The 2015 Pledge Ride Is Done – BUT NOT OVER



At 5:45-PM on Monday, June 8, 2015 . . . the Pledge Riders took our ANNUAL OATH, this year at the Montreal Holocaust Museum, where together, and in unison, we swore our PLEDGE OF NEVER AGAIN TO A SECOND HOLOCAUST.


We acknowledged . . . that the threat of a Second Holocaust will not start just with anti-Semitism, as much as it will start with several other serious factors bringing us to the brink, which most of us don’t even acknowledge.

1 – Our teachers don’t teach history that isn’t politically correct, so as not to hurt anyone’s sensitive feelings.

2 – We don’t teach our children and young adults the real meaning of HONOR, INTEGRITY, OBLIGATION and perhaps most of all . . . PATRIOTISM.

3 – We have surrendered our INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOMS to the whims of government and bureaucrats in exchange for FREE STUFF, paid with tax dollars from people who contribute.


It has become disgraceful how we as a society have become so LIBERAL (stupid) as to stand for EVERYTHING . . . when in fact we are standing for NOTHING.

1 – Instead of teaching our young children NOT to have premarital sex, our teachers teach them how to have variations of premarital sex, which to me is no less than child pornography.

And we teach that Gay, Lesbian and all other forms of sex, in addition to heterosexual relationships are NORMAL, and to be PROMOTED. I have no problem with consensual adults of the same sex doing whatever they wish with each other, but don’t teach our children that it’s “NORMAL”.

2 – We’ve surrendered the raising of our children to LEFTIST strangers in schools. So, what happened to PARENTS teaching their own children life values?

3 – We’ve convinced our children that they MUST get a useless university degree in “basket-weaving” – or whatever they want to call the crap they hand-out, indebting them beyond reasonable limits, so LEFTIST university teachers, who call themselves professors, can pull-down incredible amounts of money and perks.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS . . . It is the hard-working young people who don’t go to university, and work straight out of high school or trade school with no Student Loans, who will inevitably pay the debt run-up by the young people who learn nothing marketable or useful at university, for them to get a job, or start a business, before they make it into their mid-twenties or beyond.

And don’t mock people who stand behind the tens of thousands of counters serving fries with your order . . . they’re working and paying for those who won’t.

4 – We’re teaching our children that the government owes them a great life, instead of us – WE THE PEOPLE . . . WHO OWE OURSELVES A GREAT LIFE.

5 – We’ve legalized the use and glamour of growing, marketing and smoking DOPE, and removed the stigma of being a “DRUGGIE” – So where does that benefit society?


Young people aren’t making BIG COMMITMENTS, like getting married, but opting instead to live together for as long as it’s CONVENIENT, with or without having children . . . and that’s NO WAY to build a future.


Boycotting Jews goes back as far as the Bible. It’s nothing new. It’s just a continuing iteration of anti-Semitism.

When we take-in all the issues in the preceding, as to how our VALUES have become so corrupt and meaningless, it describes the same conditions the world witnessed prior to the Holocaust.

If you’re old enough, perhaps into your early to mid-80’s, like some people who I count as my friends, they tell me what it was like then . . . remembering the flapper-girls, the jitter-buggers, the zoot-suiters, the rumrunners, and the gambling houses during the Roaring 20’s and Dirty 30’s.

And then . . . there were the stock markets, travelling at the speed and force of a runaway train, UNTIL THE TRAIN HIT THE WALL IN 1929 . . . and it all fell apart, sending Europe and others in financial pain, in search of someone to blame and a leader to lead them.


If we who care, are going to save ourselves from a Second Holocaust, first we must save our countries from the ravages of the LEFT . . . From the Entitlement Class, the Ignorant Youth, the Selfishness of our Unions and Professionals . . . AND FROM THE POLITICAL/BUREAUCRATIC ELITISTS.

Our PLEDGE didn’t deal just with the OLD/NEW ANTI-SEMITISM, based as usual on JEW-HATRED couched in SPECIAL TREATMENT for Israel, but rather, on the motor that drives this hatred for Jews, expressed for the time-being . . . as benign criticism for Israel, founded almost entirely on lies and innuendo mostly from the LEFT, just as it was in Nazi Germany. AND THIS CAN’T BE ALLOWED TO STAND.


