If you think the problems in America, including Canada started just with the LEFT, think again!

The LEFT are a big part of the problem, but the BIGGER part belongs to people who campaign as Conservatives and govern as Center Left, when they have the trust of the people to do the right thing . . . BUT DON’T.

Years ago, when I was in an all out fight against Ethnocentric French Quebec Nationalists, and the English Language Media, which invented ways to apologize for Ethnocentric French Nationalist’s inexcusable behavior, I was called an ANGRYPHONE, which was an INSULTING play-on-words that described me as being an ANGRY-ANGLO.

When responding to the English Language Media at a press conference in Montreal, following a speech I gave to about a thousand supporters, I was asked in what was a GOTCHA question by the Media . . . HOW IT FELT BEING AN ANGRYPHONE?


If after losing your rights to live an equal life, as an English speaking person in your own province doesn’t make you ANGRY . . . then you are an IDIOT.

I was never asked that question again.


I watched Huckabee on FOX News on the FIVE this Monday (July 27), as Geraldo Rivera aggressively insulted Huckabee, who was supposed to be a guest on their show, but was treated more like an idiot and warmonger, because Huckabee referred to Obama/Kerry’s/Iran deal as a March Back to the Holocaust Ovens for Israel.

The way Huckabee was treated was disgraceful. But, to Mike Huckabee’s GREAT CREDIT – he didn’t back down or temper his statement.


So . . . the big breaking news about Trump, is that before divorcing his wife Ivana in 1993, she made allegations that he raped her while still married, which she later walked-back as an exaggeration.


I know from first hand-experience . . . what is the power of DEMAGOGUERY, as an underhanded weapon used by people without a legitimate argument. And the only way to defend against this scurrilous attack is to ATTACK BACK – without surrendering an inch.


And the more the LEFT and RINOS throw this type of CRAP at Trump and other real Conservatives; THE MORE – OTHERS WILL SUPPORT HIM AND THEM.


With each passing day, all I see from the Republican Party . . . is how they are trying to control the debate and keep the status quo alive. THEY ARE NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE FROM THE PEOPLE.

The Republican controlled HOUSE and SENATE . . . are working-proof, of who and what the RINOS really are . . . and what they stand for.


I am almost fully convinced that the Republican Party has become an INCORRIGIBLE political group, that has become so far removed from the people they purport to represent, and so reliant on SPECIAL INTERESTS and the LOBBY CULTURE, that they have become an enemy to their own electorate.

I think, that if this RINO philosophy continues, the Republican Establishment will have to worry an awful lot less about TRUMP running as an INDEPENDENT . . . AND WORRY MUCH MORE ABOUT AN INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVE PARTY.

The more I see and hear of this crop of mainstream Republicans being hyped by RINO insiders, in the names of Bush, Christie, Perry, Rubio and several others, the more I’m thinking there should be a separate Conservative Party, and a REAL FIGHT FOR STATES’ RIGHTS.


If things do not change significantly for the RIGHT . . . the RIGHT better think significantly about change.

I would rather see a REAL DEBATE between Walker, Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, Carson, Huckabee and Santorum – than between pretenders who want to win the “throne”.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • I am not suggesting they are connected, but I find, since your tragic stroke, your editorials are more profound than before…and they were certainly profound over the last decade. Whatever caused you to evolve, I’ll take it! Being I did not find this editorial ‘disjointed’, I must have the flu…LOL. Wishing you a speedy recovery plus another healthy, profound New Year!

    Stephen Dubin, Toronto, ON
  • As good as it sounds, 3rd Party is NOT the answer. In time it will only be infiltrated by traitors, as has the Republican Party. The Republican Party must be redefined, back to where it is supposed to be. In other words, clean house! There are a few, though not enough, true Conservatives battling now. It’s a start. With someone like Trump setting things up and leading the way in true Conservatism, there is hope. 3rd Party will do nothing at this time but fragment. Please do not encourage it.

    Hiram Davis, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
  • I have lived near DC for 58 years and watched politics and political correctness play out since the riots of the 60’s. I believe we should do away with all parties. They have become to much alike to distinguish much of a difference anyway. I think we can easily divide the voting public into 2 groups. The Narcissists & Everyone Else! The Narcissists will vote for all they can get. Everyone Else will vote for all they can give, to the Constitution, our nation and our children’s future.

