Who Are The So-Called FAR RIGHT?



It’s remarkable how so many Conservatives have swallowed HOOK, LINE & SINKER, the LEFTIST BIG LIE ABOUT THE “FAR” RIGHT . . . being something akin to Attila-The-Hun.

One day (about 20-years ago), while speaking with a famous Canadian Lawyer (Julius Grey), who happened to be a Socialist, whom I hired before my Conservative Epiphany, to fight some Freedom of Expression cases in Quebec (to my disappointment), as usual, he was quick to paint English speaking uncompromising Freedom of Expression Advocates in the battle for EQUAL RIGHTS in Quebec, as HARD-LINERS & EXTREMISTS, until one day, I asked him the following questions:

1 – I SAID TO HIM: I am an uncompromising advocate of Freedom of Expression in one’s choice of language to communicate. So, where am I a Hard-Liner or an Extremist . . . which is how I was always painted by the LEFT and Ethnocentric French Language Nationalists in Quebec?

HIS ANSWER WAS SILENCE . . . probably not to get fired by me and because he had no answer.

2 – I asked him to name just one policy or statement he could point to, that was Extreme or Hard-Line, spoken or written by any of the English Leaders, who were fighting for EQUAL RIGHTS for Quebec’s (Canadian) English speaking community?

AGAIN – NO ANSWER . . . But, even though there was not one hint of EXTREMISM that anyone could point to, we (the defenders of Free Speech) were still PAINTED WITH A LINGUISTIC RACIST BRUSH accepted by the Anglo Sell—Out Media . . . Sound Familiar?


Are you COWED by the LEFT’S propaganda concerning the RIGHT?

Somehow . . . because of good ethnocentric PR by the REAL LINGUISTIC RACISTS, which was bought in whole by SELL-OUT Anglos, the English speaking community became known as Anglophones.

At one point during a press conference I was holding . . . an English language reporter asked me how I felt about being labeled in the media as an ANGRYPHONE?

The question was meant exclusively to demean me . . . and the things I stood for, BUT I WOULD HAVE NONE OF IT.

My response to the reporter was succinct:

YOU BET I’M AN ANGRYPHONE . . . and if you’re not ANGRY about losing your RIGHTS to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, and your RIGHT to be EQUAL to the French Community where we live and breathe, and you’re NOT ANGRY – THEN YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

With that . . . the questioning ended.


Do you really think that candidates like TED CRUZ are somehow RED-NECKS out to destroy the weak and unprotected? To take food off the table of families? To send children into the coalmines? To destroy the elderly? To declare war on the nations of the world . . . ETCETERA?

The next time you hear how SCARY someone like Ted Cruz is, only because he is a HARDCORE Constitutionalist, who believes in the RULE OF LAW and the American Dream . . . ask the person making the assertion to state WHY anyone should FEAR Cruz? And to name just one thing CRUZ has said that is Racist and or THREATENING?

WORSE . . . The LEFT have the Media convinced, even FOX News, that candidates like Ted Cruz are somehow to the RIGHT of Attila-The-Hun, or they wouldn’t keep on describing him as being HARD TO THE RIGHT.

Not only is this UNFAIR . . . It is nothing short of Yellow Journalism.

So . . . Don’t take the bait and buy into the LEFTIST propaganda. And don’t believe for a second that the Democrats would love to face Cruz in 2016, and are terrified of facing Bush, BECAUSE IT’S NOT TRUE . . . I think it’s actually the reverse, because in CRUZ, or another REAL Conservative like CRUZ – the LEFT will face an energetic Republican Party chomping at the bit to do battle.

In Bush (or Christie) . . . THE LEFT WILL GET ANOTHER RINO to kick around, who believes in AMNESTY & COMMON CORE as part of their agenda . . . HO-HUM.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “NYPD Shooting Eyewitness: People ‘Clapping and Laughing’ After Killings”

    This says it all….No comment is required by me.

  2. I’m the far right and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it. I support Ted Cruz 100% because he’s what America needs.

  3. Hey Howard,
    Cruz belongs in Canada where he would maybe make dog catcher-makes me ? the whole Dual Citizenship thing.

  4. Love Ted Cruz but he is not eligible to hold the office of POTUS because he is not a Natural Born Citizen. Please save your keystrokes trying to convince me otherwise because I have done exhaustive research and stand by my statement. Another negative is that if the above is ignored and he is allowed nomination and possibly the office, it will set precedence for the future. Anyone with a brain can look at the current pretender and see why the NBC criteria was put in place.

