How Much More Can Mainstream America Take?



I’ve been writing a new editorial over the past two days, which I decided to publish at a later date, because of what I bore witness to this morning.

Today . . . July 10, 2015, at around 10am, I watched with great sadness, as yet another part of the American Dream was torn-asunder, as DIXIE and respect for Americans who fought for States Rights about 150-years ago, was trampled by special interests in the name of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.


What South Carolinian Governor Nikki Haley did was unconscionable, by using the symbol of the Confederate Battle Flag to apologize to the world for a senseless murder of nine Black Americans while at prayer.

HAD THE INSANE MURDERER photographed himself with the STARS AND STRIPES, opposed to the STARS AND BARS, before he went on his murder spree . . . would Haley have permanently removed the US Flag?

IN HER COMMENTS . . . Haley said that this was the right thing to do, because the Flag was divisive, and reminded America of a time when the South practiced Slavery. It was also made clear that the Confederate Battle Flag was an impediment to attracting business to the State of South Carolina.


1 – No one stayed away from investing in South Carolina because of the Stars and Bars.

2 – The Battle Flag of the Confederacy did not fly in support of Slavery.

3 – And when Anne and I travel throughout the USA this coming winter, we will NOT be traveling through South Carolina, unless it is simply to drive straight through.


4 – As we set-up for the winter in Austin Texas, Anne and I will proudly fly the Confederate Battle Flag alongside the Stars and Stripes, the Canadian Maple Leaf and the Star of David.

What happened in South Carolina today, was one of the most divisive things I Have seen in America since Obama declared the phony WARS supposedly waged by Conservatives on women, the elderly, the young, and the poor . . . when in all reality, HE DECLARED WAR on White Cops and successful self-made business people . . . AND ON AMERICAN VALUES.


PEOPLE ARE BEING SOMEWHAT QUIET . . . but under the surface, they are seething. No one wants to have his or her face rubbed in it, especially 150-Years after the fact, and most specifically when the FLAG OF THE SOUTH IS BEING SCAPEGOATED because it’s become the popular thing to do.

When Governor Haley said that she is treating the Battle Flag of the Confederacy in a most respectful way – SHE IS FULL OF CRAP, and is as insulting as possible to the people of the South, while pretending to show them respect.

There was no reason for Haley or anyone else to pander to the LEFT and disgrace yet another part of the history of America and a significant part of the American population. BUT, SHE DID IT ANYWAY, as she applauded in front of the cameras when the Battle Flag Of The Confederacy was lowered from the State Flag Pole for the last time.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION . . . that magnificent Painted Quarter Horse standing over my shoulder on the Home Page of is J.E.B Stuart, named after the last great US Calvary Officer. We affectionately call him JEBBY.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, In discussion with my doctor he agreed this makes sense: I won’t take Flu shots that temporarily reduce the efficiency of my immune sytem. I want my system to be 100% ready to kick in if flu comes around my way, not impaired by flu shots. They are only any good if the flu mix matches the type of flu at the time anyway.
    Think, if everyone around me takes shots, why would I need to take them!!!!!!
    Best wishes for a recovery.

  2. Right on…..perhaps a good side business would be battle flags.
    I a personally fed up with the asshole Feds and State parasites.
    ed lown
    lexington sc

  3. Once again Howard, you told it the “way it is”… Thank you for always standing up for the truth. I love reading your Editorials Mr. Galganov. God Bless You..

  4. OK, you got the flag…”You can have my guns when your pry them from my cold dead hands”! B-29 Gunner Korea 1952 Bud Farrell, Georgetown, Texas

  5. 100% correct. The problem is that it’s open season on the white American culture. It’s perfectly acceptable to stereotype white Americans from the south and call them all sorts of derogatory and demeaning names, but g-d forbid anyone critiques a minority group and the attacks come fast and furious. This sickening double standard will lead to a backlash at one point. For every action, there is a re-action. The U.S. is suffering from the tyranny of the minority and headed into another civil war.

  6. Blank this one out if needed ! BUT I watched the same performance and the follow up interview with Haley on CNN . Most of it was about how tough it was for her family fitting into to the South … As her father wears a Turban and her mom a Sari ! The flag represents the bigotry of the South , nothing more in her opinion. Well as I often say immigrants who do not like their new homes CAN LEAVE , slavery has been abolished , they are free to go. I’ll even help with raising funds for airfare !!!

  7. I just wonder how long it will take for Muslims in this country to start saying that the Stars and Stripes are Divisive and offend them and it must be taken down and replaced with the ISIS flag. OBUMMER will most likely lead the charge.

  8. Well, I guess the civil war is finally over and the victors are dancing in the streets. The old saying “if you don’t like it here you can leave” wasn’t allowed in the 1860s; I wonder if anything has changed.

  9. Over the last weekend, more than 50 people were shot in chicago, and 10 were killed. Someone should ask Mr. Obama to name one. Just one. Don’t black lives matter anymore? Or do they matter only when shot by a white person?

  10. Unfortunately describing a beautiful blue sky to a blind person can never be understood by that person until or unless he/she regains or gains the ability to see. So too is it with too many Americans to whom truth, even in front of their very noses, is not truth until that truth bloodies, literally, their noses. I am afraid that only a bloody nose will make many understand just how screwed up our country has become and the destructive path upon which that country is traveling.

