Go Know A Video Would Be So Well Received.

It seems that the GALGANOV DOT COM YOU-TUBE VIDEO was a success, and just about all the FEEDBACK was from positive . . . to REALLY positive, which is more encouragement than I need to carry-on.


One person wrote negatively about the wind-noise, with another suggesting that I “spend a buck and invest in a (sic) wind screen for your mike.” I don’t know if that remark which appeared on the COMMENT page, was tongue-in-cheek or a put-down, so I’ll take it as tongue-in-cheek.

Several visitors to the BLOG suggested that the occasional wind gust was good CINEMA-VERITE (my expression), to which I agree . . . but we will try to do something about it in the next Galganov.com Video Editorial.

What everyone agreed on, at least those who commented on the subject . . . was how much they liked seeing the horses, with several people asking me to show more of them, which is something I might consider.

IN ALL . . . the first Video Attempt was well worth the cost and the effort.


From time to time, I receive several emails asking why I’m hard on FOX News, amongst a TON of other emails that openly disparage FOX News, or more succinctly, several of their show-hosts and “contributors”.


BEFORE THERE WAS FOX NEWS, there was no Television Media to tell the REAL story and TRUTH of Conservative America. And left to the LEFTIST News Media (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS . . . etc), the impression all Americans and the rest of the world came away with, was the DE-FACTO impression that all Conservatives were at worst . . . RED-NECKED, MISOGYNIST AND RACIST. And at best – GREEDY businessmen out to rip-off as many people as they could, while polluting and raping the world.

WITH THE HELP OF THE LEFTIST MEDIA . . . Hilary Clinton for example, had huge successes in spreading the BIG LIE of the VAST Right Wing Conspiracy. And until FOX News came along, there was very limited access for Conservatives to defend against all the LIES.


Unlike any other Media around the world, but most specifically in the USA, FOX News has created an OBLIGATION FOR THEMSELVES – that they CANNOT walk away from or take for granted . . . because, without FOX News, all of the Conservative Media COMBINED, cannot match the VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY.

I have no use for this FOX News FAIR & BALANCED nonsense, other than to show how ridiculous, dishonest, and ANTI-AMERICA the LEFT really is. But, when FOX News starts to employ many of these LEFTISTS as full time members of its “on-air staff”, giving them credibility . . . I DRAW THE LINE.


If you’ve been following this BLOG for a while, you will have noticed that I spend from little to no time and effort criticizing any of the Media in general, but, when I do, it’s almost always at FOX News . . . and very often on the rare occasions when I do criticize FOX News – it’s generally directed at Bill O’reilly.

1 – O’Reilly is SMUG and ARROGANT, which is really not a reason for me to waste KEY STROKES on him. But, he is also a KISS-ASS for Obama, making-out that everyone who legitimately hammers this MOST UN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS DISRESPECTFUL.

A perfect example of what I am writing about . . . has to do with a segment on O’Reilly’s show, when Jesse Waters referred to the President, simply as Obama, and was IMMEDIATELY DRESSED DOWN IN A MOST HUMILIATING WAY by O’Reilly, live on air, as if Waters had called Obama the worst name imaginable.

But, during the same show, on a different segment, O’Reilly made the EXACT SAME REFERENCE to the President as just OBAMA . . . TALK ABOUT BEING A HYPOCRITE.

2 – BUT HERE’S THE REAL REASON . . . O’Reilly denigrates BLOGGERS, I imagine, because he thinks he owns the TRUTH, and BLOGGERS are inferior to someone like him.

In reality though, I think O’Reilly insults and demeans BLOGGERS, because he simply doesn’t like to share the stage with people he thinks are BENEATH him . . . and that bothers me more than just somewhat.


For other STUDIO-LEFTISTS on FOX News . . . I think people like Geraldo Rivera for example – who calls himself a Republican, but admits he VOTED FOR OBAMA TWICE, and takes a LEFTIST position on just about every debate, is an insult to FOX News’ audience – INCLUDING ME, who have been INSULTED BY THE LEFT MORE THAN LONG ENOUGH.

I have no reason in the world to want to see or hear the likes of Alan Colmes, Kirsten Powers, Bob Beckel (if he ever gets back), Juan Williams, or any of the other FOX News Leftists, since I don’t need them rubbing my nose in it.

BUT . . . Since FOX News is the ONLY National Conservative Television Broadcaster, which also happens to have a STELLAR CONSERVATIVE CAST, I just grit my teeth, bear it, and from time to time voice some frustration.


