Just SHUT Up . . . And Stop Apologizing For The FIRST AMENDMENT



How many ways does THE PERFECT HUMAN BEING . . . AKA – Bill O’Reilly of FOX News, want to find approbation for attacking Pamela Geller?

He was WRONG the first time, the second time, and will be WRONG every other time he piles-on and throws mud at Pamela Geller.


Everyone who disagrees with Pamela Geller is missing the point ENTIRELY, because it’s not about her, but rather, it’s about every American’s right to FREE SPEECH.

Geller held a Contest to make a point . . . THAT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA – or at least so she thought, until two Islamists tried to MURDER her, and whomever else they could MURDER at her event, because they didn’t like what she promoted, WITH THE CONVOLUTED APPROBATION OF THE MEDIA . . . INCLUDING MANY ON FOX NEWS.

IN OTHER WORDS . . . according to the logic of Bill O’Reilly and others like him, the only reason for the attempted slaughter of a group of Americans at the hands of ARMED TO THE TEETH MOSLEMS, was because a few Americans got together to paint some cartoons of Mohamed, for the EXCLUSIVE purpose of expressing their commitment to the FIRST AMENDMENT. SO IT WAS THE FAULT OF FREE AMERICANS.

What O’Reilly and others in the Media have done . . . is to make Pamela Geller GUILTY for doing what every American should be able to do without FEAR, THREAT, OR RISK.


1 – Everyone who believes in FREEDOM should be taking this seriously . . . VERY SERIOUSLY, because without the FIRST AMENDMENT THERE IS NO FREEDOM.

2 – I’m sick and tired of people who think they know better for others – than others know for themselves.

And I am becoming less impressed with FOX News and their HOG WASH about Fair and Balanced every day, especially when seeing Geraldo Rivera, just before 8:30 Friday Morning (May 8, 2015), saying how he “FEELS DIRTY” after hearing Pamela Geller speak.

Or how he compared Geller in the same conversation to Nazis and Skin Heads.

3 – I also have no use for people who think they’re so much smarter than everyone else because they have a bigger microphone and a better vocabulary.

4 – And if Pamela Geller is GUILTY of abusing FREE SPEECH . . . THEN SO AM I, because, I INVITED and PAID Geller to speak FREELY in front of the Pledge Ride last Labor Day Week (2014) in Boca RatonWITHOUT PRECONDITIONS.



No one in a truly FREE Society should ever apologize . . . or feel the need to apologize for telling the TRUTH – NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE TRUTH CAN HURT.


SHE’S AN EASY TARGET FOR MEDIA BULLIES. She’s not rich and surrounded by bodyguards like the Media Stars. She doesn’t have a popular radio or television show. And she’s not financed by a large corporation, or by a rich benefactor who can make her life easier and SAFER.

While the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera have been raking it in by living off their OPINIONS, Pamela Geller has been living on the edge, fighting to keep Islam and SHARIA from becoming part of the American culture, while doing whatever she could . . . and can to preserve American FREEDOMS while keeping herself safe.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. For Larry Southworth of NC – Being of Jewish faith Howard could not in good conscience refer to Jesus as the Christ, the Man of God or Son of God. Jews believe Jesus to be a prophet but not their long-awaited Messiah. Some have come to believe Jesus the Christ is the Son of God (Jewish Christians), but most do not. Initially had a similar reaction. But soon after realized he could not refer to Christ another way due to his faith; so knew he was genuine in his wishes for Merry Christmas for us.

  2. I’m with you and always will be, Mr. G. Thanks for always speaking out for the rest of us and saying it so well. God bless you, kind sir.

  3. Then, I am with you 100%!! I was so damn mad listening to that pimp Geraldo say that about her. Hell, just watching Geraldo or Coombs, Bill etc… speak makes my blood pressure spike. Geraldo is the one I would love have him say those things to my face. He is such a horrible person comparing Pamela to the Skinheads and Nazis. Keep fighting the fight and know that I will always have your six. Semper Fidelis, Pat Dugan USMC (Ret.) Del Rio, Texas

  4. Let’s not forget the quote generally attributed to Voltaire: “I do not approve of what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” That was written in the 18th Century apparently by someone other than Voltaire, but it reflects his thinking and, most likely, affected the thinking of the US founding fathers.

    Al Mason, Shippensburg, PA

  5. Howard, I’m 100% with you. Without Our Freedom of Speech, we have Nothing!!! God Bless America & God Bless You.

  6. 100 percent on the button Howard, well said, wish I would have thought of it.

