“A CRISIS IS TOO GOOD A THING TO WASTE” . . . Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

We don’t have all the facts” . . . BUT I’LL COMMENT ON IT ANYWAY, because that’s what I do best, I shoot my mouth-off from the lip. Those first six words were from Obama. The rest were from me, putting my words into Obama’s mouth.

There is no proper way to describe how sick and sad this shooting was in South Carolina on Wednesday (June 17, 2015), since no one went to church to sing, pray and die.


This shooting had nothing to do with GUN CONTROL. And if you can point a finger at how it possibly could be an issue of the Second Amendment, it would be that there were no GOOD-GUYS in the pews who were armed, to protect themselves and each other.

The SHOOTER (murderer) was portrayed by the Leftist Media as being influenced by Conservative HATE-SPEAK . . . but could not quote any statistics or reality to support their OWN ORGANIZED HATE-SPEECH AGAINST CONSERVATIVES.

It’s remarkable how this MURDERING RAMPAGE was immediately described as a HATE-CRIME by all the media, the politicians, and the new Attorney General . . . perhaps as it should be.

BUT I HAVE TO ASK . . . Why isn’t there this rush to statement and judgment by the same BAD LEFTIST ACTORS when Black People MURDER White People, including, and most demonstrably . . . White Police Officers.


Only sick and heartless people, like those on the LEFT, would take this HORROR as an excuse for them to use the murders of NINE INNOCENT PEOPLE at prayer, to push their sick political agenda.

LET ME REPEAT . . . There’s no explaining crazy. And there’s no protection against crazy people, other than to be armed, trained, and ready for the worst if it ever comes.


The RACE-BAITERS are already playing this out as a WHITE-ON-BLACK assault, whether it’s true or not . . . WHICH IT IS NOT. But regardless, they’ll pour all the racist gasoline they can on the graves and memories of the 9-victims before they’re even in the ground, while they fan the flames of HATE, diminishing the true worth of the fallen parishioners.

May the souls of the victims of this horrible event rest in peace . . .

A SPECIAL NOTE TO THE RACE-BAITERS . . . White people are just as shocked, and just as sad as Black Folk – it is a disgrace to make something of this tragedy that it isn’t.


I’ve sent special notes of thanks via email to each of the people who sent support to help fund – THANK YOU.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the two murdered police officers. You are absolutely right in saying the the leaders ALL have blood on their hands. I lived in Washington DC during the last riots and watched from my balcony the looting and burning. This time the violence is so much more and I fear for this country. We need this to stop before we are forced into martial law and the country is lost forever!

  2. One way or the other it always comes back to an attack on the 2ond ammendment. The “bad people” want the good people to give up their right to arms and they will push this insodent to the fullest and to that end. Keep up your good work Howard many are backing you to the fullest.

  3. Never let a crisis go to waste – Saul Alinsky. The man who America elected as her commander-in-chief is a master of that. As I watched him speak today, in a room mixed with blacks and whites, I despised him for making me feel uncomfortable amongst co-workers I consider friends. He played both the race card and the gun control card right out of the gate. God give us the strength to make it through these last couple years!

  4. I would like to point out that the phrase “never let a disaster go to waste” was actually said by Joseph Goebbels the Nazi propaganda minister. There are many similarities between Hitler’s rise to power and Obama’s propaganda machine and policies that he has placed into the American society. The only thing left is for him to declare himself the ruler.

  5. I predict that there will be a crisis (race war?) instigated at the time of the US 2016 election so that BHO will find it necessary to remain in power to control the population with martial law. There will be no end plan, and the US population will find themselves being ruled under a dictatorship. I hope to be proven wrong, but this is the future that I see.

  6. Nathan C. Holder had true comments on Saul Alinsky. I will add that Alinsky was considered the modern Father of
    Community Based Organizing. This is were Obama decided to work within. Remember the Acorn debacle? Obama was
    directly behind this group pushing tax dollars into it.

    I have read a book that really dug into Alinsky and Obama’s background. Please look at “Radical-In-Chief” by Stanley
    Kurtz. This is the story of Obama and American Socialism.

  7. Ohhhhh….here comes all that gun s–t again! Here in Canada, we have constitutional rights, too…the right to bare arms. The warm weather is here and I’m wearing my short sleeve shirts and jerseys with reckless abandon. Your so-called Second Amendment is as obsolete as the typewriter. America was still a wild frontier when this stuff was written. Until more recent times London bobbies didn’t carry guns. Why is that? Don’t sprain your brains thinking about it. You may get hurt!

  8. There are other comments here with common support of my thoughts. But I feel that all of this race baiting. Is designed and purposed by the left wing liberals. To set the stage for an imposed racial confrontation. That will assist in permitting Obama to impose martial law. While covering the true issues that are harming our nations economy today.

  9. Re: Daniel Rosensweig : “Until more recent times London bobbies didn’t carry guns.” ” Why is that?

    BUT NOW THEY DO ! Why is that ? Guns are illegal in the UK. Maybe you should think about it Daniel.

  10. People were more moral and it was safer in the wild west. This horrific crime is a perfect example. You are not even safe in church today. People are people no matter what year it is.

  11. Echoes of my mind Howard. Told my wife the night it happened, “obviously no legal concealed handguns in church”. It seems only white on ? Is a hate crime, not the other way around. God bless.

  12. The President of the United States is our nation’s spokesperson. When a tragedy, such as this happens, the real duty of the US President is to help the nation heal and to pray for the families of the victims. It is NOT the duty of the US President, to put a or several political agenda(s), when this kind of tragedy happens. Even President Clinton’s speech to the Columbine students and parents, in Littleton, CO., did not have any political agenda, that day, May 20, 1999.

  13. Funny how the most public people who come out against guns, like Rosie O’Donnel have private security guards carrying guns to protect them. Kind of hypocritical of them… not at all surprising tho.

  14. Bama has never had the best interests of the Citizens of the United States at heart.
    This is not about gun control. It is about denying Citizens the right to bear arms.
    Now why would he want to do that nmmm? Many of us know the answer.

  15. It seems the intent of the left is the use of “Hate” crimes to incense, anger, and incite more HATE. I agree with those comments about a created race ‘war’ big enough for BHO to institute martial law so he remains in office (but that office will be relocated). We are already nearly under a gov’t dictatorship; only difference will be the # of branches/heads doing the dictating.

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