What is making Trump resonate with the American people will also destroy his campaign, only because he doesn’t know how to stop.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE . . . that literally all the Republican Candidates are upset with Trump, but mostly because of his phenomenal success at the polls, in spite of the fact that he is not a politician.

Actually . . . it is because he is NOT A POLITICIAN that he is so popular.

They are jealous of the press Trump’s getting on all sides of the Great Divide, which have led some of them, like McCain, who is not running . . . and Rick Perry who is running, to have made untoward comments about and against Trump.

And these aren’t the only two.

Instead of ganging-up on Trump, perhaps the smarter strategy for all of them would be to understand what it is about Trump, what he’s saying, and how he’s saying it that has energized such a huge percentage of American people . . . and not all of whom, who are Hard Core Conservatives.


If the RNC treats Trump like crap, as they’re doing now, it is very possible that he just might mount an independent run for the White House. And if that happens, he won’t win . . . but neither would the Republican Candidate.


As I’ve written repeatedly . . . Trump’s number one success thus far, has been to reflect what REAL people are thinking and feeling, along with exposing the phonies who want to be President.

I am also paying attention to the people who are running their own campaign, without feeling the need to beat-up on Trump . . . Republicans (unless I’m wrong) like Fiorina, Cruz, Carson and Santorum to name a few.

And because I am a real supporter of Scott Walker, I’ll cut him some slack for his one comment that I am aware of . . . that he made about Trump, that wasn’t all that personal.


For me . . . beside Trump’s Bravado and some of the things that he’s saying, and how he’s saying it, he is ringing all the right bells . . . and until the other candidates figure it out, and take the cue from Trump, why he resonates so well with the people, they will all just be ORDINARY politicians.

AND PERHAPS . . . amongst other reasons, that’s why I like Fiorina and Carson. THEY’RE NOT POLITICIANS.

All of that said . . . I believe that Trump will sooner rather than later burn-out and do himself-in, because one needs solutions, and not just targets, especially after some other bright and relatively independent Conservative Republican Candidates begin to connect with the people . . . BY SAYING IT LIKE IT IS AND MEAN IT.

IN THE MEANTIME . . . GO TRUMP GO – The people need a champion to stick it to the politicians and bureaucrats, and until someone picks up the mantle – TRUMPS THE MAN!


The COMMENT Section of has become quite popular . . . because people are really interested in the opinions of their peers, as am I.

I read all the comments.


I created the ability for readers of to COMMENT for the sole purpose of expressing each person’s OWN opinion to others . . . but not to use it as a link to all manner of websites.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are always so right on, thank you, blessings and good health in the new year! Hopefully under God, sanity will prevail in our troubled world.

  2. You are NOT for Trump???? Why? He is the answer. And I hope he deserts the party. He will prove that most Republicans are done with the corrupt party it has become. And do you realize how many are NOW NPA and I ?????? Its NOT like the old time of Perot. There are so many millions that have left both parties as they can’t stand the corrupt goings on. I will not be surprised to see major Republicans leave this year. I thought they would go to the Libertarian party but they will be NPA.

  3. Fiorina is ranked one of the top 20 worse CEO’s, all the while stuffing her “a-line” dress pockets with self appointed bonus money and permently laying off the Co.’s worker. Add to that she is sooooooooooo liberal in her social beliefs. I believe, Sir Howard, that Canada would like Fiorina’s type of conservatism, what there is of that word, conservatism and Carly Fiorina, and what we Americans consider a reliable conservative.

  4. In our region Trump, Cruz and Walker are up there as worthy candidates.
    Trump has read the lay of the land very well so far. Senator Cruz is a well rounded individual whom I like and trust. Governor Walker has proven staying force and focus. Very good man.
    Good luck to all of them

  5. Now is the time for all to keep cool and let the process play out a bit. Trump is making this race a positive opportunity to edge away from the pure political class. Logically, this is impossible for the core class members to comprehend but folks like Trump, Cruz and Carsen have an understanding of our country to make the discussion possible. Why consider leaving when you can make the necessary internal change? Staying the course and even getting beat at the polls prepares us for the next race.

