How Many RESETS For Clinton – And Forget About The RINOS


SO . . . ONCE AGAIN, Hillary Clinton presses the RESET button, and we all remember how well that worked for the USA with Putin. It seems that this is what Hillary Clinton’s really good at . . . pushing the RESET button on whatever she perceives is in need of her RESET, as if it is the panacea for all that ails the world.


It bothers me more than just somewhat, that politicians rely almost exclusively on POLLSTERS to find out what the people want to hear. NOT WHAT THEY NEED TO HEAR . . . but rather, what they determine will get them the votes.

How screwed-up is that?

It also bothers me how politicians lean on SPIN Doctors to explain their flip-flops, no answers, wrong answers . . . and nuances.

And it sends me over-the-top as to how politicians deliver speeches from carefully crafted scripts, written for them by professional writers . . . WHICH IS WHY I REALLY LIKE CANDIDATES OF CHARACTER LIKE; Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Scott Walker amongst a few others.


In essence . . . Hilary Clinton, who has spent her entire adult life surrounded by power and prestige, has nothing to show for it other than personal wealth, false status and ATTITUDE.

She did nothing as First Lady that anyone can point to. She was a big ZERO as a Senator with no legislation that she can boast about. And she totally screwed-up the State Department with America’s global standing in the tank, culminating with the MURDER of four Americans, including the Ambassador to Libya.


It says volumes about the MAINSTREAM MEDIA . . . that they even cover her campaign, since she won’t answer any questions and explain herself to them and the people. But they still support her – WHY?

A normal person would look at the Hillary Clinton Campaign and figure she doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning anything, simply because she’s divorced and separated from the people. And that’s the way I look at it. But, a person much smarter than me . . . Anne – my wife of more than 42-years thinks differently.


Anne thinks, that the people on the LEFT are so entitled, greedy, and ignorant of the political process and the real world, that they will vote for anyone who promises to give them FREE-STUFF, and will supposedly STICK-IT TO THE MAN.

PERSONALLY . . . I still have sufficient confidence (but its dwindling), that enough people have not crossed onto the dark-side to condemn our world to a generation or more of darkness, because we will elect IDIOTS, LIARS and CHEATS in spite of everything.

Unfortunately . . . the proof is in the pudding against my best hopes, when we look at where our world and countries are headed, in a totally different direction from the countries our FOUNDING Fathers had handed down to us. BUT . . . without hope, what else do we have short of revolution?


Jeb Bush would be a GREAT candidate and would probably win the Presidency in a walk, if he ran as a Democrat, since I personally think he leans to the LEFT more than he does to the RIGHT.

Being a GREAT President should not be about how much money a candidate can raise, which he or she can use to bamboozle the people; rather, being a great President should be about competence, honor, integrity, compassion, toughness, patriotism, AND AN UNDERSTANDING THAT HE OR SHE SERVES THE PEOPLE, not the other way around.

With the exception of Governor Scott Walker, who has repeatedly proven his METTLE under fire, I REALLY DON’T WANT TO SEE ANOTHER POLITICIAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE, any more than I want to see a phony politician win the PMO (Prime Minister’s Residence) in Ottawa this coming October.

I’ve written many times how I don’t believe most people should vote, simply because they’re either too stupid, to greedy, or too lazy to sufficiently know the issues to make an informed decision.


I also think that the length of election campaigning must be FAR shorter and far less expensive than it has become, so as NOT TO EXCLUDE everyone who isn’t wealthy or well connected from entering the political fray. And in spite of my personal past beliefs in campaign finance laws, I now believe that there should be a MAXIMUM as to how much an individual should be allowed to spend to get elected.


I also don’t want anyone’s support (lobbyist) to shape policies of our countries and garner special favors from politicians because of the amount of money they PONY-UP for elections. PRIVILEGE IN A DEMOCRACY SHOULD NEVER BE FOR SALE.


Our societies need a great deal of changes in how we govern ourselves HERE & NOW, which will either be made through an honest ballot, or a very unpleasant alternative.

And let me remind everyone . . . America is no STRANGER to revolution. And the American people are not shy when it comes to DEFENDING THEIR FREEDOMS.

Canada should think about this as well, since as our leaders and bureaucrats are also leading Canadians down the garden path in a direction that will explode in all of our faces if not significantly turned around.


The American people are BLESSED to have so many quality CONSERVATIVE people running for the leadership of the Republican Party . . . many, if not most of whom would make a great Commander-In-Chief, that if they choose the wrong leader, it might be the last wrong decision they will make before it all goes really wrong.

