It’s TOO LATE . . . The Third Party Is Already Upon America



RINOS in the House and Senate (Boehner and McConnell) keep on saying how they’re gong to stop Obama – BUT DON’T . . . FUNNY isn’t it, how Obama does whatever he wants, as if the House and the Senate don’t matter . . . OR DON’T EVEN EXIST.

Amongst all their many promises, for which they were elected . . . Boehner and McConnell were going to SHUT DOWN Obamacare. So how’d that work out?

How did any of their PROMISES work out?


AND . . . in all reality, given how the Republican House and Senate Leaders are virtually invisible – Obama’s right, they’re pansies. ALL TALK NO ACTION.


I received a ton of emails and comments CHASTISING me for even suggesting a THIRD PARTY, which is incredible, since there already is a THIRD PARTY bursting to get out.

DO YOU THINK . . . Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and a handful of other recognizable names are the only REAL Conservatives that already comprise a THIRD PARTY to the RINOS?


TRUMP has already inadvertently launched the Third Party. And who amongst you believes even for a Nanosecond, that the people cheering for TRUMP are in the least bit satisfied with the status quo?

I will state this with 100% conviction, that if the Republicans ANOINT another RINO, whether there will be a Third Party of not, or a third Presidential Candidate or not . . . THE REPUBLICAN BASE WILL STAY AWAY, just as it did for Romney.


I watched Carl Rove, who in all reality has done more to control and hurt the people of the USA, than just about anyone else . . . by scheming, conniving and creating lies for the sole purpose of GETTING HIS GUY ELECTED.

ROVE IS NO PATRIOT . . . and neither are all the other political MARKETING GURUS, who will do, say, and create whatever scenario possible to win for the Insiders who hire them; all of whom are nothing more or less than MERCENARIES, who use words rather than bullets to wage their political propaganda wars.

How much BS are you willing to accept from the propagandists, before you say no more?


I heard Rick Perry say several times, in what I believed was CONTRIVED optimism – that America is on the verge of seeing its GREATEST DAYS, almost as soon as Obama is gone and the right Republican is elected.


America is in so much trouble, so broken, so indebted, and so divided, that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will do all they can just to keep it from falling apart . . . not to mention a world that’s about to explode.


I like the candidates I favor, because for the most part, they tell it like it is, and most are not career politicians . . . with three of them never being in politics.

When I hear and/or read about how people like Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Donald Trump have no real foreign policy experience, and therefore couldn’t qualify to be President, ALL I HEAR IS POLITICAL NONSENSE.

Anyone who could raise himself from the Slums of Detroit to become the World’s FOREMOST Pediatric Neurosurgeon . . . can learn how to do just about anything.

Any woman who can go from being a secretary in a World Class Corporation, to the CEO, is someone who knows how to manage, fight, and succeed in a man’s world.

Any Business person who can fail multiple times, yet still get back-up regardless, to successfully continue the fight, and handle hundreds of companies worth MEGA BILLIONS OF DOLLARS . . . is someone who can manage anything.

I’m still high on Scott Walker, because he is different than the herd of career politicians. He recently fought his own fight three times against what seemed to be insurmountable odds. AND WON.

OUT OF THE GROUP OF POLITICIANS . . . Walker strikes me as being the least political, who has done exactly what he said he was going to do. HOW REFRESHING IS THAT?


What’s the point of winning, if all you want . . . is to see a Republican in the White House, who will be just a little less bad than a Democrat?

SINCE THE DAYS OF REAGAN . . . look at how Republicans in the name of the Bush’s have managed America . . . READ MY LIPS. That was good for one term.

AND THEN THERE WAS GEORGE W BUSH . . . who grew the government, increased the debt, didn’t control the Banks, the Investment Houses or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac . . . BUT CARL ROVE DID GET HIM ELECTED TWICE.


And when will CONSERVATIVES finally say . . . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One can only hope the voters in Canada and the U.S. have your insight

  2. Trump is a mere expression of how many of us Conservaties feel, but I don’t feel he would be a good candidate. Trump has done us a favor by “running” (I never believed he was really a serious candidate) in that he put a magnifying glass on the RINO faction and brought it into its sad-but-appalling focus. Other than that, I wish he would back out of the race, but continue to expose Republicans who are not true Conservatives, but who in fact are nothing more than Democrats in sheep’s clothing.

  3. I applaud your choices all of them. I agree with you. I will admit to one thing only if I felt that Donald means what he says even partly I’d be satisfied. That’s how positive his message is. He is already going after the Liberal Media, when no one dared too, who else has done that no one. True he has the $ to do it. My only worry is if Trump keeps his word on a 3rd. party run. Is he spoiled and arrogant enough to do it? My only worry!

