I Watched Insanity Applauded During A Eulogy



I watched Obama’s professed eulogy on Friday (June 26, 2015), which he delivered on behalf of the 9-Murdered Victims in the Charleston South Carolina Church, and I came away stunned at the depth of his NARCISSISM.

I wasn’t watching a eulogy delivered by a President . . . what I was bearing witness to, was a Hollywood Performance of a man who was on-stage performing for his audience.

I heard a man who showed no genuine empathy for the victims he came to Eulogize, but rather, who used the moment to shine on his own stage, with the cameras and spectators in the pews as his audience.

I saw a man who used this sorrowful event to further-push his RACIST agenda, his passion against the Second Amendment, and his disdain for the nation’s police.

I heard a man taking long dramatic and exaggerated pauses in his delivery, for maximum theatrical impact, not for the Bereaved Folk in the pews, as much as they were delivered to feed his own insatiable ego.

At one point near the end of his presentation, while Obama was quoting the words from AMAZING GRACE with all the flair one would expect from a Broadway performer, I was thinking during one of his exaggerated LONG pauses for effect, that all he needs to do now is break into song.


I wasn’t watching and listening to a Eulogy, nearly as much as I was watching a WAY-OFF-BROADWAY production of the man who thought he was king.


I saw the leader of the FREE WORLD, as a man who is so immersed in himself . . . who believes that he is so smart and talented, as to have the answers to everything.

I gave witness to a man who truly believes that he is so much above the people, that he alone knows what people need and don’t need . . . who fully understands how the world should be according to himself, rather than how the world really is according to everyone else.

I witnessed a man with such an indescribably profound capacity to LOVE himself, so much so, as to break into song at a solemn moment at the Eulogy of 9-Murder Victims, as a terrifying vision of the World’s Commander-In-Chief.


Before this incredible NARCISSIST and his minions of SYCOPHANTS are done in the White House, America and all others associated will BLEED.

Rome had NERO – America has Obama . . . GOD HELP US ALL.

PS – While cleaning bad email addresses from the Directory, not many, but some good email addresses were dropped as well. So, if you are visiting Galganov.com and are wondering why you didn’t receive notice of a new editorial, this might be why.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson & De Blasio don’t know or remember … This country was created by revolution, the will to fight for our freedoms & We The People!!! As it stands with the 2010 Census, there are approximately 53% Whites, 15% Blacks and 25% Hispanics in the USA. I know, the numbers will change, depending on who is reporting the “facts.” Point is … Just who do you think will win, when another civil war begins? What scares me, is I do feel it is coming & I pray it doesn’t.

  2. And here I thought I was the only one who saw what you saw. His “performance” if delivered in any other environment would have been castigated as disrespectful of the dead. But in the “black” community evidently dead folks have become nothing more than props to be used to meet the needs of someone like the prez. I am not very religious but if there is a God He will be waiting for this man at the pearly gates with a sign saying,
    “you’ve had your heaven on earth its down for you.”

  3. I listened to it live and I was practically vomiting in my car. There is no limit to the cynical narcissism of this fraud PRETENDENT.

  4. BRAVO!!!

    Would that everyone here would wake up, see for themselves and ADMIT that the “Emperor” truly has NO clothes!! I have always tried to at least respect the Office of the Presidency no matter who was sitting in the Oval Office, but I have truly never endured such an intense struggle in the trying!

  5. My very same sentiments. We both dropped our mouths open when, with a little self-loving smile (or was it a smirk) Obama broke into song. And how horrible was his singing, but the blind in the audience began joining in. An Obama moment that the Left press just loved.

  6. We already know the clown-in-chief doesn’t know what the “Star Spangled Banner” is about. Now we know the good “reverend” hasn’t a clue about “Amazing Grace”, unless he’s speaking of the grace of allah. Barry is a pathetic JOKE! Can I get an AMEN?

  7. I’ve opposed Obama every way I can, including spending close to 100K of my own money to run for Congress to try to help America fight back against this horrific pretender who has done everything he could possibly do to lower the prestige of the office he is disgracing and the country I love. It was all for nothing. The leftists in the media continue their war on America and our young are too ignorant to fight and the illegals and leeches are bleeding us dry. I’m out of ideas. God help us!!

  8. Obama has a wonderful and unusual trait, he is CONSISTANT. Yes, you always know what to expect an Actor who is told what to say, a modern day Charlie McCarthy. I agree with the concerns over the 01/17 departure.

  9. Could not agree with you more, Howard and as usual, you say, what many of us are thinking and have difficulty putting into words! I could not not watch this performance and that is what it was! Dick Bouchard http://www.WNRI.com

  10. Bill Maher doesn’t have a bad thing to say about this guy but only praises him. This loser calls himself a libertarian, now that’s Galling.

