Why Stop . . . By Just Thumping The Thugs?



I can’t possibly keep up with the number of emails I’ve received over the past few editorials, especially concerning the mess in Baltimore, to the point that I apologize for not responding. BUT KNOW THIS . . . I READ WHAT YOU WRITE.


We need more mothers, like the Black Woman who was willing to do what it took to control her kid, as we witnessed on the street in Baltimore a couple of days ago.

Growing up, my two sisters and I got along quite well, and by all measure, we were in no way troublemakers. In my case, I did my chores around the house, I always worked to raise money from the time I was 12-years old whether it was through babysitting, newspaper delivery, washing windows . . . etc.

But, like every kid, I too had my moments . . . not many – but enough to cause my mother from time to time to utter these horrifying words . . . WAIT TILL DADDY GETS HOME.

And I knew, that once it got to that level . . . it was not going to be good for me, and sure enough . . . IT NEVER WAS. I was kind of a stubborn kid. I would never make a plea for forgiveness or apologize for whatever it was that invited the wrath of my parents. So I buckled down preparing for the worst when daddy would get home.

ALSO . . . every time this would happen, which was not often, I deserved it.

THE GOOD NEWS . . . is that I never got hurt. THE BETTER NEWS . . . is that whatever I did or said to invite the discipline – I never did or said again.

In today’s world, my parents would have been charged and arrested for child abuse, even though the THOUGHT of the discipline I was about to receive was far worse than the actual discipline meted out.

IN ESSENCE . . . the discipline I received, which was measured and far from brutal, and not much more than a slap, generally on my backside, peppered with disciplinary words, which in fact were firm and clearly intentioned, but not really angry, helped shape who I am today.


ANNE AND I DON’T HAVE CHILDREN, but, if we did have children, the last thing we would want to do is strike a child. But, unlike Anne, I would be more likely to administer measured punishment as a last resort.

AND THE LAST THING I WOULD WANT . . . is for some bureaucrat, social worker, teacher, or some other do-gooder to tell me how I should raise my children.


If you think I’m wrong about how the LEFT would treat this mom, who DID THE RIGHT THING by smacking some sense, humility and discipline into her son on the street where he was participating in the riots, look at the parents who were charged, just for letting their children walk unescorted to the park.

So what do you think the LEFT would want to do with the MOM’S smack-down?


How has all of this LEFTIST balderdash over the last number of generations . . . about reasoning with spoiled rotten kids, by sparing the child already entitled from birth, using psychology and psychologists instead of a whack on the behind done for our societies?


Not only do I support some TOUGH-LOVE for kids, REASONABLY administered by parents, I also think it’s high time that many in our government and media should also take a few WHACKS for the abysmal job they’ve perpetuated on society.


The other day, if the reports can be believed, which I believe are indeed true . . . it appears that the Israeli Air Force in conjunction with the SAUDIS, leveled an Iranian MISSILE base in Yemen, with a BUNKER BUSTER BOMB, the likes of which the Obama administration will not sell to Israel, for the purpose of taking out Underground Iranian Nuclear Sites.

So, when you see the Saudis POUNDING Iran’s Houthi proxies, with no signs of really letting-up, while partnering-up with Israel, especially in the creation of BUNKER BUSTER BOMBS, and the administration of such . . . YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT SOMETHING IS REALLY UP.

If I was Iran, I would be more concerned than just somewhat.

Today represents 42-Years that Anne and I have been married – it is a testament to her courage, tolerance and staying power . . . and to my great fortune.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As I drove through the Virginias and the Carolinas yesterday I saw signs saying “I made this” putting the truth to Obama’s lies. The expression “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” comes to mind. Hopefully enough people will have woken up and won’t fall for a Clinton or Democrat for a long time. Or another Trudeau in Canada. Happy Channauka and Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. It takes a lot of work to have a good and happy marriage. God bless you both.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I so appreciate your spot on commentaries. Keep on sharing the truth!

  4. Sincere Best Wishes for you & Anne on your 42nd Anniversary.May this be only HALF- TIME in your journey! Bud & Carole

  5. Because of his lack of leadership and not really speaking to the blacks that are ravaging our cities, it appears that the prez is condoning the march’s and riots. Blame the police? Nonsense! We are headed in the direction of true large scale unrest, that can only end in “marshal law”. Is that where the prez is headed? We need a national dialogue to cure the issues that have got us to this point. We need a man that can truly bring this country back together.. Dr. Ben Carson, a non-politician

  6. Yes, congrats to you Howard & Anne!
    and thx. for your input on various issues, read yours too.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and Anne, and wishing you many more.
    As for the thumping…… I did not get half what I deserved, growing up, and it was not abuse. I used the same principles on my kids who are all now in their 40’s, and it was only necessary attitude adjustments.
    But, when I was a kid, farm kids had enough chores to have too much time exploring evil alternatives.

  8. First, congratulations Howard & Anne.In this era that is just about unheard of. Regina and I are going on 44 yrs. It takes what we’ve have learned, “commitment”. In today’s age that word is treated like a 4 letter word. In fact that 4 letter word is used more than commitment! I too was raise in that era where a smack and a stern word sent chills through out with lesson learned and love shown. I applaud that Mom that responded the way she did. She was even willing to put her self in harms way.

