JEB! . . . More Than I Had Expected – But Not Enough – Hello Trump



I watched JEB!’s announcement yesterday (June 15), which started off, at least in my opinion . . . weak, shaky and not at all self-assured. But, as his speech progressed, so did his confidence, and so did the enthusiasm of his audience.

In all . . . the speech was REALLY GOOD. He hit the main points with an aura of believability. BUT, HE ALSO “COUCHED” SOME VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES:

1 – JEB! Glossed-over COMMON-CORE, which is as LEFTIST a policy as they come, which he fully endorses.

2 – JEB! Hardly dealt with AMNESTY for Illegal Immigrants, which in one way or another, he also supports.

3 – And the last I looked, the United States of America is an English speaking country that OBLIGATES immigrants who want to become citizens, to take their OATH OF ALLEGIANCE IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

So, what was with the segment of his speech that was in Spanish?

How many times have we heard from President Obama and LEFTISTS like Obama, who are pushing for AMNESTY, that if immigrants want to stay in the USA and become citizens of the country, they must FIRST learn how to speak English?

THAT’S OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE, because government services throughout the USA are available in Spanish, INCLUDING how to vote, whom to vote for, and on many ballots.

So . . . when JEB! spoke in Spanish, what message was he sending to the American people?

When comparing the HONEST-TO-GOODNESS excitement and enthusiasm in the room for JEB! and his speech . . . to how controlled and bland Clinton’s SECOND launch was, there was no comparison.

JEB! spoke glowingly about the future, the greatness of America, the opportunities of Americans, and that his first jobs will be to rebuild America’s Military, Global Strength, and repair the broken and fractured international confidence amongst America’s historical ALLIES like Israel that have been damaged as a result of Obama, Clinton, Kerry and company.


To the contrary . . . Clinton’s FIRST job will be to go after the Middle Class and TAX them until it hurts.


JEB! . . . who by his LOGO as is expressed by his first name ONLY, finished with an exclamation point, is making a conscientious effort to distance himself from his family name, and from his more famous brother, said a whole number of things I fully agree with.

And if he were to win the Republican nomination, he would have all the support this BLOG can muster for him, in spite of his three issues that bother me most.


1 – I still prefer Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker and Ben Carson, amongst several others before JEB!.

2 – The more I hear and see Hillary Clinton, the more it becomes painfully apparent to me how thin and insulting the LEFT’S vision is for a SOCIALIST USA, and how they are determinedly contrary to the American Dream.

3 – And if Hillary Clinton is the BEST the LEFT has . . . and that she actually has a chance to become President – that says all that needs to be said about the decline of the American Empire.


I just watched an hour of BRAGGADOCIO courtesy of Donald Trump, who might be a bigger narcissist than Obama . . . the Narcissist-In-Chief – with one exception:

LIKE HIM OR NOT . . . TRUMP IS IN THE FIGHT IN EVERY ASPECT against all odds, without a fawning media and LEFTIST or RIGHTIST Cabal, backstopping him in every way.

And as much as I think Trump is somewhat of a JOKE, what he said at his most unusual launch, had me saying YES – YES – YES to every point he brought up. And I’m not the only one. I will bet you that a huge swath of Americans watching and listening to his speech, were also shaking their heads while also saying YES – YES – YES.


Where the Republican campaign was going to be pretty robust because of the nature and quality of the candidates, it is now going to be a WAR, forcing all the candidates to lay it all out.

And where I thought we were going to see and hear some bold new ideas and positions . . . NOW I IMAGINE WE WILL SEE IT ALL COME OUT – TAKING NO PRISONERS.

By the time the election actually rolls around, because of the quality of the Republican candidates, AND BECAUSE OF TRUMP, all of America will be focused on Republicans, and their vision of an entirely robust rebirth of the American Dream.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sadly watched the terrible events of Yesterday’s Assassination of NYPD Police Officers…There better be immediate solutions
    to this tragedy. I am appalled by the leftist comments….Time to take charge…no more peaceful protests calling for Death of Cops.
    Sadly, many protesters have been white! If you do not like cops or the Justice system…go some where else, like Liberia or same Islamic haven where you can spout your radical views and be killed for doing so.
    God Bless ALL Police!

  2. No trump not a narcisist i see an electrifying “ray of hope”, he was as dynamic, powerful as possible, covered all the issues, every issue of major importance. Can he lead us to what we lost, with every “bone in my body”, he “BLOWS ALL THE COMPETITION OUT OF THE WATER”. NOT BORN WITH A GOLDEN SPOON, A SELF MADE MAN, STARTED IN A LITTLE OFFICE IN BKLYN. LEARNED FROM HIS DAD IN CONSTRUCTION. That is not what a call a narcissist. I call him extraordinary1

  3. Donald does have the ability to “Grate” . He was clear . He was sure . He was anti . He calls a fool a fool and a con man a con man . I liked his speech . I liked the tone , I liked the solutions offered , I liked the direction .I like his style. Were I able to vote in the USA he would get my vote . AT THE VERY LEAST the competition will have to come clean on their plans to object with his . Good or bad , he seems to have a plan . However If I had my hand out , I might feel a LITTLE THREATENED

  4. After hearing Donald’s speach I am more convinced the republicans might have a chance to win the White House. Not that I think he will be able to win, but he will be able to force the rest of the pack to be more forceful. Unfortunately the press will do all it can to smear him. He is not afraid of that, but it will hurt the rest of the bunch also.
    After hearing Hillary’s speach, there is no comparison. What does she have to offer? No experience and only more tax and spend.

