Here we are . . . JULY FIRST . . . CANADA-DAY, celebrating 148-YEARS of Confederation (1867) – SO WHY AM I NOT REALLY CELEBRATING?

Canada, the nation of my birth and my Parents’ birth, where I was educated, built several businesses – some successful some not, met and married Anne, and in spite of many fits-and-starts, have in general enjoyed a great life . . . is leaving me empty, remembering how it was then, and how it is now.


In 1939, at the outset of WWII, Canada’s population was a total of approximately 11-MILLION men, women, and children.

By the end of WWII (1945), Canada had more than 1-MILLION troops serving in all categories to fight the Nazis and Japanese.


During WWII, Canada had the largest Merchant Navy on the planet, showing incredible courage, sailing over 25,000-MISSIONS across the Atlantic in mostly unarmed ships, to supply England and the troops fighting in Europe, while facing the daunting Nazi Submarine (U-Boat) Wolf-Packs.

By the end of the Second World War, Canada’s Military Navy was the largest in the world, that fought in all military theatres, but mostly escorted the critical and perilous Atlantic Convoys, which were continuously under unrelenting attack from the surface, the air, and from under the seas.


August 19, 1942 . . . The Dieppe Raid, which was launched long before D-Day, was a disaster, when MOSTLY Canadian troops stormed the French Beaches across the English Channel, under the INCOMPETENT command of the British, that led our troop’s (6000 in total) to slaughter on the Beach, with a huge number captured.

There were 6000 Brave Canadians, 1000 Brits, and 50-USA Army Rangers. Do you think we did our share?


July 10, 1943 . . . Canadian Troops Hit the Beaches of Sicily with Americans (led by General George S Patton), British Soldiers, and the Jewish Brigade amongst others. MY DAD PVT ISRAEL (EDDY) GALGANOV WAS THERE.

AND ON D-DAY . . . Canada hit Juneau with a VENGEANCE.


By the beginning of WORLD WAR TWO, after extrapolating and subtracting all the people who were not fit for battle, including all women and men younger than 18-years old and older than 45-years old . . . there were slightly less than JUST 2.5-MILLION men available for combat.

And then subtract those who were not physically or mentally fit, and a province (Quebec) where much of the men REFUSED to join the military, while their French Provincial Government SIDED WITH THE NAZIS, and exhorted their population NOT TO SERVE.


CANADA sent nearly 50% of all our available men to serve in the fight for FREEDOM, which was unparalleled then . . . and unparalleled today.

BOTH OF MY PARENTS SERVED . . . From the time WAR was declared, my DAD signed-up, and served with exceptional courage, recognized and awarded multiple times by his Military Superiors for Bravery Above & Beyond The Call Of Duty, while he fought overseas . . . from Sicily, to the Netherlands, to France, to Belgium and Germany, while my MOM served in uniform on the home front.


Since the End of World War Two, which was Canada’s BEST DAYS AND FINEST MOMENT, successive Canadian Liberal Parties SURRENDERED Canada’s Conservative Values, which were those that compelled such a small population as ours to do so much.

We decided to become MULTI-CULTURAL, surrendering the core of who we really were. We sold-out to the Something-For-Nothing Bunch and created a massive welfare state. We acquiesced to Quebec Ethnocentric Nationalists to buy peace and political favor – WE GOT NEITHER.

In the Province of Quebec, which leeches off the rest of Canada, the UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW. But WORSE, if you are NOT French Quebecois in Quebec, forget about being treated with any sense of equality to the French Quebec Majority.


AND EVEN WORSE THAN THAT . . . excluding the Linguistically Racist Province of Quebec, with slightly less than 25% of Canada’s population – Canada is 97% English speaking (almost all of whom who are not bilingual), but even at that, Canadian English speakers must pass a French language test to qualify for a decent federal job almost anywhere in Canada.


1 – Canada has virtually destroyed our Military . . . including the navy, air force and ground troops.

2 – Canada has gone from being part of the sharp-end of the international military spear, to becoming Peace Keepers for the DREADFUL United Nations.

3 – Canada has become a country of REGULATIONS and Bureaucracy.

4 – Bureaucrats earn far more than average Canadians who pay their extremely generous salaries and BLOATED Pensions, so, when they retire, unlike the vast population, the bureaucrats will live like kings and queens for the rest of their lives from age 55, while the struggling schlepp on the street will sacrifice and struggle for himself/herself and family, just to keep the retired bureaucrat in FAT-CITY.

5 – Canada’s Courts, from the Provinces to the Supreme Court, have become FULL-FLEDGED Judicial Activists, usurping the role of our elected representatives.