  11. before he was elected first time there was already out a dvd on him describing in advance what type of man he was

  12. I applaud you Howard for having the stomach to watch and listen to this phony little twerp. His agenda is now approaching it’s peak. G-d help the U.S.A.

  13. As if it weren’t bad enough here in the U.S. under Obama – CAN YOU IMAGINE a third term under this BoZo?! At least once in a while the U.S. Congress can & did act appropriately on that score, but we still at this time have an Imperial presidency! And to add to the total Washington B.S. – a bevvy of rancorous Supreme court ‘justices’ God help us, considering our electorate!

  14. There must be another word–worst than NARCISSIST–which represents “BARRY”! People have been wondering where he and his family will be living after January 2017. Well, people, he is moving to HOLLYWOOD with all his LIBERAL ” friends”. No one can deny that he IS a GREAT ACTOR—as proven by his many LIES and PERFORMANCES. What did we do, as a Country, to deserve this TYPE of president? Oh yes, I forgot that the GIMME-GIMMES elected him. Yes, ROME is BURNING….and real fast!!! AMEN!

  15. You descibe Obamas disgraceful, disrespectful performance exactly Howard. I tuned out, it was so disgustting. He took the opportunity to strengthen and stir up animosity between black and white. I wish Americans would stop referring to blacks as African Americans, there are no African Americans today. Blacks of today were born in America. It only keeps blacks thinking of slavery and how they were once the under-dog. They have equal opportunity if only they avail themselves of it, as some do.

  16. Grammer Police: Shouldn’t “I Watched Insanity Applauded During A Eulogy”, be “I Watched Insanity Applauded During An Eulogy”?

  17. Howard I agree BUTTT The LEFT love him , the MEDIA love him, major ETHNIC groups love him ,the GAYS love him, the TAKERS love him: THE MAJORITY love him . Foreigners love him .The US is poised on the verge of PRESIDENT FOR LIFE OBAMA . Only question is HOW ? This guy’s job is not done and will not be carried forward by the next Pres. of any stripe. HE MUST STAY . The US ELITISTS are ready for this CHANGE . The world ELITE will welcome it. NOT POSSIBLE ? The last 2 weeks have shown otherwise

  18. John Covington,
    Grammatically, “a” eulogy is correct, I believe. At least the spell check in Word says so.

  19. To the grammar police: Really, thats all you got out of Howard’s editorial?
    Great job Howard, listening to his performance and commenting on it and keeping those of us informed who can’t stand to listen to that man

  20. I don’t know what is left to be said about such an unworthy person that is President of the U.S.A. and the people that elected him to office. How so many people can be brain washed to think this guy is so great only shows how far down hill this country has gone. I am so disgusted with this man and his (supporters) that I can no longer listen to him nor his followers. We did not have so much talk about discrimination in years until this man took office.

  21. I would NEVER, waste my time on this earth listening to our Presidential Pin Head.

  22. So many good comments here are a testament to the level of almost pure hatred people in this country have for BO. If 2016 isn’t an overwhelming victory for Republicans, I think it will be a clear signal that the USA has finally reached its end days. If BO finds some way to stay in office, I truly feel there will be a revolution by patriots who will be willing to do whatever it takes to try and reclaim our nation. Anguish, disbelief… the only way to describe this time.

  23. As much as I despise this narcissistic communist, I despise more the majority of voters in two presidential elections who voted for him. Without these traitors, Obummer still would be prowling the streets of South Chicago, trolling for converts to Alinsky’s socialism.

  24. I would tell Obama to keep his day job after listening to him destroy “Amazing Grace”, but he can’t do that worth a damn either! Was he doing a Hillary impersonation with the forced Southern accent? You nailed it Howard. There is no limit to the egocentric antics of this jerk! We need some dignity restored to the office of POTUS which I would describe as an Amazing Disgrace!

  25. Speaking of January 2017, regardless of the election, who will tell him he has to leave, the winner of the election, a member, or members, of his obedient Congress, his Supreme Court, the military, the governors?

  26. Howard, presented the absolute truth, not one wasted word, explicit and this has been the most horrible 2 days, as our Supreme Court turned (DARK BLUE) WHICH CREATES A BLACK CLOUD OVER AMERICA. Whoever thought this could happen, an impossibility, not when Obama “STACKS THE DECK” AS HE DID. I am fearful as I have never been in my life politically, because every word from Howard is the absolute truth!

  27. If anyone recalls the DC community’s response to Mayor Marion Barry’s lawbreaking & incarceration (they elected him to City Council when released from jail), you might understand the response to all the antics & grandstanding of BHO. It was as tho they were proud he got away with breaking other laws but not charged for & wanted to be him. I refuse to put “President” and “Obama” together; I don’t have respect for him but do for the office. Those 2 words do not belong together in my mind.

