So . . . America has a Black President, A Black Attorney General who just replaced a previous Black Attorney General, a Black National Security Advisor, and a host of other prominent Black Government HIGHER-UPS, including Valerie Jarrett, who is as high-up on the Presidential Food Chain, as anyone can be, other than Michelle Obama herself.


I understand that yet another BLACK THUG (Freddie Gray with a long RAP Sheet) lost his life to a Police Force that is multi-racial, who died under strange circumstances.

We don’t know much about anything that caused the victim’s death, but it seems not to be good. HOWEVER . . . whether the police acted wrongly or not, which they might have – IS NO EXCUSE FOR RIOTS.

NOT ONLY IS THE BALTIMORE FORCE MULTI-RACIAL, the Police Commissioner (Anthony Batts) is also a Black Man, as is MOST of the city’s management.


As if what is happening in Baltimore isn’t already an OBSCENITY in itself, what can one say about a Female BLACK MAYOR, who actually ENCOURAGED her police department to ALLOW THE THUGS TO RIOT in spite of her denials to the truth.

If you criticize her . . . you’re:

1 – A Racist.

2 – Anti Women.

3 – Both.


Are we to accept and believe that somehow, BLACK PEOPLE HAVE A GENETIC RIOT GENE? How are we to explain how a MAYOR, who is a Black Woman, can countenance telling her police OFFICERS to allow the THUGS to create HAVOC?

If this is indeed an issue based on color, more than on anything else, it is a horrible INDICTMENT of America’s BLACK society as a whole.

And . . . if this debacle will be explained by the LEFT, that it is happening because Black people don’t have jobs and opportunities, then I’ve got news for everyone . . . IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE.

THERE ARE MANY young people of all color who are without with real opportunities. But, when taking into consideration, that amongst Black Communities throughout much of the USA . . . there is a HUGE lack of education, and far fewer job skills available.

So . . . in this time of economic despair, as things are getting worse not better . . . who is going to want to hire Black Folk who are uneducated, unskilled, and in great part far too incapable of carrying on an intelligible conversation in the English language?


In 2016 . . . you can be sure, that amongst the THUGS and RACE-BAITERS in Baltimore and throughout the USA, the VAST majority will vote LEFT, because, before the day is done, the LEFT will find a way to blame Conservative America for the failures of others.

So I guess that’s good news for someone.

PS – This is a long time in the coming, and very well might be a harbinger to one long hot summer.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. With obama, more-wrong has become right and right has become more-wrong. Obama’ gullible [right] people got him elected,”TWICE”. Now, that number is less because a large number of them awakened [become stupid]. I believe this country has passed the point of-no-return.
    However, Gods’ promise in 2 Chronicles 7: 14, My, Gods’ people are given an “IF” condition, (choice), and He will respond. If they choose to do/or not to do, what He commands, then He will, heal/or allow this county into ruins.

  2. “His people” doing what they do best;
    Burn, Loot, Destroy, Rape & Pillage
    Burn, Loot, Destroy, Rape & Pillage
    And one more thing…they were slaves once so that makes it all OK.
    Burn, Loot, Destroy, Rape & Pillage

  3. Several years ago, we decided to avoid Baltimore on our trips to Florida. We now travel through PA; we save money on tolls (motorist extortion; nothing more than taxing booths) at the same time. Imagine if we broke down and had to exit route I-95? I would not even stop for gasoline or to use the rest rooms, 15 miles either side of Baltimore! This is totally disgusting!

  4. Maybe the Leftist should go back in history a bit, to try and get a “handle” on what is happening in the cities of America! The tribes of Africa used to (and still do) burn, loot, destroy, rape & pillage other tribes… Just the thing that’s happening in Detroit, Chicago, New Jersey, etc. Maybe it’s just part of their inherent culture and gene pool?

  5. The lack of education is the fault of the black community/culture and the person attending school. In most schools there is an equal opportunity to receive an education that will allow you to get a good job. It is up to the person to it and then to show up on time, every day, ready to work. Sadly that is not the case. The black culture has the I am owed the job and money attitude. Their productivity on the whole is sad and costly. To the employer and the worker. IE. No production/no job.

  6. This is getting worse, absolutely. As a black president makes excuses for black riots, and a mayor actually allows for destruction of their city, and the cops are told to stand down and allow it! this is crazy. What happens if their ‘government check; doesn’t arrive on time or stops because the government has run out of money other peoples (taxpayers) money. More riots will ensue until we stop paying people to sit on their ass. why do they destroy their own neighborhood?

  7. America is headed for another civil war. It’s only a matter of time before decent, patriotic citizens get fed up with this vile behavior, and the tyranny of the left.

