I NEVER Should Have Gone Shopping


I generally shop with Anne, and since we downsized substantially, we find ourselves buying mostly what we need for a few days at a time, unlike “yesterday’”, when we would fill a pantry, a refrigerator, and a freezer . . . all to capacity PLUS.

But . . . we’re older now, and have fewer needs. We also entertain less, and with age, we’ve changed our eating habits somewhat.

Not that long ago, I would buy a real quality side of Beef (Rib Steaks), and have the butcher cut it into one-and-a-half-inch steaks, finishing up with about 20-individually wrapped steaks for the freezer.

Somehow . . . somewhere in the recent past, I find that I can no longer eat a 16-Ounce steak, and that my appetite for steak is nothing like it used to be. I can also say the same for many other heavy foods I used to enjoy. So, I don’t shop as much with Anne as I used to for the food in the house that I mostly ate.

So imagine my surprise . . . SHOCK ACTUALLY – when I went shopping with Anne the other day, and decided to purchase a few Rib Steaks for myself, the first I was going to buy at our local grocery (chain) store, where we live – since returning from Texas, when I saw that the price of steak had risen from about $10 per pound, to FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER POUND . . . and the quality was really not that good.

So, I started walking up and down the aisles checking out all the prices, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

What I did notice about this modern grocery store, after being away for more than 6-months, was that it was brighter and more spacious than before we left for the winter. The shelves were better laid out for marketing and sales purposes with a feel-good atmosphere around the products.

And even the packaging was more modern, upbeat and inviting . . . BUT AFTER ALL THE GLITZ – there was a stark reality: The prices on everything had either gone up significantly, or the product size had gone down . . . OR BOTH!

Anne and I have lived on a farm, or amongst farmers for decades . . . SO I KNOW FROM WHAT I WRITE. The cost to growing crops is up somewhat, BUT NOT NEARLY UP TO THE POINT TO JUSTIFY THESE PRICE INCREASES.

And even though the cost of equipment, seed, fuel and fertilizer is up . . . SO ARE EFFICIENCIES – so much so, that the efficiencies to operate a modern farm – far more than compensate for the price increases.


LET ME STATE THE OBVIOUS . . . as prices are skyrocketing for MOST people, especially for the basics of life – namely FOOD, income for the average NON-GOVERNMENT INDIVIDUAL IS NOT.


1 – Farmers, especially with government subsidies guaranteed by controlled production through marketing boards are doing extremely well.

2 – MEGA Food Processors and Distributors who provide everything from the controlled supply of patented seeds to fertilizers . . . who have more or less created OLIGOPOLIES are smothering themselves in revenue . . . YOUR MONEY AND MINE.

3 – The GIANT food producers/distributors like KRAFT, more or less have a LOCK on everything from distribution, to availability, to prices.

4 – And then there are CHAIN GROCERY STORES who use marketing sciences to squeeze every cent of revenue they can from consumers, in what appears to me, as nothing short of price collusion.

5 – THEN THERE ARE THE GOVERNMENTS . . . who subsidize the incredibly wealthy food industry at all levels – actually enabling them to charge whatever they can get away with AT OUR EXPENSE.

THE INSULT TO INJURY . . . is how the FOOD INDUSTRY at all levels have their multi-BILLION dollar lobby groups to buy power and prestige from our governments at every turn . . . ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PEOPLE, which the government is elected to protect and serve.


Even though it can be construed from this editorial, that I am against FREE ENTERPRISE and want controls of revenue – I can and will guarantee everyone that I am NOT.

But . . . the gargantuan industries which are LOBBYING the PEOPLE’S government for every advantage possible . . . are.

AND WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT . . . because if we don’t – sooner rather than later, we all go broke and hungry making the FIFTHLY RICH even that much RICHER, while we amongst the WORKING CLASS die a slow death.


We hear the Media talk-up how much money someone like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are each going to raise to get elected, as if that is a great thing . . . hoping for BILLION DOLLAR RECORDS, as if they’re worthy targets . . . THIS IS SICK, AND CONTRARY TO MAINTAINING A REAL DEMOCRACY.

This is why empires have fallen. It is why governments fall. And it is why revolutions happen. And if nothing changes, hungry ANGRY people, who see a bloated bureaucracy and privileged classes . . . WILL RISE UP.


After my personal travels ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS at the grocery store yesterday, I had an epiphany – I saw our culture on a fast track to despair, as corporations and governments are working with as much energy as they possible can, to take as much of our hard earned money for THEMSELVES as they possibly can. This is no laughing matter.



As promised over the past few weeks, there is a BRAND NEW . . . FIRST OF ITS KINDGalganov.com YouTube Editorial.

It was Video-Taped and recorded with my back facing the Horse Paddock. And since it was a first of a kind – there are some blemishes. You’ll hear some wind noise, but not too much, which we will fix with a new lapel microphone. Our graphics can be somewhat better, but they’re not really that bad. And if you listen hard, you’ll hear Stryker coughing near my feet, because he was eating grass.