On behalf of all the people who helped support this BLOG over the past, including this week . . . THANK YOU – IT REALLY HELPS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As long as government welfare is readily available to unwed mothers, and personal irresponsibility is the norm, then nothing will change and this nation will eventually collapse. I don’t even think anyone can stop it. Look at our politicians – we just won a landslide election in 2014, and all the Repubs do is go along with the Dems. Who can we rely on? We don’t have enough reps like Ted Cruz to even make a difference.

  2. I agree with you. Juan Williams is bad enough, but Beckle and the other leftists on Fox turn my stomach. I don’t go there to hear what I can hear on the rest of the news broadcasts, so called, that is. I want the truth, and when Fox waters it down to please the left wing listeners, it is infuriating. It’s also unnecessary.

  3. Juan Williams is an a$$hole, as is Geraldo & the rest you mention. I don’t know why Fox keeps them either, they offer nothing to conservatives except annoyance and I change the channel every time one of them comes on. Yes, they are entitled to their point of view, this being America. However, I do NOT have to listen to it and I don’t. Megyn Kelly alone is worth the price of cable to see her and I like Gretchen Carlson as well. I don’t think Elizabeth Hasselbeck has ANY journalistic chops.

  4. The theme is fair and balanced, could that be why Fox has liberals as guests and on the show to be just that fair and balanced. If it was always one sided it wouldn’t be considered Freedom of Speech. I think that is why O’reilly has liberals to show the difference between the two. O’reilly is arrogant absolutely, smart he also is and we need him!

  5. Perhaps Howard, the inclusion of a few leftists is their “balanced”. Though I’m 100% with you in not caring for those who lean left on FOX, they do fairly often get ‘set straight’ by the conservative ones in a panel situation. O’Reilly is an opinion piece with no one to argue or point out his errors or poor judgment.

  6. Foxs choice of lefties is very shrewd. It constantly reminds me how evil these people are.

  7. I seldom write to editors or Tv shows but i did write to Fox a while back about Juan Williams. At first I suggested they dump him but on second thought i suggested they keep him occasionally to provide humour. Now, however, Howard, I totally agree with you and your other commenters. Get the Fair and Balanced nonsense gone. We need a shouting conservative voice. the bigger and stronger the better.
    Keep up the great work, Howard.

  8. Have not watched o’Reilly in a long time because he is arrogant and condescending. He is also a jerk.
    I am glad Beckel is drying out, at least we KNOW who he is and what. Juan, is just a confused libtard.

  9. Obviously, poorly negotiated original contracts allowed Beckel and Williams onto the Fox scene and they have been stuck with both gratuitous Liberals for what only seems like forever! They don’t add and truly detract from any representation of “FAIR & BALANCED”…we don’t NEED ONE DAMN MORE FAIR AND Balanced element anywhere…WE NEED TO KICK THEIR AND ALL OTHER LIBERAL ASSES OUT OF PUBLIC EXPOSURE and office FOR THE NEXT 100 YEARS to balance what they have done to the past 100!

  10. Could not agree more. I have stopped watching Bill O. Can’t stand his arrogance. Also, I find the question that Fox has been so intrigued about (Knowing what you know now, would you have invaded Iraq?). To me, that is a stupid question. If I had known 20 years ago what I know now, I would have bought all the Apple stock I possibly could. The fact is, you can’t rewind the clock so why ask a stupid question like that?

  11. I agree 100% with you Howard. I used to be an O’Reilly fan, but I find myself watching Megyn more often than the Factor anymore……Just can’t handle it when Bill makes excuses for, or defends OBAMA! In my humble opinion, there is NO EXCUSE for Obama or his minions!!!

  12. Hi Howard. I was very surprised to read you had a UTube done, which I did not get to watch. If you have the time to resend, I would grately appreciate it. I had very much been looking forward to wathching it. Thank You for all you do to share the TRUTH to All. God Bless You.

  13. Fair and balanced is likely an attempt to capture an audience to the center in addition to appealing to us. Generally, I just turn off the tube when they bring on the guy that looks like he just crawled out from under a rock. The liberals mentioned have the ability to make me mad when they open their mouths to speak and I don’t need that. Fox needs to move Kelly and Hannity an hour earlier and have O’Reilly in the middle of the night. I turn off Fox after Gretta and miss Kelly.

  14. In Canada the ONLY conservative news network was refused mandatory carriage by the CRTC, unlike the left news network. After four years, SUN news could no longer continue because it had a restricted market. Now we are stuck hearing the same b.s., constant complaints about the Conservative government, how evil oil and corporations are. There is no real news. Looking to the USA, its all the same news with different faces: what passes for news is also a joke. No wonder so many people are ignorant.

  15. I echo Stephen Eisenberg’s comments about Sun News. Thank goodness for the internet — where I get 99% of my news — which doesn’t have a CRTC that can censor what individual Canadians can or cannot see and hear.

