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I heard Geller speak . . . for the first time at a Jewish Defense League Presentation she delivered in Toronto (Canada) a couple of years ago, and then again through the indomitable Joyce Kaufman of WFTL Radio in Florida, at the 2014 Pledge Ride.


In September of 2014 . . . Pamela Geller was invited through Joyce Kaufman, to speak to our group of Motorcycle Riders (Pledge Ride) in Boca Raton. It wasn’t until well after her speech, that I finally got the opportunity to introduce myself as the Pledge Ride Organizer who made the decision to invite her, when I handed her a check for her services.

It came as a surprise to me, that it was somewhat surprising to her . . . that she was getting paid for her speech. I think she was depending upon the sale of her books to cover her costs, and not a speaker’s fee, which told me then and there, that she was a TRUE BELIEVER in what she said and what she stood for.


The fact that TWO AMERICAN MOSLEM murder-wanabees tried to create a European Style Slaughter in Texas, because they didn’t want decent FREEDOM LOVING Americans to express and enjoy their FIRST AMENDMENT FREEDOM, was only part of the story. And a lesser part at that.

When in Florida for the 2014 BOCA PLEDGE RIDE, there was some discussion about security because of Geller’s presence, not that we ever considered whether we should have her speak or not, since that was NEVER a consideration, our only thought was what should we do if anything to provide security.

AFTER A VERY BRIEF DISCUSSION ABOUT SECURITY . . . it was determined, that because we were in FLORIDA – A RIGHT TO CARRY STATE, there were far more of our RIDERS who were CARRYING than not.

AND I ASSURE YOU . . . that even though none of us wanted, expected or hoped for a confrontation of any kind, I do not suspect that any amongst us would have had any reluctance to stand our ground.


The REAL Pamela Geller story in what just happened in Garland Texas isn’t the attack on this FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION event. It also isn’t that there are Moslem MURDERERS within the core of the United States of America, just waiting to create murder and mayhem.

AND IT ISN’T EVEN ABOUT THE SHOOTOUT – that left the two Moslem would be MURDERERS dead. THE REAL ISSUE . . . is the Media and our Leaders.


I watched an exchange between Pamela Geller and CNN’S Alisyn Camerota, held the day after the ASSAULT ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT. Geller went to the CNN interview to DEFEND the Second Amendment. Camerota went to the interview to ATTACK Geller, and to demonstrate to CNN’S audience how provocative Geller and people who are likeminded to her really are.


IN FACT . . . had Camerota had her way, she was doing all she could to paint Pamela Geller and others like Geller (like you and me for instance), with the same dark brush used to paint Moslem MURDERERS and Moslem MURDERER-WANNABES.

However . . . Geller was having none of it, and refused to be RAILROADED by CNN or anyone else for the matter. And if you haven’t seen the exchange . . . I assure you that you should – CLICK HERE:

BEFORE WE HAVE ANY HOPE WHATSOEVER of defeating our Moslem enemies . . . we better deal with the LEFT first, because, if the way Alisyn Camerota of CNN tried to BUSHWHACK Geller is any example of how the LEFT perceives TRUE PATRIOTS, and how far Americans should go to defend the LAND OF FREEDOM AND OPPORTUNITY – This does not portend well for the USA, and the FREEDOMS enjoyed by the rest of the world.


ON JUNE 5, 2015 . . . in just one month from now, we will embark on our annual Pledge Ride, where Americans, Canadians and some and Israelis – JEWS and CHRISTIANS alike, will RIDE our BIKES from all parts of the USA and Central Canada, to stand together to deliver our Pledge of NEVER AGAIN.

NEVER AGAIN TO A SECOND HOLOCAUST . . . and NEVER AGAIN to a world where Jews will not have every RIGHT to live in Peace and Security as equals to all others.

WE TAKE THIS PLEDGE, because we know what kind of world we live in. And we know that in this world, there are those amongst us, especially those who we empowered to lead and inform us . . . WHO WILL LEAD US TO THE GATES OF HELL WITH THE BEST OF INTENTIONS.

The Moslems, and others who threaten our Freedoms can miss their mark and screw-up continuously, and still come back to try and try again. We on the other hand don’t have that luxury – WE CAN’T AFFORD TO SCREW-UP . . . NOT EVEN ONCE.

AND WE CAN’T AFFORD to give the benefit of the doubt to the likes of Alisyn Camerota, who is representative of the media and political mindset that will destroy all that the we have, all that we have built over the generations, and all that we have paid for in BLOOD AND TREASURE.

AS I WROTE IN THE BEGINNINGI DON’T REALLY KNOW PAMELA GELLER . . . but after her speech was done in Boca at the Pledge Ride, Anne and I sat in the lobby with Geller, into the late hours of the night talking about FREEDOM, and how few people really understand the cost and effort it takes to protect it, who the real enemies are, and how FRAGILE it all is.

I came away from our conversation late into the night not really knowing Pamela Geller nearly as much as I understood her passion . . . because, in her, I saw the same passion for FREEDOM, that I see in all of us who care and are willing to pay the price to be FREE.

WE ALL BETTER TAKE SERIOUS NOTE – because how the Media . . . and not just CNN and Alisyn Camerota stood on the wrong side of this event, as they generally do on all substantive issues related to fundamental FREEDOMS, screams far louder than what the Moslem-Would-Be-Murderers tried to do in their WAR against us in Texas.

HAD ANYONE EVER TOLD ME . . . just a generation ago, how totally screwed-up our world would be by the year 2015, especially in the United States of America – I never would have believed it.

DURING THE WEEK OF JUNE 5, 2015 . . . I will once again take the Pledge and live by that Pledge for as long as I am able.

