I’ve never been a fan of Donald Trump, mostly because I’ve only seen him as a narcissistic character, who loves the sound of his own voice more than anything else. He’s a bragger, a name-dropper, and a modern-day snake-oil salesman.

Even the way he launched his campaign yesterday (June 16), was full of self-aggrandizing RAZZMATAZZ . . . BUT – BY THE TIME HE FINISHED HIS RAMBLING SPEECH . . . HE HAD A NEW FAN IN ME.

Charles Krauthammer, who I think is really smart, also thinks far too much of himself, which he gets away with because he comes off as a super educated extremely well spoken intellectual. Which he is.


George Will, who I haven’t liked for many years, because he thinks he’s always the smartest guy in the room, because of his command of the English language, proved to be an elitist EXTRAORDINAIRE by the way he decided to have a PRIVATE MEDIA meeting at his house, with other selected elitist “journalists”, with Obama as the guest, just after Obama was elected in 2008, where whatever would be discussed, would be kept secret FOREVER.

To the great credit of several other well-respected Journalists, they declined George Will’s invitation, because REAL Journalists don’t put themselves above the story and the people who read, listen or watch the news. AND THEY DON’T PROMISE SILENCE.


I mention these two men, because yesterday, both of them demeaned and diminished Trump’s entry into the race, and what he stated he stands for, and how he (Trump) sees the modern world, America’s position in the world, the countries and leaders of those countries who are kicking America’s ass, and all the other MANY things average American Citizen are BEGGING TO HEAR.


He went into their HOUSE this morning on FOX News, and called both of them LOSERS. He demanded to know what they ever did with their lives, beside speak and write about what other people (LIKE HIMSELF) has done?

He reminded FOX News viewers that he created one of the world’s GREAT construction companies. That he has created one of the TOP television shows. And that he built a MEGA-BILLION Dollar Empire that has put as much as EIGHT-BILLION Dollars in his personal and private bank account. And what have they done to have been so rudely and condescendingly critical of him?


My inbox was swamped with people writing . . . to tell me that they LOVE Trump and would vote for him in a flash, BECAUSE HE SAYS WHAT THE PEOPLE THINK.

And no matter what the self-aggrandizing media says about Trump, he will shake things up and have the Republican PHONIES OUT-THEMSELVES, if they aren’t ready to drop the political Correctness Crap and SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE and to the enemies of America.

I will keep on writing that I like Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker and Ben Carson amongst several others . . . BUT NOW, I ALSO REALLY LIKE TRUMP.

So let the elitist media continue beating-up on him, the MORE THE BETTER, because, all it does is shine a light on why the average Conservative American is having less and less respect for the media.


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  1. First, I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to those two families. Yes, Howard, you said it all….”THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN . . . and before it ends, there will be much, much MORE of this”. “A can of worms has been opened!” Mayor Di Blasio has to be OUSTED from office, and Al Sharpton, et al, have to keep their BIG MOUTHS SHUT! The New York Policemen are to be commended for a job well done. Another CRISIS means another ACCOMPLISHMENT for “Barry”, as he and his cohorts thrive on them!

  2. I’m impressed with Trump too! Let’s see how the guy does moving forward.

  3. I love Trump’s “gutsy-ness” and the way he doesn’t mince words. I must agree with something Glenn Beck said this a.m., though, and that is that Trump is not a humble man before God, and we already have one of those in office. Ben Carson, is a humble man who realizes that all gifts come from God, not from himself — his own efforts and talents, and as much as I LOVE Trump’s honesty, when push comes to shove, I want a leader who will seek God’s will in helping to lead this nation goodness.

  4. I have always enjoyed Trump, knowing he was full of himself. Like you, I don’t care anymore, because like you, he tells it like it is! I couldn’t stop laughing when he called Krauthammer and Wills jerks!

