Comeuppance For RINOS Is On The Way



I do not think Donald Trump is going to make it all the way to being nominated. However, I do think that Trump “might” go it alone as an Independent, if the RINOS and INSIDERS in the Republican Party really PISS-HIM-OFF. And it’s kind of looking that way.

BUT, WHAT I AM CERTAIN OF . . . is that whether Trump wins or not; he has in just a couple of weeks changed the debate for the leadership of the Republican Party in ways NONE of the Republicans or America was prepared for.

TRUMP MIGHT BE FULL OF BEANS . . . in how he characterizes or mischaracterizes many of his opponents, but he isn’t FULL OF BEANS in saying what thoughtful, rational, patriotic and fearful Americans are thinking. AND THAT’S WHAT’S SCARING THE HELL OF THE RINOS.


What Trump has done, has been to open a Political PANDORA’S BOX for everyone, not just for RINOS and the LEFT, making people realize just how deep the revulsion goes into the rot of the bureaucracy . . . AND THAT INCLUDES CENTRIST DEMOCRATS, who especially with Clinton at the forefront, has become so distant from the people, that they can’t BS their way out of what Trump has started.

I am just one of THOUSANDS of sensible and compassionate Conservatives, who are either on radio, some in print, some on limited television, and specifically on the Internet, who have been SCREAMING as loud as we could, that somehow, we have morphed into SERVING THE GOVERNMENT, instead of the government serving us . . . AND IT’S GOT TO STOP . . . NOW!


I have written multiple times over the years, how I believe MOST people should NOT vote, simply because they are either STUPID . . . and/or ILL INFORMED about the candidates and/or the issues.


IT BOGGLES THE MIND . . . at how many people there are, who cannot point to one Hillary Clinton accomplishment, who don’t want to know what really happened in Benghazi, who are not interested in her ILLEGAL use of the PEOPLE’S Emails, and is burying money like a crime boss . . . WHO DEFEND HER LIKE JUNK YARD DOGS DEFEND THEIR BONES.

These jerks will vote for Hilary regardless of what she does and says, because they’re IDIOTS. But, if not Hillary, they’ll latch onto another Democrat Snake Oil Salesman . . . SO JUST DISCOUNT THEM and don’t do what Romney did in 2012 to try to win the unwinnable.


No one can use logic and commonsense against IDIOTS. And this is what the LEFT and the RINOS depend on, which Trump has changed for everyone. And whether they like it or not, this coming election is going to BE FOUGHT for the heart and soul of the people who want to save America ON BREAD AND BUTTER ISSUES.

And I assure you, no one on the LEFT, or amongst the Republican RINOS, including the out of touch self-absorbed mainstream media are prepared for the outcome.


Even if for whatever reason, Trump decides to quit the race, which I can’t see happening under virtually any circumstance other than his death, he has already changed the rules of debate to what the people really want to hear.

Trump has already created a huge divide between those who will stand for what they say and believe, and those who will want you to believe in the BS they stand for.

The people no longer want political speeches written, crafted, created, and poll-tested for specific audiences, which do not REALLY reflect what the candidate actually believes in.


What Trump has done with the fewest amount of words possible, was to outline his ENTIRE CAMPAIGN WITHOUT ANY FUZZY BS, which the people . . . Conservatives, Centrists and Independents happily swallowed HOOK, LINE & SINKER. And why should they not have?

And any candidate who wants to take TRUMP on for him saying what people REALLY want to HEAR and BELIEVE in . . . good luck to them.

Even now, Rick Perry has just come out, out of the BLUE, saying that Illegal Immigration is one of his NUMBER ONE CONCERNS. So, why wasn’t ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION one of Perry’s number one concerns until Trump made it a significant national campaign issue. And I like Perry. But, what is . . . is.

BECAUSE OF TRUMP . . . all of a sudden, the other candidates discovered other BITING campaign issues, such as how China and Cuba are ripping-off America, how Saudi Arabia and other oil producing States are crapping all over America, how Putin is kicking the USA in the teeth, and what kind of a global wimp America has become.

AND NOW . . . ALSO ALL OF A SUDDEN, all of these issues have become FRONT & CENTER with most thinking Americans.