Our societies are breaking down right before our eyes, because we’ve surrendered our personal responsibilities to the STATE, and have allowed the STATE to govern our lives right up to the nuclear family, all of which will set the mood, just as it was set more than 70 years ago in Nazi Europe, when GOOD was supplanted with EVIL, and time froze in place for 6-MILLION.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The hour is late. We had better pray that we can cobble things together long enough to fumigate our government and elect some principled people who do not need spine transplants and who are willing and capable of taking on the media and other leftists in favor of rebuilding our country from the ground up….until then keep one’s powder dry and within arms reach…john hosemann,rising sun wisconsin

  2. Right on Howard & a big thumbs up from here. Excellent piece!

  3. Glad you guys are home safe. I could not agree any more on everything you stated. I am sincerely at a loss to figure or make any suggestions on how to turn things around. Like a run away train, it will either run off the tracks or slam into a wall. That is what this society is like. Only it won’t be just bent & mangled metal. It will be ruined lives, and countries a time of great darkness, just like Nazi Germany. NEVER AGAIN!, Never Forget! I’m afraid most have. However there is still Hope!!

  4. All of the above , however this Needs To Be Sold , the situation did not grow on its own , at a “normal pace” .
    It is being promoted , sold , legitimized by CNN et al .
    News is now politically spun promotion of Elitist goals. period . No one thinks , they saw it on TV or the Internet …
    Must be true , must be real …

  5. i couldn’t be more impressed with this Editorial, excellent saying the least. I especially was impressed with the 2nd. set of 5 numbers, which I was able to connect with completely. I wouldn’t change one word, they all fit like a glove. especially being they are subjects discussed frequently by yours truly!

  6. I love my documentaries and every now and then I get to watch something about the 2nd. W.W. or Hitler and the Nazi’s and am reminded of the bestiality of mankind and shake my head in wonderment…how was that possible…and that’s what scared me about humanity is not that beast still lurking amongst us…have we really killed the beast…I say nay…our vigilant suspicion and guard and preparedness is our only defense and course against the beast because they are many!

  7. Truer words were never spoken. My father knew one of those Chicago gangsters, Al Capone, and every time they would meet on the strew, Al would have some money in his hand and shake my father’s hand transferring the money to him. My father then would use the money to buy beer or the ingredients to make the same in our bathtub.
    My mother, bless her soul, was a God fearing women and raised her children to respect our elders and to lead a decent life, unlike my fathers. My children were raised like

  8. Great editorial! You have listed the reasons as to why our WORLD (not only the USA) is in such a MESS. There are very few role models for our youth these days. Instead, the more people LIE and CHEAT, the more popular they become—ALTHOUGH in the long run, most do suffer the repercussions of their actions. We have also become a “FREE-FOR-ALL” society in every sector of our lives. Yes, the “RUNAWAY TRAIN” is coming at us faster than we realize. Glad you got back home safely!

  9. This editorial is spot on!!! I have been worried, about all of the things happening, to where the USA and Canada, could easily go the way Germany did, during the 1930’s and WWII. It is also, worrisome that, only a minority is really concerned, about this issue. Again, no different than Germany from the 1930’s through WWII.

  10. Well said, Howard. Your article is to the point, current, and so true. A snippet in our daily newspaper: school children as young as 12 will now be issued with condoms, to prevent the mushrooming births to pregnant, under-age school girls, who drop out of school, umemployable, uneducated, who go on the doal, and demand a government subsidy which tax-payers have to provide. Anti-semitism has not reared its ugly head here yet!
    John W. Rosen
    South Africa.

  11. Our values have changed since the post WWII era. Now it is, I will live my ONE and ONLY life in such a way as to get the maximum pleasure for myself. It is “the me, myself, and I” philosophy. As we are today ignored at every level by politicians, bureaucrats, and businesses, and the people around us, in general, who seem to share the above same way of thinking, I ask why is anyone surprised by the lack of commitment by individuals and groups today?

  12. You are right on with this one Howard. I remember growing up in the 50’s. We learned real history, respect and a love for our country. Also, my parents made sure we were respectful to everyone. Most importantly my Father was a Patriot and passed that on to his four children. He also taught us the important of reading–learn as much as you can. It breaks my heart to see what is happening today. And the left trying to silence us is frightening. God help us.

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