  5. Cannot stand Trumps narcissim but love his ideas. However,perhaps it is the confidence he has in himself that gives him the kick ass attitude to get the job done for this country. I too will watch him. Admire Dr Carson but am worried he is just to nice.

  6. Well Howard…as always you hit the bullseye! Lots of people know nothing about Trump but say he is a crook etc….well that is the media slashing away at someone who has succeeded where they are just gossips…highly paid gossips..journalism in the media is RARE these days. People MUST look at experience and track record…he has both…we need experience in BUSINESS…this out of control Govt, fiscally irresponsible and bankrupt need a guy whomgotmhimself out of huge bankruptcy paid it all off

  7. I watched Special Report where the two you mentioned opined on Trump. Talk about disappointing. Then it occurred to me these guys were the Washington establishment Trump has no use for. They’re the lobbyists for their own elite “conservative” fan club. Saw Trump on Fox this morning. He blew them off as if they were an uninvited insect a a party. I like him too. No “politician” talk. He speaks aloud what so many have only been wishing for the last two elections. If nothing else, wow!

  8. I’m hoping that at the very least other candidates listen to Trump and garner the testicular fortitude to speak out on what Americans truly want and need!

  9. I am in total agreement with many who contributed to this blog. If we had Trump in the White House, he would definitely kick their rears and let them know that “you don’t mess with the USA.” Where is all that fervor we had after 9/11? All that about Mexico was news to me …. where did I ever hear that before? NOWHERE!
    Go Donald!

  10. We Americans have a president who is narcissistic, but with no accomplishments worthy of praise. Donald Trump indeed may be a narcissist, but I believe his accomplishments, competitiveness and love of country make him a totally appropriate candidate. It is high time for a “kick ass” leader in this politically correct, intellectually muzzled, rudderless nanny state.

    Thank you, Howard, for pointing out Trump’s clear virtues and suitability as a presidential candidate.

  11. Trump would be fantastic in some areas; however, he is anti-gun and that presents a problem for me. Also, as mentioned in other comments on here, I too would like to see a humble man before God sitting in the world’s highest office. There are way too many questions still to be asked as to where he stands on certain subjects; i.e., Fair Tax. My own opinion is that it’s way too early for ANYONE to totally support ANY candidate at this particular time. Everyone should research the candidates.

  12. In almost 90 years I have learned that being “humble” and a nice person just gets you kicked around. I prefer a leader who is strong and capable of making the right decisions, not a leader who needs to seek God’s will to do what is right.
    The world is falling apart….so much cruelty and ugliness everywhere. A strong leader is needed now… right here on earth.
    Trump looks good to me.

  13. No question, Trump is the Real Deal,he loves America and he is” mad as hell “and is determined to get back what we can barely remember.I trust that he can and will make this country the most powerful country on the globe in all aspects re: Nat’l. Sec., Militarily, Economically, AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, “RESPECT” ‘CAN HE DO IT? “YOU BET HE CAN”!

  14. A good measure of Trump’s impact is that the left has to resort to name calling but will not debate issues with him. Going to be fun to watch. Now, who do we have in Canada or Ontario for that matter who will fill the bill?

    Jim Dean
    Oakville Canada

  15. Both Democrats and Republicans will tell you what the problems are and that they will solve them. But they will never give you specifics. Trump will flush out the Republican hippocrates and along with Fiorina who is going after Clinton

  16. If he makes it to my state I’ll vote for him, and the PC police will be in full gear. It didn’t take the little Trolls on the Left to start name calling, what they fail to grasp is they are the clowns posing as journalist.

  17. IMAGINE, if you will, “The Donald” as President, and Carlie Fiorina as VP, and I favor Paul Ryan as Sec. of Treasury, and Mitt Romney as secretary of State,……my mind is awash in giddy thoughts,…forget the politics let’s deal with things head on and fix them!!