  7. You are absolutely right about “we should be able to enjoy free speech”! BUT …I am also wondering about whether or not it is wise to be poking a stick an a mad dog, especially if we are not sure that it is tied up ??? There really needs to be some changes made regarding immigration guidelines on both sides of the 49 parallel … Okay …. now I’m treading on thin ice with an attitude like that!!!

  8. With you 100% Howard, and am very disappointed with Bill and Fox for providing him with a platform to spill garbage like that. To go against her for exercising her and everybody’s right is dispiccable and Fox and some of their commentators must be caving in to Muslim/Islamic pressures…. 🙁

  9. you have my full support on this issue, nicely written Howard.
    incredible how the media is downplaying the attempted attack and plays up the Geller angle.

    Eric Purcell, Montreal, Canada

  10. @Shirley Friedman: She did something that EVERYONE should do~~start calling out those that are destroying our country. She managed to get two rats out of their holes, travel a 1,000 miles and get themselves killed!! Two less rats to defecate in our country. The day IS coming Shirley, and you had better pray that there are people to protect you. I spent 36+ years in the Army and I am sick to my stomach at the way Americans have become such wimps, low-to-no information voters, leeches, etc!

  11. Everybody makes mistakes. However that does not excuse attacks on Geller, by Bill, Juan Williams, Geraldo, etc. They distract from the priority issue of Freedom of Expression. Geller, as you, Howard, demonstrate true leadership! She risked her life, by bravely, opening a critical discussion on the Constitution.

  12. First off re the comment on provoking a wild dog , I agree you do not provoke wild dogs: You Put Them Down . Ms Geller has stepped up , good for her , enough of trying to placate “savages” who intend to ruin you , your culture , your beliefs ,
    your way of life . AND enough of the “better , smarter, Elitists ” who know better : their logic and agenda is the root cause of this problem. Fools one and all . Unfortunately they are also shepherds , and there are plenty of sheep out there.

  13. Don’t be too hard on Fox News. I agree that Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera expressed views on the Pamela Geller situation that I am at odds with. Megyn Kelly, on the other hand, has got it exactly right. Fox sells itself as Fair and Balanced, after all. Some of their regulars have been driving me nuts for years — Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, Geraldo Rivera (–well, Geraldo does have lucid moments…). But most of the Fox regulars are sensible people.

  14. Another outspoken person about the situation in Britain is Pat Condell. It shocks us to discover that Britain fought so courageously in two world wars, and is capitulating to Muslim immigrants. Just Google his name and you will find his site.



    You left Juan Williams out.

    All of you, all of us, needs to REALIZE that Christianity, Judaism all of the others are RELIGIONS. Islam, communism, socialism are IDEOLOGIES. Look at the definitions of the 2 words and see the complete difference’s.

  16. Col. Joseph, I blog everyday to save our country by going after the bad guys, if you saw my blogs you will realize I am the furthest from a wimp, Geller proved principle, in doing that she bit her nose to spite her face, she hurt no one but herself and who knows what’s to come. I’m with you 100% you don’t know me what Geller did was go around it the wrong way!

  17. I say AMEN to that. The 2nd amendment is too important to disallow one’s right to free speech. Why are we so concerned about the feelings of newly arrived people who come to our shores and insist that we adapt to their rules and their way of life. Ray Moscato. Calgary, Alberta.

  18. I admire her passion. But, I fear for her safety now.
    I meant to say after your last editorial, I totally look forward to your YouTube editorials!
    p.s. I simply cannot watch O’Reilly. He embodies the word “narcissist”. Much prefer Cavuto.

  19. bill orielly is big on jesus and what jesus would do….on more than one occasion jesus baited the pharisees about their hypocrisy and their saying one thing but doing the opposite…sound familiar…moslems talking about peace and then killing to have their peace…the best thing that ms geller did was calling the moslems out publically…and those two ‘smart rats’ took the bait…not expecting return fire….about time to do more baiting it seems to me…john hosemann,rising sun wisconsin

  20. So let me get this right.
    We have the right to free speech so long as we don’t use it.

  21. I suspect that we will have plenty of opportunities to put down some more ‘mad dogs’ before long; Geller is a brave, outspoken woman, and needs support from the people who make their living off the Second Amendment. They (oreilly, geraldo, etc.) may not agree with her, but they use the Second to spout off their foolishness every day. It is just sickening that the news people would turn on a woman with courage to do what she believes is right. Hooray for Megan Kelly for supporting free speech!

  22. All I can say is AMEN!! I am getting so sick of FOX I rarely watch it, many of the hosts principles (they were obviously not core principles) have been compromised including B.O. The lefties on there are actually treated with respect when the other side (Left/progressive/communist) treat conservative with disdain.

