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I was watching Sunday Talk Shows on FOX News this morning (July, 26, 2015), where the conversation was all about themselves . . . as in the Media, and how they’re pouring so much time and effort into explaining Trump, and how they were all making excuses for how the Media miscalculated Trump’s popularity.

It was more or less an exercise in self-analysis, while simultaneously trying to look really smart, as if everyone else got it wrong but them . . . And if they got it wrong, it really wasn’t their fault for some unexplainable reason.


And instead of watching and listening to this DRIVEL, I tuned into JUKEBOX OLDIES and felt instant relief.


What the Media doesn’t understand, and certainly CANNOT appreciate, is that along with the politicians and bureaucrats . . . they’re just as much disliked and mistrusted as any of them.

I’VE WRITTEN ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS . . . how when I was a much younger man, one of the greatest callings was to become a real honest to goodness journalist . . . a man or a woman who is beyond reproach when it came to honesty, decency, integrity, truth, conscience and courage.

And maybe there was a time when that was true . . . BUT IT ISN’T TRUE ANYMORE. I was incredibly fortunate, because when I was just 28-years old, I got a job working for a weekly Montreal Newspaper, owned by an anti-Semitic French Quebec Separatist, who was a proud misogynist and continuously recovering drunk.

His name was Pierre Peladeau . . . a vile self made wealthy man, if ever there was one, who really knew how to play the government and the system like none other. And in spite of all his faults, Peladeau created the largest printing empire on the planet, mostly to feed his own newspapers.

What made Peladeau one of the most remarkable men I had ever met, and I met him very often, was his philosophy of . . . I couldn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about me, and I’ll do whatever the hell I want.


And that included Jews, all of whom he publicly reviled.

In an interview he gave while at the zenith of his successes, he had stated as fact that Jews took up too much room.

With the exception of all of his Canadian Newspapers . . . the Sunday Express, where I cut my teeth learning from the ground-up about advertising sales, how to promote the media, how to write and lay-out a newspaper . . . IT WAS HIS ONLY ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER.


Remarkably, Peledeau’s sales manager was Jewish. His top sales team was Jewish. And those of us who weren’t Jewish, specifically the writers, were journalists from the old school, who were no-nonsense two-fisted heavy drinkers, who were on the way down in their careers, as the modern schools of journalism were passing them by.


These were men with hard instincts, who worked at the Sunday Express because they were at the end of their day. And this was the last place they could ply their trade and still eke-out a living. NO ONE ELSE WOULD HAVE THEM.


Even though the Sunday Express was treated like a RAG by the disrespectful and Elitist politically correct English Mainstream Media, we had a real readership who looked beyond our sports pages and sensationalist stories, for the stories that really told it like it was, that you would never read, see, or hear anywhere else, until they were forced to cover whatever the story was by the people who READ IT FIRST IN THE SUNDAY EXPRESS.


The Mainstream Media has REGRESSED to the point, where it’s no longer about the news, exposing the bad guys, and finding the truth. IT’S BECOME ALL ABOUT NUMBERS AND INCOME.

It’s morphed into big salaries and who knows whom. Who’s got the ratings. And who gets to be invited to the fancy parties, and play golf with the INSIDERS and POWER BROKERS.

The Media has gone the way of the GREAT on-stage performers, who used to just sit in front of a piano, or pick up a guitar, and without the MILLIONS of DOLLARS of special effects blow an audience’s mind.


The Media – just like today’s performers, have agents, producers, marketing gurus, special effects, and for television TELEPROMPTERS . . . to keep it from really being real and off-the-cuff.

And that’s why the MAINSTREAM MEDIA don’t like BLOGGERS like me, and can’t figure out Trump – THEY’RE FAR TOO REMOVED FROM THE PEOPLE.

They have distanced themselves so far from the people they PURPORT to reach, that they have no idea what their own audience is all about. When they’re earning MILLIONS of dollars a year to be a News Anchor or pundit, and live to rub shoulders with American NOBILITY and people within their own CLOISTERED world, how could they possibly relate to people like you and me?

AND BY EXTENSION . . . relate to people who are in love with what Trump is saying.

It has taken me several hours (as usual) to write, edit and re-edit this editorial to the point that I think its OK to publish, because I have to do it all by myself.

I don’t have editors, researchers, fact checkers and publishers to make certain that I didn’t offend anyone, and that my diction was perfect. So, it comes to you as best as I can produce, warts and all.

And as I was writing this whole time, I was listening to great non-contrived FIFTIES & SIXTIES music, performed by REAL TALENT playing in the background, by people who relied in those days solely on their own natural gifts.

TO SUMMARIZE . . . The media can’t understand TRUMP’S appeal to the people, because they can’t understand the people they pretend to reach.

As for BLOGGERS like me . . . Just like Trump, the mainstream Media can’t understand us, because as I see it, we are a throwback to the great talent of my much younger generation of the FIFTIES & SIXTIES, where you would make it or break it on your own grit.

AND TO REVEAL NOT SUCH A GREAT SECRET . . . This is mostly the generation (and older) who read and support, because you remember when things were better, honest deserved.

Anne and I are just about to head off to the range to do some shooting. And I’m just about to shut off the music, and appropriately, the song that is playing now is: WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD by Louis Armstrong.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happy new year to you all, and, Howard, get well soon!

    Pickled Jalapeno peppers may ease congestion, but if you are
    unfamiliar with them start out with TINY pieces!

    They are a wonderful foil for fried chicken.

  2. Planned Parenthood has a very offensive name insulting real parents. Shouldn’t it be called Planned Parentless? I mean it the Washington Redskins name is offensive what about we parents with children?

  3. Great post, Howard. Michael Savage does the same when he can’t take it anymore. Dennis Prager calls it “happy music”, and wonders where it went (rhetorical, me thinks).

