RIGHT AFTER Her Debate:

And after Carly Fiorina’s performance at the early debate, no one is going to take her for granted again. AND MORE THAN THAT, Fiorina has the capacity and mindset to keep all the other candidates FEET TO THE FIRE, who absolutely want to make a real impression.


BEN CARSON WAS GREAT . . . and did extremely well for himself, while poignantly answering serious questions with a great sense of humor. Not only did he not lose ground, I think he might have increased the number of people who will now give him a closer look.

CRUZ DID REALLY WELL . . . not only did he stand his ground against the White House, but also DOUBLED-DOWN against the RINOS, who hold positions of leadership in the Congress.

MARCO RUBIO REESTABLISHED HIMSELF . . . and gave a great presentation why he is really ready for Prime Time. IN SHORT – RUBIO CONNECTED.



Scott Walker was Walker – STEADY and articulate. But did nothing to write home about. However, maybe that’s all Walker had to do, since he is consistently holding his own amongst potential Republican Voters . . . I STILL LIKE WALKER.

Bush was uninspiring – and said nothing that would convince me that he wouldn’t be a RINO in the White House if he were to win the Presidency.

Chris Christie – simply hung in there, being Chris Christie.

Rick Perry – didn’t prove two things. He didn’t prove that he could debate with aplomb under pressure. And he didn’t show why he would make a real difference in national politics. Unfortunately, Perry seems to talk most about what he did as governor of Texas, but not really what he will do as the President of the USA.

Mike Huckabee – always delivers great lines during a debate, but more than that, his answers were predictable and classic Huckabee. Which is something that didn’t work before and won’t work today.

John Kasich – did exactly as was expected. He was passionate, focused, unapologetic and to the point. He did well for himself, and might have increased his position somewhat amongst the pack, but not enough to make a real difference.

Rand Paul – proved nothing, other than he is all over the board and an isolationist, at a time when the USA must exert its strength to save itself and the rest of the world . . . LIKE IT OR NOT.

As for all the other Candidates, specifically in the first debate, they all did well. They spoke well, and answered all the questions, but did not do well enough to increase their standing.


If you remember the debates in 2012, hosted by the big names in the Conventional NETWORK Mainstream Media, compared to how FOX News did here and now . . . THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

FOX NEWS HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK . . . asking really hard questions from every candidate, showing no particular animus to anyone in particular, including Donald Trump. And they kept the debate moving and lively.

I think this debate won FOX News a heap of new viewers who probably never had reason to see or hear the on-air FOX Talent.


There was a 2-Hour Nationally Televised Canadian Debate yesterday (August 7, 2015), starting one hour before the 9:00 o’clock US debate, of which I watched the first hour.

I’m embarrassed to write that the comparison between the Canadian Debaters, the Media, and the Moderator to what I saw on FOX News, was like comparing a varsity football team, to Super Bowl Champions . . . IT WAS PAINFUL TO WATCH.

You also have to wonder where the brains were of the Canadian producers, who made the decision to run their DEBATE against the American Powerhouse. SORT OF SAYS IT ALL NO?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As usual, Howard, you NAILED IT. Before watching the debate, I might have voted for Trump simply because of his irascible, dyspeptic style – but Carly Fiorina is amazing, a veritablel hurricane, and Ben Carson, despite his calm and quiet demeanor, really shined! I am thinking right now about a Carson-Fiorina or Fiorina-Carson ticket, but oh heck, I love Ted Cruz…what a field we have! I hope we can find a place in the GOP cabinet for many of these fine candidates!

  2. Yup! Your two last paragraphs says it all! There was absolutely no comparison – the American debate was a winner. And why in heck hold the main Cdn debate at the same time as the American one? ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ I guess.

  3. Carly Fiorina (who is not a politician) is definitely the one!!! Fiorina for president, Carson, vice and many of the others as cabinet members.

  4. Howard, I considered FOX trying to set up Trump. He held his own though against tough questions. Rand almost choked after he went after Chris Christie who I dislike. But He looked like a pouting puppy dog after Christis’s comeback. His tail was up his A__! Not good for Paul IMO. I have no clue who really stood out. Maybe Cruze, Rubio, Trump or Carson. Way early in the process, so time will tell! AE

  5. As Marcus Rubio said: The Republicans have 17 great candidates, and the Democrats have none! So true! One disagreement with you, though is Donald Trump. I think he crashed. And I think the polls will show it. It will be interesting.