I have no idea if Trump would be a good President, and as you know, my favorite choices to win the Republican Primary include Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, not necessarily in that order . . . BUT, if Trump was to win the nomination, I WOULD SUPPORT HIM ALL THE WAY – AND I’M NOT ALONE.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A happy and healthy New Year to you, Anne and ALL of yours, filled with blessings! May you enjoy a speedy and complete recovery, and may 2015 ring in GENUINE hope and change. “God bless us, everyone!”

  2. I feel strongly that Trump will win the nomination because when it comes to the debates, he will win them hands down. he is a no nonsense guy. When people hear his thoughts during the debates they will come around to his way of thinking. The murder of Kathryn Steinle was a pivotal point that is making people open their eyes. Also, there will non Candy Crowley to be a moderator. Kudos to Trump!

  3. I am not in favor of Mr. Trump being the ultimate nominee of the GOP, preferring Scott Walker for that role. However, Mr. Trump has opened discussion on the most relevant problems of the day and is not afraid to defend his position. He is the lightning rod, taking the hits from right and left, but many of us frustrated conservative patriots will rally to him if the rest all remain in hiding on the real concerns of this time.

  4. I love what Trump is doing and more power to him; how ever if he runs as an independant I believe he will definitly water the Republican votes down.

    Graham Ferguson
    B.C. / Arizona

  5. I agree with Trump on immigration. But I learned some things today (Rush) that disturb me. In 2009 he appears to have
    published a book in which (among other things) he strongly supported single-gov’t-payer health insurance ala Obamacare, a $15 minimum wage, and many of the other liberal agenda items. I will look for the book to see if that is so. If it is, he should be voted off the island pronto. Thanks, Howard.

  6. What I would like to ask all politicians is how they define the word ILLEGAL!

  7. I like Trump,but if he doesn’t get the nomination and decides to run as an independent,we’re going to have the same problem that Ross Perot caused.He split the votes and allowed Clinton to win the presidency. If you remember, he spoke against NAFTA-telling us the next sound will be the sucking of our jobs going south.He was right, and I say that anyone else who gets elected next year will be no better than Clinton.Jobs are already going out of the country and I see only Trump even trying to stop

  8. There is no misunderstanding Trump. I see that “the enemy” has alleged there are illegals working in the new D.C. hotel he is building. I think Trump is too blunt to win, but can surely shake the bush (pun intended) and he is doing just that. His entry has definitely changed the rhetoric and will cause the others on both sides to scramble. My picks; Walker, Pres., Carson, V.P. As my Dad used to say, “We shall see what we shall see”. Regards, J. R.

  9. While my “dream ticket” would be Trump for President, Carly Fiorino for VP, and Paul Ryan for Sec. of Treasury, and Mitt Romney for Sec. of State,….I agree it’s a real 49:1 longshot that the Donald will make the cut.
    That said,’s the first time in my 70 years I remember the issues being this openly being “dumped” out there to the electorate to think about and make a decision!
    Trump or no Trump, the Genie is out of the bottle,….TRUTH WILL PREVAIL,now that it has been exposed

  10. The Donald. Clever, he has sure taken all the air out of the campaign at this point. All this free publicity and it does not slow down. He is playing this like a Stradovarious and growing in popularity by the day. He has ignited the Illegal movement and brought it front and center, stay tuned he is on a mission and people are listening.

  11. The election in ’16 will be the watershed for America’s future. Liberals will vote for liberals no matter how stupid or vacant their ideas. I have said for years now that the saviour of our values and way of life will have to come form a source that is from ‘off the beaten path’. Our politicians have let us down by not taking their adversaries to the woodshed when it has been called for. Romney and McCain lobbed softballs to Obama. The Donald will nail Clinton to the wall where she belongs.

  12. Trump is growing in the polls throughout the country, Iowa, No. Car. no stopping him. He’s fearless, determined, nothing deters him from his aggressive desire to take our country back and stronger than ever. More popular everyday, non stop e-mails, blogs, all encouraged. Trump is going one way and it’s headed towards the Oval Office!

  13. One enemy is the press. They jumped on Trump’s speech which if you analyze it, is the truth. Their absolutely left propaganda aided by the PC mentality and being pushed by the education system will have the takers in line to vote for Hillary. The fact that she belongs behind bars and has drawn a red line around what she can be asked will not influence her voting block. The country is in serious trouble.

  14. I am totally with you re. Donald Trump. Sure, he may not say things in the P.C. way, but darn it ….. he says what the people are thinking! And, isn’t it interesting that the day after he made the immigrant pronouncement, that poor young girl gets shot in San Francisco, killed by an illegal immigrant who had been sent back 5 times before. He had numerous charges against him prior to shooting this young woman. Oh yes, we can count on Trump to say it like it is. WONDERFUL.