  16. Fox has share of loser and winners. I would like to see this line up starting at 4:00, Cavuto, The Five, Brett Baer, Hannity and O’Reilly, then “pay for View” movies. Out the door goes Gretta VonAruba, Fido Riviera, Ms. Kelly and the mouth of
    Washington, Juan the Williams. It would be a breath of fresh air.

  17. If my memory serves me correct a lot of the above have completely missed the point of “fair and balanced”. Several years ago when the government started after conservative radio hosts there was an agreement made that they would have to have a certain amount of “opposing viewpoint” interviews and programs on a percentage basis. So in fright, we have the likes of Revera, Williams et al. on these shows so they would not be shut down altogether. DITTOS on OREALY.

  18. Howard, great message as usual. But I do have to say, I like Juan Williams even though I don’t agree with him on most things. At least he’s intelligent and allows for a different view point and he always says something that will have me asking questions and digging deeper for the truth. He makes me think and that is sorely lacking from the usual Leftist Suspects and from several of the “Conservatives” on Fox.

    Teri N., I CANNOT STAND Elizabeth Hasselbeck either!

  19. Howard, here is a new news network that FOX will be watching out for. It is ONE AMERICAN NEWS NETWORK. Since this network came on the air, with international and domestic news, we hardly watch FOX any longer. I don’t know if you can get it in Canada but here is the link for their website. Check it out http://www.oann.com/

    Keep up the great work that you do for everyone. You are much appreciated.

    Lana Carpenter, Madison, MS

  20. We have been Fox viewers since day one but agree, O’Reilly may be their big money maker but also a bigger jerk than Chis Mathews (if that’s possible.) Juan Williams (intelligent?) someone stated here! Now that RICH! As for some of their other liberals mentioned – just keep gritting your teeth – as long as Mr. Ale’s upstairs at Fox wants em – there gonna be on the set! And why don’t some of you female viewers quit being so damn petty about the cute chicks they’ve hired!

  21. Howard, you are essential. Please remain. Meanwhile, in the realm of impartiality or absence of it, have you looked at the Aj Jazeera channe? Seriously. You may be surprised.

  22. Be careful the next time you Bike to Texas there are some crazy bikers well now nine less . If you have a problem with fox I agree with you about o’reily but Chris Wallace was disgusting when he interviewed Marco Rubio Sunday 5/17/15 it was like a Nazi interrogation. He is not his father that’s for sure . Sincerely Joseph Werner

  23. I refuse to watch juan williams, bob beckel, or geraldo. I gave up on oreilly years ago when he said that he believed obama when obama stated that he had never heard anything bad from the rev. wright at the Chicago church..in 20 years! Neil Cavuto and Bret Baier are the best to me, though there are others I will watch from time to time. Who needs tv news of any ilk when we have Galganov, Levin, Savage, Limbaugh, and Bauer and Rose, to keep us informed? May God bless all of these men forever.

  24. Geraldo Rivera admitted in a taping of “ethics in journalism” during a panel discussion hosted by Fred Friendly in 1982 and of which I was a member, that he if had to commit a crime to get a story, he would commit the crime. Mark Fuhrman is now a less frequent guest who pleaded guilty to perjury during the O.J. trial. Last fall, FOX made Bernie Kerik, former NYPD commissioner and CONVICTED FELON one of its experts on law enforcement.

  25. Howard,
    I have loved reading ever article you have wrote. I hope that you are receiving donations, no matter how small, to keep going in our fight! I agree 100% with everything that you have said. Especially with O’Reilly!Smug and arragant yes!I believe because he has made a few dollars now with his book deals and movie deal, he has shall we say forgot where he came from. Can you comment any in your next article about the martial law drills they have going on out in the West? Regards, Leslie D.

  26. WOW! What great comments from both Canadian and American viewers of Fox and your Galganov Blog. I agree with the majority of your readers that O’Reilly is too arrogant and condescending (even rude) to his guests, always interrupting them with his own blather. I generally watch Fox News, and I, too, turn off the sound when Geraldo, Beckel, Combes, Kirsten et al speak. Love all the bevy of “beauties” that I think add a positive aspect (brains & beauty) to FNC. Bob Walker, Sharpsburg GA USA

  27. Good points! I don’t watch O’Reilly, and change channels when Geraldo appears. I am disappointed when FOX tries to “level the playing field” with liberal guests who really have nothing new to add to their tiresome agenda and twisted opinions. If FOX wants to increase viewership, they should stick to conservative viewpoints and not waste my time by presenting liberals whose absurd views are old and hackneyed, and whose narratives are so jumbled that it is almost gibberish (Juan Williams).

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