  5. What I like about Mr Trump is that he is proud to have made a lot of money and happy to talk about it in glowing terms. That’s optimism. Also, he’s not afraid of the press and knows them personally or at least knows how to handle them. His campaign will definitely be a bit clumsy and he’ll make a lot of PC mistakes. But we’ll all have a good laugh after he makes a joke of it and off to the next issue. But at least we can have a candidate who has real life experience in the business world.

  6. Do not be fooled by Jeb. He IS a Bush & is in the “ruling class.” Words are cheap, but the proof is in the pudding, & he hasn’t been a true conservative or Constitutionalist in the past. Don’t expect him to start, now. If he gets elected, the tone will be different in the executive branch, but the direction will not change. America will continue its downward spiral. Reversal demands a radical change . . . Carson, Walker, and Fiorina are the change we need.

  7. Let’s face facts, Trump has about as big as an ego as you can get….BUT…he’s a builder who knows how to get things done, not a politician that’s more more worried about how he looks.

  8. Let’s hope that Trump is the last person to declare candidacy – enough already!! These are the qualifications necessary for the one who will get my vote: Love of country; Intelligence; Wisdom, Common Sense; Integrity, Honesty; Courage;
    Good Morals; Decisiveness; a Healer; Compassion; Humility. There is only one candidate on the roster with all of these qualities: Dr. Ben Carson. I pray he will become the next President of the United States.

  9. I voted for McCain and Romney….and my vote obviously meant nothing. I have had it voting for GOP next-in-line establishment candidates like Bush. I would prefer to write in the candidate of my choice in 2016 than cast a vote for Jeb.

  10. I’m thrilled to see Trump in the mix. As many others here have already said he is a self made man whether you like him or not. Ego – yes, but he’s strong willed, very intelligent and I see him as being able to go over Congress to the American people if needed. The last great president that was able to do that was Ronald Reagan. I’m not saying Trump is another Reagan, just making a comparison of what I see him being able to do. He also sees America as the greatest country on earth.

  11. Well Shirley I agree with you. Right now he my choice to get our country back on track.

  12. Although I’m not sure if I would vote for Trump at this time, he is definitely a breath of fresh air because he’s stating exactly what PEOPLE want to hear and are hoping for—a GREAT LEADER!!! He will/should be quite a challenge in the debates—- which I hope he will be able to partake in. Looking forward to viewing him on FOX tonight!

  13. JEB! Speaking Spanish is simply an intelligent political move to garner the Hispanic vote. I realize it seems to be a “sell out” to the GOP hard core but to quote the Duke ” a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do”.
    It’s no different in Canada. The success of Conservatives here is dependant upon wooing the minority vote. Mr. Harpers success and now that of Mr. Patrick Brown in Ontario. Once the minority base of the electorate are onside…establishing a govt becomes probable.

  14. Howard,
    Once again, your intuitive perception is right on! I haven’t been this politically excited for so long…Trump=political Viagra! If nothing else, as you say, he’s gonna shake the hell out of the Republican fruit tree. Thanks for your acuity. Get your ass back to Texas (or Louisiana) and, this time, STAY.


  15. Howard, sadly I doubt if anyone in the White House will have the will to totally dismantle the horror that Obama has created in this country. Also, with all the either Progressive, or Socialist leaning old bull RINOs in congress, and all the outright Communists in all departments, I wonder if this ship can be turned around. Also, the TRUE powers that be aren’t even on the radar screen. They are the ones who pull all the strings to all the puppets and, as such, are literally untouchable.

  16. Trump is being called a joke by the rinos in power and the lame stream media, which makes me think maybe he’s not so bad after all. He has the confidence, the business ability, the intelligence, and best of all, a real love for America that he is not embarrassed to speak about. Not saying he’s at the top of my list right now, but he sure beats the likes of Jeb!, Christie, Huckleberry, Jindal, Carson, et al. I would like to see him debate Cruz, Rubio, Walker, and Fiorini. Worth watching!!

  17. I like Trump but I don’t see him as POTUS although Treasury Secretary would be a place he would shine–he’d get to the bottom of this IRS crap. I like Carly for VP, a LOT. Walker or Cruz top of the ticket preferably Cruz. I lived in FL while Jeb was governor and he did a good job running the state. However he has taken a big liberal turn and is a big government statist just like his brother. A ham sandwich is better than Obama though and Hillary cannot win–she won’t even be the Dem nominee.

  18. I have all kinds of problems with jeb and I lived in Florida when he was governor. Common core and border control are but two. The problem I have with Trump is his views on the Second Amendment. I don’t care if he’s the richest man in the world if he is against the Second Amendment he is not right for the job.

  19. I am thinking you might be a brother ……I cannot believe you nailed my exact thinking on this crew of R’s.

  20. Shirley Friedman… 1000% CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Any Republican is better than any Democrat. I like a lot of the candidates and will vote for the one that promises to kill Obamacare, illegal immigration, government promoted & funded late term abortion, overegulation, extra special rights all of the special groups, tax and spend policies, billions to foreign enemies, leftist policies in general AND THAT SPELLS TRUMP. I will campaign and vote for him in a heartbeat. He strikes me as the kind of man that will do what I mentioned.

  22. While “The Donald” never wins humility awards, HE knows and sees the problems and has solutions. (Who ever thought throwing good chests of Tea in Boston Harbor was an inspiring thing,…back then.) We are too accustom to polls, “nuances” and “couching” of every single word uttered. Donald knows how to fight bare knuckled, and demands involvement. The Forefathers foresaw Donald, and put in “checks and balances” for him. I’m sick of politicians,
    and want results, “Obama, you’re fired!!”

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