  8. The rule of law has left the building. The rule of feel good has entered the building. Think we have troubles “a brewing”due to bias and corruption….yep… got that right. God help us all and that includes the awakening of a bunch of thugs who do nothing but “feel good” self-therapy and backwards self-enlightenment.

  9. It is a disgusting behavior that achieves nothing. All these rioters are doing is diminishing opportunities and increasing disappointment and disapproval of Black Americans. Obama and his thugs are encouraging this outrage because of white racism. The Mayor of Baltimore should be recalled for encouraging this riot. Although, it is sad that Freddie Gray died, but, we nothing about how it happened. On the other hand how many Blacks are killed by other Blacks? Where is the outrage?

  10. Hey it must be the “non black’s” problem! who else can you blame . the education system , we have all seen what happens when they are in charge of their own education system …. cheating, resulting in jail time . Probably in for a whole generation of this stuff , never mind this summer . CNN loves this stuff . The Pres. loves this stuff . All long overdue according to that other “gene pool “.

  11. Ah, Baltimore, the South Side of Chicago next to the ocean. Difference aside from the ocean? Not much and it shows.

  12. Vincent of Charlotte said “they were slaves once”. But these people were never slaves–except slaves to perverted (& encouraged) thinking. A welfare system gone awry created the attitude “you owe me because I exist”. It promotes irresponsibility. If whites rioted, they would all face the penalty of breaking laws. But blacks are given a pass. As we see, it is resurrecting the gulf between the races as whites are blamed. Typical left, accuse the other side of your own faults – shift blame.

  13. To refer to themselves as African blacks is a misnoma, they are not. I have been to several parts of S.A. and the black people there are way more civilised than those in the U.S.A. Riots in S.A. have genuine, plausible causes, in the States they do not. The solution is education and skills but in the U.S.A it seems the blacks are not ready, they would rather be takers, live off the system and blame the whites.

  14. I am sick of blaming black problems on the lack of education. We have free schools. The black problem is that welfare has destroyed the black family, There is no responsibility. It’s all white man’s fault. We have a huge community of educated, successful blacks, One is my next door neighbor. They are not made to be responsible for their lives. No race has been more enslaved than the Jewish race. You never see a Jew on welfare or food stamps. This is a money scam of Sharpston.

  15. Since Obama, et al, have TAKEN OVER the White House, there has been a YOU OWE ME attitude towards the WHITES. No one has acted more of a RACIST than BHO, himself. He’s intervened in ‘BLACK’ situations, e. g., the Trayvon Martin situation where he even stated that ‘if he had had a son, he would have been just like Trayvon’. WHY has he not “intervened” when WHITES have been attacked by BLACKS? Yes, there ARE more RIOTS to come! We MUST pray for a TRUE CHANGE in 2016. By the way, I am NOT RACIST!!

  16. Yes, we do have free education offered to all people in the United States. They have opportunity to go to school and learn how to live within “our” society and within the laws of our country. You cannot blame a stop sign if some one fails to stop. It is called, “transgression of the law,” but if you choose to ignore the “stop” sign, then pay the penalty. One of our major problems now is we do not have enough room or monitary funds to house all of these “ignorant” people. Ignorance — NO!

  17. Another product of the liberal mindset. They, however, will blame racism and oppression of blacks by whites, scream it from every media outlet, and totally criticize anyone who doesn’t as well. The narcissists have no other way to assess things than “everyone else is wrong.” I wish the military could be sent in there to clean house. But, that will never be allowed by the narcissist-in-chief. Conservatives ARE getting sick of this. Seems civil war keeps getting more and more a possibility.

  18. The complete destruction of the inner city black family by the Dems welfare programs is at the root of this problem. No father in their lives to push them to better themselves and actually go to school and learn something. No dad tossing the TV out the window when they find their sons watching vile gangster rap videos etc. A few kids are able to break free and leave the hood – look at Ben Carson or Clarence Thomas, but most do not. Until we clean house politically nothing will change.

  19. I grew up in Windsor across from Detroit. I remember visiting my uncle who owned a convenience store in downtown Detroit. In ’74 his store set-up was pretty much like any convenience store in Canada, in ’75 he was behind 2 inches of bullet-proof plexi-glass with a .357 magnum tucked in the back of his pants, in ’76 he closed shop. The criminality that preyed on small businesses in the Detroit of the 70s led to the demise of today’s Detroit. Same thing will happen to Baltimore.

  20. What about having directions signs to the mayor’s mansion for the looters. In South Africa it was noticed that before the looters came, the media was in place waiting for the “demonstrators”. The suspected media was removed and like magic, no more demonstrations. In many countries, water cannons are an effective deterrent and also they don’t have a mayor that gives looters the green light. I am sorry to say but America is looking more like Africa!!!

