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Daniel Rosensweig of Greater Toronto wrote a condescending comment on my last Editorial in the Comment Section, that in my opinion insulted Conservatives in the name of Gun Control . . . to which I responded:

Every now and then . . . it seems that I have to remind some visitors and readers of, that this BLOG is not a DEBATING FORUM. It is not fair and balanced in the LEFTIST sense. And it is not a BLOG where people can respond to each other with their own unlimited opinions.


There are plenty of BLOGS and News Media, where there are running threads of people debating each other, that reach a ridiculous distraction.


I had the COMMENT Section created for people to remark on current Editorials – BUT NOT TO ENGAGE ME IN DEBATES.

SO . . . When some people are upset or offended by my opinion in an editorial, they have several choices:

1 – Send in a comment, but do not make it insulting or confrontational, or I will remove that person’s email address PERMANENTLY from the Directory.

2 – Send me a personal email; make it short and to the point, and if it is confrontational or insulting, please refer to the consequences in the preceding paragraph.

3 – And if what I write or say offends and/or bothers you . . . delete yourself from the Directory and stop being bothered.


This BLOG is created and written for Conservatives who share a common interest and passion for Conservative VALUES. Personally, I couldn’t care in the least if NO ONE FROM THE LEFT EVER READS GALGANOV.COM.

The people who want to DEBATE my opinions, are generally LEFTISTS, who want what they consider to be balance, so that their opinions can be made public as well, as if in their words . . . “IT IS THE RIGHT AND DEMOCRATIC THING TO DO”.

It’s interesting how the LEFT always resort to their Concept of Democratic . . . when it is in their best interests to do so, using it as a weapon of GUILT, in order to slither into where they do not belong.

Isn’t it also fascinating, how when a Conservative says or writes something, there are always LEFTISTS who demand that their opinions must be heard too – BUT . . . when LEFTISTS have a point, it becomes UNASSAILABLE, as if it is written in stone and CLOSED to debate.

A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS . . . is how Obama and others on the LEFT have said repeatedly, that debate is CLOSED on Climate Change . . . because in their opinion, the SCIENCE has already been DECIDED.

The other thing about the LEFT, is how for DECADES . . . all the way back to the advent of Public Radio, how they’ve been pushing for the so-called FAIRNESS Doctrine, which is anything but fair, where Conservative Radio and Television would be shut-out of having their own unassailable opinions and programming, if the LEFT had their way.


I can’t think of one reason for me to open to the enemy. NOT ONE. But I can spend all daylong listing reasons why I should not.

SO . . . IN SHORT – If you’re offended by my attitude and determination to protect and promote for the benefit of Conservatives, do not expect any form of excuse or apology from me.

TO ALL MY CONSERVATIVE VISITORS . . . Thank you for your support, and for letting other people know about as a place where Conservatives of Common VALUES can call HOME. And that’s the way it is going to stay.


I’m watching the Howie Kurtz Show on FOX News, as I am writing this, as Kurtz, whom I have no regard for, and his Pundit guests are BASHING TRUMP with GLEE.

THEY . . . AND ALL THE OTHER PUNDITS on the Right and Left, but especially on the Establishment Right, who call themselves Conservatives, but are not really, should think hard before shooting off their mouths about TRUMP.


The DONALD isn’t apologizing. He isn’t begging like the rest of them for money. And he couldn’t give a RAT’S ASS what anyone has to say about him and his ideas, which by the way, are shared by an enormous number of Americans, including many in the political CENTER.


I have no idea if he would make a poor, good or GREAT President, especially at this point, since it is irrelevant. But what I do know, is that he is unlike anything any LIVING person in the USA or Canada has ever seen campaigning for the TOP JOB in either country . . . AND TO THE ELITISTS – THAT’S TERRIFYING.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you for another outstanding article that succinctly states what I feel. Obama, Holder, de Blasio, Sharpton, and Jackson should all be held personally accountable for the execution of Officers Ramos and Liu.