    Michael K. Keyes, Purcellville, Virginia, United States
  • As Rush Limbaugh states often, a third party run will hand the election to the communists. We must work to support the conservatives in the GOP (identified by tea party support) and change the party from within. We don’t need another Ross Perot debacle, which handed the election to Bubba.

    Ralph Glorioso, Santa Rosa, California, United States
  • Wanted to see a 3rd party. After 30 years I left the Republican party as it is so corrupt. To my dismay I see the beginnings of that in the Libertarian party. Sadly, the answer is what our forefathers party. If Trump left the Rep. party he could save much money for the general election, plus the majority of Americans now are no party. They don’t like what they have seen in either major party.
    The Rep’s seem to think they can push Trump out & say vote Rep.or you will get a dem LIE !

    Adelle Blackman, Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States
  • You are right about the third party Ralph. The fight is regaining the rep. Party back.

    Kathi Mcdermott, Laguna Vista, TX
  • The 2 party system has this essential problem: mostly people vote for the party they least dislike. A 3rd one could be a better option. Reps have zero steam and less respect from the avg “Joe”.

    Kenneth Oldfield, Hasselt, Belgium
  • In time a third party would be good but not now, the reason being that lot’s of people would still vote Republican and not many Democrats would vote for a third parts candidate. We must elect a good candidate of the Republican party that will turn this country around. A third part now would only split the votes and the Democrats would win. If Trump should win the people would have 4 years to build a third party that would be strong enough to have new people running in the House and Senate.

    Dale E. DuBois, Poland, Indiana
  • I completely agree with Ralph Glorioso. I have been watching Tomi Lehrer on OAN, One American News, a great channel, every anchor a pleasure, just what we need, unfortunately not available everywhere, no ads, great news including international news, historical facts so needed in this country. Tomi is so to the point, a real great pleasure to watch and hear, she is young, 23, she will go very far.

    Vic Levy, SARASOTA, Florida, United States
  • We are fortunate to have so many good candidates it will be a challenge to sort out. It is easy to cheer Trump on and it may even work but Cruz has a solid perspective and has already started the inside fight on or behalf. Keep him in mind.

    Dennis A. Schultz, Alpena, Michigan, United States
  • Third party? No! Above all, vote the RINO’s out and / or vote rep’s & sen’s to remove them from power of the 2 houses. Again, third party? NO! NO! NO! Hillary or whoever would get in. Remember 3 party’s? Bush – Perot – Clinton, and who got in? Again, Dole – Perot – Clinton, and who got in? Two strikes. If this happens again strike three and then………………….?

    Tom Kopper, Titusville, PA
  • No, Howard.

    Third parties only take votes away from the party that you want.

    Joseph LaGrassa, Avon, Ohio
  • Once again you hit the nail squarely on the head. I am so sick of both party’s I could puke. We do have a Libertarian Party. However the head in the sand philosophy they hold is too much for me, although I agree with some things. A true CONSERVATIVE PARTY is what we need! I have never liked the “Donald” in the past, but he is growing on me quickly. Once again you are right on my Canadian friend!

    Rick Bodoh, Fond du Lac, WI
  • Third party has its advantages. If you look at the Democrat Party, it is to the Left, the Rino’s are Democrat lite so what other choice do we have? Starting a conservative party would draw voters who believe in America from both Democrat and Republican parties. This first thing is that the Conservative Party needs to set up a list of beliefs of what they are for. So far the Democrat and Republican Parties are like loose sails flapping in the wind.

    Charles Zittin, Fleming Island,FL
  • Right on as usual !!!! The last RINO caused 4 million to stay home. We are MORE THAN FED UP. One more RINO & 40 million will write in Cruz or Trump or stay home. It’s TOO LATE to stick with the ROTTEN RINO RNC & its Disgusting consultants; IT IS TIME to form a true Conservative party which WILL gain 90% of the Republican votes & at least 50% of Democrats & ALL Independents, & blow the obsolete CORRUPT Republican party away for good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ed Yung La Porte TX

    Ed Yung, La Porte, Texas, United States
  • Just as Canada needs an enunciated overall, end, objective, and a means-to-an-end logical construct to lead the way to achieving it, our “Uncle Sam” could use such things.

