I wasn’t shocked at how many people in the Media, and some who visit this BLOG, responded to the events that led-up to the Freedom of Expression Shooting in Garland Texas the other day, who were (are) on the wrong side of the issue.

As a matter of fact, I expected criticism of Geller from the LEFT . . . BUT NOT FROM CONSERVATIVES, and certainly not to the extent we are witnessing from otherwise solid Conservatives.

I receive emails everyday from extremely concerned Americans and Canadians who are terrified, and utterly convinced that the process is in the works throughout the world, but specifically throughout Canada and the USA to control FREE SPEECH on the Internet.

We know that regulations are definitely moving forward, especially through the United Nations – to add controls on the Internet that never before existed. And those of us who pay attention, also know, that given the opportunity to regulate anything the government can – THE GOVERNMENT WILL.


The FIRST and SECOND American Amendments are the RIVERS from which all FREEDOM and prosperity in the USA flow. And by extension, these American Rivers of Freedom also carry the world. But, take just ONE of these Rivers away, and the other no longer exists . . .

SO – WHEN I HEAR A NARCISSIST LIKE BILL O’REILLY of FOX News, making a statement CRITICIZING Pamela Geller . . . not because she was able to fully express her views . . . BUT BECAUSE SHE DID EXPRESS HER VIEWS, as if this was somehow a bad thing to do in America, I have to hold my head in despair.

For O’Reilly, a man who has become wealthy feeding off the TROUGH of FREE SPEECH, to lambaste Pamela Geller for standing up for FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, by putting herself in the CROSSHAIRS of Islamist SAVAGES . . . is nothing short of disgraceful.


If you think Geller was wrong by any measure, because she took FULL ADVANTAGE OF HER FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT, by speaking out in a fashion she wished . . . you are missing the whole point of the FIRST AMENDMENT.

And given how frightened so many people are . . . that the BUREAUCRACY is moving to CONTROL Freedom of Expression on the Internet, the last people anyone would expect to want to limit FREE SPEECH by any measure, would be, and should be people who make a living using their opinions in every venue imaginable.


I will not COUNTENANCE RESTRICTING A SINGLE IOTA of debate on what I can say . . . and what I cannot say according to anyone – on the Internet or otherwise.

If you don’t like what I have to say – DON’T LISTEN.

If you don’t like what I have to write – DON’T READ IT.

If you don’t like want I have to draw – DON’T LOOK AT IT.

If you disagree with my opinion – ARGUE YOUR OWN.

If you think I’m defamatory – SUE ME.


In Bill O’Reilly’s case, as in the case of all other SELF APPOINTED guardians of their truth, he made it clear on one hand . . . that Pamela Geller had the RIGHT to organize her event, but criticized her sharply and unfairly for doing so.

It is one thing to criticize what someone says . . . but it’s an entirely different thing to criticize the person for saying it.


Three weeks ago, I gave a speech in Ottawa that was videotaped, and not to my knowledge, the video was disseminated on YouTube. When one of the visitors to, from Texas no less, brought it to my attention, I later linked it to a future editorial.

And to my great surprise, the response from people who saw the video kind of blew me away, especially since I didn’t think it was all that good. But, who am I to argue. So, starting shortly, I will be trying to do as many as one YouTube Editorial per week.

THIS GALGANOV DOT COM VIDEO will not be sophisticated. I’m going to purchase an inexpensive camera, a plain static tripod, maybe some basic lighting, and will construct a simple outdoor studio facing the horse paddock.

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW SUCCESSFUL THIS WILL BE . . . But, it will be worth the try. And if what happened in Garland Texas this past week with Pamela Geller and the Islamists proves only one thing . . .


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sure, and the Germans were better off under Hitler, the Russians under Stalin, the Chinese under Mao etc.etc. Which cup is the magic pea under this time.

  2. The “recipe” for individual freedom is clearly spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. U.S. citizens must stand firm against an out-of-control body of individuals whom we elected and who would destroy those freedoms.

  3. “…to the death your right to do so!” Bud Farrell B-29 Gunner Korea

  4. Howard, your criticism of the free speech critics is entirely accurate, especially of those who earn their living benefiting from it. As you state, “It is one thing to criticize what someone says . . . but it’s an entirely different thing to criticize the person for saying it.” It appears that those who “…criticize a person for saying it”…lack the courage of their conviction.

  5. It’s really quite simple – as I saw years ago on a competitor’s gun box: AN ARMED MAN IS A CITIZEN, A DISARMED MAN IS A SUBJECT. This is as true today as it was 3,500 years ago in ancient Greece, and ever since. Arguably even more relevant today, given the depressingly boring attitudes of O’Reilly and the Washington and Ottawa elite, who DO know better! Tom Childs

  6. We can curse, use all kinds of vile images in the media, place a cross of my savior in urine and display it publically, pornography and exploitation of young women, be sued for standing for religious beliefs to not do something for another person’s religious ceremony, murder babies up to point of birth, thus I have to come to the conclusion Islam has higher rights in the minds of some in this country than any other religion and get a full pass on perpetrating violence for those beliefs.