  6. This is a case if you don’t like the message shoot the messenger. Unfortunately Trump in his own inimitable fashion has made himself a good target

  7. Look into Trump’s past statements & affiliations. I like what he’s saying, but he blatantly threw Bush & Republicans under the bus two days ago — stating they were responsible for the financial crisis of 2006…everyone knows it was the Democratic Congress & Dodd-Frank. He needs to think before he speaks! I like what he’s saying in general, but don’t throw your own party under the bus — unless the facts support it.

  8. If those people who have put their name in the pot would have started out just like Trump saying what needs to be fixed in this country in a brash way with no holds barred in what they were saying they also could be at the top of the poles. But as politicians they don’t operate that way, they talk out of both sides of their mouths and never say much and they can’t if they want their campaign financed by someone who wants favors. This is where Trump is coming from, he can’t be bought.

  9. at this point in the political kabuki dance I am for Trump for these reasons…he has stirred the political brew big time, he would not be as inclined to steal from taxpayers since he already has 5-10 billion net worth and he knows how to deal with cub reporters and the chattering class of instant media experts which really gets under their skin….yea he is brash and rough cut but so the hell what….would you have rather had him or john’the wuss’ kerry facing off with Iranian crackpots..

  10. Howard, you said that, ‘you hope that Trump doesn’t take a Third Party and run. Some of us are old enough to remember what Ross Perot, a businessman loudmouth did and it split up the people who were against Bill Clinton. TWICE! They didn’t learn from the first time. The RNC may choose a RINO, but do the people, delegates have to accept that one? No! If should a RINO be elected then press him hard. True Republicans, conservatives, etc., please, DON’T-MAKE-THE-SAME-DAMN-MISTAKE!

  11. Howard, you are expressing what millions of Americans are saying at street level. Trump resonates because millions of us feel exactly what he says about ILLEGAL immigration. He is incorruptible because he can’t be bought. He is the result of a RINO party that has not fought for conservative values. He will NOT run as an independent because that will guarantee he loses. What Trump lacks in “decorum” he more than makes up for in guts. Imagine the Mullahs having to deal with Donald Trump.

  12. Trump is good at identifying problems. That’s part of what makes him a good business man. You hit the nail on the head, Howard. He must have viable solutions. Trump wants it all his way or nothing. Without support in congress a C.E.O. is handcuffed (Obama excepted). The Rep. establishment must endorse others besides their “Chosen ones”. Rove & Priebus must go. Walker nominee, Carson V.P. = win, win. No King, No Rinos, OUT!! Is this naïve???

  13. Ross Perot is cited as having split the party and handed away a “sure” victory. My question, when you consider the closeness of the final outcome, “What would have happened had Mr. Perot not waffled…twice?” We will never know. However, we do know what happens when a candidate speaks out to the people: Ronald Reagan, Jess Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger….

  14. Trump has the resolve and staying strength. He can win or lose it is up to how he choses to play the game as this circus moves on. He needs to tone it down a bit and speak to what actions he will take in the WH.

  15. Trump is voicing what many people feel on the immigration issue. But Trump is not a guy I would like to see as President. In fact, I don’t like any of the people running. There are no good guys — the political system finds a way to exclude them.

  16. Trump, cannot tone it down, the click will not allow it, Megyn Mccain’s dtr. was on Fox blasting him for his comments on her dad. Perry, is going non stop etc. Trump has to defend himself. We all would do what he’s doing, stand up for himself and his comments. I have never heard Trump say one comment that wasn’t absolute truth. Scott Walker one problem economically his knowledge is dead job creation, he’s not a numbers man TRUMP IS!

  17. If a RINO ends up with the nomination, I would rather vote for the Democrat. Why? I would at least know what I was getting. They tell you exactly what their plans are and will follow through. (Not that they are honest, but rather stupid in playing their hand.) Even Obama is quite predictable. A RINO will turn out to be anything but a leader. Bought and Paid For! (Honestly as a constitutionalist, if I have to choose between a RINO and a Democrat, I will stay home and not vote for either.)

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