  9. Howard…Congratulations on your 42 years of marriage. …

    It is funny how you and I have so much in common, I have a motorcycle, I have horses, I am thinking about selling my farm…My Mom use to say the same thing to me when I was young,….wait till your father gets home…..lol.

  10. May the next 15,341++ days be as happy as the last 15,341 days seem to have been!

  11. TOUGH-LOVE and saying NO when needed are the answers to a proper upbringing. It’s being a PARENT to your kids, NOT just a friend. It was apparent that the Baltimore lady HAD control over her son, due to the fact that he never even attempted to strike her back. Isn’t it surprising that the words “DISCIPLINE” and “CONTROL” have not yet been viewed as being RACIST and/or as VICTIMIZING “thee” CHILDREN! There is a great NEED for PARENT EDUCATION and not only blame the KIDS for what they become!

  12. Congrats on your 42 years of marriage. I too, remember the dreaded “wait til your Daddy gets home” warnings. The punishment, though certainly not injuring, was frightening enough to make a life time impression. Good riding!

  13. Happy Anniversary Anne and Howard–hope you have many more.

    On another note I do believe the children that are out of control (white or black) most likely have little discipline, attention or guidance at home. After all that is where it begins.

  14. Congratulations on your milestone. You two must do the right thing, to stay together so long. You are just two years behind us!
    As far as spanking the kids that is the best way to make them behave. I had only one spanking, but every time I was getting out of order, my dad just had to grab hold on his belt and I stopped doing what I should not do. I did the same thing with our son and it has worked great. Liberals should learn from that!

  15. First, congratulations on your anniversary..we’re coming up to 49. Second, your take on discipline is right on. Being a family of five boys we all received that “whack on the butt”. Result? Three ended up in Protestant ministry, one in a productive workplace and me a conscientious public servant with Parks Canada. Enjoy your take on life and the woes of our current world-wide chaos. We love Israel!

  16. I hope that you and Anne have many more years of a very happy marriage. You two would have been wonderful parents.

  17. Congratulations !!

    Re the bunker buster device: I am sure that Israel (perhaps with Saudi or US $$) has all the technology that is needed to engineer, build and deliver a bunker buster. And, unlike our traitor president, they have the brass to use it !!

  18. Congratulations on your 42 years of marriage. My late wife and I were together for Almost 47 years before she passed on to a better place…..I received a few swacks from my mother, well deserved I might add as a widow, her life was hard enough without my delinquency…..a loved watching that mother and she was/is a mother for doing that….to bad she was the only one. Many more happy years to you and yours. 😍

  19. Congratulations on 42 years of marriage, to you and Anne! We have 58 years coming up in June.
    I worked in a busy operating room and my husband was home with the children, at night, and also worked in the daytime. They all arrived within seven years. Their favourite threat from their daddy was, “There will be heads richoceting off the walls!” That threat was enough to get them laughing, and they repeat that to this day. We now have 11 grands and four great grandchildren, all well behaved.

  20. Congratulation on your anniversary! I could not wait for their dad to come home from his Naval deployments. I had to be tough sometimes. My two sons were told three things before he left for deployment. 1) If your mother tells you to do something, it is the same as if I told you to it. 2) When I come home your mother better be smiling and in a happy mood. 3) I love you. When he got home from deployment he would ask the boys if mom had been tough. I was always in a good mood to see him.

  21. 1-You do not accomplish anything by hitting intelligent children. You must reason with them to get them to understand your feelings. That’s how you discipline them. The same holds true for Border Collies.
    2- I remember when you first met Anne,and how much you were smiling. Glad to see she still makes you smile.
    A Big Mazel Tov,
    Allan & Judy

  22. Congratulations on 42 years. Anne must be a sweetheart. Favorite husband and I have 60 years in June. We sometimes took it one hour at a time. Our three kids knew the swat on the rear, grew up to be very decent and enjoyable. Their Dad is still the man.
    I’m still for Scott Walker, but I’d also vote for Dr Carson. Our POTUS is a disgrace.

  23. Congratulations on 42 years, may you have 42 more together. My wife (Dorothy) and I are 44yrs 4 months. I sent ABC Evening news a question about why they have not said one word about Israel’s response to the earthquake and have had no answer as of this time. May God keep you and yours safe your at least 42 more years and bless you for all that you do for mankind.

  24. Howard, it pleases me greatly to see that you and Anne have had 42 happy years together. You have worked tirelessly to bring the truth to your readers and you have earned contentment in marriage and satisfaction with your life in general.

    Karen and I will celebrate 43 years on June 10.

  25. No one does a survey of how many of the gang members parents are receiving welfare and have been doing so since they gave birth. Welfare is just breeding more of this kind. LBJ I HOPE IS ROTTING IN HIS GRAVE. This is more about political power than the good of the poor. Stop welfare for unwed mothers and start trade schools for gang members. I admire this mom for discipling her son, but how does she have six kids and no father/husband? LBJ destroyed the black family.

  26. Congratulations on your anniversary Anne and Howard. Very pleased and happy to have you safely back in SD&G.

  27. Spare the rod and you spoil the child. No pop on the behind ever did me a bit of harm. Even my own knew the rules to AVOID getting a paddling…..if I had to call you down three times for misbehavior…by the time I got to “2”, the paddle was in hand and at “3), I already had the child bent over to receive the pop. Did them a world of good.

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