6 – Canada, through Liberal Governments, has embraced Global Bad Actors of the world, which hate America and Israel . . . BUT THANKFULLY; this has changed somewhat with the Conservative Government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

BUT NOW . . . With an impending October General Election, polls favor a SOCIALIST Victory, in spite of how well, in comparison to the rest of the world Canada is doing.


Canada’s two largest Provinces . . . Ontario and Alberta, representing about half of all of Canada’s population, and virtually all of Canada’s wealth, HAVE BOTH ELECTED FAR TO THE LEFT MAJORITY SOCIALIST GOVERNMENTS.

SO – Quebec is a poverty and RACIST Ethnocentric Province that hates English speakers. Ontario and Alberta have MORPHED INTO SOCIALISM, and it looks like the Federal Government is going to fall to the FAR LEFT.


If you asked me to light the Canada-Day FIREWORKS based on the Canada of my parents – I WOULD DO IT WITH GREAT PRIDE.

BUT TELL ME THIS . . . based upon where Canada has come since the 1950’s, and where we are today, and how dire things look for the future of a Conservative Country living within the bounds of our once-upon-a-time Judeo/Christian Values – WHAT IS IT THAT I WOULD BE CELEBRATING?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I think we have finally found “The odd rock” that we were advised of on the French River so many years ago in 1960 & ’61!
    Bud Farrell

  2. Geez Howard, you can edit this post to fit & publish the same thing July 4th for the USA. We are right behind except without the French influence. Looks like ours will be from south of our border–Spanish speaking. This government is already bowing by having Spanish added to more & more almost daily. No other immigrant group came to this country demanding or even desiring special consideration for their language. So why should it be any different now? Is it more the illegals making the demands?

  3. Very interesting, I’m sure a lot of find this new – as this isn’t taught down here. So fm us in Mt. & I’m sure elsewhere, wishing you a Happy Canada Day – this to Howard & Anne, but also to all our good friends in Canada seeing this. really love you as ‘good neighbors’ unlike some others un-named, but known to all only to well! God bless & protect good friends in just unity!

  4. Howard–It could be a HELL OF A LOT WORSE because you could be living in the US which is going straight to HELL with Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s being “in charge”–yes, the CHIEF-IN-CHARGE. To think that he has more than a year left in his presidency is VERY, VERY SCARY! Yes, Canada has also declined and is quite liberal…very sad. By the way, the White House was lit with “rainbow colors” the other night. I wonder if it will ever be painted black and be called the “Black House” in the near future?

  5. Howard, I’m an immigrant from Europe from1954 and served proudly in the Canadian Navy and have been a proud Conservative all my life but have never been a member of the party. I grew up in Alberta and am very disappointed in what has happened there. Unfortunately the two previous administration turned voters off with their shenanigans. BC was ruined by the NDP, Ontario was next and now Alberta. Soon all Provinces will be HAVE NOTS.

  6. Go learn our proud,real BNA and UEL history.Not this phony,revisionist lie,this bilingual, multicultural, 2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie,propaganda,that we’ve been living with since Trudeau,and kebec forced this upon the nation.We’ve been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially an English speaking country for over 200 years,just a fact.

    Our flags for over 200 years was the union jack and red ensign until a bunch of liberal parasites mostly from Kebec got rid of it…fac

  7. Right on Howard l was born 1940 The 50s were great to be a teen swim in the river dances with nice women driving 57 chevies The great lakes were full gas was 40 cents a gallon Those were the days my friend we thought teyd never end we’d sing and dance forever and a day We live the life we choose we’d fight and never lose for we were young and always had our way. If you wanted money you got a part time job for 40 cents an hour and you obeyed your mom and dad Ah yes l remember it well

  8. Maybe it’s time you open a Dude Ranch in the Negev desert?

  9. I mourn and get mad over what has happened to the U. S. Born in 1936, I have seen the changes, mostly bad. Socialism really started with F. D. R. We have drifted farther off course since then. If it ever comes to another revolution or civil war, I will be there even if I have to crawl. Still patriotic and wave the stars & stripes proudly. I remember our past greatness too. God bless the U. S. A. & Canada.

  10. Howard, I was just thinking last week how often you write about the US and maybe we could hear from you a little about Canada. You sure said it all and I agree with you 100%, not much more to be said.
    Jim Houston, Cobourg Ont

  11. Sorry, Howard, I will never wish anyone a “Happy Canada Day” I’m an old senior who remembers Dominion Day & I remember how in 1982 the Trudeau liberals on a late Friday afternoon with not even a quorum in the House and with no previous discussion, voted to trash Dominion Day and replace it with the insipid Canada Day. I’m proud of my country but not very proud of many of the governments, federal and provincial. I am happy to wear a Tee shirt that says “Give me back Dominion Day.”