AND KNOWING WHAT WE KNOW TODAY – It’s a Pledge we should all consider taking.

PS – I’m waiting for the grief and condemnation to boil over the top, from the LEFT and the MEDIA over the murder of the young New York City Police Officer gunned down because he was a Police Officer.


My saddest condolences go out to all those who cared about THE SLAIN OFFICER and to the hundreds of thousands of Police Officers who deserve far better than what they are getting from the people who could not survive without them.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. After all the KIA, WIA, MIA and the victims of Agent Orange as a result of our time in Nam to stop the spread of Communism, I now have a shirt made in Viet Nam. Maybe we should have just begun building a few fancy resorts like the ones on the beach where my Marine Corps Air Base, Marble Mountain was located, rather than an airstrip surrounded by wire. That’s what is there now. We haven’t lost American lives in Cuba, so let’s just inject capitalism there as we have in China? Joe McCoy, TN

  2. Howard I listened to Pam Geller last night and I totally agree with her. I even told my husband wish there was a way I could stand up with her because I know the liberals are really going to go after her. Even Trump was on her case a little while ago on Fox–thought he was different than that. What is this world turning into when you can’t express your beliefs? God help us.

  3. Ms Geller won that one ! CNN looked bad as well they should . “Savages” sums it all up for me . What this is about is “Savagery vs Sanity ” and the media’s attempt to convince us otherwise . This is the “Left” the “Better ” the “Smarter” the “Wiser” telling the rest of us illiterates ( is that how you spell that ? ) how to walk -talk-and Not Offend
    Savages and Savages’ Enablers . Nothing much to add other than Ms Geller is right and on the pointy end of the stick as a result.

  4. I was HONOURED by Pamela’s presence in Boca last year where I recited the Pledge. Listening to her speak gave new meaning to NEVER AGAIN. I am looking forward to next month when I will do it for the 4th time in Montreal, Canada. Just an added bit of information. Being a survivor speaker at TORONTO’S Holocaust and Simon Wiesental Centre, I include the Pledge in each of my presentations to students ranging from age 12 to young adults…..numbering in the thousands.

    Andy Réti

  5. Yet another great article. I so enjoy reading them, but then we seem to agree so much that it is not surprising. I will comment that it has come to disturb me greatly that friends, family and acquaintances are able to go along with their lives appearing to not care at all what is happening beyond their small circle. The phrase, “I don’t get involved with politics,” makes my teeth hurt from the grinding!

    No longer being a rider, I suppose I will have to be with you in spirit.

    God Bless

  6. I agree totally with everything that you’ve said. And Pamela Geller is a heroine!

  7. Let me sum it up via the many sermons I heard my dear Baptist minister/father preach, “The devil is in the midst of creating a very strong but lying windstorm that will bear the greatest amount of “demon inspired devil dust” to blow up our noses to create idiots of the highest order.” These idiots don’t even know that they are idiots…and that folks, is scarey. So let us pray that the good Lord “opens the eyes of understanding” so that right becomes right and wrong remains wrong today……

  8. If anything, Pamela Geller is a ROLE MODEL regarding how Conservatives should “STAND UP” to the Liberals. I, too, never imagined how SCREWED UP our world would become, especially in the United States of America. I recently saw Ms. Geller on FOX and was very impressed with her. Without trying to sound too GLOOMY, I believe that “we ain’t seen nothing yet” regarding the downfall of our Country. There is still “plenty of time” left for more damage to be done by the present administration! AMEN!!!

  9. I don’t agree with HowardI am as Conservative as they come, will move a bit to the middle if push comes to shove and I end up getting the upper hand, Sometimes we have to give a lil to get a lot. Freedom of speech of course I believe in it wholeheartedly but there are limitations. Knowing what occurred in Paris,the slaughter of Charlie Hebdo over a cartoon that insulted Islam. A repeat of that is asking for trouble “freedom of speech should be used for a different reason!

  10. Thank you Howard. I must say Pamela Geller certainly deserves “A STANDING OVATION” for standing up for our Rights. Without our Freedoms, we have NOTHING. I pray God will once again Bless America & Canada but first we have to put HIM back into our lives.

  11. There is something the media either does not see or refuses to acknowledge;
    When Obama finally reaches the position where he no longer needs them he will get rid of all of them.
    They think they will be spared because of their loyalty.

  12. As one of the participants in that 2014 Pledge Ride in Boca Raton, and one of those well-prepared to defend her in that hotel parking lot that day, I can say first hand that Pam Gellar is indeed the real deal. I picked her up at Ft. Lauderdale airport and spent about 45 minutes alone with her on the way from Ft. Lauderdale to Boca. The woman gets it in her bones. May God keep her safe. The free world needs her. #JeSuisPamelaGeller.

  13. Wow! Thanks for that link. Pam Geller totally owned Camerota. The fact that the libs want us to believe that we should “just watch what we say” in order not to offend speaks volumes. It contradicts the first amendment. They want us to believe that any other culture has the right to exist in America without criticism. They want us to believe that responding to any criticism with violence is acceptable because it is part of their culture. They want us to believe Islam doesn’t condone their actions

  14. I was also lucky enough to hear Pamela in Boca last year. The outcry following her Cartoon Contest sadly shows the “don’t make trouble” mentality of a nation in cowardice. The outrage of campus anti-semitism, the outrage of crude depictions of Christ, the outrage of legitimization of Hamas, etc get barely a whisper from the cowardly leftists. I am for “being in the face” of the America and Israel/Jew haters. I will not stand down nor be afraid to provoke. Never again. Remember the dog tag Howard

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