  11. Howard, it’s an extremely rare moment when I disagree with you. This is my reasoning in this case: Reality is based on perception. The perception of the Confederate flag is perceived by the vast majority as a symbol of slavery. That’s how I perceived it, until you educated me. I am almost certain, had every American read your historical facts, the flag would remain. The true culprit; the disinformation permitted in the US educational system. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  12. Just part of the Cloward and Pivin plan to screw up the country. Ovrload the system was just one of the points. Not necessarily financially but also intellectually as well, so confusion would reign in the average Americans thoughts . All being carried out by the leftists under the direction of BHO and Axelgrease.

  13. This is the 2nd reconstruction for the South. It didn’t work after the War, & I pray it won’t work now. I always respected the Stars&Bars as a symbol of a proud people who loved their homeland & were by God not going to ever give over to the Yankees who decimated the South during the War, and continued destruction during “Reconstruction.” Ever hear the term “he’s an unreconstructed Southerner?” Well, that’s me. My flag will fly high & proud.

  14. I live in Michigan. Where can I purchase a Confederate flag????

  15. Why are we not going after Gold’s Gym. I don’t see any difference between wear it and holding a flag?

  16. I guess the next step is to rename a popular chain of amusement parks FIVE Flags Over Georgia/Texas/wherever.

  17. But the idiots won’t be forbidden to flaunt che guevera T-shirts

  18. Agree!! FYI regarding the last post, Walker is a made over RINO. Google or check RedState for 14 reasons to
    NOT vote for Scott Walker. Happy trails! Trump/Cruz 2016

  19. “Truth crushed to earth will rise again.”
    ‘The South will rise again.’
    No one can take down from a mere flagpole what that battle flag means…

  20. How can a Flag be blamed for a killing. The Confederate Flag is part of our Country’s history. Another sad chapter in what is happening in this Country today as the real cause of events are defected by action such as this.

  21. The German flag of the 1930-40s was the Swastika. Google its history & you will find that symbol to have been very favorably considered & part of several religions…AND it goes back thousands of years, all favorable.
    Then came Hitler & the Holocaust. He “pissed” on that venerable flag. Roots did the same, killing 9, & “pissing” on the Confederate Flag. I have Southern friends & historians who rightfully claim the glory of the Confederate Battle Flag.
    Hitler & Roots killed both flags! De

  22. What next, ban the Redskins logo? Oh wait… Its becoming too much of a PC world, where being PC is the new religion, and only the PC opinion is the one we must listen to. If you don’t agree, you must be a racist, bigot, or a denier. A toast in warm milk society.

  23. The battle flag of northern Virginia was adopted as the battle flag of the whole confederate army, the real confederate flag the (Stars and Bars) is totally different. Look it up on the internet!!!
    Bill Glenn, Poinciana , FL

  24. I knew it was too good to be true when Ms. Haley won the governorship in South Carolina. She proved to be a politician though. As all of them are, she’s just looking out for her own career. The wimpy morons who pushed for this flag to be taken down never thought of it as a flag of a defeated idea and most of the young people who wanted this flag down don’t have any idea as to what it is and I’m sure they walked by it every day and looked up at it and shuddered in fear. Give me a break.

  25. The Confederate flag was waved by the KKK in hate. The KKK also burned things in yards in hate. Perhaps Governor Haley will next require churches and graveyards remove their crosses.

  26. This is for you, Eugenia Obrecht, Washington, Michigan. There is a website called “chicksontheright” or something similar that still sells the Confederate flag. Probably back ordered, but worth the wait. Good luck!

  27. i read comments and unless I missed it, haven’t hit on real issue of switch and bait propaganda yet. While we have eyes on holding onto our heritage, real threat is sneaking across borders from both ends. Russia from up and down west cost especially in Alaska backed by China, and terrorists coming through Mexican border. It’s a shell game and Obama hopes u have your eye on wrong nut! One other thing, we aren’t putting up with them defacing our monuments much more either.

  28. I’m beginning to wonder if the next big step will be for whites to appologize for their colour!
    M.J. Gilligan, Plantagenet, Ontario

  29. The Confederate Battle Flag was part of history and should have never been taken down. As THEY say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Wait ’till Barry’s flag, the “CIRCLE ONE” is ‘interchanged’ with our present flag!!! Does anyone truly think that this will be an impossible feat for Barry? I wonder because just look at all he’s accomplished, thus far, to ruin our Country!!! I hope other politicians join TRUMP in his quest to try to save US! He appears to be the ONLY ONE who’s AWAKE and FEARLESS!

  30. I, too, agree with what Donald Trump said …. it may have not been said in a P.C. way, but at least he tells the truth. Guess we Americans don’t like the truth anymore.

  31. I would have offered to trade symbols to be removed, like the symbol of 72% illegitimacy, of 40% high school dropouts, like 25% of young men in the criminal justice system at any time, like generational welfare… Yes, take down the flag but we expect some behavioral improvements in return.

  32. Welcome to the new United States of America…..the land of reactionaries who have lost all qualities of common sense. See a need…scream real loud…say something about race or color or religion or sexual preference and we will send it all the way to the Supreme Court to “fix it”. Screw history…it means nothing. Screw the the hard working American…he is totally expendable. Screw religion…it’s for the fruitcakes who think they are better than anyone else. What’s next?

  33. Those who win wars, write the history of the wars. For over 150 years, the north has written their distorted history of the southern War for Independence. It was not a Civil War. In a civil war, two sides are fighting for control of the other side. The South was fighting to be LEFT ALONE. It had nothing to do with slavery until Lincoln needed a moral cause to rally his army which was losing the war. Few people will go to the trouble to learn the real history of the war.

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