I like Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina, or at least I used to like Nikki Haley, but what she did this past week with the Confederate Flag was DISGRACEFUL, and downright anti-American.

I also think that all the politicians; especially Republicans who support the ABOLITION of the STARS AND BARS are at best FOOLS . . . and at worst political sell-outs.


I am a Canadian, who like most Canadians was raised to be a Liberal. But, along the road to maturity, I discovered that there was something very wrong with the mindset and honesty of the LEFT, so I invested a great deal of my time studying and learning the differences between the RIGHT AND THE LEFT.


It’s easy to look at America between 1861 and 1865, and declare that the Civil War, that claimed more than 600,000-Lives, was fought to end Slavery. Because that’s what the LEFT wants everyone to believe.


Slavery was a vile industry practiced in some Southern States, but also practiced and benefitted by many Northern Hypocrites. And for those who believe that Abraham Lincoln’s number-one calling was to FREE the Slaves . . . IT WASN’T.


It’s real easy for LEFTIST Conservative-Haters, going back some 150-years since the Civil War, to paint the entire South as bloodthirsty SLAVERS . . . where in fact, very few Southerners owned Slaves or profited from Slave Labor.

But that never stopped the Northern LEFT from slamming the ENTIRE South, for the actions of a few. And with LEFTIST Hollywood marching in lockstep . . . with a plethora of blockbuster movies that portrayed the South as a backward appendage of America, full of incest, racism and ignorance . . . the propaganda was in full assault.


The Slaves were FREED with Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation . . . but it seems that no one told the North, where racism ran wild, denying the so-called FREED Slaves any kind of real FREEDOM and opportunities.

And even today in Northern Liberal States . . . Blacks are still getting SLAMMED in their own communities by their own people.

Black unemployment is through the roof. Black school dropouts outnumber the people who actually graduate. Black teen-pregnancies with delinquent fathers is epidemic. And Black-On-Black MURDERS is akin to a war zone, WITH MOST OF THIS BEING IN THE “LIBERATED” NORTH.


The Civil War had little to do with Slavery, nearly as much as it had to do with STATES’ RIGHTS, where the North did whatever it could to usurp the rights of the South, trying to force themselves and their values onto a mostly agrarian society with core beliefs that ran CONTRARY to the North.


Just because haters of Conservative-Values, including the MEDIA have declared that the Confederate Flag is RACIST . . . DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. Yet, that has become the accepted narrative throughout the LEFTIST side of the USA.


If the LEFT really wants to divide the USA, and start a Second Civil War, this might be the 21st Century’s version of FORT SUMTER, rubbing Southern History into the dirt and stomping on it . . . and from what I know of Southerners, especially TEXANS, the desecration of the Confederate Flag will not stand.


Rush Limbaugh said that this is a slippery slope . . . “Today the Confederate Flag, tomorrow the Stars and Stripes”, which many pundits laughed at.

THAT SAID – they really shouldn’t be laughing.

How many times have we heard, read, or have seen on television how the Stars and Stripes have come under attack on American soil, where communities, condos, etc, have filed charges against people who raised the Stars and Stripes at their own homes? ESPECIALLY VETERANS?

How many times have we seen on the news, where LEFTIST Americans have stepped all over the Stars and Stripes to make their sick point?

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t have to be proven right . . . current history has already decided in his favor.

SPECIAL NOTE . . . On Thursday, June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court has proven that it does not answer to the people, and cares NOTHING for the guarantees of the Constitution, or the lawful position of the People’s House in Congress.

The people will not accept a government that is in Abraham Lincoln’s own words, delivered on November 19, 1863 at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg . . . that is NOT: “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

FREE PEOPLE will at one point rise-up, not to be governed by fiat, by an unelected and unassailable ruling class, answerable to no one but themselves, guaranteed their privilege of authority for their entire lives, even if the Congress surrenders their status as the ELECTED representatives of the people.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. When that commie got elected, I told an out of town friend that I give NYC about a year before it becomes a no-mans land. Unfortunately, I was right. NYC is so full of ubber liberals, that creep just walked in to Gracie Mansion. I hope the cops continue to turn their backs on him until he leaves office. Pray for me, I’m surrounded by them.

