Look For Substance MORE Than The FIGHT



And not only is it for the future of America, it is also for the future of the world.

The great debate(s) are only days away, and everyone is anticipating a CAGE FIGHT between TRUMP and the REST . . . but it seems to me that the Media, which is promoting this Main Event as the Super Bowl of Republican politics is missing the boat.


I can’t believe how the Media and FOX News are somewhat ignoring a debate that might in some ways prove to be MORE important, than the debate amongst the TOP-TEN.


IN THE MAIN EVENT . . . The way the Media is setting it up, it’s going to be all about Trump, and which other Republicans he’s going to beat-up. I can’t see how it’s going to be mostly about substance, when all the media-talk is about TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP.

IN THE “LESSER” DEBATE . . . There will be no TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP – it will be all about policies, ideas and credentials amongst SEVERAL GREAT CANDIDATES, who thus far have been lost in the TRUMP Whirlwind.

And then there’s the fact that there will be 7-Candidates in the “LESSER” debate, instead of TEN, which even though they will have just 1-Hour to debate, opposed to the 90-Minutes the Main Event gets . . . that 1-Hour with 7-Debaters, will give the better Candidates a much more opportune chance to STRUT THEIR STUFF and impress the voters.


We should not lose sight of the real challenge, which seems to me, to already be lost in the weeds of managed TELEVISION POLITICS to most of the people.

What will be happening on Thursday . . . will be as politically exciting as we can imagine, but it is neither REALITY TV nor a CHAMPIONSHIP SPORTS EVENT, where we cheer for our heroes when they win, and lament our favorite teams when they lose . . . because win or lose, when it comes right down to the essentials, the outcome in sports and reality TV is meaningless to the cheering fans.

BUT . . . in this contest . . . HE OR SHE WHO WINS will decide the future of the world, which I think is somewhat lost on the cheering masses. AND THAT’S A TRAGEDY.

SO . . . Don’t watch the debates for form – WATCH FOR CONTENT, because the man or woman who wins could be the man or woman who will change the world for better or worse.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Be well. Sorry that the bug you caught was not covered by this flu shot. I look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

    Morton Bodanis, Montreal, Quebec

  2. Thanks to the Donald this will probably have the same audience as a Superbowl. Even on Facebook, he fills it up and I notice that most are supporting him. Can’t wait.

  3. Yes, people are definitely psyched about the upcoming debate and we can thank Trump for that feeling! There IS still hope for America’s future. Finally, we have someone (Trump) who is NOT afraid to openly address the issues-at-hand. He is not looking for power or money because he has BOTH. Also, when he speaks, one can feel his passion about wanting to bring our Country back to where we can be proud of it again! The 3 FOX Hosts are quite capable of chairing a very positive debate as well. AMEN!

  4. Howard;

    I hope that more Americans are waking up to know that the world they live in is on the brink of disaster. Race, gender and eloquence in a debate over substance and integrity should not decide our fate.
    John Ross; Vero Beach, FL

  5. Trump is like Obama in many ways. His arrogance irritates the heck out of me. There have been too many flip-flops in his past. There are troubling instances like donations to the Clinton Foundation. He and the Clintons have been long time friends (up until now). Therefore, it’s way too early for ANYONE to be putting their trust in this man just yet. Sure, he’s brilliant, but one must question his real motive for running. Americans are just plain tired of being “played” by politicians.

  6. I do not know of a business man, especially one who plays at the level that The Donald has been playing these many years who does not cover all of his basis. As such making donations and keeping options open are simply part of the game whether it be local, national, or international players/pols. I haven’t been made aware of anything that he has done that is any different. The real question is – does he get the job done?

  7. While most folks say they won’t vote for him,….let’s see what he says Thursday. He and Ronald Reagan are kindred spirits, and they both connected with the people who KNEW, the government IS wrong, back then, and now as well!
    Obviously he has smarts, talents and abilities, and so far he seems to be able to have “Politician” for breakfast lunch and dinner, without the slightest case of indigestion!!
    I am persuaded by intelligent, DOABLE, policies. BTW Nancy Pelosi is LUNCH!

  8. I’m just glad to see that more of the population is paying attention to what is going on in this country and that they are paying more attention to the players involved. Also looking forward to the debates.

  9. Excellent advice, leave nothing out debate #2 is just as important as #1, a GEM can pop out and surprise us. I will say it will take an awfully lg. gem to compete with Trump. Trump stands alone but not cast in cement anything can happen. I am surprised Kasich managed to get into the top 10, I think Fiorina would have been a better choice, other than that the top 10 seems to be faiirly put in place!

  10. This may go against the grain of all of the comments on Trump and the rest of the debaters. Maybe, Trump’s strategy is, [ ONLY ], to show the others that they too can have the fortitude to withstand against the others claim, media’s confronting comments, elite’s know-it-all opinion and win the election in 2016. I still wonder if he ‘really’ wants to leaves his life stile, rather than “most” of the others, who just want’s to move up the ladder-of-politics and not to be a true statesman.

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