Maybe America's Biggest Challenge Since The War Between The States.


AND WHAT ABOUT – Infanticide . . . Trump and the Debate . . . the Slaughter of Wildlife and Dishonor in the NFL?

Canada is about to go to the polls this coming October . . . where the LEFT, represented by TWO Parties are favored to win . . .

1 – The Liberals . . . who are very much LEFT of Center, are led by a Canadian IDIOT, Justin Trudeau, son of deceased LEFTIST Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1968-1979 . . . 1980-1984), who hated the USA and Israel, but loved Castro, the Communists, and the Arab States.

I assure you that the Apple did not fall far from the Tree.

Justin Trudeau, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, whose ONLY jobs before becoming a politician and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, were as a Camp Counselor, DRAMA TEACHER and Ski Instructor.

Trudeau makes Obama look good. Yet, in spite of it all, he has a strong following amongst the young people who love his pledge to legalize marijuana and increase entitlements.

2 – The NDP (New Democratic Party) is a FAR LEFT group of Socialists who want to STICK IT TO THE MAN and spend other people’s money. Remarkably, the NDP are currently the most popular Party in Canada and the OFFICIAL Parliamentary Opposition. Once the campaign really gets underway, that could change.

3 – The GREENS, with just one elected Member of Parliament are so far to the LEFT, that a compass couldn’t find them on the scale of normal; are just one vote away from absolute irrelevance . . . but nonetheless have a real following of radical tree-huggers.

4 – The BLOC Quebecois is a Quebec Separatist Party that stands for the salary, perks, and pensions they can squeeze from the Canadian population if they get elected. AND THAT’S IT! However, the good news about the BLOC is that they can siphon some votes (Seats) from the Liberals and NDP in Quebec.


5 – The Conservatives are currently Canada’s Party in Power, but are at real risk of losing the government to a combination of Liberals and the NDP.

Canada’s Conservative Party under Prime Minister Stephen Harper is EXTREMELY PRO-ISRAEL and very much PRO-USA, with no love for the American Democrats, and not so much under the surface disdain for Obama.

The Conservatives stand for less regulation, lower taxes, smaller government, abundant exploration and development of oil and natural gas, and old-fashioned values – but under Canada’s system of government, the Conservatives are somewhat restricted in delivering on most of those policies.

AS A CANADIAN CONSERVATIVE . . . I am very disturbed at the prospect of a LEFTIST government running Canada, as LEFTISTS at the helm of our two most important provinces (Ontario and Alberta) have assuredly already delivered great harm to the fabric of Canada.


Let me sum this up in as few words as possible:

No sane person could ever be PRO-ABORTION. But, there are sane and compassionate people who would and have aborted a child in the first trimester for any number of serious reasons. BUT BEYOND THAT, IT GOES TO THE DARK-SIDE.

1 – Defund Planned Parenthood in its entirety.

2 – Charge, arrest, bring to trial and imprison anyone and everyone who have or had any involvement whatsoever in the “harvesting” of Baby Parts. These people can only be described as being in no way less than Genocidal American LEFTISTS.


I shoot all manner of guns, train in action shooting, and believe in the American SECOND Amendment . . . so no one can accuse me of being a WUSS when it comes to firearms, so, before any of you do, let me make this clear – I am not a hunter, but have no problem with people who hunt legitimately.

THAT SAID . . . I eat meat and support the humane treatment of farm animals raised for slaughter, and have no problem with serious hunters who eat what they kill.

BUT IN THIS DAY AND AGE – to kill an animal, just for the fun of killing it, is wrong . . . REALLY WRONG.

I CANNOT understand what pleasure someone can have in performing a one second act of pulling on a trigger to end the life of an animal forever . . . for no other reason but the rush of the kill?


IF IT’S TRUE . . . IT’S NOT BRAGGING – I have debated at least a hundred times, and can honestly say with no reservations, that I have NEVER lost a debate, regardless of the topic, competition, format or venue. AND I NEVER REHEARSED, PRACTICED OR STUDIED . . . and this is 100% true.

IN MY OPINION . . . anyone who goes into a debate to argue principles only after rehearsing, studying and practicing, is someone who at the least shouldn’t be there, and at the most should not be taken seriously.

IF YOU WANT TO BE PRESIDENT . . . and the only way you can win in a debate is to CRAM for the MOMENT – you shouldn’t be in there.

ANYONE campaigning to be President should already know why he or she wants to be President, and why he or she would be the best choice for the nation BEFORE ENTERING THE DEBATE.

AND EVERY TIME TRUMP OPENS HIS MOUTH, and the rest respond with vitriol . . . he shows how ready he is – and they show how ready they are not.


BRADY AND THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS CHEATED . . . and that’s the bottom line. There’s no question that Brady DEFLATED footballs, especially for a Championship Game, the biggest game amongst the post season.

And whether deflating the footballs caused the Patriots to win the Super Bowl or not is irrelevant – THE ONLY RELEVANCE IS THAT THEY CHEATED, and they got caught, and have been forced to pay a substantial price.

What NFL Commissioner Goodell did in hammering the Patriots and Tom Brady for cheating, sent a real message to the fans of the NFL, and all of America and beyond, that rules and honesty mean something . . . AND NO ONE – NOT EVEN TOM BRADY SHOULD BE ABOVE THE RULES.

