Some Democrat Jews in the Senate will vote against Israel and World Jewry in support of Iran’s quest for the BOMB. And perhaps some in the House will too, because they are USEFUL LEFTIST IDIOTS, who will stand with Obama no matter what . . . WHICH TO ME IS NO SURPRISE.

Jewish history is replete with SELL-OUTS, as recently as the Holocaust, where Jewish Elitists of Europe put their trust in the goodness of humanity, as they perceived it to be, rather than the word of the Nazis who promised to disenfranchise them at best . . . and wipe them out at worst.


Slightly more than 2000-YEARS AGO (CIRCA 190-BC), the Greeks invaded the land of the Jews in Jerusalem (Chanukah), spreading idol worship and modern Greek philosophy, to which some Jews (LEFTISTS) accepted, which included the sell-out of Jewish values, while others (Maccabees) resisted with armed force, pitting Jews against Jews . . . SO WHAT’S CHANGED?

While Israel was fighting for its survival during the first days of its REBIRTH in 1948, Jews fought Jews in a short lived but bloody CIVIL WAR between the Right and the LEFT.

And Jewish History is abundant with stories of non-Jewish leaders using Jewish Elitists to buy themselves privilege, wealth and power . . . knowing that many Jews will sell-out their own to sit amongst the elite, and be accepted amongst the upper-crust of society.

A classic example of this personal sell-out amongst Elitist Jews, willing to forsake who and what they were, can be seen in a classic movie starring Ralph Fiennes, called SUNSHINE, which exemplifies to which extent many of today’s Jewish LEFT are prepared to travel . . . AND THE INEVITABLE PRICE TO BE PAID.


Knowing what France and England surrendered to the Nazis in 1937, less than 80-Years ago, just to appease fanatics, racists and murderers . . . in the hopes of buying PEACE through cowardice, packaged to look like brilliant diplomacy, makes any Member of Congress who supports the Obama/Kerry/Iran Deal – NOT WORTHY to serve the American people, AND CULPABLE TO WHAT WILL FOLLOW.


I won’t delve into the HORRORS coming out of this despicable deal, as with each passing revelation, it goes from WORSE to WORST . . . beyond belief.

WHAT I WILL POINT OUT . . . is how many of us within the Jewish Population seem to have learned nothing after more than two thousand years of history, culminating less than 70 years ago, with the end of the Holocaust and the SLAUGHTER of 6-MILLION Jews, for the CRIME of being Jewish.

And as much of Europe has once again REARED its Jew-Hating head, demonizing Israel because it’s Jewish, along with Europe’s remaining Jews, supposedly because of Israel – LEFTIST JEWS HAVEN’T CHANGED AN IOTA.


I have been criticized by members within my own Religious community, for taking such a public stand against prominent Jews . . . BUT THIS ISN’T THE 1930’S and I am not a LIMOUSINE LIBERAL JEW.

And if push comes to shove . . . which it very well might, I WILL BE A MACCABEE, and take whatever measure is necessary to FIGHT all those who call themselves Jews, who will they sell me and mine out.


I will fight to the death . . . for my right to be FREE, SAFE, EQUAL and JEWISH in the world where I live. And I will take on, expose, and battle all those who think otherwise.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happy New Year to you & yours Mr. G.
    Thank you for all your efforts to be informative & relevant.

  2. BRAVO, Howard – you nailed it! – Obama surrounds himself with golden calf-worshipping “Jews” and then has the arrogance to declare himself a Jew, crap all over Israel, and expect “his” Jews to do the same – and indeed, they follow the pied piper like sewer rats and dance to his anti-Semitic tune. Thank you for putting into lucid words the very dark thoughts that have been on my mind.

  3. Useful leftist idiots abound in Canada, as you know, Howard. They’ve voted unwittingly for Ontario and Alberta to follow the path of Greece. Canada is next on their hit list.

  4. I love your spirit and determination–wish more people had the fight in them to do what is right! Keep up the good and necessary work.

  5. Great editorial. Too bad it has to be written after all these years of bad history being ignored and pimped, by the likes of Obama and friends.

  6. War isn’t always the “right” answer but is does seem to bring the “cream” to the top. To protect the freedom of our people, it seems we are moving in the direction of a civil war here in this country like it or not. The question before us is; “Do we as a people just do nothing and lose or freedoms, or are we willing to take a stand and see who wins the battle.” The government is harassing us in our right to arms by restricting our 22 ammunition etc. Yes, we still have our guns. . .

  7. I agree with Howard on everything, I am sometimes ashamed of my religion, as I see what they have become. When I look at our Govt. and see the Emanuel’s the Schumer’s, the Wasserman’s, the Jewish journalists, it upsets me so much, especially knowing the Holocaust is fact, and Obama’s play book is a duplicate of Hitler’s.

  8. “Chuck” Schumer, Democrat senator from New York, set to replace demented Harry “the red” Reid, has to be the chief of the leftist Jews. Schumer’s reasoning powers, once given the title of Senate Minority Leader, will fail him as they did Reid, and as they have Senate Majority Leader McConnell, for reasons beyond comprehension feels an obligation to go along with Obama rather than fight for conservative causes.