  12. AGREED AGREEED AGREEEED our country has been ruined by politicians who are willing to give it all up to the minorities of our land .for a vote . Anglos are discriminated against constantly by Fed/Prov/City governments and if you object you labeled a bigot and a racist . ONE FACT only ( limited space ) : at age 65 you get free meds, generic of course, ( no glasses or dental care ) If you turn 65 and have been on WELFARE you continue to get all 3 and a free Taxi ride to get you there =Ontario

  13. Like commentator, John Rochotte, I was born in 1936 and, like John, I am sickened by the unending slide to socialism and big government that the USA has fallen prey to. The US should be looking very hard at the debacle that is Greece and the pending bankruptcy of Puerto Rico. Moral bankruptcy and fiscal bankruptcy seem unalterably linked.

    God Bless Canada and Canadians. You are a far better friend and neighbor than we sometimes deserve.

  14. Trudeau, with the language policy, has cost Canada massive amounts to conform. All provinces must be bilingual. Government employees must pass “Cajun” tests, but never use it.. There must be traffic signs all over Canada in Cajun but almost everyone reads Ingles. Cut them loose. Develop a plan to cut through from somewhere like Sault Ste Marie to Hudson Bay and divert water for new power generation, thus reversing flow and take away power generation from Quebec. Not a Hydro One project.

  15. Come back to Texas, you like it and we like you and your wife. As for the USA, it is on the way down because of the leadership in DC. All the attorneys in the House & Senate and NONE has said or done anything about Obama or the Supreme Court NOT following the Constitution was limits them on what they can do & gives the States and the citizens the rights not given to the House, Senate, President & the courts. That says they are in it together to establish a dictator government. God help us all.

  16. I’m 76 years old and what a change we have had since the Fifties. But when our Government is making the laws we can no longer expect the law makers to make laws for the people as the Government only makes laws to reward themselves. Our type of Government is only good for 200 years and we are way past that much time and America is now going to hell as predicted.

    Dale DuBois, Poland, Indiana, United States

  17. For all our foibles, there is still no greater place on the planet to live than Canada.We are a work-in-progress country.We are so young. There is still so much more to do,that is what makes our democracy so viable.There will always be the forces working against each other to get your vote, and in the end, someone will prevail, that is our wonderful Democracy.
    Everyday I am grateful that I am living here,(Ontario, Canada), and give thanks to my Grand parents for coming here.
    Happy Canada Day!

  18. Born in Harlem, in 1952, the history of Canada was never taught to us.My Loss! It seems like the 1950’s was the pivotal point for both our at one time Great Countries. I had no idea Howard, what an honor it was to have Canada as our Northern Neighbor.Both our countries seem, because of liberals and Godlessness have fallen into the cesspool. A guy named Lord Acton was quoted as saying “Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!” Only God is Supreme, NOT those 9 people OR Obama!

  19. It’s a rainy, wet, miserable day in Eastern Ontario somewhat summing up the way we are feeling about Canada Day all across the country. The weather has rained on our parade, and all levels of government particularly Federal and Ontario Provincial have rained on our hopes and wishes for a better, free, equal opportunity Canada. Multiculturalism and mandatory Bilingualism are killing this country. Contrary to uniting us, both are dividing the country into multiple ghettos.

  20. Even worse, Howard, Canada is heading for a socialist dictatorship, headed by a man with dual citizenship (French and Canadian), and including the unionized so-called “public servants” and their supporters, who now comprise nearly 17 million Canadians (out of the 35 million of us). Circle the wagons!

  21. “UNDER SUCCESSIVE LIBERAL GOVERNMENTS SINCE 1950” You can replace Canada with USA and it is the same.
    We are turning our government in to Mexico which has been corrupt forever.

  22. On this Canada day I feel like coming up with and singing my own version of the Canadian anthem and it would go something like this Oh Canada although we stood on guard for thee how is it that our Country is controlled by the French…such a small portion of the we…how did this happen…what war did we loose that English Canada has fallen…why am I now second class citizenry…why is being English an obstacle to working in civil service…how did you let English become outlawed please tell me

  23. I could not have said better myself. I was born & bred in Quebec & always wondered why anglos in the rest of Canada acted so sheepishly. What happens if Quebec leaves. They are not stupid people. Where else could they get a handout by the same people that they despise. Ray

  24. Howard, how about becoming the Leader of a new Political Party for Canada?
    The (English) Canadian Block Party.
    To eliminate and prevent Government overspending, by outlawing borrowing money without a referendum.
    The majority of voting age Canadians are so fed up with the management of the Liberals, Conservatives, and yes even the NDP (No Down Payment) poliitical parties, but have no real choice for change.
    Just change to another truly unwanted Political Machine, forcing their ideals on every

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