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I have hardly written anything much about the Obama/Iranian sell-out of Israel, because I figured there were more sources for information than anyone could already follow . . . BUT NOW IS A GOOD TIME.


But, after more than 42 years of being married (May 1, 1973), I don’t have to tell Anne at every opportunity how much I love her. And likewise, Anne doesn’t have to reaffirm her love for me at every chance she gets.

I know, and Anne knows, that either one of us would fight to the death for the other. And nothing we’d imagine can come between us. And in all reality, it is the two of us UNCONDITIONALLY against the world . . . that’s love and commitment.


The same can be said about many other countries, which also have a close relationship with America . . . BUT HERE’S SOMETHING YOU’LL NEVER HEAR FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA – “there will never be daylight between America and name that country”, as long as that country isn’t Israel.

IF IT WAS INDEED TRUE, that America is inseparable from Israel, with no chance of daylight between the two, Obama would never have to say it . . .

So, when I hear REPEATEDLY . . . how America is absolutely devoted to Israel, with ZERO daylight allowed between the two countries through Obama’s White House, ALL I HEAR IS BS.


How many times have we heard, read and have seen how AMERICA HAS ISRAEL’S BACK?

During the Second World War . . . FDR refused to bomb the railroad tracks carrying Jews to the GAS CHAMBERS.

In 1947/48, while the world was debating the RE-CREATION of the Jewish State, after a 2000-year exile in the shadow of the Holocaust . . . America was not all that supportive to re-create the Jewish State, and did so only to keep Russia from being the Jewish State’s Benefactor.

In 1948 . . . When the combined Armies of the Arab World (May 15, 1948) surrounding Israel attacked the nascent State, Jews from around the world did all they could to keep Israel from being destroyed before it could celebrate her first birthday.

BUT NOT THE STATE DEPARTMENT . . . under George Marshall, who did all he could to stop the re-creation of the Independent State of Israel against the will of President Truman.

In 1957 . . . When Israel went to war with Egypt because NASSER closed the Suez Canal to Israeli shipping, and Israel was beating the Egyptians . . . it was the USA that FORCED Israel to back-off, stop, and give back to Egypt what they won in battle.

In 1967 . . . When Israel once again went to war against the combined Arab and Moslem Armies – Israel won one of the greatest military victories of all time – ALL BY ITSELF.

From 1967 – 1970, Israel fought a vicious WAR OF ATTRITION, which cost more than 1500-Jewish lives, created widows, widowers, orphans and more than 2000-Wounded Warriors. America was not there fighting with boots on the ground.

In 1973 . . . When Secretary of State Kissinger, ORDERED Israel through Prime Minister Golda Meir, to stand down on YOM KIPPUR, so as not to antagonize Israel’s Arab neighbors, and then, when the Arabs launched an ALL-OUT SNEAK-ATTACK . . . Kissinger REFUSED to rearm the Jews, while Jewish Israelis were getting the crap kicked out of them, so Kissinger could to teach the UPPITY Israelis a lesson . . . as to who’s the boss.

And after Israel reversed the tide, without military help from the USA or anyone else, and Israel surrounded Egypt’s Third Army through Ariel Sharon’s Tank Corp, the USA ORDERED Israel to accept a cease-fire demanded by Egypt, and release the Egyptian Third Army before Israel could secure a real victory.

AND ON AND ON IT WENT . . . from Entebbe, Intifadas, Multiple Wars with Palestinians, the Lebanese, Hezbollah, Gaza Palestinians, Arafat TERRORISTS, and the Munich Olympic Massacre . . . WHERE WERE AMERICAN TROOPS?


Brave American men and women have sacrificed much fighting for FREEDOM of other people all over the world. Not only that . . . BIG BUSINESS and the ENERGY INDUSTRY have also used American politicians to send American troops all over the planet to defend their money interests, with their BLOOD and the American people’s TREASURE.


How many brave American men and women have been on the ground to defend Israel in any of the preceding? . . . NONE!

How much of what the USA has helped Israel with financial support, has come back to the USA in military value? . . . ALL OF IT PLUS!

How many American spies have been punished for working for Israel, with the exception of American Jonathan Pollard, who is still rotting in an American jail for spying for Israel? . . . NONE!

How much INTELLIGENCE has America garnered and benefitted from the risk, cost, and expertise of MOSSAD? . . . INCALCULABLE!

Has any other nation on the planet, outside of Israel done even a fraction of what Israel has done to destroy the former Soviet Union, by literally WIPING-OUT the Iron Curtain’s best WAR MACHINES and strategies used by Arab countries possessing overwhelming troops and equipment? . . . NEVER!

Israel used American technologies and war machines, especially American FIGHTER-JETS, which laid waste to the Soviet Unions best equipment, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the SUPERIORITY of American technology and equipment, making a huge contribution to the reason why the Iron Curtain fell.


The White House has PUBLICLY insulted Israel’s Prime Minister, treating him as a USURPER, even when as a “guest” at the White House.