    I am a Christian and I light the Chanukah Lights in remembrance of the OT miracle and support of my spiritual Jewish brothers and sisters. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep both you and Ann and have a Happy Chanukah.

  2. Donald Trump is inspiring. He speaks the truth. I wouldn’t mind
    having him as our next “Uncle Sam”.

  3. It has been a long time since we have had an applicant that everyone knows where he stands and what he is going to do. He would have us back on the top rung with Foreign Governments. He would probably park AF #1 and let those “bed sheet” clowns spend their own av fuel to come here. If he gets the right running mate, watch out, he could very well become a serious factor.

  4. Bravo for this particular blog, Howard! Well said. As for “the Donald?” No matter what happens, he’s definitely forcing a different debate in the early stages of the 2016 campaign! So my hat’s off to Mr. Trump, too! Go for it! Push the envelope, Donald, then make all the “professional” politicians start to truly address the difficult issues facing this country! I hope we finally get a candidate in the final campaign with some chutzpah and gumption. Long overdue and about time!

  5. Donald Trump has a ‘thick skin’ grown over years of people trying to knock him down, put him out of business, etc. He never gave up the fight & look where he is in business, wealth, etc.; he could care less what others think (shows their jealousy &/or ignorance); he’s not politically correct (GOOD). Because of that he can & does stand against the ‘establishment’; therefore, for the people. I’m not saying he’d be a good prez, he will bring problems we face front & center. Media will dismiss him.

  6. Thank-you for keeping this site free of liberal idiots! I believe liberals all suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. This helps me understand why they say what they say. They believe in their core they are infinitely smarter and have a wiser judgment of the world than anyone else. That said, I think banning guns because of mass shootings is like banning cars because of drunk drivers. Internet is full of stories in China of mass killings of kids with knives and hammers. No guns there!

    No one in the GOP, NO ONE, will be able to control Trump. He doesn’t play by any of their rules, including the media rules. Here is a guy who can make them all kneel. Their darkest hour will come when he soars in the polls and wins primaries.
    The more they rip him, make fun of his hair and bombastic-in-your-face style the higher his numbers will go.

  8. Good for you, I always say that if you don’t like the message, turn the channel.

  9. My first reaction to Trump was “are you kidding me?” The more I listen to what he says and how he frames his answers as well as views the more I am wondering what the hell was wrong with me for not listening to this guy sooner. I have to agree with you that maybe it is time for putting someone in office who actually knows what he is doing and can bring folks to the party who can get things done. Thanks for the kick in the fanny to get me thinking again.

  10. Thank you for your stand on keeping offensive libs off your blog. We get enough of their brainwashing EVERY WHERE ELSE! You are a breath of fresh air!
    Hope Wozniak

  11. Hey Howard Thump away . If you cannot control your own blog , who can . As for Trump , breath of fresh air . May be a problem for those who wish to avoid stating their intentions . I hope he is front and centre in some publicized debates .
    Watching the Elite cower , kiss rings and maybe even speak the truth , will be refreshing ( good TV as well )
    He is just too crass, too direct , non-politically correct , offensive to the rest of those “better than average ” Americans .
    I wish we had simil

  12. “right on the mark with kurtz, and right on the mark with TRUMP. Trump doesn’t need your $,has plenty of his own, doesn’t need the job has a glorious peaceful fun life. But he wants it, to bring America back to what we can hardly remember it to be. He’s sharp like a razor, a patriot like no other, and aggressive and dynamic in his words. I love what Trump is and I will stand by him and defend him till I see differently, as I see what Howard sees, and “HE IS JUST WHAT WE NEED IN THE OVAL OFF”

  13. Donald Trump is “off the chain”, as far as being “politically correct”-that is! At least he’s done something with his life, and proud of it. That’s a lot more than I can say about most of the past presidents (1-voted “present” when Senator, 1-flew an airplane-got reprimanded!, 1-was Governor of an impoverished Southern state-had a few girlfriends, 1-was a peanut farmer-with a drunk brother, etc.)
    ‘Bout time we got some “fresh blood” to help with our country’s problems ! ! !

