Obama made it abundantly clear before he won the election in 2008, that he was going to TRANSFORM America . . . and for some unfathomable reason, the majority of people in the United States either didn’t believe him, or had no idea what he meant by his promise to change the USA, while a HUGE number welcomed this promise.

A professor friend of mine from McGill University (Montreal), who was a young man in Germany during the War (not Jewish), but was too young to fight for the Nazis, remembered the nightmare his family lived through under Hitler. My friend knew better than most, what totalitarianism really meant, and that’s why his father moved the family of three to Canada as soon as they were able.

One of his favorite sayings was:IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT”.


AMERICA WAS NOT BROKEN. It worked better than any nation ever did. And all it needed was sound Conservative governance.

But no . . . the stupid people had to take America apart, and reassemble it unlike the creation of the Founding Fathers.

And even in 2012, AFTER the American people discovered what Obama actually meant when he promised to RADICALLY TRANSFORM America, more than half of the population who voted in that election voted for him AGAIN.

So . . . Who should we be more frightened of, Obama – or the fools who put him into office TWICE?


In 1924, a Narcissist wrote a book; he called it Mein Kampf (my struggle), which he described as his (sick) BLUEPRINT for a new Germany, based exclusively on his distorted and corrupt IDEALS . . . and even though his book gained little prominence then . . . HE CERTAINLY WAS ABLE TALK A GOOD TALK.

The world didn’t pay attention to this fellow named Hitler. And by 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, and the rest is remembered as a violent and sad moment in history.

And as for Europe’s Jews . . . they could have saved themselves, only if they believed what the Nazi Narcissist said and wrote.


Before Obama was anyone. And before he did or achieved anything, he wrote not just one book, but two books about his own life and experiences. How narcissistic was that?


AND NOW . . . Like Humpty Dumpty, America is so broken, that it seems to me; that all the Kings horses and all the Kings men, might never be able to but America back together again.


If there’s going to be salvation for the USA, it will come from the Republicans choosing the RIGHT man or woman to run as their candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election.

I have not changed my choices one iota, EXCEPT FOR DONALD TRUMP.

I still really like Scott Walker, I really like Carly Fiorina, I like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, I’m OK with Marco Rubio and most of the rest of the field, with the exception of Christie and Paul . . . two men I would not support.

And even though he is really low on my list, I could probably endorse Bush if it came down to it. Which I hope it does not.


1 – He is no PATSY for the Media Bullies or the demagoguing LEFT.

2 – He is saying what everyone with a brain is thinking.

3 – He doesn’t apologize for standing up for the USA . . . HE DOUBLES DOWN.

4 – The Bullies push him an inch – he pushes them back a mile.

5 – He is giving America real HOPE as America’s BACK ALLEY STREET-FIGHTER.


If the USA is going to go down to the LEFT . . . at least with Trump, the America we grew up loving, WILL GO DOWN FIGHTING. Not as America has declined since the heydays of Reagan . . . with a multitude of RINO WIMPS, who’ve replaced Reagan in all aspects of the Republican Party at the upper echelon.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS . . . This is the most important election the world has seen, since the Liberty Bell first rang-out on July 8, 1776, heralding what might be THE ENTIRE PLANET’S last reason to celebrate July 4TH.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard—-Wishing you and Anne a “HEALTHY, HAPPY & WEALTHY NEW YEAR!”………especially in that order. I totally agree with your statement, “2015 could very well be the year for Conservative Redemption.” Please keep on writing your editorials, as they give all of us HOPE that things WILL improve in our Country.

  2. Let it be knowledge for all that when Hitler rose to power, among the first things he did was to limit, and ultimately prohibit, Jews’ rights to own guns and
    ammunition. Hey all you leftist Democrats out there… sound familiar?
    If ever Americans’ right to bear arms is repealed, be ready to get on your knees 5 times a day and pray to.Allah, the god of the new Nazis.

  3. I hate to quote the following, but it feels apt. “What we need is another (4th) world war.” We’re in World War III now, but it seems that we need a “hot” World War IV
    to teach humanity a lesson or two (again).

  4. Emperor Tiberius said “Rome DESERVES Caligula.” If things do not turn around soon, America will deserve what it gets.
    God help us all !

  5. You have said it perfectly! We need Trump, because he does speak up and pushes back!

  6. When a majority of US voters endorsed the likes of Mr. Obama to a second term, over a wonderful, decent, America-loving patriot like Mr. Romney, I knew our country and our values were slipping away, due largely to unbridled entitlements and unrestricted illegal immigration. If Hillary becomes president, which is a distinct possibility, my wife and I are agreed to leave the US, probably for Australia. I believe Mr. Trump expresses fearlessly the outrage and frustration we all feel.

  7. Obama offered change,the people said yes,amen! Obama said I will bring the rich down,the poor up,the people said yes, amen! Obama said I will “give” health care for all those who call upon my great name,the people said yes,amen!Obama said by my pen & phone I will stop global warming,the people said yes,amen! Obama said I will bring peace to the middle east, the people said yes,amen & the wars increased!Obama said I will bring equality to ALL men/women, NOW WE CRY OH MY!!!! What’s next America?

