The Cream Is Rising To The Top


I watched and listened to the announcements of Rick Santorum and George Pataki getting into the fray – THEY WERE BOTH IMPRESSIVE, without a word said that I could disagree with. In fact, I support everything they said, and would use as an ENTHUSIASTIC vehicle to get either elected.

That said . . . I wouldn’t put my money on either making it to the nomination, based upon the incredible competition coming from the RIGHT.


One of the most IMPRESSIVE of all the candidates who is competing for the LEADERSHIP of the Republican Party is CARLY FIORINA.

1 – She is really smart.

2 – She is highly qualified.

3 – She is incredible focused.

4 – She is a SELF-MADE success.

5 – She is NOT a politician.

6 – She is physically very attractive . . . which, like it or not is important.


7 – While all the other contenders for the “Republican Throne” are busy sizing each other up, and beginning to take potshots, honing what they perceive as their best assets through their Public Relations Spin-Doctors . . . CARLY FIORINA has already started her campaign – going HEAD-TO-HEAD against Hillary Clinton, as if the election is already on . . . WHICH IT REALLY IS.

INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON HER IMAGE . . . Carly Fiorina is all about focusing on the weaknesses, incompetence, and dishonesty of Hillary Clinton, and it’s already beginning to do damage to SHE WHO FEELS ENTITLED TO THE OVAL OFFICE.

The other thing I find very impressive about Carly Fiorina . . . is that she doesn’t seem to be maneuvering behind the scenes for Media Attention. Instead, she follows Hillary Clinton, exposing her at event after event. And since Clinton won’t speak to the Media – The Media’s Turning To Fiorina For Something To Report.


By the ever growing size of the number of Republicans joining the quest for the LEADERSHIP of the Party, it makes it abundantly clear – AT LEAST IT DOES TO ME, that Conservatives smell Democrat Blood, no matter whom the LEFT sets up for Slaughter in 2016 . . . the Republican NOMINEE will win.


Because of the HIGH QUALITY of Republicans entering the race, specifically leaning significantly to the RIGHT, it shows a REAL TREND amongst the Party to move away from the MUSHY Center, which is devastating news for Bush and Christie. GOOD!

AND AS FOR RAND PAUL . . . I kind of figure he committed Political Suicide the other day, when he blamed Republicans for the creation of Islamic Extremists. Paul has some very good ideas. But, as I have written repeatedly he is not Presidential Material. And it’s really beginning to show.


I know this editorial has nothing to do with weather . . . but, Anne and I have made so many friends in Texas, and personally know so many of the areas that are taking a beating because of the rain, that our hearts are heavy with sadness for all the people in Texas, Oklahoma, and everywhere else, where the weather has been devastating. PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN OUR THOUGHTS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you vote, so shall you enjoy peace and prosperity

  2. If looks count so much, and the public want to feel comfortable, let us have Hollywood stars as future American Presidents, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, and Members of Congress. They really cannot screw up things any more than all the gang of useless lawyers and lying professional politicians have done in the pass. Remember Ronald Reagan? He really was the last good President America had, and he showed a hell of a lot of guts. Brains and intelligence are highly over-rated commodities these days.

  3. I like Carly, but My ideal ticket would be Walker/Cruz. Carly should be in a Cabinet post, a few of the people running should have a Cabinet post. Carson heard of HHS, Jindal he should totally revamp the school system like he is doing in Louisiana, then it should go completely back to the states. Rand should just get out the Republican Party. Bush retire, Santorum retire, I do nt support Rand Paul at all, but if he should win the nomination I will vote for him, the alternative is disaster.

  4. Anyone who has competence in the real business world gets my support.
    Enough already with bloody lawyers and incompetent “politicos”!

  5. My summation, Rand Paul from day 1 you were a LOSER. We have so many Stellar candidate my head is spinning, but I will say Gov. Pataki, appears to be a combination of what we need in the oval office, he excited me, his comments overwhelmed me, move over guys “there’s a new kid on the block”, and he’s a long shot, but alive and well!