  6. Trump is out, no more Trump for me, he holds a gun to everyone’s head and says vote for me or else a 3rd. party candidate. He’s a “bull in a china closet”. Fini with him. And the winners were, Cruz, Rubio, Carson (although a President I don’t know”, lacking in experience. Huckabee was a new person, a surprise. likable, demonstrative. FIORINA STOLE THE SHOW, A CLASS ACT IF EVER THERE WAS ONE. ARTICULATE, STRONG, DEFINITIVE AND I’M SURE SHE MOVES TO THE TOP 10!

  7. There is some hinting that there is a connection between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the American Thinker article
    By James Arlandson on August 7, 2015 “The Clinton-Trump Connection”.

    Suggest that Donald Trump is a spoiler acting on the Clinton’s behalf.

  8. As expected, the debate is all the buzz around America. Republicans have shown the we have a gaggle of candidates that are light years ahead of Hillary in being able to get this country headed back in the right direction. I agree 100% with your choices and assessment of the debate!!! I’m thinking now Rubio/Fiorina or Fiorina/Rubio. I love Dr Carson, but we need a President with cajonies to get this country turned around. Fiorina even qualifies!!!

  9. You did great, as usual, Howard!! I agree with you on Carly Fiorina. She is a powerhouse & if she gets more TV time for folks to get to know and recognize her, I think she can be “The Winner”. Ted Cruz is another great one so I think the combination of those two, can be a Presidential/VP Winner & as others have mentioned, several of the others would make great cabinet members. God Save & Bless America.

  10. Agree. Fiona nailed it. Was always interested when she was interviewed but under the spotlight, she didn’t flinch and quite frankly, astounded. Trump was Trump and that’s simply not enough. And right on regarding the Canadian farce. Four people shouting at each other, a 3 against 1 pile on. I too am waiting for the polls to see if Trump rises or falls. For political junkies, it doesn’t get much better.

  11. Howard,your discernment always impresses me.Trump is out. Carly Fiorina wowed me,Ben was an encouragement,Cruz impressed me.I like Huckabee can’t picture him as President. I like Walker too. The rest? I put Rand Paul along side of Trump-out. There a lot of time till the election. The last thing we need is “performers” As of now, Carly for President, Ben would be an excellent and strong Vice Pres. I could see Ted Cruz as Vice Pres. too. Fox did a fabulous job. No Bias shown, Fair and Balanced.

  12. well Carly is a global warming hack….typical progressive thought! she is dead in the water!

  13. You are SO right, Howard! Carly Fiorina has been attracting my attention for some time and last night she nailed it! At one point when she was talking I thought, OMG, an American Margaret Thatcher! I love Ben Carson, but would rather see him in a cabinet position. He needs to be “out among the people” helping us heal this nation. As for Trump, he’s attractive to many because he says it like it is,but I haven’t figured out what he’s planning to DO as president.

  14. You and I are in agreement, once again! The Matthews – Fiorina interview was fabulous! She ate him up and spewed him out. I’m originally from PHL, as is Matthews and am Catholic as is Matthews and I cannot stand him. He is an embarrassment. Fiorina took care of Mathews in short order. I loved it. I too thought Fiorina won hands down. Then Jindal and Graham. While I like the others, they didn’t stand out. That’s my take on the 5pm Debate.

  15. Fox did show an animus towards Trump. Megyn’s first question to him was not a question as much as it was a statement. It had no relevance to the election. Yes, Trump has called some women names, but not ALL women; thus how is that a reflection of his stand towards women? It was a “gotcha” moment and beneath the dignity of the debate. We want tough questions, but when the public distinguishes between legitimate questions and “gotcha” moments, their will be an ourcry from the public.

  16. This is the first time I disagree with you. FOX news was on the kill for Trump. The first question out of the box was aboout a third party. That was directly a knife throw at Trump. Trump shoud have said, “I hope to get the nomination, but if not, and they choose a canidate that wants to make America great again, as I do. I will support him fully. if they choose another establishment/old guard anidate as McCain and Bob Dole, I will go third party to save the republican party and America.

  17. Obama says the alternative to his deal with Iran is war!!! Is he stupid or does he think we are.
    The US IS ALREADY AT WAR!!!!!!!!!! How many soldiers and civilians have to die to prove it????
    Israel will stop Iran.