    Arnold Eyre, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Saw last night on FOX that Trump led the latest poll over the other candidates for President. The RINO faction still wants to believe that American taxpayers are happy with their weak and counterproductive representatiion in Congress. Trump’s apparent popularity proves otherwise. Seems pretty evident that it’s time for another party that really represents us taxpayers and that it would be welcomed in a huge way. I disagree that a third party would split the voters; it’s time for a huge change!

    Barry N. Schmidt, DDS, Santa Rosa, California, United States
  • Yes, the RINOS will lose any power they now have if there is no change. However, it seems there may be little salvageable to govern if the left wins again. The threat of a third party in 2020 may do little to change rino policy taday (2016). They, no doubt, hope they can rule for 4 years and win back conservative support.
    A third party now, however, would probably give the marionette Empress such control that it will make little difference if rinos change their color.

    Alan Seeling, Buena Vista, Colorado, United States
  • Mcconell’s actions this week and do nothing Boehner supports your every word, they are incorrigible. The debates on Aug 6 will be the turning point, Trump will take control with truth and fact and will win hands down in popularity. The GOP don’t dare not hand him the nomination if deserving, they know the risk factor, they lose everything party, Country, they will never take that chance. Trump will never run as a 3rd. party, he knows how that will hand Hillary the election Never!

    Shirley Friedman, West Hills, CA USA
  • Between Trump & Huckabee, the Great Pretenders will not be able to survive too long during the debate. Also the 3 FOX hosts will be very well prepared with their questions. It’s definitely not time for a 3rd party, as this would assure a Democratic win. In the next few months, the RINOS will be shaken as they’ve never been before. No doubt, you’ve noticed that even the MESSIAH-IN-CHIEF took the time to comment on Huckabee’s statements during his African trip. There is still HOPE for the future!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • I believe that the Socialist Party infiltrated and now Dominate the Democrat Party without a significant difference in teir governing policies and objectives. They have now heavily infiltrated the Republican Party. Donald Trump with his True Conservative views and his Dynamic Ability to lead. Along with his proven track record of Financial success “SCARES” the ( ) out of both parties. They throw his Bankruptcy at him he Reminds them that he recovered with overwhelming success.

    Danny Clyde Buckles, Elizabethton Tennessee
  • Since when is Mike Huckabee a conservative??? He’s for Common Core – hardly a conservative position. Rick Perry is more conservative than Huckabee, IMO.

    John And Frances Owen, Katy, Texas, United States
  • A third party is a REAL gamble. There are “fixed” votes on both sides regardless of who the candidate is. A third party would start out with no basis. I really don’t think, at this time, enough votes could be pulled away from the two established parties to effect a win. I only chance is a candidate we support and Hillary continuing to stumble. The Five is ruining itself with Williams and Revera.

    Paul Branch, Osprey, Florida USA
  • The Democrats are salivating, hoping that Trump will run as a 3rd party candidate. As anxious as conservatives are to get rid of the RINOs and the Establishment, at this point in time, it is a terrible idea to form a 3rd party. George Soros with his billions will see to it that Queen Clinton will win the Presidency. Patience and common sense are needed. Please do not promote a 3rd party at this time.

    Eugenia Obrecht, Washington, Michigan

    Peggy Johns Bland, San Antonio, Texas USA
  • A third party is a disastrous idea. Only a long term solution- a convention of the states and/or taking over the Republican Party from within (precinct committeman(see ColdWarrior @ RedState)) will work! Short term – I favor election roulette. Selecting three or four prominent vulnerable R congress critters each election (i.e., Paul Ryan) and voting for the dEMOCRAT! Hopefully the possibility of being unemployed, after the first demonstration, will cause change 2 constituent wish fulfillment

    C L Watson, Scottsdale, AZ
  • My concern is simply this…I don’t believe there are enough true Republicans in the Country to win an election without appeasing some elements of the left to attract their votes and thereby stand a chance to win the next election. We have the same problem in Canada. Big government and the “free stuff” mentality seem to permeate in both parties. Hence, vote buying. Trumps vision would certainly create employment incentives vs disincentives.

    John Ross, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • I pray that enough American voters will wake up to the fact that we have got to change the status quo in Washington in 2016, or we are doomed. I think that the big reason Donald Trump leads in every poll by a LARGE margin is because the American people are tired of typical political BS. We’re tired of sound bites from politicians. We want straight talk, regardless of who it offends.

    Winston "Flash" Gordon, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

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