  6. could not agree more with you on fiorina…if the republicans had any common sense politican strategist they would quit wasting their time pot shotting one another and focus on the real enemy but i am guilty of wishful thinkinng…i am a memeber of the so called ‘republican base’ and am sick and tired of the politicians pandering to us…just like the dems pander to every special interest handful of votes…for god’s sake republicans focus on our nation and doing what is right period…

  7. The most important trait of leadership is integrity. Look for those who say what they mean and mean what they say. Can you spot the talking-points candidates?

  8. Personally whether or not Ms. Fiorina gets the nomination, and we all know the GOP good old boys choice, she is going to give Hitlery lots of trouble!! And that is a good thing. The more she confronts Hitlery and the more Hitlery refuses to talk to the media the more they will veer away from her. They are miffed now, just think in another month! There is a reason Hilary’s secret service detail and the Marine guards called her helo and airplaine “Broomstick One”….

  9. Unfortunately the Republicans have a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Lets hope it’s different this time.

  10. I really like what I’ve heard from Carly Fiorina so far and want to hear more from Rick Perry. My only concern is that the “Establishment Republicans” that control the party, (Rove, Preibus, etc.), will put forward another Democrat in Republican clothing as the nominee and we, the voters, will be stuck. Let’s hope those of us on the right can have more of an impact in 2016.

  11. I’m w/Suzanne Cavalier on a Walker/Cruz ticket in either order, but i’m also really starting to love Carly–although I see her as a strong VP candidate with the top spot going to her in 2024 as she is young enough and 8 years as VP with a strong conservative POTUS would burnish her credentials for a woman in the Oval Office and give her some legislative chops. I had thought she would beat Boxer in CA in 2010. I could see her at State or Commerce or Treasury though & she’d SURE fix the VA mess.

  12. Ron Paul and Jeb Bush are out, in my book. Ron Paul disqualified himself and Jeb is RINO.

  13. Huckabee is still my choice for president; however, he’s not being viewed as a probable nominee at this time. Carly would make a great VP for him and as others have stated, could also probably be considered for becoming the first woman presidential candidate in 2024. She would certainly have become more qualified to do so. At this time, Carly appears to be the only one who is not afraid to confront Hillary’s atrocious LIES and DECEITFUL ACTIVITIES!

  14. Cruz/Walker. The left and the right are scared to death of Cruz!

  15. CARLY FIORINA….now here is someone that has the same primary attribute as Donald Trump.
    HUGE BALLS. And she is not afraid to use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Run Carly Run…..
    My fear is that Carl Rowe & Company will destroy her since she is not one of them.
    She will get NO SUPPORT from Boehner or the lying Con-Man from Kentucky who runs the Senate.
    All the more reason to say……..
    Run Carly Run!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The Republicans have got to stop fighting each other. You never heard a Democrat say anything bad aboout Ted Kennedy, Hairy Reed, Nancy Pelosi, etc and they had plenty of material They stick together like Gorrila glue. Yhey have one enemy – Hillare Clinton. Carly seems to be the only one who sees this.

  17. You’ve heard me speak of a Carson/Fiorina ticket before!! Here are my second and third choice…. Cruz/Carson & Rubio/Carson. We need some fresh thinking, and somebody with b*lls to tackle this countries problems. The BS of Carson, or others, not having foreign experience is nonsense. BHO had never so much as ran a 7/11 store!!

  18. Need to give Carly credit, she got 42% of the vote in lefty, lefty California against a puts like Boxer (established) I really
    do not think the Country would elect a Women at this time, perhaps in the future. I think the future for the ladies is
    the Gov. of S. Carolina.

  19. I like Carly and would vote for her if she can get the nomination. The rest of those running are politicians long time and we need someone who knows how to run the country without going further into debt. I like the idea of not filling the jobs of those who retire and cutting some of the programs the federal government has currently in place. They have some agencies do the same job others are doing and that is a waste of our tax dollars. Carly would do best against Clinton as she is proving.

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