When Push Comes To Shove – Hillary Should Shove-Off



On April 21, 2015 I wrote . . . I LOVE HILLARY CLINTON . . . I REALLY DO – in the knowledge that she will singlehandedly collapse the Democratic Party. So, I’m having a problem trying to understand the consternation so many Conservatives feel about how popular Hillary Clinton is with the LEFT.

No matter who runs for the Democrats, the LEFT will be there to support that candidate. But, who Conservatives should be focusing on . . . is the CENTER, which represents as many as 30-PERCENT of the Voting Bloc, who are not dyed-in-the-wool either way . . . AND ARE NOT OPPOSED TO A NO NONSENSE GOVERNMENT.


I wouldn’t necessarily bet the groceries on Clinton making it all the way to the actual election, simply because . . . if she could be a WORSE CANDIDATE – I CAN’T SEE HOW.

I actually believe that there are many in the Democrat Party who have already written off 2016, and need a PATSY to take the hit, along with the rest of the LEFT, just to clear the air for future elections, after the abysmal 8-YEARS will have ended with Obama’s term.

If anything, if I was a Conservative Republican . . . I would worry far more about the likelihood – or perhaps the possibility that either Jeb Bush or Chris Christie might win the nomination . . . SINCE FROM MY PERSPECTIVE – THAT WOULD BE A DISASTER.

In all reality, the Republicans should be far more concerned with keeping RINOS out of the White House, rather than keeping-out Hillary Clinton, since there are so many great Republicans who can beat any Democrat who would be willing to join the fight . . . INCLUDING HILLARY CLINTON, that they should be concentrating on the DAY AFTER.


With every passing day, Hillary Clinton’s silence, especially when coupled to the revelations of serious miscarriages of office, common sense, and law . . . is becoming more and more indefensible by the Toadying LEFTIST Media.


To make matters much worse for the Democrats, it turns out that ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, who is paid in excess of $100-MILLION over the term of his 7-year contract, is not only REALLY close to the Clintons, but is a major contributor to their VERY QUESTIONABLE FOUNDATION, who has been acting as the GUARDIAN AT THEIR GATE.


If you look at England and Israel . . . where Conservatives didn’t pretend NOT to be REALLY Conservative in their recent respective elections, but in fact presented themselves as being VERY Conservative . . . THEY CLOBBERED THE OPPOSITION, in spite of all the LEFTIST media polling projections showing the contrary.


Canada’s Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) has been written-off by the Media so often in every election, that it is remarkable he’s allowed in Ottawa as anything other than a tourist, let alone the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office), but, not only is Harper the Prime Minister . . . he has been the PM for 9-years (since 2006).

AND IN THIS COMING ELECTION . . . not only is Harper moving FURTHER to the RIGHT . . . he is moving considerably to the RIGHT, by passing legislation that will loosen-up Canada’s Draconian Gun Legislation in a country where the LEFT ABHORS guns.

And in spite of what the Pundits will say about Harper not doing well in the polls, as they’ve said before – just like before . . . they will be wrong again.


When I watch Hillary Clinton doing ANYTHING BUT – what you would think a campaigner should be doing on the STUMP, I see is a politician WITHOUT THE FIRE IN HER BELLY needed to win a major campaign.

AND ALSO . . . when looking at Clinton, I see a tired HAGGISH woman, whose best days, that weren’t all that good for the country, that are well behind her now, is with little enthusiasm to really commit to the task at hand.


Look at England, Israel, and the way REAL polling is moving in Canada, to see the direction in which the TREND is moving for the RIGHT versus the LEFT, and don’t think for a second that the 2012 & 2014 American elections were aberrations . . . SINCE THESE ELECTION RESULTS WERE STATEMENTS.


1 – The LEFT will not win in 2016 – unless the Republicans really screw-up.

2 – Hilary Clinton is a shadow of what a real politician should be. In fact, she’s an embarrassment.

3 – Real Conservatives should NOT allow the RINOS to take over.

4 – And I’ve never seen a more PROLIFIC group of Presidential Talent in the following order (according to me) than – Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Rick Perry and Marco Rubio . . . not excluding Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal.

I really don’t want to get any older quicker than is absolutely necessary. But also, I really can’t wait for November 2016.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “…unless the Republicans really screw-up” – based on their track record, I would change “unless” to “when”.

  2. Howard, please spare us anymore talk about Hillary Clinton. She is yesterday’s news. Déjà-vu all over again!

  3. Boy, I really want to believe you! Could you lend me your rose colored glasses? I fervently hope that there is still a country to govern after November 2016.