  18. Yes, FOX was definitely out to get Trump…especially Megyn. Although I enjoy watching her show, I felt that she wasn’t as composed as usual last night. Martha McCallum did a great job as a host in the 5:00 PM debate. Carly Fiorina WAS also very impressive! All in all, many of the candidates have the necessary skills to become president. It’s still too early to say WHO this will be. Huckabee has consistently been one of my better choices, however. Trump will, no doubt, surprise us again soon!

  19. Generally, I’m strongly against bullying. But there are almost always mitigating circumstances. The US is being bullied by many countries. Because all other options are exhausted, I reluctantly suggest the US now needs a bully as president. Trump is an established bully. I like Carly as his running mate.

  20. Howard I do believe you hit the nail right on the head for the U.S. debate (I still like Trump).
    As for the Cdn debate tried to find it on CBC., CTV., Mtl., Ott., To., but could not find it on
    Bell dish. Only in Canada. Keep up the good work from about 10 Ks down the road from you.
    Mike Ritarose

  21. Carly Fiorina was the winner with John Kasich right behind. The losers were the Fox Anchors. Fox pats themselves on the back, sorry, if not for the Donald, it would have had 1/2 the audience as it is in golf with Tiger Woods. The Fox team were poor to lousy and Wallace (he can thank his Father for the job) the worst. R. Paul to hen house. Next debate CNN will launch Carly to the top tier, she is on a roll, stay tuned.

  22. I too disagree with you on the Fox Network. They were out to get Trump with Meghan’s first question, which was more of a statement then a question. She did not give any background of the dispute between Trump and Rosie about Rosie attacking him first. Her bosses had to give Meghan the question and hoped that it was a gotcha moment. Well it wasn’t and as he said there are so many more important questions to ask and it was just a wasted moment by a formerly good network. What a waste.

  23. fox was out to destroy Trump. What the heck was libtard Matthews doing asking any question anywhere? Him and Wallace should get a house/apartment together. Kelly did a payoff for the women libbers, code pink, and the establishment rino party trying to dictate who the republican candidate would be. Losers – bush, paul, Kasich, perry, Rubio. Winner Cruz, Walker, Carson, Fiorina, Huckabee. Not a winner but not a loser – Christie,

  24. Fiorina,Fiorina, Carly Fiorina, who is she? Well, yesterday showed America who she is and is definitely different from her co-runner businessman Trump. She seems more on giving than to get. I hope that Donald Trump, will-stay-in, until the primaries show that the people want a “REAL-REPUBLICAN” get the nomination to go against the Democratic whatchamacallit, and step out. And however, Trump may make a good presidential cabinet member. He has a lot, special interest much would he have to give up?

  25. I have been impressed markedly with Ms. Fiorina and presently believe she is worthy of the nomination. Trump has opened serious discussions about forbidden (to RINOs) subjects, but i believe he will blow out like a fading storm. Ted Cruz continues to excite me and Scott Walker has the persona and achievements as a manager to make me want to vote for him.

    The GOP is blessed with such wonderful candidates but I have a lingering suspicion that they will self-destruct. Again.

  26. Most important question? Who can stand up to fiendish Hillary? Only 1: Carly Fiorina! The rest would buckle, except Trump & Cruz. That so-called ‘republican’ news anchor Meghan, has turned into a phony, egotistical, leftist dem. The 3 will never ask those kinds of questions to democratic candidates. Fox & Facebook were in bed together to undermine all. Make no mistake, Bush will be pushed to the front, so the One World Order will have a Bush/Clinton face-off. And nobody wants a 3rd Bush!

  27. Yes, Fox proved they are not what they pretend to be — they were more about demeaning Trump than holding a fair debate … their questions should not have been “loaded”, and theirs were ! Shame on them!
    I still believe “Trump is the only hope America has” — and Carly would make a great running-mate.

  28. I do not support Trump, with that said, he is in the race to stay. Remember we have Mr. Obama for president and who voted him in? Trump hit a home run with people who don’t know the issues, don’t care, and frankly don’t like Meghan Kelly. Everything he said echoes the average Joe, “The Man Show” (Jimmy Kimmel’s rise to fame) loving crowd. Screw PC! He calls it like it is, whether good, shockingly true, or mean spirited! Ben Carson stepped up a notch for me, but I support Ted Cruz.

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