  8. I will say that the main reason I like Trump, is, he cannot be bought or pushed around by big corporations.
    Connie Maassen, Cadillac, Saskatchewan.

  9. To think that some people elected Obama not only once but twice is INDESCRIBABLE. It does prove, however, that during his first term, he was able to create enough of a ZOMBIE population to assure him a second term. Do you remember the words HAVING TO DO YOUR FAIR SHARE? Well, people did so which allowed the ZOMBIES to take MORE than their fair share! We now have a Country where 50% supports the other 50%, and the ZOMBIES are now receiving even more FREE GOODIES! Thank you very much, Mr. Obama!

  10. I was a Cruz supporter but now I am with Trump all the way. He will run America like a business and get rid of the waste, fraud, abuse and bribery called lobbying. He can’t be bought and he loves America. He is absolutely correct on his views and EVERYONE I talk to is supporting him because America is sick of the leeches and illegals and corruption. Trump could make history as the one who restored America to Constitutional government and that’s what we need or we are DOOMED.
    Trump 2016

  11. Thanks for spelling out the truth Howard! I agree 100% that Trump is basically the only hope that America has right now, and I was overjoyed to hear that he is running for president. I hope and pray there are enough common-sense people who will vote for him — America needs to be rescued, and Trump is the only one with the gonads to do it.
    Now watch the Main Stream Media mount all they have to come out against him — as in Canada, the MSM is the biggest curse our countries have …

  12. EXCELLENT POST TODAY HOWARD. I just blogged on Trump I love the guy I will do my utmost to explain my views on the latest nonsense. Meanwhile I agree with your posts on all but Scott Walker too long in info. to share. Everything else you posted I feel is cemented in concrete, can it change sure it can! EVERY WORD YOU SAID ABOUT TRUMP IN DESCRIPTION ARE MY WORDS TO THE “T”. THIS DESERVES HIGHLIGHTING!

  13. Donald Trump is proof of what can happen only in America. He is arrogant and boistrous but at least you have an idea of where he is coming from when he speaks. He probably has my vote. At least for now unless he does something really stupid. He is big enough to handle what comes his way like it or not!

  14. Scratch Rubio. He is pushing for more jobs being given to foreign workers who come here and allowing more companies to do what Disney just did to their IT workers–laid them off and made them train their lower-paid replacements in order to receive their severance package. World Net Daily has the scoop on their site. Mark Levin recently said Scott Walker has made a big mistake in having one of his PAC’s hire Brad Dayspring, who sounds like a dirtbag. Seems to me like Trump might be The One.

  15. Can you imagine a prez Trump in a news conference if/when some wise guy/gal lib tries to put him into a corner with a question? Now that would be fun to watch. I have to agree with your analysis of the potential GOP candidates. The real question is are there enough voters remaining who have enough sense to vote for someone who will give them nothing but the opportunity to be free with a chance to earn a realistic income? That is the real question as far as I am concerned.

  16. Elections cannot be held if the Country descends any further into debt/strife/anarchy , and it sure looks like “some” would like to see that happen … Praise President For Life Obama ! or at least until the rule of law is re-established ! Maybe one of the Castro boys could tell him how it’s done . What happened to Putin lately and China expanding unchecked , no media coverage on that ? Busy Busy with Church burnings and police brutality and Iran : deflection or ignorance of world politics ?

  17. I listen to a radio pgm, “Coast to Coast”. Several months ago, the guest was Maj Ed Dames, who was trained by the military in remote viewing. The host asked him about the 2016 election. His comment–there will not be an election. Martial law will be declared and the election will be postponed. It will be interesting to see if what he sees happens.

  18. For the sake of not being long winded which I tend to have a bad habit of, all I want to say is this…..”If you aren’t a liberal by age 20 you have no heart. If you aren’t a Conservative by age 40 you have no brain. ” Sir Winston Churchill
    ( This could explain why there are so many brain dead people in America and hence so many brain dead politicians in Washington )

  19. What do we need for the coming years? What should we buy to survive?

  20. The America we live in now is not the America we lived in 50, even 30 years ago. We were a melting pot, but the folks who came here, came legally. Now “legally” no longer matters ….. folks just walk right in, get all the benefits as if they came legally, and sit down – squatters. And we know who pays for all this …… US.
    It’s all very discouraging ….. I don’t see any end to it.

  21. Mr. Birman Hitler restricted firearms for all Reich citizens and he was fearful and hated their financial and political success & influence. Much as Jews are targeted by Africans and Muslims in France today.

  22. The Donald and a cat have one thing in common, they both always land on their feet. He will make the debates an event not to miss. The Debates will put him in the White House.

  23. Howard Great Article, I do not feel that common sense or even rational for the Nation. Is or was a factor in the electing of Obama. I believe that his stance then as now for Homosexuality, abortion, welfare and immigration. Are the overwhelming factors. And I believe that is what Donald Trump must get across to the American people. In such an emphatic way that it will “DRIVE the Conservative voters to the Polls in overwhelming numbers.

  24. Now is the time, to pray and VOTE next year!!! Every Patriot MUST vote, to save the United States of America. No more, “my vote doesn’t really count, anyway”, in the 2016 elections. This is IF, we are allowed to vote and the country is not under martial law. which is still a good possibility.

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