  9. I never thought I would be saying this, but it is going to take a real “Chain Saw Al” to bring the Congress in line. On the scene at the moment there is only one, Donald Trump.

  10. While a second generation Irish American Catholic, my loyalties in this fight are with my Israeli brothers and the B/S that spews from the old White House!! Israel is surrounded by nations who are still nothing more than “Tribal”, and whose religion is nothing less than organized bedlam, hatred, and abuse. And WE the country that has welcomed EVERYONE for the past 239 years, has a President who is trying to sell a “bridge in the Moab Desert” with an Ocean view to the world!
    Shame, Shame

  11. Soon, Trump will have to address the IRAN DEAL. It will be very interesting to hear his viewpoints. It appears that the only person who can/could EFFECTIVELY confront Obama IS Trump. For some reason, all others seem to FEAR him (Obama). Even the Republicans-in-Charge have not stood up to him, as they said they would do. Obama has “fundamentally” changed America ONLY because he was ALLOWED to! Very sadly, he CONTINUES to do so. No one ‘stands up’ to him! Israel is our FRIEND—-not our enemy!

  12. Sadly, I do think you are right, and sadly I do fear our future. I never really paid much thought to the dozen or so Jews standing with the PLO’s on our Walk With Isreal each year, since they were so small compared to the 15,000 of us who marched. But the fact that even in Israel, you still have those who do not see what’s happening, and these are the influencial people, like the US Senators,Isaac Herzog(Globe and Mail,Aug/3/2015. So this frightens me, and I do fear our future.

  13. I feel a little uncomfortable with your ‘comments’ restrictions. I understand why you have them, and that it is your site to do with as you please…I look forward to reading your outspoken honesty and having to go into Google to follow what you’re saying, as often as I do and appreciate NOT having ads forced on me…As a Christian, I take to heart your message to the Jews…Keep up the good work.

  14. Many in my Jewish community (not my schul) have been concerned over this for a few years, but this has become more apparent in the recent 3 years. You know me and I believe you understand when the excrement hits the fan we will do what is necessary.

  15. My heart bleeds for my country as it day to day under Obama it sinks into the smelly ooze of Democrat Marxist socialism. But as has been said “We’re getting the government we deserve!” Our electorate is now made up of chicken s**t jerks that have no regard for Americas future. As for Obama and Israel, we’ve seen how Obama deplores the country and middle finger salutes Netanyahu from the git-go of his (Obama’s) presidency. Shameful and disgusting! Let us just pray for Trump presidency asap!

  16. There have always been traitors, among the group!!! One that comes to mind, Judas of Iscariot. I know that is Christian history, but, none the less, it is a good example of what a traitor is, to the whole community of either Christian or Jew. How many traitors, have changed the course of history? More than, I care to research. Bottom line, I am with you Howard, on defending my freedoms, to the death!!! I pray daily, for the salvation of the USA and I will also, pray for Canada.

  17. Parlor Jews!!? That’s a keeper! Well it sure is a change from Field Jews!! Ha ha ha!

  18. I keep getting told by my relatives and children that I shouldn’t worry about having a rifle, handguns, and ammo because we will never have a civil war. I wish to G-d that they were right, but I’m not so sure. What I am sure of is that I have rifles, handguns and plenty of ammo. Better to have them than not.

  19. I would like to advise you of what the Word of G-d says about those who betray Israel. Let’s start with Gen. 12:1-3, then go to the last book of the Word of G-d, Revelation ( I know the blinded Jews do not accept this as the Word of G-d but I warn them of the consequences when Jesus returns). Go to Revelation Chapter 3 and verse 9. This is exactly what is going to happen to these leftist Jews and is an apt description of them!

  20. Hi Howard, I will stand with you. I agree that a single Jew who sides against Israel is a traitor to the Jewish People!!! Enough people hate us for being Jewish, so I think any Jew who stands against Israel, should be ex-communicated.
    John W. Rosen,
    South Africa.

  21. I’m reading 2nd Chronicles,this King did evil in the sight of the Lord,I lost count of how many Kings did evil,having at time fathers who were Kings who did what was pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.We are no different today.Joshua stated “choose this day who you will “serve”, as for me and my house we will “serve” the Lord. So I say “CHOOSE”! It really comes down to that!As a gentile raised among Jews from Europe in the 50’s I learned about God by the Torah,Then Jesus who I accepted as Messiah.

  22. Howard in the Christian text of the kink James Version. It is said that in those days there shall be those who will say they are Jews but they are not.

  23. Many liberal Jews believe that to assimilate into any NWO will stop the persecution of Jews. (Sarte?) It has never worked throughout history, it did not happen in Nazi Germany and it will never work in today’s world. THAT thinking is not the HOPE of Israel. The only way that Satan can try to hurt G-d is to hurt His Beloved and those of us Gentiles who are grafted into Israel. He is mindful of His own. Hope Wozniak

  24. As a gentile I hope to be with you when you join the lord in doing right. I have had a hard time understanding how the Jews in this conuntry can vote and act like they do. May I have the courage to join you in the fight when it comes. Curt

  25. The key word in being a liberal Jew or liberal anything is “liberal”. It is sacrosanct and comes above all else. Any term that follows the word liberal is insignificant and has little or no meaning.

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