    You speak an inarguable truth and are condemned for speaking it…
    For one thing, you’re in good company, and for another, God hears it all too…

  22. It is all about family and the desire to succeed that is instilled in the young. Success is expected. This is hard on those who try to succeed. Peer pressure is enormous from those who have no “upbringing” nor ambition. They are called “Oreos”. One such friend became head of the language department at the high school. Morehouse and then a masters from Purdue. He achieved as do many others. With a strong black community, setting a good example, problems do not occur. We need to encourage.

  23. This is training for nation-wide riots just before the election, after Hillary crashes and burns. Obama then declares marshal law and cancels the elections.

  24. There comes a point when the ‘race’ excuse (or any excuse) does not wash, and people are actually responsible for themselves, their actions and their own communities. They can blame all they want until they no longer know who and what they are blaming for, but in the end that accomplishes nothing. It is a child’s tactic of ‘means’ without justification of an end.

  25. We watched for 2 hrs. in complete disbelief how there must have been a “STAND DOWN ORDER”, from the Mayor. I heard her say “let’s give them some space, is she kidding? Then states the Media twisted her words, Lies, she should be replaced. Did I hear Mr Obama called the Mayor, if so why such a “NOTHING RESPONSE?

  26. I learned along time ago, when you cut the skin regardless if it’s black yellow red brown white we bleed RED! We’re accountable for our decisions and actions & accountable to each other! Would to God there were more Martin Luther King Jr’s.The Al Sharpton’s are a penny a dozen! I suffered through the riots of the 60’s it was pure ugly. Prejudice does not discriminate, it will destroy any heart if left unchecked and not dealt with.

  27. LOCK AND LOAD. I live in an open carry state, and believe me, I’ve got a .357 strapped to my hip as I type. I have no power at home so my office is NOT Starbucks but I’m not having any issues at the Louisiana-owned coffee shop with open carry. World War III has started people–it’s raging in the Middle East with ISIS in the Nazi role and it’s coming here. Govern yourselves accordingly.

  28. We are reaping the whirlwind of 50 years of “Great Society” welfare. Young girls making babies indiscriminately with irresponsible studs, paid for by the taxes of working people. The offspring hardly can have parental guidance from their 14 year old mothers and 28 year old grandmothers. There is no understanding of the need for a good (free!) education and to obey the mores of our culture. They don’t work so have no self-esteem, no sense of what it means to be responsible for their actions.

  29. Dear American and Canadian Jews: The handwriting is on the wall and it’s getting bolder and bigger by the minute! Things will only get worse, not better. There is NO future whatsoever for Jews in North America or anywhere else in the world – but Israel! COME HOME to Israel while you are still alive and upright, not in a coffin!

  30. After witnessing these outrages committed against innocent store and property owners, I am stocking up on my personal inventory of rifle, shotgun and pistol ammunition. If I can’t count on the police to protect me, I plan to count on myself. Burn, invade and loot my home? Not on my watch, bruthah. Let the games begin, and I don’t plan to be one of the losers!

  31. Howard, I am amazed but not surprised at their actions as they did in LA, Las Vegas, Ferguson the first thing they do is liberate the liquor stores of inventory as well as other retail, then burn the building to the ground and when the flames die out and they need a loaf of bread they go to a white mans store 10 blocks away? I must be missing something in that culture, however cudos to mom on TV that recognized her son in a hoodie, came to the scene and slapped him off the street, amen mom

  32. Howard,

    As I’m sure you are probably well aware (I’ll bet you’ve driven by it numerous times) NYS operates a maximum security prison in Danemora NY. Knowing numerous correction officers, many of who are fellow volunteer firefighters in their communities, FWIW, nearly everyone of them will tell you that a large majority of the inmates there are black. There must be a message in that fact, but many lefties refuse to believe it. Keep it up Howard, don’t stop now !!

  33. I wonder how many of these rioters were slaves themselves? NONE! How long will they lean on that excuse for their uncivilized behavior? They should all have a sign wherever they live, “Poor Me.”

  34. Greetings Howard ………

    As Canadians now living in Israel we’re with you
    100% of the time ….. There is a very ineresting article
    in Isaelinternationalnews Arutz Sheva 7 explaining
    the San Remo Peace Conference writen by Salomon Bnzimra
    P. Eng published April 26,2015. Your readers could learn
    how the Middle East was to be divided. What happened to
    that Resolution! Perhaps will get a better understanding of
    the situation here. Keep going and visit Israel ………

  35. 12% of the population. 90% of the problems.
    As we used to say to these kinds of people, grow the hell up, get a job and behave as a human! Guess thats asking too much.

  36. You touched on the big elephant in the room Howard, education and the fairness of equal opportunity to that. This is the product of drop outs and those that have moved themselves willingly into the mindset that there is nothing out there for them but to rebel.

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