    John Ross; Vero Beach, FL

  4. If Hillary does not drop out of the race I will lose my winnings from the Kentucky Derby.

  5. I agree with Mr. Gupta, above. The establishment Republican leadership–mostly RINOs–are so immersed in the Washington DC cesspool of money, power and reelection that they forget who sent them there and what their priorities should be. Can anyone say, “term limits?” We constitutional conservatives spend more time pushing back on RINOs making bad decisions and votes than anything else. Of course, there’s no point in calling a Democrat since they are all Socialists now. Keep the faith…….

  6. Howard, I will be overjoyed to vote for any one of the Republicans you mentioned. But, having said that, what about Rand Paul ?

  7. I certainly hope you’re right about Hillary. A tired, haggish woman with little enthusiasm to commit to the task at hand would be devastating for this country, and the arrogance of that woman is beyond words. I would love to hear your views about the Nov 2016 election regarding voter fraud since it seems to be Obama’s plan to ship in illegals and also give asylum to those from other countries with voting rights. Most on the Right are very concerned w/this. Perhaps an up-coming talking point?

  8. What do you think of Ben Carson. He’s definitely smart man, thinks about every word he says and explains exactly why he thinks the way he does. Some good ideas for getting America turned around. It’s a big ship to turn but no one else is even trying. If the Americans don’t want him, bring him up here.

  9. “I would love to hear your views about the Nov 2016 election regarding voter fraud since it seems to be Obama’s plan to ship in illegals and also give asylum to those from other countries with voting rights. Most on the Right are very concerned w/this. Perhaps an up-coming talking point?” Well said Ms. Stephens, this is how he got in office in the first place. By 2016 he will have profected the term Voter Fraud with “I see dead people”….
    Leslie Davis, Amelia VA

  10. Gov Christi is the only Republican, so far that has come out with some specific ideas of what needs to be done. Unlike Hilary, he thinks on his feet and unlike Barry he doesn’t need a teleprompter. He’s not “namby-pamby” like u know who? The lane closing of the GW Bridge was a mistake and he should have said to the Opposition ” look I won the election now get out of my way, if you want road-blocks, I’ll show u road blocks.” Hillary has brass balls, Christi’s are real!

  11. Howard, don’t be too sure about Hillary’s not winning. We know that she deserves to lose, considering her sleazy background and history of outrageous conduct as Secretary of State, but….over 40-plus per cent of voters who depend on government entitlements will try to get the woman elected. They don’t care about how her being President would irreparably harm the country; they are interested only in how much money they can milk from the taxpayers….country be damned.

  12. Howard, I still think your impression of Al Jazeera News Channel’ presentation would be interesting. Thanks.

  13. Hillary Clinton will suffer a self-inflicted political death by a thousand small cuts, and some not so small… I leave to work around 6 am and I like to listen to Morning Joe in my car. Even Mika Breszinski, as lib as it gets, is incredulous regarding Hillary running the State Dept from a secret email server in her basement. I will be savoring every schadenfreudIan moment as I watch the wicked witch of Chappaqua melt into oblivion, wrecking the Clinton brand as she disappears.

  14. If either Jeb Bush or Chris Christie win the nomination, as a true conservative I will not vote. If the vast number of people like myself do the same and Hillary wins as a result, then let the country collapse. Americans, please wake up!

  15. I agree with Howard’s comments, especially the one with Rand Paul, he is one fella that frightens me, as Nat’l Sec. would never be his fancy. I also like Howard’s pick of candidates. they are a stellar group to say the least, i never saw such an astute group. The only change is I love Carson but he also is not Presidential Material but should be in the core group!

  16. No more Bushs, no more Clintons, No more RINOs, and no more bull shit. We need a conservative in all offices, the founding fathers are rolling in their graves at the sight of our country now. The evil in the WH and Muslim Brothooh in our security system absolutely floors me. If Jeb or Christie run I will vote, but not for either, or the damocrap. I will vote Libertarian.

  17. The problem is that the only people we know are honest, thinking producers. The takers outnumber us. The only thing they know is to vote for the jack ass party because it promises the most for zero effort. No one who had been on welfare during the previous two years should be allowed to vote. There should be a qualification civics examination prior to anyone’s casting a vote. This is dreaming. Young people have little clue. Blacks will always vote, overwhelmingly, for the democrat.

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