BUT . . . I was the writer, director, producer and live talent.

However . . . since I didn’t write anything, because we can’t afford a teleprompter, and I spoke off the cuff, and I really didn’t direct anything, because the horses couldn’t care less for what I did or said, and I didn’t produce anything, since Anne was the behind the camera and the-in-front of the computer staff . . . doing all the after taping edits – ETC . . . I guess she had the real job, and I was the diva talent.

I’ll let you tell me in the COMMENT section of this Editorial what you think of this NEW ENDEAVOR. And who knows, maybe if you like it enough, we can give FOX News a run for their money.


It has been a month, since I last asked for support for this BLOG, which wasn’t all that successful a request . . . although some people did PONY-UP for which I am very appreciative.

As I write every time I ask for support, THIS BLOG IS FREE TO YOU – BUT NOT FREE TO ME. And in this era, where information, truth, honesty and courage to say what NEEDS TO BE SAID is paramount to defending our FREEDOMS, as we saw in how the Media GANGED-UP on Pamela Geller, including MANY AMONGST FOX NEWS . . . WE CANNOT BE SILENT.

And with every passing day . . . there are MAINSTREAM Media Folk, INCLUDING broadcasters on FOX News, like Bill O’Reilly, who NEVER misses an opportunity to SLAM BLOGGERS LIKE ME, because we are a threat to his ego and self-belief in his own version of the truth.

If you think this BLOG has merit, and you can afford to support it, please do. And whether you do or not – I will still TILT AT WINDMILLS and do whatever I can to make a difference.

And for all the people who follow Galganov.com, who cannot afford to help out financially – DON’T, since the last thing I would want from you, is to spend a dollar you do not have.

You can SUPPORT Galganov.com by clicking on this link: How To Support Galganov Dot Com, that will bring you to our PayPal Page, and/or give you information on how to send a check if that is your preference of support.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You New York city occupants elected a stupid Mayor, (Bill De Blasio), just to get what you want to hear. They will wish that they were born. I am COMPLETELY AGAINST ABORTION! !! !, but in their, (Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Mayor Bill De Blasio, and ILK), case they should have been aborted!

  2. As I think back to September 5th, 2014, a big rare steak didn’t seem to be much of a problem…
    Just saying 🙂

  3. Texas is still better than Canada for taxes, so more left over for food. I am a Canadian doctor who moved to Houston in 1977 and never regretted it until now with bozo in the White House destroying the country.

  4. Karen and I became vegans (non-preachy) a year ago, so to us the price of meat is of intellectual interest, only. We had gradually reduced our meat products following her two (mild) heart attacks in 2007. We still make a point to eat wild-caught fish once a week, so are not wholly vegans. We’ll see how this diet works. For those who enjoy beef, please continue to enjoy.

  5. Your number one culpert and those who constantly complain about the cost of food, is the farmer. He/she is expected to operate in a free and open market. Yet historically, the the main costs of any farmer are cost of capital, energy and other carbon related chemicals. Both of these areas are controlled price industries. So why keep blaming the farmers for trying to protect himself from international cartels (oil companies) and governments who either fix prices (interest)

  6. Bravo! Bravo! Love the video format. Look forward to more.

    I’ve been complaining to my coworkers for some time now about the price of groceries and everything else. I always bring up how the federal reserve here through QE (i.e. printing voluminous amounts of money) is constantly reducing the value of the dollar, yet the amount in my paycheck stays the same.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Spot on analysis Howard! I know some big farmers and while they are generally conservative people, boy do they love their government payments and illegal workers. I live in an area where most of the farms now grow blueberries and raspberries which requires a fair amount of labor to prune the vines then harvest the berries. Used to be a great job for local kids and blue collar workers, but now it’s all imported labor of questionable legal status.

  8. Ten yrs. ago we bought a freezer. Whenever I see a deal on fish, meat, chicken, pizza, etc. we shop.
    Good luck in your new endeavour Howar
    For those who are reading this who do not care for discrimination against English people pls GOOGLE: IS SOMETHING ROTTEN AT COSTCO?
    On Sat. Costco took exception to my demonstrating on public property next to one of their warehouses and demanded that I leave. I told them to FO and to call the police.I was still demonstrating an hour after the police left.

  9. We stopped buying steak over a year ago when we saw the prices soar. We stopped buying cheese when we saw it go above $3 a lb; we were paying $2. We refuse to pay more than $2 a lb for bacon; when we see it on sale, we stock up. Chicken legs on the other hand at .59 a lb for 10 lbs is a good deal! Eggs? $1.29 a dozen at Walgreen’s this week works for us. Just bought Aldi sweet onions, 2 lbs for $1. I refuse to pay more than .50 a roll for 1000 sheets of toilet paper. Shop around! WNRI-AM

  10. Mr. Alexander is correct. Every cost that we have increases yearly, while crop prices, on the average, do not. Once in a while we may have a good crop and a good price, but most years this is not the case. Subsidies? The giant corporate farms may do well with subsidies, but the subsidy that regular farmers receive will not pay for a tanker load of diesel. We have to pay the same high prices at the grocery as everyone else.