  14. On Donald, he is the only one that will do exactly what he says contrary to the others who will promise and do the opposite.
    Even if he doesn’t come in, he will stimulate the bunch and hopefully force them to debate honestly for a change. GO DONALD.

  15. Stand Firm Howard you got chutzpah! I’ll NEVER BE POLITICALLY CORRECT! Do we really want Washington to dictate to us what’s correct? You gotta be kidding me! Mr. Trump in my opinion is a statesman. Not sure about being President. Account-ability is a must! But he sure says things I like hearing. Remember it was “We the people” not just a President that formed this country. Regrettably, there seems to be more of we the people that want to be politically correct and suck on the pc nipple.

  16. Go Donald! I heartily agree with his points and his attitude of, “If you don’t like my ideas, go suck eggs!”
    Also, in regards to accusing my beloved nation of having so many guns deaths, almost 80% are left voting people killing each other on the streets of the ghettos. Is that my problem? The left thinks I should give up my self protection because gangs kill each other? Typical miss information posing as logical fact. Statements that twist the truth are generally considered lies.

  17. The Donald might not bring staid dignity to the office of Pres. of the U.S., and the Europeans probably consider him a bit “coarse” – (so what?) But he surely would help with our economic situation and figure out a way to pay down our
    $18 Trillion debt. We need to hear how he would deal with ISIS and the terrorist threat. He would seriously need to become knowledgeable about Foreign relations. Is he capable of leading the most powerful nation on the face of the earth? But then, who is???

  18. This is to address Daniel’s comments in the above. As indicated in your comment your are a Leftist that believes in wealth distribution. Question to you are willing to give me a salary of $120,000 per year? Talk is cheap. As far as gun control, most of the killings are being done by people who own guns illegally. If someone was going to rob you at gun point, would you ask the robber to hold on so you an make a cell phone call to a cop who might show up 15 minutes later?

  19. Standard canned line for the offended. “You know how cares about you being offended? You and your mother no one else.”

  20. Donald Trump is a great businessman but, I would not want him as President. Give me Gov. Walker as President and Carly Fioroni as VP. He has good chops as a Conservative and knows how to deal in the real world of politics. Carly would give HIllary a new tuchus with women’s rights and what they really want. Trump should be either a special envoy for business treaties or Secretary of the Treasury.

  21. The Liberals must really hate this site because they CAN’T CONTROL it. When the Liberals read the Conservatives’ comments, no doubt, they want to express THEIR own views to be able to convince some Conservatives to switch parties. Re: Trump–His words sounds better and better all the time. Let’s hope that he can be selected as one of the 10 candidates for the FOX debate in August. He will certainly be a challenge to the other candidates!!! GO Trump GO!!!

  22. In England the neo-nazis are preparing to march through a Jewish neighbourhood on July 4, a Saturday when most of the people are at prayer. How is it that a Government that considers itself democratic will allow such a vile movement who openly claims that its goal is the dejewification of England? And how, how can the Jewish community stand by and watch, claiming their behavior of decorum and self respect will show the world what they are made of?

  23. I think Trump should seek office on the DEMOCRATIC ticket. He would continue to expose the LEFT’s bumbling of the US economy, world apologies, lines in the sand & scandals under Obama’s un-leadership. With free publicity from the LEFT & DNC outrage, TV DNC debates would expose the LEFT with great ratings. Though he won’t win the nomination he’ll go down in history for rescuing the United States from the buffoons serving in the current administration, RINOs & the LEFT in Congress & the DNC.

  24. I don’t think Trump, will get the nomination … However, he will certainly shake things up, within the GOP and that is not only a fact, but, a necessary!!! I CAN see Trump as Secretary of the Treasury, where he can possibly update the whole department. Notice, I said possibly, since the Federal Employees do NOT want the “apple cart”, to be upset, at all!!! They like their wages, perks and retirement benefits … This goes for ALL Federal Employees!!!

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