  18. As always, you are right on, Howard…and so is Donald Trump. I’ve always kinda liked Trump in spite of his seeming arrogance and narcissism. Unless Hillary can get the old green-eyed monster running rampant among the “Gimmee Crowd” again, I think he has a good chance. I love your blog and have sent another small donation. Hopefully next time it can be more.

  19. It is hard to not agree with Donald Trump’s assessment of our current state of mess, created by the liberal agenda of the last twenty five years, worsened by Obama and his minions on both sides of the isle. Each and every day we see the disastrous results from our nation’s leadership, worldwide. We need to clean house. We definitely need to change course with a strong constitutional leader. My concern with Mr. Trump, however, is that he might be another one man show, refusing counsel.

  20. Regardless of his ego, if Trumps on the ballot I’m voting for him!!! And that wall he mentioned – THAT I WANT TO SEE! This country is literally screaming for a dependable ‘kick ass’ leader. Bring on Trump America!!

  21. There is only one declared Presidential candidate who can “trump” the Donald, and that is Dr. Ben Carson! His calm, low-key self-assuredness instills confidence in everyone who hears him speak. His wisdom, strength in time of crisis,
    his intelligence and knowledge, and his determination are qualities that will lead this country back to the core values our Forefathers established. He has no need to “bloviate”, but tells it as it is!

  22. Those who watched O’Reilly’s interview with Trump last night had to have noticed that TRUMP had the “upper hand” throughout the interview; that’s no easy task. If he did become President and were able to accomplish what he claims he would/could do under those circumstances, this country would FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE—–but this time, FOR THE BETTER!!! Let’s face it, we haven’t yet heard any of the candidates speak as forcefully as “THE DONALD” has done……….very, very impressive!!!!

  23. A new and untainted blood infusion coming for America; Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker and Ben Carson! For Americas sake I really hope there is a place for all of them in and around the badly sagging White House.

    Ben Eby, Calgary, Alberta

  24. I was very impressed with Donald Trump until it just came across the wire that he would choose Oprah as his running mate. Are you kidding me???????

  25. I also listened to D. Trump on Fox. I like and agree on what he says. I’m afraid most people will not vote for him because of his open in your face aggressiveness. I hope he will be on the coming debates because he will open up the other candidates as to the issues we talk about; immigration problems, IRS problems, our high corporate tax, foreign aid, out of control welfare payments, food stamp fraud, Medicare Fraud by individuals and medical specialty’s and finally our massive 18 T budget.

  26. Well. . . .But now . . . You see, Fox News doesn’t like Trump.
    And we got’ta play along with Fox News . . . don’t we?

  27. All of the above :re Positive Trump. However let’s get serious , he will cause others to have to commit or be minimized. Nothing more , & that’s good. Trump wants the old USA back because he did well there and realizes the New World does not work as well, profit wise, for him. He is doomed : he has not called upon the Lord , kissed any ugly babies , promised to help the Non Whites and other fringes . He may even have demeaned some , hey he might even be one of those scarrrrry bullies as well.

  28. Won’t it be awesome to watch The Donald in the debates? If nothing else, he will force issues to be addressed that Americans really care about. And, he will not be afraid to get in their faces about it!

  29. Although I fully agree with everything The Don said, I cannot support him because he is driven by ego, not rational logic. We already have a president with an ego larger than Montana, who has destroyed the country. We don’t need another one.

  30. You need a lot more than a successful record of kicking your competitors ass to be a great leader. Blowhard Trump would need a gigantic dose of humility to get even close.

  31. A Master of the Art, “Tell them what they want to hear”. At least he will be honest, a lost art recently. Too bad Bama is not running what a show a debate would be, Laurel and Hardy all over.

  32. I’ll sick and tired of politicians that offer nothing but platitudes and sound bites, and think they can get elected by the masses . What this country needs, now more than ever, is an honest dialogue with voters, and for us to get out the vote for people who are sincerely interested in our country instead of their own pocket books. I know, I know.. difficult for politicians. Dr Ben Carson fills the job!!!

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