TRULY . . . I believe that we are living in what can only be considered one of the most interesting times in our modern history . . . and we alone will be the architects of our future.

I fear that this will be our last best chance before it will all hit the fan.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I would love to see Dr. Benjamin Carson get enough financial resources to run a successful campaign. The news outlets are doing their best to squeeze him out of the limelight just as they did with Ron Paul. Money is still what decides who you get to vote for, not talent, not good deeds, nor a sensible vision of where the country should be going. The mega rich still steer the big ship.

  2. I am afraid Anne is right. The American people do not want a leader to solve their problems, but a leader who will give them free stuff. I see it all the time around here.

  3. I would like to see a ticket of Scott Walker & Carly Fiorina because Walker has proven himself a man of his word & Carly has proven herself in the business world and I like the way she has taken on Hillary. Carly could attack Hillary where Walker would be called all lines of names for doing the same thing. It would also give the Republicans a women on the ticket.

  4. Why anyone would vote for Hillary is because we live in a world full of ZOMBIES who are too busy smoking POT. These people are the same GIMME-GIMMES who also vote for the FAR-LEFT to be able to get their FREE STUFF. What I can’t understand is that selling POT is against FEDERAL LAW, but yet, states are still allowed to sell it. Why then, do we HAVE federal laws if they have no meaning? Let’s PRAY, yes PRAY, that there are still enough common-sense people who will vote intelligently in 2016.

  5. I agree with your lovely wife. I think whoever promises the most, will win.

  6. Anne is an astute lady! The promise of “free stuff” to an ignorant, lazy and questionably intelligent electorate will eclipse common sense and understanding of issues every time! I’m afraid the left wing communist agenda is right on track! I hope I am wrong. I appreciate your optimism and hope you are right. We will be long gone while our grandchildren will either suffer or appreciate the consequences depending on decisions we make today. God help us to get it right!

  7. In Can. the next P.M. will be the person who promises the most . Though the party has been caught TWICE stealing from Prov. coffers, and is being led by an Incompetent , Unskilled , Legacy Named , Entitled , World Class Fool .Nice Hair though and certainly a world class chameleon .
    Yes Howard it will go on forever and here’s how . When you and I and the like minded Older Gen. are gone,
    No one will be the wiser … and the present un-educated masses do ALL have a vote and no concept of history

  8. I NEVER thought I would see the demise of MY COUNTRY in my lifetime. I feel that time is here, and noone is of the ilk to either understand, nor take the responsibility for the future of this country that myself and so many others fought to give them. Talk about the GREATEST gift in the world, and look at Arlington National Cemetary and tell THEM that “you need more free stuff! That is totally disgusting!!!

  9. Dr. Carson is my choice for President of the USA because: 1. He is not and never has been a “politician” so he is not beholden to any PAC or individual backer. 2. He speaks his mind, and tells the truth. 3. He believes in God! 4. He is extremely intelligent and would appoint the best qualified people to his cabinet. 5. He insists that ALL people learn to fend for themselves – realizes that education is the necessary factor. 6. He has known poverty and most importantly he loves America

  10. Read recently this country is run by big banks & big business. I believe that. As for being “UP TO THE PEOPLE” or “Voters”, the people have no say anymore, & the voters can only vote on names establishment parties put on ballots. So we really don’t have a choice. With more news of so easily hacked voting machines, even that choice is not ours. This country is run by those with the money to wield the power; they ban together to rule so their power/wealth grows. They own the media too. HELP!

  11. Scott Walker and Carly Florina is my choice. I would like to see Condi Rice as the VP but she is too smart for that. Scott is l
    a believable person with experience, Carly adds the fire power.

  12. I shudder at the possibility of Hilary becoming president. Her non-caring, snide remark regarding Benghazi still rings in my ears ….. “What difference does it make???” She OBVIOUSLY cares not one iota for TRUTH.

  13. The comments received convince me that those on welfare should lose their right to vote (more welfare) until they (if ever) get off welfare and become a taxpayer instead of a tax recipient. The US needs more taxpayers, not more taxes.

  14. Progressive is progressing backward to undesirable government. Change is change for the worse. We are well on the way toward the goals of the American Communist Party. Revolution??? The government has bought the masses with our money. We, the producers, are a minority. At best it will be the right to work states against the Union controlled states. That pretty much represents the attitude of the people. Individualists vs collectivists. The value of effort of any person is worth no more tha

  15. If something happens in the next year and a half to Bill Clinton such as heart attack or plane crash….Hillary wins with the sympathy vote. Let’s pray for Bill’s health and well being.

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