Identifying A FREE Nation For Special Treatment Is Racism



The Conservative Canadian Government, under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is moving to make BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) a HATE CRIME.

TO THOSE OF YOU WHO DON’T KNOW . . . BDS is a Global, and mostly Academic effort to ISOLATE Israel for SPECIAL TREATMENT in the International Community, supposedly, only because of the way these modern-day Jew Haters believe that Jews should not have the right to live anywhere within Israel, which the Arabs claim for themselves.

IN ESSENCE . . . promoters of BDS accept the so-called Palestinian abominable claim that Israel does not belong to the Jewish People, and certainly NOT Jerusalem.

Canadian LEFTISTS see Harper’s decision to make the promotion of BDS a Hate-Crime, which to them is an attack on Freedom of Expression.


I guess to Canadian LEFTISTS – mounting an assault against an identifiable RACE & CULTURE (the Jewish People of Israel in this case), which praises and defends SECULAR FREEDOMS based on the values of Judeo/Christianity, is somehow acceptable.

But it’s not acceptable to me. And it should not be acceptable to anyone else who loves Freedom and fair play.


PEOPLE who accept that JEWS should be SINGLED-OUT for special treatment based EXCLUSIVELY on the rubbish promoted by IDIOTS who are vested in BDS, are no different . . . OTHER than by degrees, from supporters of the Nazis of pre World War Two Germany, to the majority of other Europeans who also singled-out Jews for Special Treatment . . . THEN AND NOW AGAIN.

MEMORIAL DAY . . . 2015 has passed . . . But for me, everyday is Memorial Day, because the day we choose not to remember, is the day History begins to repeat itself with a vengeance.

I make the effort to remember all the lives and dreams that have been lost to men and women of extraordinary courage on the Battlefields, who had fought for FREEDOM, and the people who perished . . . EVEN BEFORE THE BATTLES WERE ENGAGED.


I remember the sacrifices of our Heroes for a host of reasons . . . But, as a North American Jew, born and raised in Canada to Jewish Parents, who were also Born and Raised in Canada . . . like all my co-religionists should, I understand that we owe everything to the men and women who sacrificed so much, so that we can live in Freedom as Jews . . . EQUALS WITHOUT FEAR.

Canada’s Federal Election will happen in October 2015 . . . and if I have no other reason to vote for our Conservatives, other than Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s DECISION to make RACIST PROGRAMS LIKE BDS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY . . . THAT WILL BE ENOUGH FOR ME.

On June 5, 2015 . . . Our Annual Pledge Ride will KICK-OFF with a Friday Sabbath Ceremony Dinner in Kingston Ontario. EVERY DAY MUST BE MEMORIAL DAY.


I’ve ordered microphone equipment to eliminate the wind-noise on the VIDEOS. I certainly hope it will do the trick. But in the meantime . . . I’m pleased for the positive comments the VIDEOS have generated.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks Howard. Barry and his ilk will hopefully soon be gone. Shame on the populace for 2X putting this clown in office. He has done nothing for his “people” but further promote his and his “crew”s racist agenda. Including his wife who makes no secret of it! POTUS is a sham.

  2. Well, you know, Jews have a strip of land slightly larger than New Jersey, while Arabs/Muslims have ONLY more than 20 much, much larger nations (many of them rich with oil). Imagine how accomplished and un-oppressed they would be if only those pesky Jews would stop harassing the Middle East Region. And if only the Arabs had Israel also, imagine how much better off they and the world would be.

  3. I am a Zionist and a pretty staunch conservative. That said, I am absolutely against any designation of anything as a “hate crime”. If a Jew or a Muslim or a Black guy is killed because the murderer is a racist/bigot, the victim is not more dead or less dead. The killer is not more guilty or less guilty of the murder. The designation of anything as a “hate crime” amounts to the criminalization of someone’s thoughts. It is as antithetical to the concept of freedom of speech as it gets.

  4. BDS is BS. In Europe last year BDS and its many guises attacked Jewish owned stores and business. BDS is simply another name for anti-Semitism. BDS knows quite well that boycotts against Israel hurt West Bank Arabs the most, as business and jobs move back over the “Green Line”. If they are true believers, they would boycott Israeli inventions such as cell phone, Intel processors, medical innovations, digital photo manipulation, and so on. But no. Being a useful idiot is more fun.

  5. History repeats itself all the time whether or not there is a Memorial Day or something similar. Until people accept the fact that we must treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves (the basis of any religions worth following), human strife will always continue to exist. The solution is there, the problem, however, is that far too many humans prefer hate to love.

  6. To my way of thinking, antisemitism is just plain WRONG. It does NOT make sense. Israel is a tiny strip of land in the midst of a vast Muslim territory. And yet the Muslims want it ALL. If they had Israel, would they be satisfied? I doubt it very much. They want the world.

  7. Gen. 12:2-3, Also Isaiah Ch. 53:2-12, if your rabbi will let you read it.

  8. It wasn’t until I’d heard our PM’s speech in the Knesset that my awareness of how much anti-Semitism actually existed here in Canada expanded. Anti-Semitism is racism and racism is illogical. The BDS folk are liberal simpletons and their ignorant hatred is offensive. The MSM hatred, ignorance and anti-Semitism is rampant and growing. We have a big problem in this country with loss of freedoms imposed on us by the state – like so-called Hate Crimes. Remember Martin Niemoller’s words…

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