  23. I’m with you and Geller 100%. I can’t imagine living in a country where you have to watch every little word you say. I have been around for a long time and I can see and feel the changes that are taking place little by little–it’s a very sad situation. I fear for my Grandchildren and their future.

  24. When I first heard about the cartoon contest I thought finally we are standing up to those Muslim b——s. I also thought I bet there will be a lot of armed participants in the Texas crowd. I never dreamed a traffic policeman, with a pistol no less, would put the coup de grace on two terrorists armed with assault rifles and wearing bullet proof vests. Must have been head shots? Also where was the outrage from newscasters at “art” shows showing Christ in a bottle of urine?

  25. We in America were once a people that respected authority&laws.Our obedience was for the purpose of good not slander. We were once seasoned with humility rather than over run with pride & complaining. What happened? Remember the artist that painted a cross planted in urine?No death threats that I know of (freedom of speech) I come to learn just because you can say it doesn’t mean you should.Count the cost.I understand Pamela Geller stance, This America at this time won’t support her. Pathetic!

  26. Why is it okay for the “Moslems” to attack Christianity and get away with it – due to practicing THEIR free speech, but when Americans “stand up”[whether appropriate or not] for THEIR freedom rights, they are quickly and easily condemned. Mr. Mason from PA expressed it best with his Voltaire comment of OUR “right to speak out”. Had Ms. Geller had a cartoon contest against CHRISTIANITY, she would have been praised by THOSE same people who are now condemning her. AMEN!

  27. A few years back I read a few articles on/by Ms. Geller, on some conservative/Christian sites. While still ignorant of the grave threat Islam presents to the West, I commented that her shrill and almost hysterical approach might be derogatory to her message. I no longer think she is shrill and hysterical and I hope she gets her message out, loud and clear…and the sooner the MSM implodes from their lies, spin and sins of omision the better off we’ll all be – well, except for the talking heads..

  28. I question the intellect of the Fox crew, Geraldo likened Geller to someone yelling fire in a theatre, he realized the mistake and went on another tack. Someone should have said that it may advisable to yell fire in a burning theatre. Just how stupid and cowardly are we?

  29. If we don’t support Pam Geller then we are doomed. She has every right to do what she did and O’Reilly was wrong and so was Geraldo who is a has-been hack. Juan Williams (who is an a$$hat of the first water) tried to shut her down and she ate him for lunch. She’s tough and smart and she’s 100% correct. I stand with Pam.

  30. To go a little off topic (but not too much), read today’s Toronto Star. That paper believes PM Harper is taking the radical Muslim sects too seriously. Check the Insight section of the paper.

  31. Howard,

    Beginning at times to wonder about Bill O’Riley.
    But, in simple North Country terms, Geraldo Rivera is a genuine asshole.

  32. The constant messages from the left to give up everything that is rightfully ours is beginning to become very evident as folks allow all of our freedoms to be pushed aside. They have lost their ability to think logically and coherently; everything is “housed” under feel good rather than law and reason. They are all in a trance brought on by our lopsided media. At the rate that our freedoms are being lost, you won’t recognize the USA within the passage of one year. God help us.

  33. I made a donation to Atlas shrugged, Gellers website. If you believe in freedom it’s the least you can do.

  34. You were right on point sir !! Keep up your good writings . I enjoy what you have to say. God bless you and your family

  35. How many innocent people here and around the world need to die before admitting islamic muslims are violent mentally twisted scum. their quran is a declaration of war against all non muslims. geraldo has never done a good, truthful report in his life and stupids watch and listen to him. musslims need to be removed from the America’s. To Anne. Happy Mothers Day. That’s another one mussies probably don’t accept or celebrate.

  36. They used to say a woman wearing shorts and showing cleavage incited rape. Now we know that is not true. Pamela Geller shined a very bright light on a problem Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo Rivera and the like don’t want to admit is a problem here in the US. Islamic militants are here and they need to be lured out and “put down”.

  37. Pamela Geller—Right on. This small legion of pseudo commentators attacking her are willing pawns of the enemies of Western Civilization. I cannot imagine what is flitting thru their air heads and before their blind eyes. These weasels are intimidated by bearded misogynistic excuses for human beings.

  38. I agree with Alan Fraser above. I live in rattle snake country. I don’t provoke them. I have every right to provoke them but it is not prudent. I just kill them when they get close to the house. As to Geller’s decision to host a party to poke a stick at radicals, she certainly had every right to do that. It just would not have been my way of demonstrating that freedom of speech is a founding principal of our Republic. I am glad that none of the party goers got bit and the rattle snakes we

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