The State Department and White House demanded Israel return to the 1949 Demarcation Lines that are militarily unsustainable, and NOT recognized by UN Resolution 242.

Obama demanded Israel STOP building in its own territory in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Obama threatened Israel that it could not guarantee America’s support at the UN, if it doesn’t walk in lockstep with Obama’s vision of the Middle East.

In a speech in Turkey, Obama compared how Israel treats Palestinians, to how Jews suffered in the Holocaust.


What does it mean when Obama says that his America has Israel’s back, and that there will never be daylight between Israel and the USA?

DOES IT MEAN THE SAME AS WHEN . . . Obama drew his RED LINE against Syria, and Obama’s PLEDGE that Jerusalem will never be divided . . . just before demanding that Israel EVACUATE East Jerusalem?


IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS – Conservative Christians and people of Character have Israel’s Back – BUT MORE THAN ANYONE – Israel has Israel’s back!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Patience is a virtue”, and the Iranians seem to know that. Self-obsessed US Demagogues dreaming of the “sugar plums” of being in the history books with a “legacy”, never heard of it.
    Any time Israel wants to enforce it’s “red line” I got their back. I could never “play nice” with these clowns we have in office.
    Aside from wealth The Donald knows how to Kick a** and take names, it’s better for us than two birdies and an eagle!!

  2. Perhaps the braggadocio and brassiness of a Trump would serve at least as well as so many THOUGHT MacArthur did! That wind bag had the whole WW II AND early Korean War Washington sycophants in his pocket for at least 23 years…from the 1930s burning of the WWI Bonus Troop Camps in Washington D.C. to the ignoring of his Intelligence advisors regarding the Chinese Troop movements into the ravines of The Chosen Reservoir…until his dismissal by Truman!
    Bud Farrell

  3. If a 3rd party run by Trump would ensure a Hillary victory, then the Republicans had best wake up and get behind him so he runs as a Republican! My thoughts — Trump is the ONLY HOPE America has !!

  4. Israel and Jews owe much to the US, and they recognize this, are grateful for it and pay back as they can. But no US/Western soldier has ever fought or died for Israel and most probably never will. Israel fights its own battles and mostly asks only for political support. But the US/West give far more money and soldiers (to die) to many other nations (Arab and otherwise) with nothing rec’d in return and no one ever says boo about that. Its all a matter of what Israel is taking.

  5. Israel can thank Netanyahu for his strong leadership skills. How can anyone trust someone who keeps ” drawing red lines “, but doesn’t abide by its directives…such as Obama has done? Is the USA “blessed or what”? Enough said!

    Yes, Israel can take care of itself, and should they have to do so in the near future,, they will!

  6. I thank you all on behalf of all Jewish Israelis. As far as I know we can handle both Iran and anyone that shills for Islam.
    What if anything is next? Congress has been bypassed by Barrack Hussein Obama, a Yankee name if I ever heard one. A peeve game about Netanyahu’s speech from Congress I guess.
    Don Obama’s plans have been known to us since before he was born, somewhere.
    And also since way before that time we also know the solutions. 🙂
    Bell well and happy y’all

  7. As much as we like to hear what Trump says, he is still a ‘dark horse’. If a winner–the House side and the Senate side would continue on in mindless limbo. So, what would be different from the present situation?
    I am willing to bet that the Iranian deal will stay ‘as is’.

  8. You are correct Howard. However you are wrong on one point. Israel took great American weapon systems and reworked them and made them not only better but superior to the best America had. Right now, America on the whole does not have Israel’s back. WIll not until we get a new Potus. Israel, watch the promise of greater weapon supply. It will only last until the usurper changes his mind (if he has one) or the puppet master changes his mind.

  9. Howard the Hussein Obama position on Isreal should not be a surprise to any informed individual. This guy can be read like a playbook. He announced from the beginning what he intended to do, and he has followed his script.

  10. Many Jewish scientists fled Nazi Germany. Werner Von Braun comes to mind. Jewish genius is evident. Our rocket science, Israel’s Iron Dome, victories against all odds & on & on. In The U.S., a low-frequency submarine tracking sta. N. of Fairbanks, Ak. Farther North, a “Star Wars” installation that put the fear of annihilation into any / every enemy during Reagan’s admin. Jewish technology played a part in both. Thanks for factual reporting & patriotism. Keep on fighting for truth & freedom

  11. I surely hope The Donald doesn’t decide to run on a third party ticket. But if it should come to that, I actually think he might still have a chance of winning, or at least throw the election to the House of Representstives, which would, at the very least, deny the presidency to Hillary-#%tch.

  12. Howard, I believe the Lord God Almighty would Himself fight for Israel before He let His people be blown from the face of the Earth. He is the main one that has Israel’s back. I am ashamed of this Administration for the way it has tried to treat our best friend in the Middle East and I know many of our people hold to that. Many years ago God said he put his name in Jerusalem and it is there to this day. I appreciate your views and I think you are right in your assessment. Good man! Sincerely..

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