  7. Curbing free speech is another way of generating primordial fear among the populace,
    as has the global warming scam. The snake oil salesmen thrive on it.

  8. The constant pandering of the political class to stay in office so they can continue to rob American taxpayers blind is nauseating and enraging. We are in trouble and need to come together in the “all for one-one for all mindset” to protect what is left of our freedom or soon we will not have any freedoms left. I am a true Tea Party baby, (my birthday is 12/16 LOL and we all know the significance of that date) and I value my freedom at any price I might have to pay for it.

  9. Howard, thank you so much for NAILING it once more. We are being tested like never before. And without the Second Amendment to protect the First, we are lost as a nation. “As an active privilege, it ranks with the privilege of committing murder; we may exercise it if we are willing to take the consequences.” – “The Privilege of the Grave,” Mark Twain

  10. Any good camera will do, quality sound makes all the difference.
    If we don’t reinforcement the unalienable nature of the Bill of Rights then our mettle will be tested but that is what the Founders intended. If you don’t agree then sit down, shut up, disarm and give up your private rights now. Safest coarse of action, you no longer deserve to be free.

  11. Howard: Short of verbatim transcription of what I believe is the absolute reason behind what is happening today, this short video says it all: I applaud those brave enough to put themselves “out there” against forces that would take away our God-given freedoms to pursue life, liberty and pursuit of peaceful existence.

  12. I once heard Bill O’Reilly tell a guest on his show to “shut up!”
    I learned early in life from my mother who was only eighteen years older than I, “that I was never to speak that phrase to anyone!”
    That was the last time that I watched “O’Reilly’s” program because he displayed his ignorance to me that day.

  13. Dear Howard,

    I so admire you for all your courage in speaking out the truth & for standing up for our Freedoms, which is a God-given Right. I take off my hat to you. God Bless You Always. (Very much looking forward to your U-Tubes)!!!

  14. The 1st Amendment was written precisely to protect speech—ESPECIALLY speech that others did not agree with. O’Reilly at times shows that he can be a real ass, and as such, can be totally wrong! I don’t watch him anyway. There are others who provide better information via better formats (Megyn Kelly, for example).

    Once we start to censor (or murder) people merely because we don’t agree with their opinions, we will enter onto a slippery slope that goes in one direction only: down!

  15. When Blowhard Bill (O’Reilly) comes on, I switch to Neil Cavuto for a much better conservative presentation and I never am disappointed.

  16. I DISAGREE WITH HOWARD, he gets irritated when one disagrees, we are all entitled to our opinion, debating is a learning experience. H, “would you allow your kids to play in Alligator infested waters, of course not, there are limits to everything in this life, and they have to be respected to a certain degree, especially when you realize the consequences at stake. Is it worth it FREEDOM OF SPEECH YES, THIS WAS OVER THE TOP!

  17. Bill O’Reilly sometimes acts like ‘Joe’, he-puts-his-foot-in-his-mouth and I wish it would stick there. And like Kerry, he ‘flip-flops’ with his opinions. And the only opinion that matters to him is his own, (you agree, keep-talking; you disagree, shut-up)! Is he jealous of Geller and others like her who’s gets more attention than him.

  18. When will we realize and admit that our Prersident is a Muslim. Anything to protect his Brotherhood. Remember his minister, Jeremiah Wright “God Damn America”? Now he wants to deal with Iran who chants “Death to America”. I have heard nothing in those negotations about getting our four Americans out of Iranian prison. Is that because they are not deserters?

  19. Howard, isn’t it peculiar how LIBERALS can express themselves any which way they prefer and get away with it, but CONSERVATIVES can’t do the same thing?

    I agree and well said……….
    If you don’t like what I have to say–DON’T LISTEN.
    If you don’t like what I have to write-DON’T READ IT.
    If you don’t like want I have to draw–DON’T LOOK AT IT.
    If you disagree with my opinion–ARGUE YOUR OWN.
    If you think I’m defamatory–SUE ME.

    One should try to be respectful towards others, however.

  20. While I agree with you and Pamela, I enjoy O’Reilly, because on balance, I find him educational.

  21. I have grown weary listening to O’Reilly and his solutions. His many successes have apparently gone to his head so now he comes across as nothing more than an opinionated bully. I’m done with him.

  22. How do the muzzies know what muhammed looks like if there are no paintings of him. Perhaps the artists were drawing a portrait of me.

  23. Liberals believe Christianity and Judaism are the enemy, but that every other religion deserves respect in the name of “diversity.” Showing respect for other cultures is so important, that criticism of one such as Islam for being violent and sexist is needlessly provocative, and we should just keep our mouths shut. Freedom of speech, in their eyes, is not worth protecting if it involves insulting someone who is not a white Christian or Jew.

  24. The Scripture says, “For there must be also ‘heresies’ among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you — 1 Corinthians 11:19.”
    This is how the “truth” is surfaced…we must be wise in our discussions however. I believe you are a wise man Howard!!

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