  2. This has been one of the most “horrific” months for “We the people,…” Between the row on the Confederate flag, which I agree is more about States Rights, the Supreme Court decision on O’bummer Care subsidies, and this mornings SCOTUS decision on Gay Rights being LEGAL in all 50 states,…well sounds like a good day to pray, and SERIOUSLY consider the magnitude of the task that faces “We the People,…” at the polls next year.
    One nation UNDER GOD, with Liberty and Justice for all!

  3. Barack HUSSEIN Obama stated that he would FUNDAMENTALLY change our Country when elected. Well, it’s very sad to say, but he has been very SUCCESSFUL at doing so because our Country has GONE STRAIGHT TO HELL since he’s been in office. Meanwhile, our ZOMBIE population continues to contribute to this change because they just want to “sit by and grab their goodie-goodies”—-as proven by the increased percentages of Welfare recipients! God help us all if ANOTHER LIBERAL is elected in 2016!!!!!

  4. Wonderful commentary as usual. We should not forget that the reason cited most by the Southern States for secession from the Union was the usurpation of States Rights. Slavery was never cited as a cause for secession. Southern States supported secession because of continual interference by the Federal Gov’t in State Governing. Slavery was horrendous and needed to be abolished, but the South did not fight a war to protect the institution. They fought to protect their State Rights.

  5. Our American flag and the National Anthem will both be gone by years end. Congress will support the elimination of both.
    It is now just a matter of time before they focus not on so-called racist symbols but on people themselves.
    The US is now in complete FREE FALL.

  6. A very sad time in our lives. I totally agree with your editorial Howard.

  7. Unfortunately, the underlying attitudinal changes and mindset of so many people (particularly those under 55 years of age)
    has become so deeply ingrained throughout society that the mere possibility of preserving traditional American life is unlikely.
    One benefit of having reached old age is not having to witness the end result of what is to come. The changes have been so slow and so subtle that so few have noticed nor even care.

  8. The confederate flag is a symbol of treason.
    Tom Kelly
    Naples Florida

  9. The problem with subsidies is when government is paying, costs skyrockets because the insurance companies won’t compete on rates; as taxpayers will pay the bill. Sec 8 housing vouchers pushed apartment rents through the roof because voucher amounts are based on “prevailing local rates” so landlords raised rents massively to fill complexes with voucher tenants; pricing out cash tenants. Obamacare will do the same for insurance as huge rate increases will price non-subsidy eligible out of market.

  10. The entire row about the Confederate Flags is a red herring, to ameliorate the attention being paid to the riots being fostered by the minority population on the rest of the country. They needed to take the attention off of the racist rioting (who are the racists?) and give the people something else to keep there attention while the riots get bigger and bigger. It looks to me like another civil war is about to begin, but there will be some surprises in this one.

  11. The Marxist are trying to erase whites from the republic. We are the most discriminated group in the country especially white males.

  12. As a Ca. I always looked forward to my extended stays in the USA as a break in the weather and the dumb asses in my own country’s political machinery. I secretly wanted to be an American for many reasons : mostly I felt more at home there . What once was my last refuge of “normal” seems to slipping away . As a WASP minority I have no idea where to go that feels like home . Truth is I’m probably not welcome anywhere ! Next Step : Martial Law and Pres For Life Obama ?

  13. Thank you so much Howard for standing up for the truth always. I agree 100% with your Editorial. For what it’s worth, I feel “We The People” have no other alternative but to continue Praying and never let God slip out of your lives in every aspect. God help us all.. May Our Dear Lord Save America and keep our troops safe. May God Bless America Once Again.
    PS: Never give up OUR AMERICAN FLAG!!!!!!!!!

    Gerry Quinlan, St. Charles, Missouri, USA

  14. To me the confederate flag was always a symbol of the south, not of racism. It is unfortunate that racists use that symbol for their small-minded means, taking it away from those who might see something else in it. I think the irony of that ‘murderous-filth’ Roof’s actions backfiring, causing the state to remove the flag, will also backfire and see a whole lot more people proudly waving it.

  15. I hate to be pessimistic, but I believe the brainwashing of America is complete. Between the overwhelming power and influence of the supreme court, the media, academia, the entertainment and advertising industries, America’s fate has been sealed years ago. I have no reason to believe we’ll see a conservative president again for a very long time, if ever. America’s population with few exceptions has been dumbed down, disconnected from reality and the building blocks that created the U.S.A.