  11. Congratulations on your new you tube video, also, on your 65th birthday. We eat Kosher meat. The prices for kosher meat and poultry is about 50% higher than non-kosher meat. A small chicken for 2 people for Shabbat dinner is about 10-12 US$. For me, that is expensive. Locally grown fruit and vegetables is also sky high. Soup-greens, to make a small pot for 6 servings costs US$ 6. I retired 5 years ago due to bad health. My retirement package buys me about a half of what it did in 2010.

  12. “Daily Conspiracy” Yep, it is all part of barry’s plan to destroy the economy so his friends, the muzzies, can take over.

  13. Congrats, congrats and more congrats. A job well done for your first Video on YouTube.
    Looking forward to the next series of videos.

  14. The drought has driven cattle prices up. many ranchers sold cattle to the packing house because they could not afford to feed them during the drought conditions. Once the surplus evaporated there were no cattle to supply demand. Cow calf operations had sold momma cows so no factory for meat production.

  15. As a retired widow I did away w/steak some time ago & went for extra-lean hamburger. Now well over $6/lb I’ve not bought that for going on 2 yrs, still using frozen stocked up. Went to chicken, also going up where beef used to be. Trying to go organic is near-impossible price-wise. I totally agree with your conclusions as to why & the all-out assault on middle-class Americans. The rich are getting richer & lower middle-class joining poor going on gov’t purse & losing all freedom. We must fight.

  16. We operate an independent supermarket in Kalifornia. My jaw drops at the prices you quote. Yes, beef is expensive for a number of reasons, but not nearly what you quote. My concern with your article is that while you cite reasons that are somewhat true, you miss the biggest reason for increasing prices: government regulation, micromanaging, taxes, Workers Comp costs, cost of energy. We barely make our p&l come out ok due to imposed high costs of operation. Prices must cover that cost.

  17. Getting older, I have switched to Ka-bobs. The steak is very good quality and just enough for me. It also includes, onion, tomato and peppers. The price is right too, far less than a whole steak. Do not marinate. Cook on the grille, the best.

  18. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the recent tragedy in PA, but it is like we are all riding on a bullet train called AmTrak –
    (a train going too fast and not designed to be a bullet train)

  19. Your U-Tube video was great, the hell with a teleprompter, speak from the heart. Rare today. Boasting a billion dollars for an election, sickening! It use to be Americans dictated to Washington. Now the dictator, dictates to Americans & WE LET Him/THEM! Hey America, let’s buy less, spend less, use less. Let’s get united, it use to be “We The People” I payed my employees 20 years ago,what I earn today! What’s wrong with That? Hey obama, it’s not luck it’s HARD WORK! Howard,a check is in the mail.

  20. Thanks Murray Levine! When the language fascism of Que was exposed, I persuaded my bride, we would be irresponsible to knowingly, bring children into that world. So, we took the high risk of relocating in Toronto. Today, our 2 grown daughters are professionals, who face only the normal struggles of life, instead of language bigotry.

  21. I am fortunate in several respects. My religion does not preclude eating pork and pork loin is still very reasonable. Ham is also. It is frequently on sale at less than $2 per pound. Boneless chicken breasts are usually the same price range. In addition, we have United Grocery which has buyers who get fantastic deals. I loaded up on cooked 4 oz teriyaki marinated wild caught salmon in foil, no refrigeration required, for $1 each. It is delicious. Shopping is the only way I can eat well.

  22. I started buying all the meat that we consume at Costco because the meat prices are half what the grocery stores are charging. I suggest you buy a Cosco membership card Howard. When hamburger went to six and change a pound at the supermarket I started buying it exclusively at Cosco for 3.29 a pound. Similar savings on other cuts of meat.

  23. Howard, as usual you hit the nail on our food problems. Like many other people, we buy only when a good sale is on for ie: butter, vegetables, various type fruits. cheese, chicken and beef. It drives me to distraction when I see a sale on ie: vegetables. I see the weight is 14 1/2 or 15 ounces. Of course the price is about what 16 ounces would have cost.
    The price of beef and fish is out of our budget. The only answer is to buy large quantities at Cosco. But, you need freezer capacity.

  24. Hi Howard…my thoughts get filtered through Biblical prophesy and what comes to mind here is:Revelation 6:6 I heard what sounded like a voice from somewhere among the four living creatures. It said, “A quart of wheat will cost you a whole day’s wages! Three quarts of barley will cost you a day’s wages too. But don’t ruin the olive oil or the wine.” I am caught between there is nothing we can do about it, it’s divine prophecy…but I feel rage against the profiteers and I want to wage rebellion!

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