  5. Our problem is the multitude of low intelligence, low information left wing voters who can’t see past the last coupon in their food stamp books. I would not accuse them of idealism or anything that required a modicum of actual thought or analysis. I’m starting to think like the founding fathers; if you don’t have a dog in the fight, you don’t get a say in making the rules! We need to wake or or lose it all!

  6. Beau I guess you do not know Teds gave up his Canadian Citizenship. I actually did not mind him having dual citizenship as long as America took presidency. Ted Cruz is 2nd on my list of Presidential candidates. My dream ticket is Walker/Cruz.

  7. Several mentioned Cruz with dual citizenship. I am sure he never thought about it growing up. How can we have a Muslim President,raised in Kenya, going to islamic school, spoon fed the Quoran and then question Cruz. Are any other of your readers this nuts?

  8. RIGHT ON, Peggy Johns Blands, RIGHT ON!

    I am “apparently, HARD RIGHT” also,….. and damn proud of it. I am sick and tired of todays political “leaders” ignoring the Constitution, STEPPING on the RIGHTS of the American people, WASTING our tax dollars, voting themselves raises, (like somehow they’ve earned them) There are, but a handfull, of decent, God Fearing polititions in America, Be careful who you vote for, another 4 years of Obama-like “leadership” will definately seal our fate! Go Carl

  9. At this moment, I like a Rubio/Cruz ticket, because they’ll attract the huge Latino electorate, both legal and illegal, which the Left is attempting to steal through denying proof of citizenship at voter registration. A Liberal, Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, proclaimed: Ted Cruz Was Among the Smartest Students I’ve Ever Taught. Source:

  10. Cruz is vital, to choosing a Presidential Nomination. While, I do like Cruz, he is still not the person, to clean up the country. Sorry, but, the Liberal Left elected politicians, would just sit back and be obstructive. The GOP would have to have super majorities, in both houses to do what is needed, to save this country!!! I wished that I had heard Pataki’s speech, though he is older, only 1 year older than Reagan was, when he took office … The USA just might need Pataki.

  11. Ted Cruz not Natural Born Citizen??? Huh? If your Father was in the Armed Services and serving in Germany and your mom gave birth to you in Germany, would that make you ineligible also? I am also proud to be a Right-Wing Extremist like Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Jay…

  12. If all the babies of Mexican mothers who cross the border to give birth are Americans when born, Cruz has no problem. Mr. Davis of Baton Rouge, just go on believing your skewed info. Don’t you see that this is just a way to marginalize Cruz, when, if it had been applied to the truly illegal obama, screams of racism would have gone to the moon. Personally, I would like to vote for Netanyahou for President, no matter where he was born. He is a true warrior and leader.

  13. Ted Cruz is my emotional favorite. He is not my intellectual favorite only because he has no executive experience (unlike Scott Walker) and tends to frown a lot. I don’t think the “middle” would vote for Cruz. He has Ronald Reagan’s soul, but does not have The Gipper’s ability to project warmth and magnetism that can win over the un-aligned voters. Senator Cruz would be my first choice for Attorney General, prior to his ascendance to the Supreme Court.

  14. Ted Cruz is the kind of “don’t back down” type of candidate that the Left and the Media fear….so naturally he will be called an extremist. I will support him or any of the other candidates that can prove they will do what they say. I am looking for a history and an attitude that refuses to bend in that wind that constantly blows from the Jet Stream Left.

  15. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and the lost fight for English language equality rights in Quebec. From time to time, Julius Grey appears on Montreal TV as an expert in constitutional rights. When I see him, I always cringe. He is obviously not an expert in human rights, and it is sickening how the “liberal left” sold-out English media (“les vendus”) lap up his words. There is no limit to the stupidity to be found in some human beings. Let me add Howard, when you’re RIGHT, you are RIGHT!

  16. How, many times do I think of these stupid cries by the “FAR” Left, of which they’re not ANGRY about losing their RIGHTS to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, and their RIGHT to be EQUAL in this country, USA, where we live and breathe, and they’re NOT ANGRY – THEN THEY ARE IDIOTS. The Left’s “progressive” agenda’s are making a grave, not only for us, but also for themselves. Those IDIOTS.

  17. I haven’t any time for Julius Grey, he’s so far left and speaks in platitudes. I have been called all those nasty names but simply respond by telling the other person, it is not I, but they who are the racist bigots. We have several instances of French only clinics, schools, and FLSA controlled hospitals in this corner of Ontario, so who are the racists?

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