  16. I agree that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. Agriculture in the South was on a downhill slope with both tobacco and cotton production. Both of these crops; especially in those days, depleted the soil quickly and within a decade of the Civil War the production of these crops and the slavery that was used to produce them would have been over. Also, it has been shown that slavery was a very unproductive labor mechanism.

  17. I agree totally with a couple comments below; we are again seeing the usurpation of States’ Rights set forth in the Constitution. Otherwise Fed Gov’t would not dictate to states what they WILL or will not allow. States themselves allowed bits of sovereignty to erode in accepting Fed funds – with strings. It’s time to join Texas, Okla & others to stand up & stand against Federal gov’t overreach & power-grabbing. BTW, numerous times the left has flipped historical facts to benefit their cause.

  18. Besides, the Democrats were the people who started the KKK, instituted Jim Crow Laws, Killed blacks when they ran for national office after that war of Yankee aggression. They fought the Civil Rights laws in 1964. They are now liars in concert with the news media to support the government plantations.

  19. Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin This is the left-wing manifesto coming home to roost. Our beloved free way of life is in peril. We’re rounding third and headed for home and there will be a collision at the plate.

  20. Focusing on a symbol like the confederate flag is simply the left’s way of ignoring the real problem but giving the impression that they’ve “heard the people’s concerns” and are doing something about it. Now they talk about abolishing any symbol of “bad history” including even the Jefferson Memorial and, yes, the American Flag. Makes me think of Orwell’s “1984”. Will we be prosecuted for “thoughtcrimes”? Or, maybe this is America’s “cultural revolution” (think Mao Zedong 1960’s). The US is done.

  21. I agree wholeheartedly with the comment by Tom Corcoran. Plus the decision by SCOTUS on gay “marriage” will seriously affect our religious rights. It’s time to call a Convention of States according to Amendment V of our Constitution to assert the sovereignty of States rights Nine unelected people should not have the power to interpret and determine the rule of Law for the entire U.S.

  22. The trouble with “Government subsidies” is that it’s a mis-noma. There is no such thing as a “Government funded” subsidy. Call it what it is: TAXPAYER funded. Ask yourself this: would you be willing to pay YOUR health insurance , plus someone else’s? I don’t think so. The government has no money until they take it away from you. So your premiums are going to more than double, so that you can pay for all those people who decided not to buy insurance. Isn’t the government generous.!

  23. Howard, correct. The Civil War was for States Rights. Most Southerns did not own slaves. The Industrialized North dictated everything to the “Cotton Growers” in the South. In some ways it was a return to the Tea Party days when England kept the States under their control. The South got the same treatment. The Immancipation was only a part of the end result. In many rural areas today, a “Yankee” is one not one to like. The Flag should remain, lets not take our History away.

  24. I sure hope this will happen. Rise-up people and take our, and I mean, OUR-COUNTRY back!

  25. Anybody who believes that confederate flag banning will stop racist murders is hallucinating on some heavily laced kool-aid.
    But it has been agreed without really agreeing verbally that it might keep people calm long after these poor nine souls are laid to rest. Republicans want calm as much as Democrats and if this flag has to go, well let it go from the statehouses and let’s all pretend we’ve solved this once and for all. It’s a cheap price for domestic tranquility for now.

  26. Howard: For those interested in the real history of the South and the War Between the States, incorrectly referred to as the Civil War, there is a great source available. It is the Abbeville Institute and they have fantastic articles and publications available written by some of the best scholars of US history. Check them out. You will be introduced to some American History that you will not get in the public school system.

  27. The liberal media and the leftist activists supported by weak politicians have won again. The Confederate Flag will be removed. Rush Limbaugh said it wasn’t the Confederate Flag alone that is being attacked. The American Flag is next.
    Guess what, one day later I read an article about the racist Louis Farrakhan. He said the Confederate flag is not what needs to be removed. He wants the American Flag removed. His vile comments are protected. In some other lands, he would be put in prison.

  28. I believe that we here in America still have the right of “Freedom of expression”, “Freedom of speech”, etc… or am I wrong??? Between BHO and the Supreme Court, that may all be in danger.

  29. Excellent points. I’m afraid Canada is in precisely the same boat. An unelected Supreme Court making decisions contrary to legitimate and lawful legislative law. This is extremely dangerous. A group of hand picked lawyers nominated to a Supreme Court under the auspices of being of sound mind. The problem being, their sound mind lacks the ability to hear or understand or care about the loud voices of the people.

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