  15. I agree with you. I loved Rick Perry, but now he has gotten dirty & off my list. Ted Cruz sold out so off my list. the other 2 you mentioned are good but don’t see them winning The GOP has the fix in, like they did with Rudy& Newt. Want to see Trump go independent too. Went Libertarian when left Rep. party after 30 yr.s because of corruption & now my eyes have opened. I am treasurer who will resign in a local committee as the chair & girlfriend withholding info & deleting & withholding.

  16. Shortly after Trump announced his running, and openly expressing his intent – which brought so much flack down on him from both sides – I wrote somewhere he’d likely not win the presidency, but that he had a more important role to play, as a role model, for the conservatives also running. It would seem he’s fulfilling the role admirably…

  17. Trump has given the media exactly what they wanted. An opportunity to say that Republicans are Mexican hater wackos. He is bombastic and says what is on his mind, sometimes without thinking, which is frequently not the best way to bring people into the fold. If he does not drop out, he will be a party split-er and we will once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He can both be fun to watch and embarrassing to watch at the same time. I hope he is not the nominee.

  18. One way or another, Trump is a very successful businessman. It’s time there was a business “leader” in the WH, not a mammy pamby inexperienced “community organizer” buffoon. Did I say Barry?

  19. They are terrified of TRUMP. TERRIFIED.
    They will go all out to destroy and marginalize him by going after his businesses.
    This alone should tell anyone who can think a clear thought just how rotten they all are.
    They are going to CRUCIFY the only real leader because he is a real threat to “the system”.
    Then they all will dance and brag with giddy faces on how they slayed this nasty dragon.
    The word “DISGUSTING” does not even come close. Just destroy anything that is good & decent.

  20. Trump’s success or failure will hinge simply on the balance of power/ control that exists in America today Are there enough voters out there who will not pander to “special ” interest groups that are being promoted by the media.
    I doubt it , many voters who “think” like Trump will not speak like him , nor vote for him They have been beaten down and silenced by the politically correct media and government . A “brief” breath of “fresh air” that will be blown away by the ” better “and “correct “

  21. Unfortunately, what we would like to happen, and what WILL happen, are two different things. If Trump were to run, it would have to be as an Independent. All that would do is reduce the already inadequate number of votes we have to defeat the Witch. The fix is in, and Hillary will be going to the White House instead of prison. Between her, Mexicans, Muslims, and a large number of Blacks, we are DONE. As the old Klansman used to say! WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!!!

  22. I grew up in Saskatchewan, looking south and feeling fortunate to have such a good neighbour as “Uncle Sam”. Donald Trump makes me feel that way again.

  23. I have never been a fan of Donald Trump but I sure do admire his guts. As Howard Galganov says Donald Trump is willing to say what the RHINO’S, Democrats hiding in the Republican party, are willing to say. He is willing to say what the liberals, socialist, and communist in our government and living in our country are not willing to say also what those in our younger generation are keeping their heads in the sand, their cell phones and crazy world so they won’t realize.
    Al Archer
    Birch Bay,

  24. Trump & Carly! Now that’s a ticket to beat the self entitled Rat. Fiorina can seriously damage Hillary in ways no male candidate can or dare do. We do have some good candidates but I fear their inability to do what needs done to stop the Clinton coronation. I’m thrilled Trump is on the stump! Howard again hits the nail on the head…Trump is a game changer.

  25. I have nothing against “the Donald”.
    Please read the book “America the Beautiful” by Dr. Ben Carson. Go to Netflix; order the DVD “Gifted Hands” starring Cuba Goodings, Jr. as Dr. Ben Carson. Learn about a boy born in Detroit, MI in direst poverty, with a terrible temper and a mother who knew education was the key to success, and how this boy, through his own efforts and determination became the Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hosp. We need him as the USA Pres. – 2016.

  26. Name three centrist democrats. Give up! There are none. The bluedog democrats expired in 2010.

    I refer you to Conservative Review or Heritage Scorecard for voting data. Check the Florida scores for info on the S FL Republican Marxists.

    Trump/Cruz 2016

  27. I don’t know what Donald Trump’s chances are but I do enjoy watching him make them all squirm.
    Your analysis is spot on, keep up the good work.

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