  4. As a concerned Canadian observer, it seems that Walker, backed by Trump, is
    the logical choice.

  5. I know that few will agree with me. The best person to lead, correct and restore this great Country is Gov. Mike Huckabee. I have followed his TV show and he is great. However standing alone he is not electable. He will need a strong, very strong running mate who has National recognition. I could suggest a few names, but what is the point. Sorry to see this great talented American going to waste.

  6. Any of your four candidates would make great presidents and hopefully turn the country around as did Ronald Reagan. But you left out one candidate, namely Senator Ted Cruize, who takes on his own party and like you, stands up for the TRUTH!

  7. True what you say about Carl Rove. when he turned against the female to replace Harry Reid in Nev. that did it for me! Rick Perry is just a self indulgent egoist blowhard. True he has a partial, but loyal Texas base, but they are fast seeing thru him. Then some are saying that also about our friend Trump, but at least he’s proven & dynamic, plus he has an empire extraordinaire to show for it – very much unlike Perry or most of the other wanna-bee’s to the Whitehouse digs. My chips are on Trump!

  8. At this time, it’s much too early to detect which candidates will thrive until mid to late 2016, but the upcoming FOX debate will, no doubt, help to eliminate some of them very quickly. Candidates will have to be more than ‘prepared’ to SURVIVE this debate, as the rhetorical responses which were once “used/given” will definitely not be “entertained” by Trump, et al, and the Hosts. “YOU’RE FIRED” sure would be a great word to hear about the RINOS in the coming months. There is still some HOPE!

  9. In several of your blogs/editorials, I have read you bemoaning the fact that Chief Justice Roberts, was appointed by Bush 43. This is not the first time, an appointee has been a great disappointed, to many. Back in the 1950’s, Pres. Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren, who became the Chief Justice, after his appointment. Chief Justice Warren was also, a great disappointment, to many. Just having a majority of your party in power, does not mean, an appointment will be a good one.

  10. The GOP history show why and how it came up with it’s policy’s, the meaning hasn’t changed. Since Reagan, there has been a third party, (Bush Sr, Rove, Bush Jr, Boehner, McConnell, all the other political GURUS), which has been under the cover of the ‘true’ GOP, which is how it has been twisted into a party run by wimps, which started going down hill when these RINO’s emerge, having moderate (Democrat), ‘DeInShCl’ voted in and splitting it. The gullible Americans needs to realize and stop them.

  11. I would like to see Walker or another person who has had serious political and executive experience and Carly Fiorona as VP. Only a woman can really take down the Hillary. Women would abandon Hillary as Fiorona tells them like it is being one of them. Show how to come up through the ranks to smash the glass ceiling and to be a mensch. Tell the real issues that women need to address, not the phony Democrat BS.

  12. Do you really feel Rove has created more damage than Obama? I have to believe that at least Rove loves his country..

  13. Those bemoaning no foreign policy experience in GOP candidates should recall that was BIG issue about Obama. Not sure Walker can translate his state successes to national level. No media coverage for Fiorina; same for Carson. Perry doesn’t impress me any more than last he ran. Trump gets coverage as does Cruz when he goes against RINO insiders, & Huckabee is only one even mentioning term limits for Congress. It really won’t matter cause market is bust end of Sep & 2016 USA gets makeover.

  14. Donald Trump knows the end of this country is at hand as we have known it, the Great and Gallant U.S.A. So. . .he can run as an “independant” spend all his money per se, and really not loose anything because he knows it is lost anyway. He will have the time of his life doing what he does best! It will be interesting to watch it all pan out. . .

  15. With so many good one’s running one commentor made real good sense. Not that the others didn’t, but
    we have so many good ones running in this election that I would hate to see one of them not being chosen
    as the Vice President.
    One would certainly be better than the dildo Obama chose for his VP. Lonnie B. Collett Rochester Hills, Mi.

  16. There are no good guys running for office. Granted some are worse than others, but I cannot see myself voting for any of the people seeking the presidency.

  17. Dittos to Jeff Zucker re Walker/Fiorina as the GOP ticket. How about Carson for Sec/Health and Welfare, Cruz as A/G, Allen West for Sec/Def? The GOP has some excellent candidates and a few RINOs who don’t deserve higher office.

    Howard, dittos to you re Carl Rove. Every time I see him on FOX I think, “Arch RINO manipulator and switch channels.

    Final dittos to my friend, Barry Schmidt, for his insights into “The Donald” whom I don’t want as the GOP candidate, either, but sure like his i

  18. Someone here posed the question: “Name one successful US third party presidential candidate.”

    Answer: Abraham Lincoln – 1860 – Third Party Name: Republican

  19. Who needs Democrats when you have Republican friends like McConnell, Boehner, Bush et al. Hope you and Anne are doing well. Best regards, Brent.

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