  28. So glad that I missed another lousy performance by this narcisstic evil pretender. These truly are the dark days of America. All the while the wife spender is ” vacationing” again in London! How much can the taxpayer afford for their kind of living? Did we not fight a Revolutionary War 239 years ago just against this same kind of issue? Taxation without representation. History does repeat itself, Only now no choice.
    “A eulogy” is correct; the vowel ‘e’ is silent; therefore, the u is dominant.

  29. I am so down after the last few days of our nation’s precipitous decline, and that doesn’t include listening to the pew-logy of our angel-of-darkness president. I have already eliminated all television, and next is the newspapers, so Howard, it’s up to you and Rush and Breitbart and Red State and Hot Air and Townhall and American Thinker to keep me informed. At least at those places, I get the news from a healthy perspective and not a not-so-hidden leftist agenda. Thanks.

  30. I always thought for someone to give a eulogy, they’d have to really know the person!This President sickens me more than Slick Willie did.What did Obama say to that heckler, “Your in my house” HEY OBAMA, it’s we the people’s house!I think if our Founding Fathers seen what Obama let them do to the WH they would have thrown him out!That Charleston Church personified what believers in God and Christ should be doing even in their agony & loss. America would be wise to take notice.

  31. Amazing Grace is an old African melody sung by Blacks in Africa who brought this beautiful melody over here with them. Wesley later put Christian words to it. Obama was not trying to sing a Christian hymn, but an African melody to remind the Blacks of their history. Again he is applying a double meaning with a forked tongue as he did with the word “change” which comes from the same 3 letter Semitic root CHaLaPH referring to the CaLiPHate which means successor. Think about that a while…

  32. Howard, your readers who responded to this column are also very perceptive. I have read the words of wisdom of each and find myself in agreement. I too, can no longer bring myself to watch the theatrics of this fraudulent scoundrel, and can only visualize his performance based on your description. You must be really accurate in your analysis though, based on these responses. I can only hope that a majority of voters will see the light prior to November, 2016. To repeat, God help us.

  33. You have a much stronger stomach than I. I watched Fox until it was announced that he was about to speak and then turned off the tube. He has nothing to say that I would punish myself to hear. I just didn’t wish to regurgitate.

  34. The only words I will ever care to hear Obama utter are: “I resign.”
    He used this sad occasion to flout his own agenda. I can just hear him telling Michelle, “Hey, you know, this would be good press for me!”

  35. Howard, you are absolutely right about January 2017! Obummer is a VERY dangerous man who will summon whoever and use whatever means he can to hold on to power. I have been talking about 2017 for several years and people tell me I’m crazy – Obummer has to leave office. But I believe that his presidency is designed to fracture the US and build a coalition of anarchists to help him destroy the democracy and install him as the supreme ayatollah in the dictatorial position he believes he deserves.

  36. “Before this incredible NARCISSIST and his minions of SYCOPHANTS are done in the White House, America and all others associated will BLEED.”
    Before it is over he will be responsible for more deaths than Hitler. We are dealing with someone who has the potential to exceed Hitlers atrocities. CONGRESS IS WITH HIM ALL THE WAY.
    COMING SOON…BOOK BURNING, gov’t sanctioned persecution of CHRISTIANS.

  37. To Ralph Glorioso, More likely trolling Chicago’s trendy and “cute” bath-houses. What a disgrace this POS is.

  38. This has been the darkest of weeks. My Southern heritage is slammed and castigated by people who are hard pressed to know anything about the South, except what skewed history books have taught. The 2 Supreme Court decisions have attacked our very way of life; our Judeo-Christian culture, the culture that fought for independence from a tyrant, the culture that built and prospered this country with their leadership…that culture is being maligned by the wicked and the ignorant. Any hope at all?

  39. I did not see any report on this but my wife did. She said is was blasphemous and nauseating. That this object had no more understanding of the hymn Amazing Grace than a rock. Once again this pos insults the Jews and Independent, Fundamental, Bible believing Christian. His time in hell will not be of his liking.

  40. “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” Tell me what you see in Obama’s eyes?

  41. Nothing I can say would add anything of value to your editorial or to the comments here. This man is such a disgrace to the nation, and still people think he’s wonderful. I see my nation dying before my eyes, and the only good thing about it is that I am 85 in July, so will not have to continue watching much longer the destruction of all this nation stood for, all it was created for. I am sick. My husband, a WWII combat veteran was lucky to have already died without witnessing the final days.

  42. Again and again, we see ‘history-repeating-itself’. America in is the prime condition as to the Fall of Rome, (it fell from with-in)! And those involved in the ‘eulogy’ through out his ad-miseries to this country are right with him, shoulder-to-shoulder, lifting legs in a synchronized performance. SICK, SICK, SICK……………………………….

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