In my next editorial . . . I’ll write about a meeting I recently had, that reinvigorated my Conservative beliefs, and why arguing with the LEFT is an exercise in futility and a waste of time and energy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Best wishes for a great conservative resurrection 2015. Keep up the great work! The flu will pass.
    Rod Kemp
    Mount Albert, Ontario

  2. Bro, there’s still room in the Gunshine State for you and Anne. Come on down!

  3. I’m a 5th gen FL native & FL rocks. As a lifelong Dolphins fan I have to tell you that I don’t believe Brady and the Pats did anything wrong-particularly after my engineer husband explained thermodynamics to me which explains with ease the whole problem-and he’s a Saints fan. Believe me I wish I could say the Pats did it as I have a long-standing personal distaste for them, but it would be unfair and wrong. 1st half w/”low” balls=tie game. 2nd half with proper ball pressure? Patriots Blowout.

  4. There have been times during my soon to be 70 (18th of this month) years on this planet that I have come to the conclusion that the only way for people to learn is to lose. It may actually be such a time in the US where we are so far away from the Founding Fathers game plan that maybe it might work for us to go broke. Negative? Sorry but I am so sick of the excuses running for offices in this country I have had enough. Glad I am old. Sorry for my sons but I have had enough.

  5. we could use you in texas, full time! (Brady didn’t get caught for the superbowl, just the conference championship) we need folks like you in texas.

  6. Let us not forget that Tom Mulcair holds French citizenship as well as Canadian. There is no reason why any elected official should be allowed to hold dual citizenship and be in office. As PM, where will his patriotism go? His wife ran for the French Nat. Assembly to represent French citizens outside of France. She has his ear. If she was elected, she would have been his political rep. in France, and make laws for him to follow. Mulcair should resign. Now. Today. Give up his Canadian MP pension.

  7. I think Canada deserves the Bloc as a National Party to Run Canada ( right into the ground ! ) at which point voters may be ready to sell the whole place off at a discount . What with a 77 cent looney , headed for 55 cents US, it’s a hell of a deal. As for the Boca Raton comment , well intended, but the US does not want Canadian immigrants, we can visit but we can’t stay . I guess they prefer the “antis” they are getting now from “differing cultures ” with homegrown issues as

  8. Canada- 2 big government, high taxes, pro bill 101, anti-English language Nazis from Quebec in the NDP and Liberal party or a guy who has not shrunk the size of government and added billions to our national debt and continues to kiss Quebec and the Frenches ass all across the country in the ‘Conservative’ party.The country is a mess as we have French rammed down our throats daily all across the country while Quebec bans our language (bill 101) and PM Harper does nothing about it…what a mess!!!

  9. I’m inspired by your brief but accurate comments about Justin Trudeau and appreciate your provision of a venue that allows free speech. I lived through the ghastly parody of Pierre’s reign as Dictator-in-training, and been frequently disgusted by the Muslim terrorist in the White House, so I share another’s views that being 77 (in my case) means less exposure to the pending political and economic chaos. But I MUST say – grow a pair Canadians! Pretend it’s 1941! Be Counted!
    Tom, Cape Breton

  10. I have to differ with you a bit on safari hunting. I hunt locally and have not been to Africa but know hunters who have. Managed hunting is a huge benefit to African countries. The money generated by safari hunting benefits the local economy, pays the salaries of game wardens who keep poaching under control and manage the species – the lion population is healthy in those areas. The meat feeds the locals who are often undernourished, and is not wasted at all.

  11. Regarding the lower air pressure footballs used by the New England Patriots, it seems the league is not owning up to the failure of the officials to catch it. After all they handle the football after each play, and if there were something wrong they should have caught it then. Not saying there was no cheating, but that is what game officials are for — to make sure the rules of the game are followed. In this instance, they failed, and they should accept some responsibility for it.

  12. I’m with you, Chester of Rochester Hills, Mich. I’m 73 & have felt that way for some years now….”I’ve lived too long”. That said only because of our society’s frenzied running to gain lives with no rules, restrictions (except for the other guy esp. if he opposes such) & all the decadence they can withstand. We lived in a time of respect & at least some humility. Not anymore & getting where nearly all that is appalling to me is 100% embraced by younger folks. Could go on, but no room. God bless

  13. Goodell is running the NFL like a dictater, to my knowledge the NFL has no solid evidence as to how or who deflated the balls. I hope the NFLPA and Brady stick it to Goodell and the NFL none of the people I talk to are on the side of the NFL. Rick Weidner, Davenport, Fl.

  14. Today I watched the PM announcing the next election — First sentences were in French. How insulting to 80% of us -to make such an important announcement in a language we don’t understand. I switched off and started thinking about a spoiled ballot. None of these politicians should be able to say they have my vote or my confidence. 110,000 Canadians have given their lives for Canada – what would they think of the mess we have made of their country?

  15. We’ll have a much better idea of where most Republican candidates stand after their first debate this week. The only UNREHEARSED candidates on the stage will be Trump and Huckabee. There would be a third one if Ms. Fiorina would qualify, but it doesn’t appear that she will. The 3 FOX Hosts will also be very well prepared with their questions. This debate will be like no other we’ve ever seen before–the reason being that Trump is so-o-o-o outspoken and “hits the nail on the head” when he speaks!

  16. I would like to wish Roger Godell lots of luck in his next job if anyone would like to hire a dictator and over seer of a monkey court of his own making. I always thought one needed evidence to convict someone but when you are a know it all incomptent like Roger making 40 mil a year maybe he figures he does not need to answer to anyone.
    Well, we will see. When Robert Kraft and the real justice system is done with Roger the NFL will be scrambling to find a new head man.

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