    I always value your opinion because i believe that you shoot straight (pun intended).

    Keep ’em coming!

  4. Thank you once again Howard. You always put out a fantastic editorial!! You’re right about the media. They don’t want to tell the truth. The LIBS have them in their pockets, sorry to say. I hope and pray we will get obama OUT and that no martial law will be imposed because we could NOT TAKE ANYMORE OF HIS CRIMES IN AMERICA. I pray God will forgive us for purging HIM from this beautiful country & for all the innocent lives that have been aborted and desecrated for their precious body parts.

  5. Hi Howard–your comments about music struck a chord. I host a radio program called “Bring Back The Memories” on Friday at 2:00 p.m. You can catch it on-line at CKLU–(Laurentian University in Sudbury.) Give a listen–I guarantee that you’ll enjoy my selections.
    Dave Innes

  6. As always I agree Howard. However, I’m starting to wonder if what is wrong with America–mainly government by bribe–can even be fixed at the polls. My ex-husband (the cop) told me in 1996 that there was going to be a second civil war and that it was going to be race-related. I laughed till I was sick. I owe him an apology. Every cop I’ve ever met believes the same thing which is probably why they are militarizing the police. Trump has awakened the sleeping giant once again.

  7. Very few people, especially politicians, exhibit the qualities of “honesty, decency, integrity, truth, conscience and courage these days”. This is why people are FED UP with the consistent rhetoric they keep hearing–hence, the reason for Trump’s popularity! He is a “breath of fresh air” regarding how he communicates with people as well as how he responds to some of the other ARTIFICIAL politicians. Let’s face it…they’re ALL afraid and wonder about what he’ll be doing next! Go Donald!!!

  8. I hate to burst your bubble of the non nuanced music of before the digital explosion. Back in the late 1960’s I worked sum- mers for Liberty Records in Hollywood. One time I had to go to one of the major independent recording studios to pick up a plastic disc from which the stampers would be produced. The recording engineer took me to a room whose walls were full of slide switches to modify any sound. All the performer had to do was to hit the right notes and keep time. The engineer did the

  9. What would we do without music. Especially words that ment something not like the loud off beat music of today.
    One should wake up every morning thanking GOD for ‘What a Wonderful World’.
    As only Louis “satchmo” Armstrong can do it justice.

  10. I too am a “blogger”, but my “edit, re-edit, …” etc. filter is turned off. Recently I began to think about my “legacy”, at 70+ it becomes a concern). Sooooo, what I’m doing is compiling my 15 years worth pf blogging, plus articles I’ve written for the newspapers, which have been published, and putting together a bookfor my children, their children, and hopefully on, and on. Working title is “My legacy to you, read and be warned!!” hopefully my grand children, etc., etc, will reed and heed

  11. I delivered the Sunday Express early Sunday mornings out of Mtl into Hawksbury , Lancaster , Cornwall and points in between . It was always late . Being held for some last minute headline. And Yes the fellow I dealt with in distribution was Jewish , his girlfriend I ‘m not so sure about. They were on site at 2:00 AM when the trucks were being loaded . I spent the hours between 11PM and 2 AM in the bar around the corner . Great Days they were ! Interesting people Interesting Times !

  12. i have blogged for 8 yrs. Say exactly what I feel, hold nothing back, and verify everything I post. My info. comes from Fox and WSJ. Howard I felt the first day I received his comments I found open, honest, brilliant journalist I trust completely. Don’t always agree 95% of the time YES. I learn from Howard every day, his deep insight perception is a gift to him that few have and he shares with us and I couldn’t be more grateful!

  13. The big problem with the media, is that they think they are the news, rather than reporting it!

  14. The only papper worth reading anymore is the Farmers Forum wont find any politically correctness BS in it ! and its not only about farming

  15. For real music, I love the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and classical. I send emails to my Senators and Rep that they never read because I do not pull my punches. The responses I receive are written by their employes & are never read by the one I send it to. I know this because they do not address the subject I wrote about. The same is true for the emails to the editors of the Austin unAmerican Statesman. They do not like the addition to the name.

  16. Again, I have little to add. Re music, I liked Danny Finkleman and Doug Riley from the Montreal Bistro. I am a member of the Danny Finkleman Fan club NW Ga USA? My beautiful friend, Alice Hinther founded the club and has been pres from the beginning. Doug Riley from the Montreal Bistro, Toronto, was fantastic. I have the CD. His were better than the original recording artists. I have other axes to grind. When was the last time anyone saw a honey bee? Without pollinators, there will be no

  17. It is not in their best interest, the MSM, to understand Americans, only Washington and their like. Access is facilitated by being like minded, or at least the appearance of. A journalist who asks the wrong question or is too interested in truth as opposed to self serving rhetoric will have a short career in political journalism.

  18. Sunday Talk Shows, Fox News Sunday’s host, Christ Wallace is getting more and more like his dad, Mike Wallace, who worked for CBS.

  19. Reporters of oldl…Reported, who, what,why,when and where!
    Journalists of today…fabricate what they want us to read, see and believe…all lies.
    Anchors on radio and TV…are just teleprompter readers, and to not create the news or even write the news stories…they just read what is in front of them…and any 13 year old could do that.

  20. Yes Sir, quite correct. Also the media is heavily manipulated. Look at who the real owners of the biggest news media are. And their “connections” at gov’t levels.
    Biased? Beyond belief. CNN, CNBC, even FOX and believe it or not, since I watch it mostly as my “news source” here, the BBC!

  21. Amen. The media is nothing but self-absorbed, self-important, fiction writers. Remember when CNN treated all the public as stoops when they “created” news from Iraq to show they were on the ground there, pumping out false news for months? What a laugh. And people still buy the media’s crap as being the gospel truth.

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